$1 Street Food Around The World

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SkyFlyerGamez - 5 hours ago
Lol that guy put so much butter he put excessive amount of butter
Paul TheGamer777
Paul TheGamer777 - 7 hours ago
4:58 I knew that the INDIANS would actually be a stuffy if we acted, not even to put GLOVES. 🙄🤮🤪😜😜
Mya Pawz
Mya Pawz - 7 hours ago
Captions: (sPeAkS iN fOrEiGn LaNgUaGe)
danka062062 - 7 hours ago
3:26 jajajjajjajaajjajajaj Ojala vendieran porros a 1 euro en las ferias
Сашко Първанов
USA-hot dogs
In my country Bulgaria our street food is banitca, it's like a butter dough with cheese, eggs and milk baked in oven
JiminLost HisJams
JiminLost HisJams - 9 hours ago
In Guyana you can buy two packets of the regular chips with $1
letteuk - 9 hours ago
the taiyaki and pork buns look so good omg
Aesthetic Gacha
Aesthetic Gacha - 10 hours ago
3:26 I think it’s porra XD porro means drugs or weed lol
Patrick Medina
Patrick Medina - 11 hours ago
Can u go to Puerto Rico pleaseeee
Vianca Mejia
Vianca Mejia - 12 hours ago
I love Mexico and tokyo
Ťřāqs !
Ťřāqs ! - 13 hours ago
Turkiyede 1 dolarla ulkeyi alirisn amq
Lizz DBD
Lizz DBD - 13 hours ago
UK is life idk why but most things are cheap here.
Fatima Usman
Fatima Usman - 14 hours ago
In Pakistan, you can have shuwarma in 1$ :P easily
A113 YTP
A113 YTP - 15 hours ago
La pizza fritta😋
Mehrin ASMR
Mehrin ASMR - 15 hours ago
1$= 84 tk
2 samosa=10 tk
2 singara=10 tk
2 Puri=10 tk
Halim 1 bowl= 30tk
1 jhalmuri=10 tk
1 paratha & 1cha= 12tk
And you have more 2 tk......
So Welcome to Bangladesh and enjoy our street food....
Dollhouse - 15 hours ago
1 dollar in thai and you might get fried rice or noodle
Karismatically Mad
Karismatically Mad - 15 hours ago
Everywhere else: ooh so cool

