The Most Dangerous Stuff in the Universe - Strange Stars Explained

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verycrazyguy1 - 20 hours ago
Now the only science that you're missing is ascension sciences
Xavier animations and blogs
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Tanmay Tare
Tanmay Tare - Day ago
Can a neutron star become a black hole ?
50złマン - Day ago
Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell Japanese sub pls😭
Sylvia A
Sylvia A - 5 minutes ago
The star looks cool
Sandeep Kumar Dash
Sandeep Kumar Dash - 38 minutes ago
If strange matter is stable, then why do strange quarks decay?
Rebecca Smith
Rebecca Smith - 44 minutes ago
I know a channelb that's a lie. It's IMPOSSIBLE for a LOT of comments to ask for the same thing unless they have this group that posts all these comments to overtake the other comments! The channel name is [literally] called, " awesome gameplays."
Rebecca Smith
Rebecca Smith - 42 minutes ago
Kinda like how Facebook got popular because they stole videos from RUvideos
Roonin - 55 minutes ago
in just 5 days almost 3 mil views dam
hichem benrezoug
hichem benrezoug - Hour ago
Arabic subtitle pleeeeeeaaaaaaaaseeee
ke ne
ke ne - Hour ago
That was brilliant.. thank you!!!?
mvpunisher1 - Hour ago
And...If all this is wrong?
Kamar Taj
Kamar Taj - Hour ago
Где русские субтитры????
Pan De'Monium
Pan De'Monium - Hour ago
I like how the one bird that pops its head out of the snow saying "Didn't see that coming"... Looks ironically like Donald Trump. Lol
Owen Davies
Owen Davies - Hour ago
I love this
patrikcath - 2 hours ago
Almost 4 million views in 4 days. Jesus.
Noskinder Hinder
Noskinder Hinder - 2 hours ago
This video is indeed very ‘strange’
I’m not sorry
Kodi - 2 hours ago
*whispers* hey..dont tell infographics show..but Im subscribed to you
Ash Mohan
Ash Mohan - 2 hours ago
Plss tell us where we can get all these backgroud scores. They are too good 😍😍😍
Adrivero - 2 hours ago
Your videos are simply the best.
Kunal Gulati
Kunal Gulati - 2 hours ago
*uck my internet
lilly zhong
lilly zhong - 3 hours ago
Black hole:I’ll deal with it,guys!
Good Channel Name
Good Channel Name - 3 hours ago
What about bottom quarks? Aren't those denser? (I know top quarks are the densest, but they can't pair up)
Spooky Cube
Spooky Cube - 3 hours ago
-Necrocide Matter incoming-
나홍준 - 3 hours ago
Lesrac - 3 hours ago
Other:weird matter
Me an intellectual:cosmos zombie
Alexandre Godoy
Alexandre Godoy - 3 hours ago
Suggestion for a video: "How memories are formed?"
Kevin Maguire
Kevin Maguire - 4 hours ago
This is way too far. This is complete speculation. There is no evidence supporting any of this. It is only theoretical models that attempt to explain a few experimental results. I don't think this is the type of thing that Kurzgesagt should be presenting.
dude - 4 hours ago
the music is awesome at the quark part
BloodyPlayGames - 4 hours ago
You should make a wideo about Brown Dwarfs
Cyb3rAssassine - 4 hours ago
Science (from the Latin word scientia, meaning "knowledge") - source wikipedia
Can't see any knowledge behind this video...
Fayanora Ahnabahn
Fayanora Ahnabahn - 5 hours ago
I am Locutus of Strange Matter. You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile but amusing.
Adrian Neissner
Adrian Neissner - 5 hours ago
Fayanora Ahnabahn
Fayanora Ahnabahn - 5 hours ago
Strange matter: real-world glitch in the matrix!
Luqman Muhammad
Luqman Muhammad - 5 hours ago
Dr Strange: Hey, stop acting strangely.
