Romeo Lacoste INTERVIEW! #DramaAlert ( Uncensored ) Romeo Lacoste reacts to recent Allegations!

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DramaAlert - Month ago
Make sure you watch the full interview before you make up your mind if hes guilty or not! If you are new here make sure you sub with notifications on cus we are staying on this story & many others in the community!
Ali Taha
Ali Taha - 9 days ago
Well i woule subscribe but..... heres the thing
IRELAND O'HARE - 15 days ago
Watched the whole vid... knew he was guilty in the first 5 minutes
Sally Dogood
Sally Dogood - 20 days ago
Yeah, he's guilty af.
Oyinda Otubanjo
Oyinda Otubanjo - Month ago
He is tho.
cryomyistic 14
cryomyistic 14 - 3 hours ago
I love how keem hates oddonesout saying he is lazy but all he dose is sit in a desk and reads what new on the internet cause thats not lazy
J Vega
J Vega - 3 hours ago
These predators can never take responsibility for their actions. I hope one day it will legal to eradicate them.
Charlyono II
Charlyono II - 4 hours ago
No body:
First ten seconds of the video:
“First I wanna say dude, I was watching your video. Your such an asshole”
NATALIE ST CLAIR - 5 hours ago
5:50 when you see the tea kettle screaming
Miranda - 8 hours ago
Romeo: "Look"
Romeo: "Here's the thing"
First this girl is almost 18, then she's almost 19, then she's 18 again.
His ex was late 15, but then she was 17.
Says he doesn't know the girl he texted was 15 but he knew she was underage.
The texts cut out were clearly the ones the 15 year old sent. I'm positive no one is going to show sexual messages from a 15 year old, even if she was faking it to show who he really was. It's kind of underage porn if you think about it.
He doesn't deny what he did, just dances around it.
He started dating his current girlfriend at 17.
Trying to make it seem like he wasn't that popular, saying he's not that good looking. Come on dude you know you're not ugly.
He's guilty then end!
Struggle - 10 hours ago
This guy started digging his grave before keemstar got to his intro
John Van Riper
John Van Riper - 11 hours ago
This guy sounds like me when I am trying to make up reasons why I died on a boss fight in World of Warcraft... >>
Alexis Nicole
Alexis Nicole - 12 hours ago
dude changed the subject like 100 times........
Alexis Nicole
Alexis Nicole - 12 hours ago
the fact that ALL of this is true absolutely disgusts me
Alexis Nicole
Alexis Nicole - 12 hours ago
“I was new to social media” THATS NOT AN EXCUSEEE LMAOOOO
Alexis Nicole
Alexis Nicole - 12 hours ago
keem: “did you sext 15 year olds?”
romeo lettuce: “so here’s the loop”
there’s no loop- u still did it.....
Isabelle Shitzu
Isabelle Shitzu - 17 hours ago
Romeo: hErEs tHe tHiNG tHo-
Brianna Jaliyah
Brianna Jaliyah - 20 hours ago
Hide ur kids
Megan Louise
Megan Louise - Day ago
you should have taken her name out.
lil 0501
lil 0501 - Day ago
Why have people forgot about this?? This guy is disgusting and needs to be taken care of !
Martyna Mela
Martyna Mela - Day ago
What a piece of shit he become like go eat dirt.
obnoxious g
obnoxious g - Day ago
okay so first he is talking to girls that are minor, and his cheating? damn?
obnoxious g
obnoxious g - Day ago
“ok ok ok ok “ *thinking of another excuse*
Sexy Madafaka
Sexy Madafaka - Day ago
*sHe sAid U pEeD oN hEr ¿!?!¿!!?*
Tae kook
Tae kook - Day ago
Me : murders someone do the worst things in life
Police : why the heck did you do that
Me : WeLl HeRe'S tHe ThInG
JeremyForMaltaPC - Day ago
oH wAiT, 3 yEaRs AgO yOu RoBbEd SoMeOnE?
bUt NoW iTs DiFfErEnT, eVeN tHo I hAvE nO pRoOf.
Mr Stuupid
Mr Stuupid - Day ago
hmmm princess and romeo
Nick Warner
Nick Warner - Day ago
bro sounds like he's on bars
tessa Barrows
tessa Barrows - Day ago
“I will give a really good apology” - where the fuck is it at tho??
Paige Skinner
Paige Skinner - 2 days ago
Chris Hansen has entered the chat
Irma 69
Irma 69 - 2 days ago
I almost went to sleep 😴 💤
Lex Monroe
Lex Monroe - 2 days ago
How pathetic, 100% lying, putting the blame on the girls when HE IS THE ADULT, 17 doesn't make it any fucking better. I am glad he got exposed and I hope he pays for this
Ibrahim Eddibes
Ibrahim Eddibes - 2 days ago
yeah diss is bullshit
cobalt blu
cobalt blu - 2 days ago
His whole "you know me" is a classic fucking lie

