The Shocking Truth About America’s Bail System Revealed...

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The Richards Revealed - TRR
Great point @ proxies for race around 7 minutes. I hadn't considered that until mentioned it. Seemed pretty straightforward until that point came up.
Lissi - Month ago
If you break a law, you get punished. Don't make an action you're not prepared for the consequences.
zoryvett rodriguez
zoryvett rodriguez - Month ago
Okay I just wanted to start off by saying the girl talking about her Father in a domestic violence is so out of touch with reality it's ridiculous. I wanted to say that first before I talk about me actually liking the video. It gives me a unique prospective. Let's be clear though her Father was accused of Domestic Violence(which for someone who lived with my father abusing my mother I can tell you that unless my mother was calling the cops on him no one did) and he was a risk to his family because he was accused of Domestic Violence. So your solution to him not having a bond (and your defense for not going through with a bill that gets rid of bonds) is to give him separate housing so he can continue to provide for your family? The winds are out of the sails. You're father wasn't a danger?? This girl is like he went to jail, told he was a risk (because of the Domestic Violence accusation) and he couldn't provide for us? Like guuuuurl I can't take you seriously AT ALL! He deserves a bond because y'all don't have a provider. I can't. Then the first girl. Okay so the story almost starts off as if she was falsely accused but it turns out she was aiding and abetting in a robbery that must of been planned out. Okay it was good she was out and her rehabilitation proves she was remorseful but she thinks that the way the new system was set up that she would't have been out. The thing that took me by surprise is the amount of police was sent her way. Helicopters? Dogs? Um that sounds a lot more serious than a "little shoplifting" but okay. The bail system benefitted her and she redeemed herself but she is literally the exception to the rule and the bail system doesn't work for people who can't get the money together in two weeks. Her family got there but trust me I have been there and the money was not gathered in two weeks. It benefitted her but what about the families below the poverty line who aren't aiding and abetting in a felony robbery?
Twistfaria - 2 months ago
This was a really interesting piece. I think you did a pretty good job of letting all sides air their opinions without a clear bias. It was a little vague whether Amber-Rose knew about the robbery before the fact. However I do believe that non-violent first offense crimes committed by stupid teens shouldn't have to completely ruin their lives. I don't see a clear winner in this bail argument. I understand why there is a bail system to limit the risk of people just running but I think there should be a better way. It seems vastly skewed for those in a lower income bracket. It would make it that those in a lower class would have a higher likelihood of being falsely convicted just because they couldn't pay bail to look like a citizen rather than a criminal.
Tidalslam - 2 months ago
None of the arguments against implementing cashless bail make any sense
The only people arguing against it are the bail-bondsman trying to make money off the misfortune of others and people who are legitimate flight risks
EcnalKcin - 2 months ago
Bail should be done away with....There are other reforms that should be enacted, but that doesn't mean we should wait to fix something that is broken because the fix isn't perfect. I also like the idea of better communication from the court so far as the court date and notifications. On the other hand, the argument that people will be treated based on race under the bailless system because they are from "areas that are over policed" seems like someone is looking for excuses.
laintrane - 2 months ago
"Of the over 700,000 people incarcerated in local jails throughout the country, 65% have not been convicted of a crime."
Araknair - 2 months ago
I love the ambiguity of this and other reports, truly amazing to see how these morning shows have evolved. Thanks Cody.
The Zebra Hippy Hall
The Zebra Hippy Hall - 2 months ago
Yet no bail prison systems work everywhere else in the world...kinda like the way everywhere else has less mass shootings...
Rusty Shackleford
Rusty Shackleford - 2 months ago
Skelld - 2 months ago
So with the new system she would have been in jail, but because she payed the bond and fought the case an accomplice to robbery walked free?
Janusha - 2 months ago
Bail is essentially freedom for money. Freedom for profit. Just like america has education and healthcare for profit. Shame... Such a shame. When did USA become so FUCKED.
