John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum (2019 Movie) New Trailer - Keanu Reeves, Halle Berry

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Renegade Media Group
Renegade Media Group - 3 минуты назад
Reis World
Reis World - 3 минуты назад
I hear he does his own stunts..
Dad - 3 минуты назад
Road to 1 Million!
Yung Glock
Yung Glock - 4 минуты назад
John Wick trilogy video Game by Rocksteady, anyone?
Maya Simon
Maya Simon - 4 минуты назад
Looks good
Dad - 5 минут назад
Isn't it cool that during the time of this videos release the channel who made this will almost hit a million? Coincidence? They probably planned this for such a legendary film!
aleksander mita
aleksander mita - 5 минут назад
They showed too much
David Rodriguez
David Rodriguez - 5 минут назад
We need to see a John wick versus neo fight.
Epic Gamer
Epic Gamer - 6 минут назад
Just drink Fortnite shield lol
Dario Salas
Dario Salas - 7 минут назад
1 en tendencias en Chile
Por fin algo bueno
SomeDudeOnThe Internet
SomeDudeOnThe Internet - 9 минут назад
Mike Jones
Mike Jones - 9 минут назад
For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God; Being justified freely by his grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus:
Romans 3:23‭-‬24 KJV
Rahmat Patel
Rahmat Patel - 10 минут назад
Halle Berry?! Really?! Ffs 🙄🤦🏽‍♂️😬
ronnie banik
ronnie banik - 11 минут назад
Hope he kills that stupid bitch. It only ends 1 way with you dead bitch.
Stipe Klišanin
Stipe Klišanin - 11 минут назад
Fuck the Avengers, John Wick rules baby!!
Bob Jones
Bob Jones - 12 минут назад
Matrix 4?
Advanced Jr
Advanced Jr - 12 минут назад
Lionsgate will hit 1 million followers today. Congratulations!
MidStarStrike - 12 минут назад
Wow can’t believe they made John Wick from fortnite into a real think lmao 😂
BanHippies - 13 минут назад
Another John Wick! God Bless America!
Virasman - 13 минут назад
John Wick: "I thought this was gonna be easy as Fortnite!"
CaribbeanSimmer *
CaribbeanSimmer * - 13 минут назад
A 3 part series just became they killed his puppy... that puppy was loved
Royal Knox
Royal Knox - 14 минут назад
Have you guys used one of these yet?! check em out.
Qaesar Flavius
Qaesar Flavius - 14 минут назад
Guns, lots of guns... So Neo has some fun again... great
Vincent Silva
Vincent Silva - 14 минут назад
Imagine if JOHN WICK was throwing pencils instead of knives
Fucken pencils!!!
Zach Coldwell
Zach Coldwell - 15 минут назад
John Wick walks into bar.

Kills everyone in it.
That ain't no joke.
muhdatul habibi
muhdatul habibi - 15 минут назад
Blue screen,..
Daniel Green
Daniel Green - 15 минут назад
I can't fucking wait for this to come out
Brittany Long
Brittany Long - 16 минут назад
Juliet Dietrich
Juliet Dietrich - 16 минут назад
Me:*Looks at subscribers
Sees 999k
Juliet Dietrich
Juliet Dietrich - 15 минут назад
coli7330 coli7330
coli7330 coli7330 - 16 минут назад
Come on... So many cleaner costs
Luke Laro
Luke Laro - 17 минут назад
Do you have John wick?
THUNDERBOLT - 17 минут назад
nice to see Jeff Bezos in the movie
Neymar Jr.
Neymar Jr. - 18 минут назад
Over a puppy 😂😂
xfeed x
xfeed x - 18 минут назад check it out no balls
ALLAHUAKBAR - 18 минут назад
999k subs
Vanessa Duchmann
Vanessa Duchmann - 19 минут назад
Yess I've been waiting for this🔥🔥
Autistic Lefty
Autistic Lefty - 20 минут назад
So glad they did the "Guns...lots of guns" reference from The Matrix!
Flamer Gamer
Flamer Gamer - 20 минут назад
Why does 2019 have so many good upcoming movies!?!?!?
Loving it
Kenny - 20 минут назад
All because of a puppy
Alexander Brito
Alexander Brito - 21 минуту назад
Why is John Wick fighting the Bitconnect guy?
YSG Meer YT - 21 минуту назад
*Guns, lots of guns*
Brett707 - 21 минуту назад
Abuse your pets and John Wick will get you. Future bedtime stories.
سعود عثمان
سعود عثمان - 21 минуту назад
متى يتم عرض الفيلم
DeadpanSpider 24
DeadpanSpider 24 - 22 минуты назад
who else didn’t read the title and thought it was john marston in the thumbnail?
YSG Meer YT - 23 минуты назад
Avengers: we had the best trailer so far
John wick: *Hold, My, Nuts*
Dontai's dusty hat
Dontai's dusty hat - 23 минуты назад
Wasn’t just a puppy
Erik Regazzio
Erik Regazzio - 23 минуты назад
Podia pelo menos colocar a legenda né
100 subs No videos????
100 subs No videos???? - 24 минуты назад
Hell ye
Raph G.
Raph G. - 24 минуты назад
Can’t wait!
Matt Feterika
Matt Feterika - 24 минуты назад
Disney is gunning to try and buy the rights to the John wick franchise lol.....
Saad Khan
Saad Khan - 24 минуты назад
more anticipating than Endgame.
Finn Jake
Finn Jake - 24 минуты назад
When i tried to text the number it said it might add money to my phone bill
YSG Meer YT - 25 минут назад
Time to play fortnite season 3 alloveragain
Gray Fox
Gray Fox - 25 минут назад
John Wick : Chapter 4 - Thanos Downfall
Clash Royal
Clash Royal - 25 минут назад
joblagz - 26 минут назад
where's trinity?
Orlando 80
Orlando 80 - 26 минут назад
Here before lions gate hit 1 mil
A Scorpion
A Scorpion - 26 минут назад
I remember when Fortnite was actually good Season 3
A Scorpion
A Scorpion - 24 минуты назад
SD Brand after season 3 it turned gay
SD Brand
SD Brand - 25 минут назад
Fortnite was never good
Fiore Tutta
Fiore Tutta - 26 минут назад
Anjelica Huston, Halle Berry WHY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yamizoku - 27 минут назад
oh shit i'm feeling it
Lady Nadia
Lady Nadia - 27 минут назад
You can't call yourself a real one if you ain't heard Nasty C–SMA ft Rawlene yet , so be the first to listen to it before it blows out . 💁🏾period
joel holmström
joel holmström - 27 минут назад
fuck with the wick you get the dick........... what
Ed Murnaghan
Ed Murnaghan - 28 минут назад
Murat Şakar
Murat Şakar - 28 минут назад
karşılık lı takip
JohnThe Champ
JohnThe Champ - 29 минут назад
They will never kill me!
The Great Silence
The Great Silence - 29 минут назад
The following dislikers will meet the pencils doom.
Glen Nicholas
Glen Nicholas - 30 минут назад
You were right smith, you were always right. It was inevitable.
Jamie Clarke
Jamie Clarke - 30 минут назад
The first John wick movie came out before that fucking awful fortnite game came out, if you think the movies are based on fucking a Fortnite character go and ask your mum and dad if they're brother and sister.
Ethan Shihster
Ethan Shihster - 30 минут назад
MILIKITA WORKSHOP - 30 минут назад
Damn!! Maddog n kitchen fight the raid 😍😍
XXX Savage
XXX Savage - 31 минуту назад
Wonder how many fortnite addicts are going to watch this movie
YuGiOhForYU - 31 минуту назад
John Wick EndGame
sweet but psycho
sweet but psycho - 32 минуты назад
Pencils lots of PENCILS!! 😂
Og Plays
Og Plays - 32 минуты назад
Johnny johnny: (father)

