$1 Street Food Around The World

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Corina Ghita
Corina Ghita - 51 minute ago
Rуспех - 5 hours ago
In Russia, for 1$ you can get Shawarma
Blackpink Army
Blackpink Army - 5 hours ago
In Karnataka we pay only Rs45 -50 for pav bhaji and it is Rs100 in Mumbai , (Maharashtra )
Olaf van Toor
Olaf van Toor - 5 hours ago
That's the best thing of traveling food all over the world yum yum yum no one will take that experience off you
Frank Andrew Salazar
Frank Andrew Salazar - 5 hours ago
3:42 oh no! It's T-Series >:0
Nessie il mostro di Loch Ness
they all look so good im hungry
ario rachmat wibowo
ario rachmat wibowo - 5 hours ago
One dollar in Indonesia you get sabana disanguan
Dancerly - 6 hours ago
You forgot Australia
Noodlez Music
Noodlez Music - 8 hours ago
In indonesia, with $1.00 you can get Javanese Salad with Peanut Sauce, Fried Rice, 'Martabak Telur' and many more
Franz Imperial
Franz Imperial - 8 hours ago
Why not go to philippines??? We Filipinos have so many streetfood like proben,kwek kwek,kikiam,
And Our very favorite streetfood,
You are beautiful
You are beautiful - 8 hours ago
In Romania with 1 dollar u can buy a Kurtos Kalacs
Kürtőskalács is made from sweet, yeast dough (raised dough), of which a strip is spun and then wrapped around a truncated cone–shaped baking spit, and rolled in granulated sugar. It is roasted over charcoal while basted with melted butter, until its surface cooks to a golden-brown color. During the baking process the sugar stuck on the kürtőskalácscaramelises and forms a shiny, crispy crus
Dubzyy Snipezz
Dubzyy Snipezz - 9 hours ago
With $1 in New-Zealand, you can eat air.
Jade W
Jade W - Hour ago
Same for Australia
Lizette Desperate
Lizette Desperate - 10 hours ago
I want all that food in the video especially the Mexican one
Hayden Withers
Hayden Withers - 10 hours ago
Hayden Withers
Hayden Withers - 10 hours ago
I dont even know if we have street food here, though I'm from a small province (NB). so if anyone from Toronto, or Ottawa, or any other big city could tell me what you have for street food, that would be great
Ohraider - 11 hours ago
No Russia?
wig snatched
wig snatched - 12 hours ago
I might've learned more about stuff than I do at school.
Sara Harake
Sara Harake - 13 hours ago
Lebanese pls
Spiral SM
Spiral SM - 13 hours ago
The hotdog would have been my fav
Adan Force
Adan Force - 13 hours ago
wow and they forgot the McDonald'$
Connor McGovern
Connor McGovern - 15 hours ago
The one in India looked so good ( sorry I’m really hungry)
Timme Boy
Timme Boy - 15 hours ago
Duuuuuuuutttcchh!!! Ducht streeft dood please
ImNotSpecial - 16 hours ago
This wasn’t street food but I once had cow brain at a restaurant when I went to Mexico. It was yummy
Puffed JewelAngela
Puffed JewelAngela - 17 hours ago
Those pork buns from China looks so good! 😭😭😍😍😍
Zahra Mohammad
Zahra Mohammad - 17 hours ago
Korean street food and Japanese please
Zahra Mohammad
Zahra Mohammad - 17 hours ago
Mexican looks good
S0UL Spirit
S0UL Spirit - 17 hours ago
I think the last one looked good
Traditional Food Recipe
Traditional Food Recipe - 21 hour ago
My country even cheaper than those.
Meredith Sheperder
Meredith Sheperder - 21 hour ago
GD Dolera
GD Dolera - 21 hour ago
shailene Tabitha
shailene Tabitha - 22 hours ago
I wouldnt trust that $1.00 hot dog I New York city lmfao u might be eating a rat dog
Vae Victis
Vae Victis - 23 hours ago
Where is baguette ?