Andrei - 2 months ago
Bail system - 100% unfair.
Algorithm system - might be unfair, we don't know until we try it.
So what's even the question here? Of course try something that at least might be better, instead of just keeping what you know for sure is not good.
MrEvitcartta - 2 months ago
Oh no not 8000 bail jobs. If only you could find a way to make a living that isn't dependent on profiting off the desperation of people D:
Seven Tools
Seven Tools - 2 months ago
Drop the Bail system, it's only beneficial for rich people. Algorithms also should not be the end all be all, have people act as a stop gap.
What Lies Beneath The Weave
ABOLISH THE ARCHAIC CASH BAIL SYSTEM. I deplore the idea that folks are locked up SIMPLY because they're poor. There are so many stories about people who have not been convicted of a crime. But because they can't afford a simple $500 or $1000 bail, they're doing hard time for it. Most of these are for petty offenses like loitering or weed possession. Living at or just above poverty is hard enough as it is. At the end of the day, bail bondsmen are getting rich because citizens NEED to be free to return to their jobs.
Jasper Arce
Jasper Arce - 2 months ago
my life is depending on this crappy criminal justice system
Preston Petit
Preston Petit - 2 months ago
i voted for this in new mexico in 2016 while I worked at a detention center seeing these issues and knowing they need reform. For first time offenders it was a god send. but what we soon saw was repeat offenders getting released by a judge within days, reoffending, and getting released. these risk assessment tools DO NOT WORK FOR REAL CRIMINALS! look to new mexico bail reform for reference. I see the intention and it is good. Buuut so is socialism.
DaKermitFrog - 2 months ago
7:40 I have never been arrested for no reason, systemic racism doesn't exist, just because you're black or brown doesn't mean you're being targeted, it's your actions that get you arrested..
Tony Johnson
Tony Johnson - 2 months ago
Have you tried not committing crimes? I heard its the best way to avoid paying bail.
D Mal
D Mal - 2 months ago
Forgive my ignorance but why not just put an ankle monitor on everyone and charge them an installation fee then per month monitoring fee that is paid back if found innocent? The exception would be pedophiles and terrorists.
Sebas Devoto
Sebas Devoto - 2 months ago
Algorithms are literally created because people are lazy... Just that. Making everything automatic and trying to take every analogic part of the system regarding lives is just dangerous.
Guts The Berserker
Guts The Berserker - 2 months ago
8:13 *Robs store and complains that new laws would've been harsher on a robber.*
*Also data would point towards certain races because certain races commit more crime and that is just a statistical fact. Unfortunate truths aren't something people need to be shielding themselves from simply because accepting it hurts. There should be a system in place to make bail free if a crime hasn't been proven and there's no criminal record. But if you very obviously committed a crime you shouldn't get leniency.*
RTFirefly - 2 months ago
How about you dont commit crimes if you cant afford the consequences?
YellowGiraffeGal - 2 months ago
Please give me some perspective: should we feel sorry for the 18-year-old, that helped robbed a bank? "you look guilty if you walk out in an orange jumpsuit". Because you are guilty, babe.
whateverlikehell - 2 months ago
Of course algorithms work - they're based on data and ethics, they're not just based on some old white mans preconceived notions on what a criminal is. It is deranged to think that any county has the funding or trust to just let people go if they claim to be sorry and flutter their eyelids, it just doesn't work like that, I've worked with risk algorithms all of my adult life
demitri dasilva
demitri dasilva - 2 months ago
this IS absolutely disgusting capitalist Americans are greedy and this is why this system is in place. Money is the root of all evil... smh
Dana Gray
Dana Gray - 2 months ago
So I have some SERIOUS problems with your journalist's reasoning in this. My first issue, and probably the biggest, is that he chose an example of someone who got a much better shake out of the system than she deserved. She's not some innocent who got caught up in a bad system. She's a criminal who got off with a slap on the wrist for assisting in a robbery. Her being the getaway driver doesn't make her less culpable for the crime. On that note, the journalist says she did what any teen with the freedom of a new car would do, then went on to describe her assisting her friend with a robbery. In case you were unaware, most teens don't drive getaway cars for their friends, no matter what part of town they grew up in. That''s not normal, nor is it an honest mistake. I'm sure there are plenty of better examples of people who actually had to deal with this system while being innocent of the crime they committed. This lady unapologetically admitted that she drove the getaway car for the robbery.