Killing people?

No papa

Telling lies?

Yes papa

Give me ur gun

Ah ah ah
Og Plays
Og Plays - 31 минуту назад
Srry forgot the yes papa at the beginning :D
massiccio81 - 32 минуты назад
Gusdebo - 32 минуты назад
Hey, they gave John Wick from Fortnite his own movie!
Aryan Ahmed
Aryan Ahmed - 32 минуты назад
1:19 Deja vu
Imran Shaikh
Imran Shaikh - 33 минуты назад
after the "Jason Bourne " series
this is the best
Friendly Neighbourhood Ginger
Friendly Neighbourhood Ginger - 33 минуты назад
He needs our vbucks to get out of this
Gihan Deshapriya
Gihan Deshapriya - 33 минуты назад
Jhon wick on full neo mode !
RAYRAY 15 - 33 минуты назад
click here to get subscribers
Lady Nadia
Lady Nadia - 33 минуты назад
Y'all please view this hit song Nasty C—SMA ft Rawlene. He is so talented and yet so young and underrated. Give him one chance and I can assure you, you won't regret it PLEASE!
sweet but psycho
sweet but psycho - 33 минуты назад
It's season 8 chapter 3 if I even make sense ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Noel hrr
Noel hrr - 33 минуты назад
i dont need to go to the movie theaters any more just watch it..LOL.
Peter - 34 минуты назад
You know why everyone wants to see a Keanu movie? Because he doesn't make an ass of himself at award shows giving superficial and hypocritical speeches about equality and political correctness.

He keeps his ego in check and acts like a regular guy; he minds his own business; he does what he loves, and that is why I'll go and spend money to see John Wick 3.
SuperJohn691 - 34 минуты назад
.... The Matrix.....Guns, Lots of Guns...... John Wick: 3
QuantumZ - 34 минуты назад
omg they turned John Wick from fortnite into a real thing!!
[] Adrian Rivera []
[] Adrian Rivera [] - 35 минут назад
Where are the fortnite comments at lmao
The Grey Ghost
The Grey Ghost - 35 минут назад
I wasn't just a puppy
Kzyy OG
Kzyy OG - 36 минут назад
These comments tho 😂😂
ChuckTheDuck98 - 36 минут назад
Isn’t this the guy fortnite made big?
Billy2 K
Billy2 K - 37 минут назад
Nigga wanted by everyone An is riding a mother fucking horse JOHNN WIIICK
Laavinesh Nithianandan
Laavinesh Nithianandan - 37 минут назад
Now I know what China is preparing for ....
Jay Gee
Jay Gee - 38 минут назад
"Guns. Lots of guns" I literally screamed "YES!" Without thinking when I heard this Matrix reference. So fuckin' cool
Defaulty_ bois_ ,
Defaulty_ bois_ , - 38 минут назад
Wait John wick dog haven’t I seen this before look at fortnite oooooooooooooooh shit
Miguel Angel Valenzuela
Miguel Angel Valenzuela - 38 минут назад
"Guns, lots of guns"
Wasn't that from The Matrix?
ITZ REZ - 39 минут назад
Who came from fortnite
Big Walt
Big Walt - 39 минут назад
And Halle Berry as Reborn Trinity
Matrix Reboot
Jay Gee
Jay Gee - 39 минут назад
Best action movies ever made. Period.
THE BIGSAD UNKNOWN - 40 минут назад
This will never happen if the dog would be alive
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