Strangelet: I dont get it, I'm too dense.
christian miranda
christian miranda - 5 hours ago
what are inside of gas planets like jupiter?????????
christian miranda
christian miranda - 5 hours ago
what are inside of gas planets like jupiter?????????
OdgeBodge - 5 hours ago
oh. great.
Brian Kristofer Perez
Brian Kristofer Perez - 5 hours ago
Is strange matter different from exotic matter? Since Exotic matter is more or less reversed matter, will they annhialate each other and realease gamma radiation just like what happens with matter and anti-matter?
PelagicProductions - 5 hours ago
Im getting paid to hit nails into timber meanwhile its someones job to think of this stuff
Lord Zephyros
Lord Zephyros - 5 hours ago
Could strange matter be used for energy
extreme nova1234567890
extreme nova1234567890 - 6 hours ago
how will it "spread" dosent make sense to me cuz quarks will remain what they are unless under extreme forces, and the stranglets will get sucked backed into the black hole
extreme nova1234567890
extreme nova1234567890 - 6 hours ago
i dk if im right just a thought
Surux Strawde
Surux Strawde - 6 hours ago
Also, please tell me this "strange matter" isn't actually glowing green like that cause if Hussie predicts another part of hypothetical physics I'm gonna have to start worrying about video games that control the universe and extratemporal parallel aliens with grey skin and candy horns..
Surux Strawde
Surux Strawde - 6 hours ago
I swear I've seen that yellow and green pattern somewhere before.. Reminds me of mulan and chicken nuggets...
Cuak - 6 hours ago
No sé cómo mierda llegue a este vídeo pero me quedé anonadado
BMLC 980_ID - 6 hours ago
Now where is my Subtitle why it's white blank
Andre - 6 hours ago
PhrostByte - 7 hours ago
Good luck sleeping tonight
garcemac - 7 hours ago
So. That explains the Bootes Void...
Laloweed - 7 hours ago
WHAT?! I believe atoms don't get close to each other because of the strong electro-magnetic force, not gravity.
キムチgames - 7 hours ago
minecraft PE
minecraft PE - 7 hours ago
Vietsub đâu rồi nhanh lên cái(Vietnamese language)
Chanuth Gunawardene
Chanuth Gunawardene - 8 hours ago
What if all the atoms in the universe suddenly lost their protons?!
vbcr - 8 hours ago
It's kruzgesagt ; make one explores although scared.
jeremy kurtz
jeremy kurtz - 8 hours ago
Strange matter: *exists*
Entropy: Am I a joke to you??
Colossaleye 316
Colossaleye 316 - 8 hours ago
Hello fellow birds
Varied Channel
Varied Channel - 8 hours ago
Make Indonesia subtitle please......
eh?のへの - 9 hours ago
Victor Scott
Victor Scott - 9 hours ago
Kurzgesagt needs to make some kind of science mobile game
Willem Schellings
Willem Schellings - 9 hours ago
I’m not having an existential crisis. You are.
West African Gooner
West African Gooner - 9 hours ago
"The odds seem good that it won't happen anytime soon.." title of my sex tape
goemon9378 - 9 hours ago
i thought it was red matter that turns planets to black holes like it did to vulcan
Aléssio Cândido
Aléssio Cândido - 10 hours ago
Now is a known matter
ThatShortGuy 06
ThatShortGuy 06 - 10 hours ago
Man, this is so strange.
Jok3rstein - 11 hours ago
Humans: discover strange matter that could possibly tell us how the formation of the universe even exists and could be potentially dangerous if ever interacted with
Other humans: make memes
Jok3rstein - 11 hours ago
Humans: discover strange matter that could possibly tell us how the formation of the universe even exists and could be potentially dangerous if ever interacted with
Other humans: make memes
Cough Drop
Cough Drop - 11 hours ago
But what makes quarks? I say we call them "chaos particles"
JayTee - 11 hours ago
so in conclusion, neutron stars house what is basically space plague?
Balancing Life
Balancing Life - 11 hours ago
I get the gut feeling this information is false
Dette Navn
Dette Navn - 11 hours ago
Shame you're happy to lie.