The next problem is that the girl was complaining that because she's black, she'd be worse off by the new system in spite of the fact that the new system doesn't take race into account. It was pretty clear that if she wasn't set free, it would have been because she committed a robbery(And yes, being the getaway driver means you actually committed the crime, because you were an integral part of the crime as a whole). She gripes about how the new system is racist, but that requires some serious mental gymnastics. It's racist because black people commit more violent crime and are therefor more likely to not get bond? But that doesn't matter because she thinks the old system is bad as well. Apparently she thinks we need to just let criminals loose until their trial date?
As for bail bondsmen, I fail to see how they're supposed to be bad. They are a win win for the system. You can pay a fraction of your bond and get out of jail. If you go to court like you're supposed to, you won't have to worry about Bounty Hunters. As for the problem with not having a home, so you can't get mail for your court date, but are you really trying to tell me you can't afford a PO Box? If you can come up with $1000 to post bail, you can come up with the $20 you need for a PO Box.
Can you tell this frustrated me? It frustrated me... A lot. A bunch of whining and complaining that the world isn't perfect, then complaining that the solution to the problem is racist because after all, how could you expect black people not to commit crimes? So yeah. You set out to inform me, but you only pissed me off with this nonsense! - 2 months ago
The bail system is literally what they do at Aldi to make sure you give the cart back. Just instead of the cart it is your self and you lose thousands of dollars not a quarter
mukkaar - 2 months ago
6 years? Wtf. Was it some armed robbery?
#SeaD #SeaDPhotography
#SeaD #SeaDPhotography - 2 months ago
Love this format. Great story. Thank you
Jee M
Jee M - 2 months ago
Poor quality piece with heavy bias.
WhyteLis21 - 2 months ago
Once again, it all comes down to one thing in this world we call freedom in built upon.....Money. Almost everything else is second.
Teresa hikes
Teresa hikes - 2 months ago
provide a free home to a perpetrator of domestic violence, doesn't prevent them from going back to the family home and doing more violence.
Oh My Good Goth
Oh My Good Goth - 2 months ago
They "almost always release none offenders", I really don't care if violent criminals are kept in jail unless they pay. Don't do crime if you cant face the fucking consequences.
Yuri Karpov Lang-ayan
Yuri Karpov Lang-ayan - 2 months ago
Wait, there's a for profit bail system here in the Philippines? That's a surprise for me
Thuy Taylor - Subscribe For X-X-X
Oh no, a whole 8000 jobs lost in an immoral & corrupt system? I think I'm more concerned about truck drivers in the midwest than I am about Californian bounty hunters.
The American prison system IN GENERAL should absolutely not be for profit. It's absurd.
Well, Frank, looks like it's time for the current system. . .
(  •_•)
(  •_•)>⌐■-■
to bail.
tpamel - 2 months ago
The DC Youth Rehabilitation Act basically slapped violent criminals on the wrist and set them free to revictimize communities. DC should not be used as an example of criminal justice reform - violent offenders mostly repeated and escalated their crimes because they knew they faced no consequences. That act serves to coddle adults and treat them like juvenile offenders.
An example
Jojo Kujo
Jojo Kujo - 2 months ago
We need a president who can fix this
jay Price II
jay Price II - 2 months ago
While I am thankful I have never been in trouble or needed a bail bond. I do understand the current need for them but also why they want the industry changed. I think there needs to be change on both sides and we all can agree the prison system it’s self needs reform. However with regards to the girl at the end. That says we should take people with a domestic violence charge and give them room and board while they wait for court. To hell with that. Lock them up. As someone that saw it as a child and had friends that have had it bad. All you do with letting them out is give them a chance to go home and do more damage.