Karol Miranda
Karol Miranda - Day ago
K P - Day ago
In London, you can buy the napkin to wipe your mouth with after you finish eating for $1... -_-
elly belly
elly belly - Day ago
Besan Hassan
Besan Hassan - Day ago
Iraq sreet food
Andrea Leziel Pajarillo
Philippines street foods
$1=52 pesos(or up/low)
You can have
Kwek kwek
Balon balonan
Anything in street foods
Some of them is only 2 or 4 pesos in one piece or 2 piece in 3 pesos
XDGamer Saud
XDGamer Saud - Day ago
No Arabian?, no Malaysian?, screw you
Larah Turnbull
Larah Turnbull - Day ago
In Australia we don’t even have street stalls and every hotdog I have ever bought has been $4(Australian dollars) or over
adna Cardib
adna Cardib - Day ago
India street food
MR.NotCum - Day ago
You can get 5 rakijas with 1 dolar in te balkans
Bibash Gurung
Bibash Gurung - Day ago
Nepal's food called momo in $1
Ryan Lugg
Ryan Lugg - Day ago
Can you do Australia?
Rebecca Yin
Rebecca Yin - Day ago
Hold up. I just realized something. For the US one, like the girl who bought the hot dog...if I'm not mistaken...then that should be Inga Lam
Bang Si-Hyuk
Bang Si-Hyuk - Day ago
Here in the philippines you can buy the most popular beer in the country which costs less than a dollar
Jemy Nguyen
Jemy Nguyen - Day ago
Pho bowl in Vietnam for $1
Nox Aeterna
Nox Aeterna - Day ago
The last one looks yummi
Aarav Regmi
Aarav Regmi - Day ago
From nepal we dont call indian rupees ,rupees we call it bharu 100 bharu
asimo3089 - Day ago
My parents told me in Guatemala gum cost 15 cents....
Savage Jose
Savage Jose - Day ago
Wasnt that a churro ? And they are from Mexico
Louie Poole
Louie Poole - Day ago
Every time they go to eat it I feel like their going to throw it
jediknight 0341
jediknight 0341 - Day ago
I was hoping to see some food from franch and/or Germany but this is good food
Bibay BC
Bibay BC - Day ago
Those Chinese pork buns got me drooling 🤤
Alessia Popescu
Alessia Popescu - Day ago
Plz plz plz plz plz do Romania
Crimson_Rose •
Crimson_Rose • - Day ago
2:35 you can tell it had alot of soup
Some people in India struggles daily to earn 1 dollar and 3 meals, while some pays it as a tip to waiter , to maintain high class image (fake rich compared to billionaire in USA, China , etc) among the poverty people.
sUcK mY ToEs
sUcK mY ToEs - Day ago
U can tell the person in the first clip is Inga
School tasher PUBG
School tasher PUBG - Day ago
In Ukraine you can buy shaurma for 1 dollar
твое мнение
In Russia shaurma and Vodka
Renan Benitez
Renan Benitez - Day ago
Plis Go to Brazil im am Brazilian the food is so good
Mayra Vega
Mayra Vega - Day ago
That China round-pork food looks so good my god
camila resende
camila resende - Day ago
Kira der Dämon
Kira der Dämon - Day ago
💕Who's from germany?💕
Federico Senna__23
Federico Senna__23 - Day ago
There isn’t italian food
Ass Blaster 9000
Ass Blaster 9000 - 2 days ago
Now im hungry
aleexbg 13
aleexbg 13 - 2 days ago
Porro jajaja q Kbrones, ni q estuvieramos fumados los españoles, y aparte que en mi pueblo un churro/porra cuesta 25 centimos, la porra esa la habrán comprado en el centro de Madrid porque si no yo no me explico ese precio
jesus perez
jesus perez - 2 days ago
In spain there isnt a porro is a churro jajaja a porro is a drug
Roberto Romano
Roberto Romano - 2 days ago
In Italy, with one euro, you can buy a "calzone" (a fried pizza with some things in there)
cjohn aguilos
cjohn aguilos - 2 days ago
Do it on the Philippines pls like
Уголок kuicka
Уголок kuicka - 2 days ago
Ждал Россию, какой нибудь там теремок.
