John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum (2019 Movie) New Trailer - Keanu Reeves, Halle Berry

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오세륜 - 52 minutes ago
Syamsul Arifin
Syamsul Arifin - Hour ago
the next of THE RAID MOVIE.
Syamsul Arifin
Syamsul Arifin - Hour ago
Suit, Dog, Horse, Guns, TWO INDONESIA FIGHTER.
Armando Erazo Moncada
That was just beautiful...
Negan - Hour ago
This really is a big step for Fortnite. (I still can't believe they are making a movie on the reaper from Fortnite. I'm soo excited.)
John Wick
John Wick - Hour ago
I remember this
Era Cashing
Era Cashing - 2 hours ago
“ you think you can take John wick” that’s the only reason why I came to see this trailer again
Rebelicious - 2 hours ago
Next Threat : The High Table !! Eliminated ! That's what you GET You laugh at my puppy YOU DIE!
Muhammad Rian Ardianto
Muhammad Rian Ardianto - 3 hours ago
Wick: Are services still off limits to me?
Winston: What do you need?
Wick: Pencils..lots of pencils
Seraf wady
Seraf wady - 6 hours ago
sharpshiell - 6 hours ago
αηιмε яεαlιтү
αηιмε яεαlιтү - 9 hours ago
*Me : sees the trailer, hold my pencil*

Not that pencil...
Donald Duck
Donald Duck - 10 hours ago
Fuck you fortnite
Akbarali K
Akbarali K - 10 hours ago
It's not a just a movie, it's keanu Reeves movie
Planeta GiL
Planeta GiL - 11 hours ago
NEU7R4L_EVIL - 14 hours ago
What i really want to see is the future of John Wick connects him to PayDay gang. Bane takes care of continental issues costing Wick to join the gang.
刘曦 刘
刘曦 刘 - 14 hours ago
What’s the name of the BGM when John is riding the horse?
fd40rt90 - 14 hours ago
Final scene of Infinity war explained:
John Wick has trapped Thanos inside the Matrix for vaporizing his dog.
Endgame explained:
John Wick sends Avengers into the Matrix for retrieving infinity stones
deca gon
deca gon - 15 hours ago
just a quick reminder that this all happened because some idiot killed his dog
john campbell
john campbell - 15 hours ago
Sorry, John Wick is 2nd rate, aint none of you met my EX WIFE!...ROFLMAO!
Momoshiki Otsutsuki
Momoshiki Otsutsuki - 17 hours ago
I like this series just handguns, knives and pencils no overused aks and lmgs
Sumon Mondal
Sumon Mondal - 18 hours ago
Only 21M views..nooo..John wick is one of the best action series..
John Constantine
John Constantine - 18 hours ago
Sophia: after this, we’re less than even
And that is how we got john wick 4 XD
Prasanth Ramesh
Prasanth Ramesh - 18 hours ago
Mycha - 19 hours ago
Dialogs are fuckin cheesy, but the gunplay is off the charts and I already got two orgasms before 1 min mark
Chuky Zagor
Chuky Zagor - 19 hours ago
John vs unlimited...
Evortus - 19 hours ago
Looks like Morpheus and Neo are back in a Matrix simulation.
Redox - 21 hour ago
Charon is Sylens from Horizon Zero Dawn 😍🤣
Fourleaf Clover
Fourleaf Clover - 21 hour ago
is that mad dog? 1:57
hood red
hood red - 21 hour ago
wait a second, that line is from matrix
Fahrega Amario
Fahrega Amario - 23 hours ago
Pencak silat everywhere
CC - Day ago
Can't Wait!!!!
Mercy PPD
Mercy PPD - Day ago
If you kill my dog I kill your family
Kevin Adams
Kevin Adams - Day ago
My 2nd most anticipated movie of the year
Ryan Alberto
Ryan Alberto - Day ago
Gun... lots of gun...
Yes, Neo?
Negan - Day ago
John Wick looks soo much like Keanu Reeves, its almost as if they're twins. 😕
jay- dee-007
jay- dee-007 - 3 hours ago
Because it is Keenu Reeves! LOL!
jay- dee-007
jay- dee-007 - 3 hours ago
Because it is Keenu Reeves!LOL!
HA Prison Run
HA Prison Run - Day ago
Swastick Khearu
Swastick Khearu - Day ago
Pens and pencils are powerful close combat weapons if properly used.
Oleツ - Day ago
1:27 music?
A P - Day ago
Chapter 1 : kills everyone because of a puppy
Chapter 2 : forgot to take his car in 1st chapter so kills everyone again and kills even more people to fill up rest of the movie
Chapter 3 : since everyone is trying to kill him.. he kills everyone again. now there is no one left on earth
Chapter 4 : meanwhile aliens come and abduct his new dog, so he goes and kills all of them
Chapter 5: now there is no one left in universe to kill , so he makes time machine goes back in time and kills everyone again
khalid salman
khalid salman - Day ago
Am i the only one felt a Matrix vibe when he says: Guns, lots of guns
Goodtimes - Day ago
I am going to theaters to see this shit. Should be an awesome movie. Going to buy this bad boy when it comes out on DVD.
Kelvin Seah
Kelvin Seah - Day ago
Please make a prequel 🙏
FBI - Day ago
Now let’s be serious John is nothing without Winston.
Gold Digger Dave
Gold Digger Dave - Day ago
Absolutely freeking mental!
Ömür Soyuyiğit
Ömür Soyuyiğit - Day ago
The end ???
chandrakanth chandu
Spoiler alert: After John wick 3 John wick will be working full time as dog sitter.
Spent Casing
Spent Casing - Day ago
My body is ready for this
Layne AIC
Layne AIC - Day ago
Storm is the guest
Nick Kotenberg
Nick Kotenberg - Day ago
Man, they showed the whole movie...