The Anime Hime
The Anime Hime - 2 months ago
jay Price II totally agree
cetriya's Art n Comics Channel
when most americans don't even have 500$ saved for simple emergencies, how are they going to pay 50k for bail when not even convicted???
Last Steak
Last Steak - 2 months ago
A board huh, not bias huh... yeah black, brown, and poor people are are going to jail.
Like A Crouton
Like A Crouton - 2 months ago
I mean, if you really want to make sure people go to court and want to charge them something, charge them to rent a damn ankle bracelet or tracker that goes off if they leave the state or take it off without permission. What a farce. People who haven't been convicted, especially for misdemeanors and non-violent crimes, shouldn't be treated like they've been convicted.
Andrea Bowers
Andrea Bowers - 2 months ago
Not all places have bail bondsman and a lot of people are stuck in jail without a set bond. Our system is so screwed up. It truly is guilty until proven innocence regardless of what happened. And the prosecutors hate to drop charges unless they get money out of it.
Liquid Candy
Liquid Candy - 2 months ago
But Blockbuster and Kodak weren't put out of business because of the government
Netflix isn't the government
Digital Camera makers aren't the government
Going out of business because you didn't change your business practices to new types of technology IS NOT the same as the government throwing away your business field.
His comparison to what he's doing versus what happened to Blockbuster and Kodak is asinine.
Jack Barrios
Jack Barrios - 2 months ago
all that matters in this system is money. no one care's who you are, what you do, who depends on you, nothing. my experience so far has been a resounding sense of greed and nothing more. i had the money to post bail, pay my lawyer, pay my probation fees - i had the fortune to have a steady job, reliable transportation, and a support system from family and friends. without any of that, especially the money, my life would be completely different. I'd be in jail right now, waiting for my release in January 2020, which would've started January 2017.

the bail system is predatory and feeds on the misfortune of the disenfranchised, while favoring those who are well off. bail bonds are a necessary evil that people have, do, and will rely on to get out of jail. do away with this corrupt system, there will no longer be a need for them. fuck those 8000 jobs, what about the hundreds of thousands locked up who can't post bail so they lose their jobs, homes, family, everything?

i don't know the right resolution for this issue. but i'm happy the conversation is being had. fuck bail. and fuck this corrupt criminal justice system we have. it's a monster.
skinnygirl82 - 2 months ago
Have to say I love these deep dives
Grouchy Puff
Grouchy Puff - 2 months ago
We've seen how well algorithms work on YouTube...
Senator Stern But Fair
Senator Stern But Fair - 2 months ago
robbers shouldn't be roaming the streets! don;t break laws and you won't have to worry about jail or bail, ITS NOT HARD
pimpon theline
pimpon theline - 2 months ago
2:45 "For many there's only 1 reason they are sitting behind bars, they cant afford bail." What? How about the other reason, like being arrested and charged for a crime? Maybe that's a bigger contributing factor to sitting in jail?
Carey Roberts
Carey Roberts - 2 months ago
A Bail Bondsman talking about protecting constitutional rights is pretty obscene.. the US Constitution, if I recall correctly, has some lines in the 8th Amendment about treating every human being equally when facing justice. It says they have right to bail as does my country's equivalent, but in my country they tend to base it on severity and income, so rich people pay an amount that reflects as a heavy a price tag as it would be to poor person. Even if the amounts are not the same.. they feel the same pressure at the idea of losing it.
