Thomas Rhett - Marry Me

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Catlyn Kates
Catlyn Kates - 23 minutes ago
Cried .
DEVILDOG 0257 - 51 minute ago
Welp there girl I like probs Dosent like me she said she’s not ready for a relationship....
Julieta Gerber
Julieta Gerber - 8 hours ago
Who's the guy?? He's charming
Igor Schmidlapp
Igor Schmidlapp - 20 hours ago
His label hires some damned fine filmmakers for his videos. Totally fooled by the title... been there... SHIT! Made me hurt all over again after 50 years... I'm gonna' go watch some MMA now to bleed it out...
Nathaniel Huddleston
Nathaniel Huddleston - 21 hour ago
Man i got the streets on my back but fuck this honestly hit me hard
Kathryn Clarke
Kathryn Clarke - 22 hours ago
Its is so sad that she doesn't want to get married to him.
Kathryn Clarke
Kathryn Clarke - 22 hours ago
"She wants to get marries. She wants it perfect."
fmfu ya
fmfu ya - Day ago
Did anybody else noticed when they were about to kiss,when the girl stood up and he put his hands on his forehead and looked like he was wearing pink fingernail polish from the reflection off the window 😂
The Shaadcast
The Shaadcast - Day ago
Ain't her Daddy black tho, hispanic or something..I love this song tho
Opened Bible
Opened Bible - Day ago
Anybody who plays sports understands what hes feeling when she wears his helmet 3:08
Da boi Sauce
Da boi Sauce - 2 days ago
We all have all have that one person we think about when we hear this 😶
Craig Adams
Craig Adams - 2 days ago
Your daughters are beautiful. I too am a parent that adopted outside of my race. I love our blended family and thank you for sharing yours with us.
Sue Feltmeyer
Sue Feltmeyer - 2 days ago
I wish they would make a part 2 to the music video
Angela R
Angela R - 16 hours ago
Sue Feltmeyer
Nasario Gomez
Nasario Gomez - 2 days ago
This song hit hard and made my heart drop the first time I heard it. Never have I heard such a song that knew exactly what was going on in my life.
Kristy Candir
Kristy Candir - 3 days ago
I want a family, one day, if it’s ur will🙏♥️
Fps Legend
Fps Legend - 3 days ago
I was best friends with The Who I believed to be the love of my life. We were friends for 2 years and started dating officially back In February 2019. But one day in September 2019 she told me she didn’t wanna be together anymore. I was heartbroken and I begged God for help. I never hurt her and I was always there for her.
James Shiri-wasto
James Shiri-wasto - 3 days ago
Ok who is the main female in this video??
Rosie and Gambler
Rosie and Gambler - 4 days ago
*I'm not crying your crying*

da burger
da burger - 4 days ago
I'm questioning why she didnt want to marry him at the beginning
Ashley Gilbert
Ashley Gilbert - 5 days ago
She is a cheaper
Kyleigh Payne
Kyleigh Payne - 6 days ago
I went to your 2019 hot summer tour and u touched my hand!!!!!!! U made my day that day playing this song also❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Orxl - 7 days ago
2:30 the tie movement wasn't necessary.
Orxl - 7 days ago
Since I know someone was going to reply to this, yea it was for dramatic effect but that's just predictable.
Iamthejudgeofnoone - 7 days ago
I have watched this video so many times. It was very disappointing to instead of seeing the end of the video all you see is embedded links to other videos. The last scene is the best part!!
Briana Woodward
Briana Woodward - 7 days ago
best song ever
dbz songa dbz songs
dbz songa dbz songs - 7 days ago
Fav song
greenlantern2813 - 7 days ago
The pop ups at the end for other videos is annoying its ruined the ending if this video.
Inspiration For me and you
Who is listening to this beautiful song in 2019??
Ashley Gilbert
Ashley Gilbert - 5 days ago
I grow up with this song
Hannah Parham
Hannah Parham - 8 days ago
this is a bop
Everything Sports
Everything Sports - 8 days ago
So sad😭😭
Native7i - 9 days ago
Last for suggested videos fucked the end for me :/
Marcus Emory
Marcus Emory - 10 days ago
Love this song and takes me back down memory lane and the ending just hits you hard WOW :(
Nathan Hanson
Nathan Hanson - 10 days ago
This happened to me and girlfriend
Danny Gassaway
Danny Gassaway - 11 days ago
Breaks me every time I watch this. I think back to college always being in the friend zone. Later they leave the guy to tell me that they wish more guys were like me but nothing ever happened. Hurts.
Nathan Desrochers
Nathan Desrochers - 11 days ago
There’s this girl I have a crush on and I’m in high school I’m just to nervous to talk to her y’all have any suggestion please reply 🙏
DmZak ZR
DmZak ZR - 7 days ago
You only live once bro. Just build that confidence and tell her . Even if she isn't ready to let her guard down, it's a chance you should always take.
