Swapping Boyfriends on Vacation

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Debbra Gaming!
Debbra Gaming! - Day ago
ive been to that beach b4 I STAYED THERE AND IT WAS LITTTTT! also did yall go to Ocean City maryland?
Famillia Ocean
Famillia Ocean - Day ago
I kinda ship niki and Collin they so alike and they love the same things and gabi and Nate are alike too
Mami Zaustin
Mami Zaustin - 2 days ago
niki do to much she so extra
Jacie Jones
Jacie Jones - 2 days ago
is it just me or just collin look like austin from austin and ally
Aaliyah Hills
Aaliyah Hills - 2 days ago
I love Niki and Collin’s friendship
Kamilia Talia
Kamilia Talia - 2 days ago
11:21 🤣🤣🤣
Niecy Washington
Niecy Washington - 2 days ago
In the picture Gabby looked like a wax😂😂😂
Malia Gaming Girl
Malia Gaming Girl - 2 days ago
Me: you should do an escape room with swapping boyfriends and see wich couple makes out first
Everyone: That's just wrong
Also me: Nevermind. It means that they have to kiss cause its makes out
Friendly Tori Duckett
Friendly Tori Duckett - 3 days ago
Swap girlfriends and go shopping with them
Emerald Rocha
Emerald Rocha - 3 days ago
I want her blue dress so much
nilaane subramaniam
nilaane subramaniam - 4 days ago
I love u guys
Emma Escamilla
Emma Escamilla - 4 days ago
Is it wierd that I kinda ship niki and Collin 😂
hellio ringos
hellio ringos - 4 days ago
Kiss test of each other's boyfriend blind folded to see who kisses better or if they can recognize their gf. Then let them kiss each other lol
TheRose - 4 days ago
Nancy and Archie
Nancy and Archie - 5 days ago
i ship niki and collin as bffs
Honeyxeditzz _
Honeyxeditzz _ - 5 days ago
Did u ever swapped your shit faces tho? LoL.
Gianna V Editing
Gianna V Editing - 5 days ago
Nate seems pissed af
The official Harry Potter
Nikki and nate:like
Gabi and collin:coment
xXMayoo Xx
xXMayoo Xx - 6 days ago
I’ve been to the ice skating rink twice for vacation
444camcam - 7 days ago
I feel like the goal is to make each other jealous
LovedBy You
LovedBy You - 8 days ago
Do like a Boyfriend beauty challenge.
Collin has to buy Niki a full face makeup (routine, lashes, lips, eyeshadow etc)
And Nate has to buy one for Gabi.
Then you both apply on the full face and see how yall look.
loved editz
loved editz - 9 days ago
Letting your boyfriend make a pizza then the girls eating it
D Joelle
D Joelle - 9 days ago
Nikis hair matches the ice ............... we STAND a ICE QUEEN❤♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️💙💙⛸
Kahlima Defour
Kahlima Defour - 10 days ago
Dibble dates
cassey symanski
cassey symanski - 10 days ago
OMG! i live in OC!
Mst. Shahanaz Parvin
Mst. Shahanaz Parvin - 11 days ago
Gabi is so rude
Megan Keller
Megan Keller - 12 days ago
funny and all but why y’all all up on each other jeez
Chloe - 13 days ago
Nate: I’m Niki!
Niki: I’m Niki
Gabi: I’m Gabi
Nate: I’m Nate
Collin: aNd i’M yOur fAvouRiTe COLLIN
Roblox Cass
Roblox Cass - 13 days ago
I swear to god I went there. I went to that mini golf in ocean city Maryland
Melissa Estevez
Melissa Estevez - 14 days ago
imagine getting skating lessons from Niki im scared of ice skating but I would do it for Niki 😂😀😂
Angelina Melo
Angelina Melo - 14 days ago
Do a swapping phones video.
Makaylee Graf
Makaylee Graf - 14 days ago
You should switch diets for 24 hours
stacey miller
stacey miller - 14 days ago
You should do swap boyfriend's for a 7 hour road trip!!!!
Iyana Braswell
Iyana Braswell - 15 days ago
My favorite shade of blue in niki’s hair
Jossmely Torres
Jossmely Torres - 15 days ago
Collin is a while ass mood😂
“Hey Guys!” “I’m niki” , “I’m Gabi” , “I’m Nate” , “And I’m your Favorite, Collin!”
Sara Maliqi
Sara Maliqi - 15 days ago
Niki looks so bad at gabi when she was talking about their recap
Samantha Wallitsch
Samantha Wallitsch - 15 days ago
That boardwalk is so fun and my family and I really wanted to do the old time photos
Ava Bingham
Ava Bingham - 15 days ago
Collin: 7,8 *UGH*
angel howell
angel howell - 15 days ago
Swap bf for a week and apartments?
Roxanne Kelley
Roxanne Kelley - 15 days ago
You grils look so cute 😍😘😙
shay and pearl
shay and pearl - 15 days ago
I looovveee Collins cute giggle soooooooo cute omg i love it buuuuuutttt i really really realllly adore and love 💘 nate
Lunar Bloom Do Stuff
Lunar Bloom Do Stuff - 16 days ago
I ship them
Isabella Martinez
Isabella Martinez - 16 days ago
I could actually see niki and colon together
layla lynn
layla lynn - 16 days ago
If Nate and Nikki break up and gadi and Collin break up. Gadi and Nate should date and Nikki and Collin date. 🤪🤪🤪
Erin Edwards
Erin Edwards - 16 days ago
I feel like these videos would be so much better if Nate wasn't so uninterested in the things gabi like to do
Abi creel
Abi creel - 16 days ago
Nate,collin is way funnier sorry dude
Alex Dagnese
Alex Dagnese - 16 days ago
I need to Nikki and Gabby can swap challenge
Simply Madilyn
Simply Madilyn - 16 days ago
gabi: Nate is a sore looser...

Chloe Stevenson
Chloe Stevenson - 16 days ago
I subscribe and hit the bell you guys should to pleaeeee shout-out!!!!
alyssia - 17 days ago
gabi & nate: awkward but chill
niki & collin: act like soul mates
Desrae Mendez
Desrae Mendez - 17 days ago
Do y’all always swap boyfriends for everything?
Vanessza Patai
Vanessza Patai - 17 days ago
for meg Collin with blonde hair looks like Ross Lynch from Teen beach movie🤭
Julia Emogene
Julia Emogene - 17 days ago
is collin our favorite?
Former Annexian
Former Annexian - 17 days ago
They went to eat at BJ
Heather G
Heather G - 18 days ago
Omg Nate looks so uncomfortable and miserable, while Niki and Collin are having a blast haha.
Caitlin Altamura
Caitlin Altamura - 18 days ago
WAIT! Are you in ocean city!? I go there EVERY year and I know the boardwalk and Old Time Photos!
Maja Petrovic
Maja Petrovic - 18 days ago
Gabi and Collin should pick Niki and Nate's outfits for a day and Niki and Nate should pick Gabi and Collins outfit for a day and then go on a
ava scarvers
ava scarvers - 18 days ago
Ivana Bratovanova
Ivana Bratovanova - 18 days ago
If Gaby makes Nate do something not so girly they both would be more... Friendly?
Even though Collin and Niki did it amazing
Maine Ann
Maine Ann - 18 days ago
Nikki and collin are ones who gives color to both relationships
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