Allison Corona
Allison Corona - 2 months ago
5 Judges? The should have 7 on the first 2-4 years. The system is new, its fresh and it hasn't learned yet. If the system is to adapt its going to make mistakes, and people need to be there to review that case immediately and have a hearing scheduled. Have the 7 judges hear and review your case and continue from there. The 7 judges should be diverse and represent the major Ethnic Groups of Los Angeles AND California. Yo I'll Even name them right now: White: 41.3%, Non-Hispanic Whites: 29.4%, Hispanic or Latino (of any race): 47.5%, Black or African American: 9.8%, Native American: 0.5%, Asian: 10.7%, Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander: 0.2%.
Allison Corona
Allison Corona - 2 months ago
7:05 YO IVETTE PREACH SISTER! This is literally nothing BUT the truth! You literally CANNOT walk your dog around in Compton without HOUNDING you asking what you selling. Yeah Celebs and Rich people have the money for bail, but when they use your skin color and zip code; OOF
Horhe Vamp
Horhe Vamp - 2 months ago
The moment you said 'The Bail Industry fought back' is when you should have stopped the video. You have an industry... for bails. Done.
Alice Deathbelle
Alice Deathbelle - 2 months ago
If you don't want to pay bail, then don't commit a crime. It's that easy
Thameos - 2 months ago
While it is true that an algorithm can't be flawless and may present new problems, it would be a drastic improvement over the current bail system. Also, an incorrect algorithm can be adjusted far easier than widespread human bias. Based on the description, it sounds like it would primarily be utilized to filter out people who are blatantly low risk, and then places most of the med-high risk individuals separately to be further assessed. It would not be the sole determinant of a person's risk.

It is important not to lose sight of the goal of removing the current horrible system. It's far better to try a new system and adjust it based on its issues rather than keeping the current one in place.
Max Power
Max Power - 2 months ago
That algorithm doesn't just affect minorities unfairly it also affects Men unfairly too. Nice of them to leave that out.
Mark - 2 months ago
Because police patrol high crime rate areas and because black people live in those areas, police are being racist. Fantastic logic.
GangstaRivaDance - 2 months ago
Alright this first lady's story they use. They introduced it as though she had no idea what crime her friend was committing, but when she starts talking, she clearly knew. Come on.
Yazz - 2 months ago
I dont understand why the US is trying to solve problems the rest of the world already has. Is it the “leader of the world” mentality. I dont get it.
I don't even know.
I don't even know. - 2 months ago
Despite the video being framed against the bail the only person coherently discussing the \intention\ of the bail system was Bob Hertzberg. The two people with firsthand experience missed the point completely -- the last girl at the end did mention the adverse effects of bail being that she didn't get her father's (domenstic abuser's) money while he was in jail, wtf?
madhippy3 - 2 months ago
Yes it is unfair because it is unconstitutional to have debtor prisons. Even if we let bad people out on the streets, it is worse to hold someone in prison because it is impossible for them to pay their bail.
RealComp5 - 2 months ago
In American it's like we want people to be in jail as much as possible.
Joshua Eliah Marquez
Joshua Eliah Marquez - 2 months ago
Things that shouldn’t be for profit: police, fire fighters, garbage disposal, healthcare, education, public transportation.
If you haven’t noticed the trend things that should be publicly available shouldn’t be for profit as practices and needing to make a profit can lead to sketchy business practices.
Examples would be your jail system, your mid school year bankrupt charter schools, your expensive inflated price for medicine.
Having to hit a quota to make ends meet for law enforcement could lead to unjust and unnecessary arrest like what you guys have.
Brad - 2 months ago
I mean, you could easily circumvent the entire industry by simply.... not committing crimes
DaniStarEngland - 2 months ago
The problem is some of those people that are in jail awaiting trail are innocent. They did not commit a crime. If everyone that was arrested had committed a crime we wouldn't need a court system
eidane - 2 months ago
the right to bail? more like the right to be able to flee if you have money... and where you live sould not count towards your release. only if you are someone that is a risk of course dont release. otherwise why not just release?
Jacqueline Wege
Jacqueline Wege - 2 months ago
The "new" system they are proposing sounds way worse than just being allowed bail. The new system puts all the power into the hands of a few key people. If these people don't like you then you are screwed and don't try and say that would never happen.