Suphawit Sunthornsittipong
Woman: All of this for what? Because of a puppy.
John: Wasn't just a puppy...
Me: *internally whisper* ...It is John Wick's puppy.
Chuck Chuk
Chuck Chuk - Day ago
If john wick 3 is at the same level on 1 and 2 it will be a better trilogy than matrix.
why_so _stewpied
why_so _stewpied - Day ago
shawn figueroa
shawn figueroa - Day ago
Lmfao it's the announcer from iron cheif America. No fuckin way dude. That's hilarious.
Technical magic tricks
I didnt watch 1st and 2nd part of this movie but i saw this trailer and it is amazing can any 1 say me whats the plot of this movie and why everyone want him ?
BIG3506/ ZeeBenton
BIG3506/ ZeeBenton - Day ago
Ooooo that orchestrated musics sooooo goood
Samar Iqbal
Samar Iqbal - Day ago
Ömer Merken
Ömer Merken - Day ago
Did she say "hücum" (attack command in Turkish) in 1:46?
Ricegum Krispy
Ricegum Krispy - Day ago
Winston:what do you need
John wick:tickets lots of selling out tickets
HallyuOtaku - Day ago
the second best movie of 2019 right after The Lion King
Andrew Wong
Andrew Wong - Day ago
11 shots on the fucking helmet😮😮
The Brickfast Club
The Brickfast Club - Day ago
Endgame? GOT sea8? SW celebration unveiling The Mandalorian, CloneWars sea7, the RiSe of SkyWalker?
John Wick 3 is coming for you
Zaid Muhd
Zaid Muhd - Day ago
is this the matrix?
Arkadikuss - Day ago
Aaahaha loved the Matrix quote, well done. Can't wait for JW3 :)
Sabri üstünkaya
Sabri üstünkaya - Day ago
Baştan sona karanlık ortamda gözüküyor insanlar böyle şeyi sevmez.
Final fantasy 7 vibe anyone? That swordfight while riding is straight out of the game!
wrestling real
wrestling real - Day ago
Hobbs vs show too kill half population like endgame and jhon wick
egi egi
egi egi - Day ago
"What do you need?"
"Puppies, a lot of puppies."
barcelona1098 - 2 days ago
The bike chase looks incredible
Jayson Hung
Jayson Hung - 2 days ago
The crying Freeman meets John wick. I like it haha
Adam Phúc Nguyễn
Adam Phúc Nguyễn - 2 days ago
"Gun... Lots of Guns!"
*Refers to The Matrix*
N3rfe3d - 2 days ago
Ok this is getting out of hand little and becoming some india mvie where the hero take whole town and cities.
SketchingWith K
SketchingWith K - 2 days ago
John Wick is the reason I use mechanical led pencils now
A L X Armed Liberation Xecutive
Idiotic small arms handling and gratuitous violence.
Romina Mayanne
Romina Mayanne - 2 days ago
wheres the pitbull?
Oleツ - 2 days ago
One lesson: never kill the dog of John Wick
Joshua.gamer 87
Joshua.gamer 87 - 2 days ago
When I saw the desert scene I thought of uncharted 3
snip man
snip man - 2 days ago
Cm punk!
Like if you thought the same
Ariful Islam
Ariful Islam - 2 days ago
'All of this for what, bcz of puppy"🤣😂🤣😂
David Moore
David Moore - 2 days ago
John Wick Kicked Barrens chats ass.
Odi Priyatna
Odi Priyatna - 2 days ago
wow yayan ruhian & cecep arif rahman scene
sebastian cifuentes
sebastian cifuentes - 2 days ago
Esto se acaba cuando Disney compre la franquicia !
Baasim - 2 days ago
You think you can take Joooooohn Wick. Epic!
Swapnil Goswami
Swapnil Goswami - 2 days ago
Somebody get this man a gun🔫
Hùng Đinh
Hùng Đinh - 2 days ago
Does anyone know the name of that epic song?
Aniket singh
Aniket singh - 2 days ago
Very stylish assassin😎
Specified Account
Specified Account - 2 days ago
Only Jason Bourne and his pen stand a chance against John Wick's pencil.
Specified Account
Specified Account - 2 days ago
Pencils. Lots of pencils.
Hamada Black heat
Hamada Black heat - 2 days ago
Who know the name of this song pls !?
Hard Top
Hard Top - 2 days ago
Aah Thats exactly how i would done it..😏..start to wonder is this movie about me?..🤔😅😬
adrian cena
adrian cena - 2 days ago
We need a John wick pencil version..
Ed Findlay
Ed Findlay - 2 days ago
He used Matrix lines! lol I love it.
gragonrule - 2 days ago
Did no one notice The Matrix Easter egg?
maxx steele
maxx steele - Day ago
No one noticed you fucking bitchtart
shared android device
shared android device - 2 days ago
I don't know why this movie is so overrated
Gaurav - 2 days ago
What do you need?
THANOS:- Infinity stones
John Wick:- Guns lots of guns
Otaku Indie
Otaku Indie - 17 hours ago
No my man John Wick just need a fuckin pencil
DUNG TRAN - 19 hours ago
Kaiju Hanta
Kaiju Hanta - 2 days ago
@1:45 John Wick 3: When Dogs Fight Back!
Abhishek Naithani
Abhishek Naithani - 2 days ago
1.08 what song is it
Jacob Stauff
Jacob Stauff - 3 days ago
if only he had a lightsaber....
Min Es
Min Es - 3 days ago
Cringed when i saw that Gsd bite that dudes balls
TheMightyAxolotl - 3 days ago
John Wick is a man of focus, commitment, and sheer will.
Ankur Singh
Ankur Singh - 7 hours ago
He killed 3 people with a fuckin pencil.
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