HK. ID - 2 days ago
come to indonesian please
Mark Horrell
Mark Horrell - 2 days ago
Delicacy of Britain: Greg's sausage roll £1.85= $2.42
Mr.Bhadana rao
Mr.Bhadana rao - 2 days ago
Lexus Bergsten
Lexus Bergsten - 2 days ago
Here in sweden you can buy a gum for one crown (0.108305 U.S. dollars) in some places.
Rizqollah Junior
Rizqollah Junior - 2 days ago
Indonesia 🌏
pikku ukkeli
pikku ukkeli - 2 days ago
My name is Yen!!
Ayana Raven
Ayana Raven - 2 days ago
Ayana Raven
Ayana Raven - 2 days ago
Not rlly tho but yah
Ayana Raven
Ayana Raven - 2 days ago
But the money are the same
iRx_X_ - 2 days ago
100 rupees aren't a dollar though. 69 rupees are a dollar.
Booker The Wolf
Booker The Wolf - 2 days ago
In Africa you can buy Africa for 1$
EliteGamer Dan
EliteGamer Dan - 2 days ago
Pakistan next :D
Martie De Leon
Martie De Leon - 2 days ago
wow, this video made me wanna go travel around the world...
Mirai Kazuya
Mirai Kazuya - 2 days ago
Russian Street food?
Riho Kimmel
Riho Kimmel - 2 days ago
Bravecoast Bolaocho
Bravecoast Bolaocho - 2 days ago
"Porro" means "Joint" in spanish... That food is a "Porra" 😅
Jack Amos
Jack Amos - 2 days ago
Im craving a churro so bad, but i live in england
Wiktor G
Wiktor G - 2 days ago
Bagel from Krakow in Poland 🇵🇱
Wiktor G
Wiktor G - 2 days ago
For 2 PLN
TTV_sjilo7 - Fortnite
TTV_sjilo7 - Fortnite - 2 days ago
Part 2 now
OX Tavian
OX Tavian - 2 days ago
Where indonesia?
king kyrie
king kyrie - 2 days ago
100 indian money is equal ro 1 dollor really?
tyra khan
tyra khan - 2 days ago
"Around the world" excluding Africa of course
Leonardo Negrete
Leonardo Negrete - 2 days ago
Omg esa dorta se mira bien buena
Mario Mas
Mario Mas - 2 days ago
1$= 1 hotdog ? In America?
yKotz - 2 days ago
In Brazil you Can buy with $1,00:
Demy B.
Demy B. - 2 days ago
A hot dog in NyC for just 1$ ? Here in Berlin the cheapest I saw was €1.35 ...
Demy B.
Demy B. - 22 hours ago
+Rebecca Yin but that's not a street food
Rebecca Yin
Rebecca Yin - Day ago
In Canada, in Costco, the hot dogs are CAD $1.50, which is about €0.86 if I'm not mistaken
FindSome GT
FindSome GT - 2 days ago
In Indonesia 1dollar is Rp.13.800
u can get nasi Padang
Thats Very delicious and cheap go check eat nasi Padang on yt
ByNeees - 2 days ago
Porro nooo 🤣🤣🤣, it's porra
Luffy Senpai
Luffy Senpai - 2 days ago
what about panama
Amerel LXZ
Amerel LXZ - 2 days ago
AlR0 - 2 days ago
Churros cost 5$ in Sweden
Zoe Pandora
Zoe Pandora - 2 days ago
Please do Prague, the Czech Republic!🙏🏻
Finn B
Finn B - 2 days ago
In Ireland you can buy half a chocolate bar for 1 euro
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