The_Doctor713 - 2 months ago
If the bailbond system goes away, will that bring back the good old days of courts just straight up posting bounties for people on the run? because if so, hey look at that Dog aint out of business yet.
IsesriX - 2 months ago
This whole thing is unconstitutional, just look at the eight amendment:
“Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.”
Alejandro Correa
Alejandro Correa - 2 months ago
@Dana Gray First she had to pay 5,000$ which is a very high amount for anyone not rich, especially some dumb 18 year old who did something really stupid. Second mass murderers dont get bail, bail is mostly for smaller and non-violent crimes. Edit: also im not defending the girl. What she did was definitely illegal, im just saying 5,000$ is not just some money you can come up with ease.
Dana Gray
Dana Gray - 2 months ago
Who decides what is "excessive?" Let's put it like this: Would you oppose an extremely high bail or no bail at all for someone like the Christchurch shooter? Technically, under our system, he's innocent until after he's been through trial. We know he did this horrible crime. We know why he did it. Why would we not hold him and make the barrier for getting away as high as possible? In this case, the chick got out of jail after willingly committing a crime for $1000. If anything, she got off way to easily. She was guilty of the crime she was charged with (Though she seemed to think that being the getaway driver wasn't the same as being a part of the robbery), other than a few days in jail and the bond money, her life was barely impacted by the system. Can you really say that this was excessive?
Kris Drotning
Kris Drotning - 2 months ago
Totally unfair!!! Rid the planet of all bail bondspeople!!
Brendan Geormer
Brendan Geormer - 2 months ago
Time to jump into it
Rhiannon Shey
Rhiannon Shey - 2 months ago
Would it be worth looking at doing a percentage of your worth to set the bail as opposed to starting from 50k (the median for bail as said in the video)?
If you get set 30% of your worth at the time (for example), would that not give you the incentive and pressure to make sure you get it back without putting anyone else out, making it important for you to get it back, whilst also not cluttering a jail cell?
Rhiannon Shey
Rhiannon Shey - 2 months ago
Really, really good video.
Appreciated how this was set out and, even though I'm Australian, I feel like I have gained a solid grasp of your bail system and what they are trying to do to improve it.
Thanks Phil!
Rebel State Sovereign
Rebel State Sovereign - 2 months ago
Paddy mayo ????
Parker Whitham
Parker Whitham - 2 months ago
So she didn’t know he was going to rob the store?
Pink ShitTzu Puppy 01
Pink ShitTzu Puppy 01 - 2 months ago
The justice system is soooooo biased.
PlusKitty - 2 months ago
Why is the algorithm taking into account where people live and shit like that? I'm probably wrong, because the truth resists simplicity, but can't we just look at them based on criminal history, and not give a shit where they live? That would solve so many racial bias problems.
Tails Clock
Tails Clock - 2 months ago
So the question is:
Should we judge people based on their crimes, or their wallet? This is a no-brainer. American Capitalism is on full display, showing everyone else in the world what a corrupt country it is. How do Americans not die of embarassment? Saving lives is already a business over there, now so is arresting a criminals. It's terrifying that there is no single service in America done for the sake of ist just being the right thing to do. It's not the worst place in the world by a long shot, but it does sound like the least kind out of any other country.
Sam Dayton
Sam Dayton - 2 months ago
These are all legitimate questions I don’t know the answer to but need to know:
1. Does the algorithm accurately predict whether or not the defendant will return?
2. Is the alternative to not have any sort of bail and instead release everyone? That wasn’t clear from the side that advocated against bail.
3. If so, what is the return rate of defendants? My guess would be substantially lower, which seems problematic, but maybe that’s incorrect.