"Sometimes people will tell you something completely unrelated to the truth to cover up a lie. This is what we call a character lie or a lie of influence. These lies are meant to make you believe the liar or to make the liar seem like such a great person that they are unlikely to be suspected of lying.

"You know me. I tattooed the faze clan" is a classic example of a Lie of influence. He's trying to appeal to emotion as well.

He's really fucking bad at this.
cobalt blu
cobalt blu - 2 days ago
Loophole - 2 : a means of escape
especially : an ambiguity or omission in the text through which the intent of a statute, contract, or obligation may be evaded

He's literally saying he did it. but is trying to get out of the backlash.

like wtf this guy is fucking stupid.

I mean he's not even a good tattoo artist. dudes got a massive ego, single needle tiny tattoos that blowout are his signature, he charges $300 for even the most basic of tattoos, the dude sometimes just doesn't wear gloves (that means the blood from the last guy is now on you're bleeding skin). and he let David Dorbik do an "iced prank" by placing a beer bottle in what is basically biohazard trash, and lets todd drink it. (that's a big fucking no no)

No one should go to this guy even if the pedophile accusations were false. He just doesn't practice basic tattoo etiquette
Also no Tattoo artist worth a damn will tattoo a drunk person. but yet romeo did.
I hope satan takes him with you bitch
*D I S G U S T I N G*
Oliver Twist
Oliver Twist - 2 days ago
"Here's the thing..." ???🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️
MissGee Gee
MissGee Gee - 2 days ago
Who cares who you tattooed boiiiii!!!?? You are going around every single question just fb answer!!!! Who says “ I thought she was late 15...17” dude she’s still a child!! HES GUILTY and doing all the talking and ain’t sayin shit! Why did he even do this interview??
Kales M
Kales M - 3 days ago
“ she was late 15 “
Bruh ... she was fucking 15.
You can’t change it.
Early 15 or late 15, FIFTEEN IS FIFTEEN.
This dude is straight up disgusting.
maddie - 3 days ago
*so heres the thing...*
Cordelia Porell
Cordelia Porell - 3 days ago
22:28 "from the very bEgiNNiNg of my heart"