Bruno Pereira
Bruno Pereira - 11 hours ago
So is this that gives Doctor Strange his powers?
Tobias C
Tobias C - 11 hours ago
The "this ain't it cheif matter"
Xx Toxic xX
Xx Toxic xX - 11 hours ago
What would happen if Vacuum Decay came in contact with a black hole??🤯🤔
GameNews - 11 hours ago
*I love these graphics!*
Guess who its you
Guess who its you - 11 hours ago
Great timing
Emanuel Fernán
Emanuel Fernán - 12 hours ago
Really nothing to work with in this video. Everything is speculation. Does any of this ever touch down? Or is it all speculative castles in the air? It isn't even very informative about neutron stars. Why make this video?
Peter Nicholls
Peter Nicholls - 12 hours ago
Cats Cradle !
Brydon Leverentz
Brydon Leverentz - 12 hours ago
This is the equivalent of naming a newborn baby, (This baby was never named, so I'm gonna call it "Stupid"
10 subs with no vids Oof
10 subs with no vids Oof - 12 hours ago
They should have called it hulk quarks
I. T. R.
I. T. R. - 12 hours ago
Didn't see that coming!
So am i until...
White Male Untermensch
White Male Untermensch - 13 hours ago
I for one welcome our new, strange overlords.
Drake 0617
Drake 0617 - 13 hours ago
I always wait for new videos everyday...
Robert L
Robert L - 13 hours ago
You know what's better than Kurzgesagt? Langgesagt.
SevenDiscord - 2 hours ago
hahaha not funny but i get it
Sam McNeill McKinnell
Sam McNeill McKinnell - 13 hours ago
You know what’s weird? This video was in my mix. Like, my music mix.
Aaron Kirk
Aaron Kirk - 13 hours ago
Theory: what if a strangelet hit earth and that’s why we have life electricity etc
MessMaker - 13 hours ago
What a vast misrepresentation of the scientific research of strange mater and theories.
Hines - 14 hours ago
Tony Weslley
Tony Weslley - 14 hours ago
May I suggest a series about our solar system?! I'd love to know more about every planet. Thanks and great job guys
Abyss Will
Abyss Will - 14 hours ago
strange matter and degenerate matter is the same thing??
AFTER LIFE - 14 hours ago
Thanos has entered the chat*
Draco Dominus
Draco Dominus - 14 hours ago
This is an entire video where the person supposedly describing something scientific is constantly saying things like. 'might exist', 'could be...' 'might cause' etc. With no explanation as to WHY this might be or what makes us believe it's possibkeWhich I personally find very annoying. It sounds more like some kid playing make believe than someone trying to explain scientific theory.
Tom Miller
Tom Miller - 14 hours ago
Thanks for making these videos I love this stuff.
Simple Science 101
Simple Science 101 - 14 hours ago
Can you make a video about renewable energy and its future vs fossil fuels
Nefarious - 14 hours ago
strangelets? cute
Micheal Angelo
Micheal Angelo - 14 hours ago
Space: Exists
Strange matter: *it's free real estate*
[]HĒŁŁ[] []KNĪGHT[] - 15 hours ago
Moon Landing
Moon Landing - 15 hours ago
“You dense motherfu**er”
Anti Squirrel Conglomeration
Strange matter is what happens when you ground up weirdos.
DroppingDead - 15 hours ago
If they are formed in the cores of neutron stars and they convert other quarks, why aren't the neutron starts themselves converted?
dan hardie
dan hardie - 15 hours ago
Dr Strange will destroy us not Thanos!
dan hardie
dan hardie - 15 hours ago
Strangelet (140hp) used ENGULF...
fartpluswetone - 15 hours ago
boy I love massive stars *collapsing in a supernova*
Pinkpants202 - 16 hours ago
What if it comes in contact with anti-matter?
KappaRoss - 16 hours ago
Strange Quarks -> published on 4/13 -> strange matter makes strange star colored green -> only conclusion is that Kurzgesagt must be a Homestuck
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