Letters from Dad
Letters from Dad - 2 months ago
Ha! Our current system let’s rich criminals go free, while detaining poor criminals. Foolish! This is neither safe or just. Instead. We should put anklelet on all alleged perps of violent crimes awaiting court dates. And only apply bail on non-violent crimes (like minor traffic violations, which we do now). Also, make the bail amount low. Bail should be a special privilege for those who are not potentially dangerous— not a privilege of the rich.
doctor martin
doctor martin - 2 months ago
its probably just me but i cant watch PD videos that arent given by PD, sorry :(
Larissa Gislason
Larissa Gislason - 2 months ago
The prison system should not be for profit. It’s unconstitutional. That being said... These activists are so naive.
WhyteLis21 - 2 months ago
Well whether is unconstitutional or constitutional they are at least trying to adapt and change it even if it isn't perfect. The justice system is so flawed up their asses, many are too lazy to fix it. Having to try one solution is better than no solution or doing nothing at all.
InvisibleSphere - 2 months ago
She deserved to sit in jail 2 weeks. Hang out with better people and make smarter decisions
Sean Rundell
Sean Rundell - 2 months ago
Whenever a story in the US involves some variation of the phrase "one of only x countries still using this practice" or similar, means it's probably a good time to nix the system.
drellefan1 - 2 months ago
So if you're homeless, get into a relationship, batter your partner and boom! Free house.
MrMrxdangerx411 - 2 months ago
regardless about how you feel about bail.... how do you just drive a friend to a place you allegedly have no clue there going to rob.... seems sketchy
Admiral Buttwallace
Admiral Buttwallace - 2 months ago
6:56 So in other words, it's racist if you commit crimes and the police arrest you therefore giving you a police record.
Larry - 2 months ago
Girl helps robs a store and acts self-righteous smh
Adam Spencer
Adam Spencer - 2 months ago
.....the Non-algorithmic method has done a pretty good job of fucking up people lives and fully biased. I rather go by the numbers.
Anji Thompson
Anji Thompson - 2 months ago
It seems to me that alot of the issues with the algorithms is the inherent racism within American society. Each case needs to be assessed on its own merit. Outside of algorithms and utilising personal statements by people who know the person. People are less likely to flee if they have jobs, a good relationship with school and other references. If you have never been in trouble before and the crime is a misdemeanour then you should get a no fee bail. Everyone will still get bail, just not one that is paid for and therefore unfair to poorer demographics, creating unnecessary debt and hardship to families of the accused who very likely are unaware of the criminal activity of their relative/friend.
Also updating court date information, using text messages, is definately a good idea. My GP texts me before my appointment. As does any specialist treatment provider I may need. So why can't the American criminal justice system.
People were upset when slavery ended because it would cause pressure on an already teetering employment system. People didn't like it when primary school was made mandatory and children were banned from working. That didn't mean either of those practices were right.
Dar Morgen
Dar Morgen - 2 months ago
It is astounding to me as a Canadian to learn how Americans transfer institutions, that should be under the control of the federal state, to corporations. Institutions such as prisons, education (school charters), hospitals, etc. Corporations in a capitalist system are only there to make money. So why is it ok to put human life into their hands. This system of bail bonds is basically unjust for individuals who cannot afford bail. When you are rich in the States, you can pretty much buy your way in anything you want. You need an operation, pay up! You want the best education, pay up. You want to circumvent the judicial system, pay up! For example, Jeffrey Epstein, who basically rape underage girls and built a prostitution ring for rich men literally spend 13 months housed in a private wing of the Palm Beach County. But, what do you do when you have no money to your name. Around half a million American are sitting behind bars (How Bail Traps the Poor in Jail by Bob Zadek). Not because they are guilty, but because they do not have the money to pay!!! I'm not here to look down on Americans (Canada is not the best country in the world like Chretien said). But when you look at the case of Kalief Browder, it makes you wonder if there are two worlds in this country, one for the rich and one for the poor!!!