lol ok romeo
Rudy - 3 days ago
He just doesnt answer the questions
A. J. Hollins
A. J. Hollins - 3 days ago
My bad for being late to this, but this guy belongs in prison. Do not pass go, do not collect $200. Back in the day, when all that shit came out about R. Kelly, I said that if it was true, then fuck making jokes about it. We need to be calling for this motherfucker to be thrown in jail. So now I hear about this little tatted-up fucking Twink and his blatant fucking pedophilia and predatory internet practices, and I'm like, "why the fuck is he not in jail?" Good work, Keemstar, holding him accountable for his bullshit. "Oh, um, see here's the thing... see, the loophole here...."
He's a creep, a coward, a pedophile and a liar. End of story.
**Edit: I just found out the update where he's being investigated. Good stuff. Fuck that clown. And good work.
TheFallsCapone - 3 days ago
Typical paedophile behaviour, everybody else is too blame , except for the abuser himself .....this guy is a total piece of shit, he didn't answer a single fucking question, he just tries too weasel his way out of everything keem throws at him...smh.....4 words for scumbags like this cocksucker...WOOD CHIPPER FEET FIRST....
HereForTheTea - 3 days ago
This guy thinks if he says who he has tattooed it will change what he did 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️
Hannah - 3 days ago
So has everyone forgotten about this now?? Wtf
Extrem - 3 days ago
6:04 u ok
Izzy Isabella
Izzy Isabella - 3 days ago
I'm getting pissed watching this and listening to him lmao
Alexandra Drelich
Alexandra Drelich - 4 days ago
Keen: okay bro we just keep going around in circles
Romeo: okay but let’s just go around one more time
Alexandra Drelich
Alexandra Drelich - 4 days ago
He’s the one that got manipulated ...? By younger girls.
Alexandra Drelich
Alexandra Drelich - 4 days ago
There are girls that have lying boyfriends like this and forgive them
Alexandra Drelich
Alexandra Drelich - 4 days ago
Alexandra Drelich
Alexandra Drelich - 4 days ago
I’ve never heard someone sound so guilty
It rocks
It rocks - 2 days ago
Alexandra Drelich true but I’ve never seen a more wannabe dp
Alwynna - 4 days ago
I love the video, but here’s the thing though...
Archie Coates
Archie Coates - 4 days ago
He waffles to much, you can tell he is trying to avoid the truth, he basically admits what he did but still doesn’t properly try to apologise for his actions. Every time keemstar asks a questions he clearly goes on about something else.
Pilar Montano Gavira
Pilar Montano Gavira - 4 days ago
Romeo: I didn’t pee on her
*also Romeo* really? thaT trAUMITIZED her?!
Sophie Anna
Sophie Anna - 4 days ago
Romeo: I am totally against pedophiles and that stuff
Also Romeo: texting 15 year old girls that you wanna drink with them and do other shit:)
DrJDaniels - 4 days ago
So this is where my shit goes after flushing.
Isaac Lane
Isaac Lane - 4 days ago
What a nonce lol
Croissantt03 - 4 days ago
Why can’t he just emit it
9Unlimited - 4 days ago
how the actual f are they meant to get proof if he DEACTIVATED HIS BLOODY TWITTER he IS a idiot and a hypocrite
9Unlimited - 4 days ago
OMG why would he deactivate his twitter then....
Keem: have you sexted underage girls
Romeo: Well heres the thing...
Jimmy Carmona
Jimmy Carmona - 5 days ago
He's faking it
Ryan - 5 days ago
ROMEO...shakespeare would be very disappointed...smh
Ryan - 5 days ago
me-breaks something *
me- “wElL hErEs ThE tHiNg”
mom-get me my belt 😂 smh
Ryan - 5 days ago
i have never seen someone beat around bushes so bad
Adam Ruiz
Adam Ruiz - 5 days ago
Who else thought their screen was frozen when keem stopped
ondrayuh tiara
ondrayuh tiara - 5 days ago
lowkey wanna piss on him so he can feel the way his girlfriend did and slap the shit outta him
ondrayuh tiara
ondrayuh tiara - 5 days ago
look i-
heres the thing-
i i i-
it was fabricated-
im with you man-
Laugh Livex
Laugh Livex - 5 days ago
What’s the tea ?