nyc: h o t d o g
Salman Rendii
Salman Rendii - 16 hours ago
Why haven't you tried Indonesian food?
X - 16 hours ago
not trying to be rude but no way i am eating that indian food from hand of worker like that . no disrespect to indian people
Milagros Df
Milagros Df - 17 hours ago
Prefiero la India,desde españa
Komka Arion
Komka Arion - 17 hours ago
In my country, you can.get a bag of chips for 1$
hackers night
hackers night - 17 hours ago
Malaysia??????? It has the best food you can find on earth
Meriem Medjedoub
Meriem Medjedoub - 17 hours ago
In Algeria 1 dollar can get you 3 mhajebs or 3 karantika sandwiches they are the most popular street foods here
NUEL REVOLUTION - 18 hours ago
Klu malaysia 1 dollar blh dpt nasi ayam, umm kenyang kenyang 😂
Jilko - 18 hours ago
I got your mum twerking for my rupees :)
Enthusiastic Frog
Enthusiastic Frog - 18 hours ago
People complaining about how expensive their cheapest food is whe here in England all the best cheap stuff is under a pound
kagan blade
kagan blade - 19 hours ago
2:25 that looks yummy
*emilya* 28
*emilya* 28 - 19 hours ago
with only a dollar in philippine you can buy a gallon of purified water.
Tamara Arabiyat
Tamara Arabiyat - 20 hours ago
Why wouldn’t they wear gloves
Cattley Johanesia
Cattley Johanesia - 21 hour ago
Indonesia please
Food in Indonesia is really cheap
Cxmryn oof
Cxmryn oof - 22 hours ago
MIA 1.4
MIA 1.4 - 23 hours ago
Real good health standards when it came to India😂
Sir Hawk
Sir Hawk - 10 hours ago
MIA 1.4 its a bangin deal tho
miiku - 23 hours ago
Mexico & Philippines are kinda a mixed up country, same coins, some words are used from both countries.
infern00 -0ver
infern00 -0ver - 23 hours ago
the problem about being american is that no one out of the country knows what a hot dog is
Arina Ilmi
Arina Ilmi - Day ago
Come to Indonesia please.
Repeargameing 246
Repeargameing 246 - Day ago
62 cents for that,thats amazing
Where food in indonesia?
Gustavo Banda
Gustavo Banda - Day ago
Soy mexicano ala verga
ツYocatMz - Day ago
When I went to the pantry the other a try no have kiwi when the pantry no had kiwi I looked at my roomie my roomie ate my kiwi and so I ate my roomie
âkâchî - أكاشي
Like subscrib pliz 💕🌹🌹🌹😍
abbey - Day ago
ive never been interested in indian food but the pav bhaji looks so appetizing
Edgar Aguilar
Edgar Aguilar - Day ago
What is the China and Japan people are saying
[ ]
[ ] - 16 hours ago
Bro, there is a subtitel in the video...🤦‍♀️
1 fireblue
1 fireblue - Day ago
When the man buy the torta the id 14$
Bros Tube.
Bros Tube. - Day ago
Were's Phillipines streetfood!
Can Başkan
Can Başkan - Day ago
+o me ya huaha
-shuya moa
+mua bunhsua
-ye yua shuaa
TheGamerAK78-YT - Day ago
How is this not on my trend?
Moodle Mira
Moodle Mira - Day ago
I think that the one that looked the best for me was the pork fried buns
Derek Zhao
Derek Zhao - Day ago
Porro looks so good
Derek Zhao
Derek Zhao - Day ago
Why does the guy who went to Spain sound like the yt opa osiris
Caballer_ 38
Caballer_ 38 - Day ago
The churros are from México 😡
Nyra - Day ago
my country isn’t in the vid-
my country is expensive sO YOU CANT HAVE $1 FOOD
DJ Parody
DJ Parody - Day ago
hocam ordan bi yarım doner ver
Ida Schneider
Ida Schneider - Day ago
Look for pretzels
Pure Moroccan
Pure Moroccan - Day ago
Watching from New York 😍 anyone tried Moroccan food before? 😋❤️
itsyagurlcami s.
itsyagurlcami s. - Day ago
Pav Bhaji in India on the street is soooooo gooddddd
Julio Escobar
Julio Escobar - Day ago
Guatemala serves a BUNCH of street food, you should add it the next time
ada caluzzi
ada caluzzi - Day ago
And Italy?
anny;; loves zotto
anny;; loves zotto - Day ago
2:59 uma porra KKKKKKK
Sadhana Patel
Sadhana Patel - Day ago
Me: find food over 1 dollar
Her: finds food for a dollar
OMG why cant i
Görkem Gözel
Görkem Gözel - Day ago
Indian one is disgusting
Relja Petrovic
Relja Petrovic - Day ago
In vietnam 1 dollar is 10 minutes of story in the vietnam flashback..
supernovasuper Plays
Finland... Cuz it has no street foods but only stands and thailand
Francesca Fowoson
Francesca Fowoson - Day ago
What about italy!!!l!
cuca - Day ago
Jsjs yo esperenado a que vayan a Argentina y se compren un Choripan o un Sanguche (? De milanesa jajjakaksk
Pero luego recuerdo que... En Argentina está todo caro
Adam Staniewicz
Adam Staniewicz - Day ago
In Poland u can buy icecram for 1$
Marco Guimarães
Marco Guimarães - Day ago
India TOP 10
Adam Staniewicz
Adam Staniewicz - Day ago
Where is Poland?
Normal 1 İnsan
Normal 1 İnsan - Day ago
Can you go Turkey ?
Hives - Day ago
do denmark or netherlands :D
MarcsHyper 1310
MarcsHyper 1310 - Day ago
1:38 Recipe?
[ ]
[ ] - 16 hours ago
You can find the Recipe on the internet
Via Vlogs
Via Vlogs - Day ago
Demoknitr boi
Demoknitr boi - Day ago
Can indonesia be on one of these???
Christoffer Arthur Schøier
2:35 sound i make when im nutting
frapige X
frapige X - Day ago
Ketchup mustard?
Blinbin - Day ago
i just got a churro ad lmao
Yuan Sanchez
Yuan Sanchez - Day ago
50php wow
Recon Kai
Recon Kai - Day ago
So BuTTerY

Also he touched the bread with his hands...
Naomi queen
Naomi queen - Day ago
Recon Kai i was wondering like bro i hope he washed his hands💀
Joshua Varrelino
Joshua Varrelino - Day ago
Teach me other language
Lik - Day ago
Where is Russia
Garfield Nachos
Garfield Nachos - Day ago
I’m Spanish and it’s not called porro it’s called porra. A porro is weed
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