Eric Morris
Eric Morris - 2 months ago
I'm not saying the bail system is fair or should be a thing however this instance of a robbery charge... ugh. There are far better instances we could have used to prove the point. Robbery is a crime of violence. The fact this this young lady was scared or a straight A student is irrelevant. Im tired of shows, podcasts and news articles using irrelevant facts to steer folks who arent completely in the know about how the justice system works away from facts that actually matter in a case. Also in most cases an attorney is allowed to present their client in normal clothes and not an orange jump suit. On top of that, bail is usually only instituted in cases where someone is a flight risk and the court wants some skin in the game for them to return to court. In fact, most courts use whats called an Own Recognizance Bond where you are simply signing a paper claiming you'll show up to court and if you dont you understand that you'll get a warrant and be arrested and likely not be allowed to get out with bail at that point because you violated your own recognizance. The algorithm system is extremely flawed as well. Ugh who knows what solutions we could come up with if everyone just sat at a table and discussed...
Brian simonsen
Brian simonsen - 2 months ago
Great is the enemy of good, I can understand the concerns of CURB and there is undoubtedly more that can be done but I think it would be far better to start in the right direction now. Getting rid of cash bond altogether is a huge step to take and while it shouldn't be the final system, no action perpetuates much larger problems.
Joe Ryder
Joe Ryder - 2 months ago
Indiana is moving to get rid of bonds and bails except for violent personal crimes
Michael Morales
Michael Morales - 2 months ago
Keep money bail in CA!
Jennifer Acampora
Jennifer Acampora - 2 months ago
Seems like, yes, the money bail system needs to go, but maybe the groups on both sides of this issue need to get together to come up with something different, maybe some hybrid of the two systems, that includes a bail option and the notification reforms instituted in New York? Concerns over just using an algorithm seem justified, but just keeping the current system does nothing to protect everyone's right to presumed innocence. Equally concerning is that under the algorithm some would be completely denied release until a court date--esp. when it's pretty obvious that our court system is currently failing to protect the rights of everyone. (Disclaimer: I am not including the concerns of bail industry in my statement, it is hard to see how they would be a good-faith actor in this debate. Although maybe with a bail option, they could have some input on implementation.)
halowaffles - 2 months ago
Absolutely agree with the points starting at 10:30. The problem with bail is solely relying on police systems, which are very flawed, cuz paperwork is done by regular people. I got pulled over in a state that wasnt mine. I had to show up to court in that county, but I was able to supply an attorney on my behalf so I didnt have to travel back to the state. Everything was cleared up and finalized, yet a few months later I had found out my license had been suspended and there was a warrant for my arrest. I called the courthouse to correct these issues and they simply reverted the changes. Really? You were going to suspend my license and possibly arrest me because of human error? One that only reflects MY life?

Of course, my story isn't based on bail since I didn't have to post any and just show up to court, but the point being if something so simple can be fucked on that end, what are the endless possibilities for innocent people to get fucked over? Yea, fuck the jail system in the U.S.. As long as something is for profit, it never will work for the people and only benefit the few.
halowaffles - 2 months ago
If you have a million dollars lying around to just post bail, there's probably a larger crime that's been committed
beckchasewolfe - 2 months ago
I dont feel a bit sorry for Rose Howard I was young once too But not dumb robbery is a crime for a reason I feel bad for the customer service rep that had to go through that
Draggonny - 2 months ago
Anything that allows someone to buy their freedom is fundamentally unfair. Take out the discrimination in the algorithmic system: using race, age, zip codes, income etc and you'll have a fair and equal system. But if someone has a history of violence they should not be able to buy their way back out onto the streets. It makes a mockery of the concept of imprisonment.
People accused of crimes should be protected by employment rights too. Their employer should not be able to fire them unless they are found guilty and the accused should be given a grant or loan to cover their living expenses until sentencing. They pay it back if guilty but not if found innocent. This would be similar to employees being put on paid leave while under accusation for employment disciplinary.
People shouldn't be put under financial pressure due to false accusations or face bondsmen's fees for bail on a crime they did not commit. Innocent until proven guilty and true justice for the innocent.
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