Shit over it
gabe mapother
gabe mapother - 5 days ago
y'know, uhhhh lemme address that by saying uhhhh the loophole that people arent seeing is uhhhhhh, its fabricated and ahh theres no proof and uhhhhh..
Karine Medeiros
Karine Medeiros - 5 days ago
His face every time romeo says something fishy is priceless! This guy is disgusting.
iiPopcornVlogs - 5 days ago
This entire interview pissed me off.
iiPopcornVlogs - 5 days ago
iiPopcornVlogs - 5 days ago
We need a “here’s the thing..” counter.
Phoebe H
Phoebe H - 5 days ago
Hmm, blaming the victims of possibly months of SH from romeo.. for real? ''she was traumatized by that?''- romeo
what the hell, of course she was traumatized. Honestly, bye hunny to your career.
brian cardinal
brian cardinal - 5 days ago
My man stop using a cartoon voice when talking about child predators. Makes you look like them
King of rock pop and soul fan
At this point I feel like this should be down to the police I know cause this didn’t get anywhere
Nate Brindabella
Nate Brindabella - 5 days ago
Stick to tattoos bruh, telling the truth is not your bag
Michelle Barnett
Michelle Barnett - 5 days ago
19:55 “i’m not perfect”
yeah no one is but at least we don’t harass FOURTEEN YEAR OLD GIRLS
Mr.Random guy
Mr.Random guy - 5 days ago
Hella guilty I mean he avoided answering series of questions. He changes the subject on most of Keem's questions.🤔🤔🤔Guilty G bubba gonna get him sum of the YT booty.🏛🚓 Lmfao😂😂
Cana And Zoe
Cana And Zoe - 6 days ago
Keem literally dying for 36 minutes straight (lol) and legit being a Dad figure
pay2win - 6 days ago
‘did you do it’
‘sooooo here’s the thinnnng’
‘did you sext them’
‘soooo here’s the thinnng’
Allyson Elizabeth
Allyson Elizabeth - 6 days ago
I was low key trying to give him the Benifit of the doubt the entire time he was literally himself deeper into a hole that’s already deep 🤷‍♀️
SOPA - 6 days ago
*Romeo:* I don’t remeber that
*Also Romeo:* Really? It traumatized her?
Ruse Dinito
Ruse Dinito - 6 days ago
This guy is just fucked up bad AT manipulating
Mara Bunny
Mara Bunny - 6 days ago
guilty, periodt
Hitoshi Shinso
Hitoshi Shinso - 6 days ago
Keemstar: * asks a yes or no question *
Romeo: *WeLl HeReS a ThInG*
Caroline - 6 days ago
I think there should have been more protection on these girls identity. He stated her first and last name.
Kate McLarney
Kate McLarney - 6 days ago
It’s actually sooo scary when you notice how Romeo does NOT realise how he is in the wrong. “You don’t know they’re not 18, it’s open for interpretation” ... “do you wanna wait until you’re 18?” Like man sit down and listen to what you are saying for 2 secs. How can he not see this. Also this is my 1st DramaAlert vid and this chap is sooo funny 😂😂😂
Your Father
Your Father - 6 days ago
"*Sigh* I..."
Ariel - 6 days ago
How didn’t he know the age of his gf of 3 years??lmfao
benjamin mott
benjamin mott - 6 days ago
His eyes in this interview are so fucking hilarious!!
jeanine vidola
jeanine vidola - 6 days ago
if i hear “here’s the thing” one more time ...
Raul Bura
Raul Bura - 6 days ago
Romeo was probably the guy in school who wrote a 5000 word essay and still didn’t address the question
Lucky Yuu
Lucky Yuu - 6 days ago
loop’s the thinggggg
Foxy Games
Foxy Games - 6 days ago
uses the excuse "well i tattooed every YouTuber in the book" to back himself up for being a pedophile.. overall, this guy is seeming very very guilty hes studering his words. going against his words and repeating him self constantly. this is just my opinion though. *Edit* it seems like mostly everyone in the comments agrees that hes guilty.
FiZZyFaCe Lex
FiZZyFaCe Lex - 6 days ago
Bruh he was not even answering the questions you asked and keeps stuttering and saying the same stuff ! I think he is guilty asf fr fr like deadass bruh even if the messages weren’t true he was 19 and that girl was 14 !!
FAT ANGUS69 - 7 days ago
He is lucky there dads don’t jump him
Aarussh Kapur
Aarussh Kapur - 7 days ago
He is trying so hard to look innocent but it just makes him look guilty
Mz Beatz
Mz Beatz - 7 days ago
hes so done omds hes fucked idk how hes tryna justify tryna get at young gyal he needs to get shot idc
olivia rose
olivia rose - 7 days ago
this is the amount of times he has said :
sO tHe tHinG iS or hEres thE tHinG
Leane Giguere
Leane Giguere - 7 days ago
Keemstar is the best interviewer the world would ever have
Just A Random Person
Just A Random Person - 7 days ago
13:04 is what many people are talking about.
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