Ver K
Ver K - 10 days ago
Brother, make sure she likes you back, trust me. Otherwise one of y'all gonna get hurt. If she does then go for it and give it your all. Giving you my best wishes.
Nathan Desrochers
Nathan Desrochers - 11 days ago
This song makes me think about her she’s so beautiful and her name is Camille petty me and her are both ADHD
joetj - 11 days ago
I love this song. I don't listen to country much and I didn't growing up in a black household but we did listen to it, just rarely. My fave of all time is Garth of course.
Erik Kummer
Erik Kummer - 12 days ago
Who wants to know
Jonathan Ramplin
Jonathan Ramplin - 12 days ago
Team TH
Team TH - 12 days ago
Let’s see how many unlikes I can get goal is 2k
Niel Yves De Guia
Niel Yves De Guia - 12 days ago
This song is painful. All the what ifs, what would, where to, and whys collated in one song. 😭😭😭😭😭
Weston Honen
Weston Honen - 12 days ago
still listening to this song and still blast it through my sound system
Davis Burnett
Davis Burnett - 13 days ago
Did she come back wondering why he left? Or did she come back to marry her best friend
Davis Burnett
Davis Burnett - 12 days ago
@Darris 17 what song?
Darris 17
Darris 17 - 12 days ago
They got married in his new song Remember you young there married and old
Dino Muzak
Dino Muzak - 13 days ago
towards the end, he goes back to place where they both almost kissed that one time in high school so when she went looking for Sam, she didn't need to ask anyone where he was cause in the back of her mind she already knew therefore, that moment she realized he loves her and that she loves him back. Thats why she showed up without the ring on her finger cause she couldn't marry that guy knowing deep down that she was in love with Sam the whole time and just wanted so desperatly to get married.
jaden mendez
jaden mendez - 13 days ago
“yeah she wanna get married... but she don’t wanna marry me” it be like that 😣
Carmens Crazy Adventures
Carmens Crazy Adventures - 13 days ago
Mary me is my favorite song
Neon Bite
Neon Bite - 13 days ago
The worst feeling ever is being in love with someone and knowing you can't be with them.
elmy Mazariegos
elmy Mazariegos - 14 days ago
He gives me chills
Nou Nounou
Nou Nounou - 15 days ago
But than she coming back to u right 💕💕💕I love this song🎶🎶🎶🎶
PAIGE CATLETT - 15 days ago
You Tube
You Tube - 15 days ago
Angelina Lavere
Angelina Lavere - 16 days ago
Wow so sexy
Melissa Bulicek
Melissa Bulicek - 16 days ago
The notion of marriage sounds romantic but a couple years SUCKS. Everything they joke about with marriage is true. TRUST. Don't do it
Cousin Crew
Cousin Crew - 16 days ago
Who else thinks that this song should be made into a movie
chyntia kirana
chyntia kirana - 17 days ago
Syedihhh akutuuuu..trnyta nikah ama yg laenn😢😢😢
John Liu
John Liu - 17 days ago
I just pounded myself blame on my fate why we are not meant to believe ill try carrying on rest my life without crying so no body know she got married but didn't marry me just reversed the lyrics that my real life experience so this song real hit me to core
zhong zhong
zhong zhong - 18 days ago
She wants to get married, she wants it perfect
She wants her grandaddy preaching the service
Yeah, she wants magnolias out in the country
Not too many people, save her daddy some money
Ooh, she got it all planned out
Yeah, I can see it all right now
I'll wear my black suit, black tie, hide out in the back
I'll do a strong shot of whiskey straight out the flask
I'll try to make it through without crying so nobody sees
Yeah, she wanna get married
But she don't wanna marry me
I remember the night when I almost kissed her
Yeah, I kinda freaked out, we'd been friends for forever 
And I always wondered if she felt the same way
When I got the invite, I knew it was too late
And I know her daddy's been dreading this day
Oh, but he don't know he ain't the only one giving her away
I'll wear my black suit, black tie, hide out in the back
I'll do a strong shot of whiskey straight out the flask
I'll try to make it through without crying so nobody sees
Yeah, she wanna get married
But she don't wanna marry me
Bet she got on her dress now, welcoming the guests now
I could try to find her, get it off of my chest now
But I ain't gonna mess it up, so I'll wish her the best now
So I'm in my black suit, black tie, hiding out in the back
Doing a strong shot of whiskey straight out the flask
I'll try to make it through without crying so nobody sees
Yeah, she wanna get married
Yeah, she gonna get married
But she ain't gonna marry me
Whoa, she ain't gonna marry me, no
Wanda Chavez
Wanda Chavez - 19 days ago
Someone know who is the actor?? I actually fall in love with him but hi dont wanna marry me✌
Scott Cox
Scott Cox - 19 days ago
0:40 that little girl is the young version of the girl who gets married
Alex Barnes
Alex Barnes - 19 days ago
Sometimes NO is the best answer you can get.
Alex Barnes
Alex Barnes - 19 days ago
Fabulous song. Sad but fabulous too.
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