Binging with Babish: Huevos Rancheros from Breaking Bad

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Binging with Babish
Binging with Babish - 4 months ago
Sorry Walter Jr, this breakfast got nothing to do with you.
fred artusa
fred artusa - 14 days ago
Bwahahaha get the good stuff the good stuff!!. It means flour dough flour
Brenna Barnhart
Brenna Barnhart - 16 days ago
Jeff Slote that is where you are wrong
Stephen Straughan
Stephen Straughan - 21 day ago
@Jeff Slote Objectively speaking, you're wrong.
cristhianmlr - Month ago
@Bokkeumbap That's how it work, dum-dummy-dumb.
Bokkeumbap - Month ago
@cristhianmlr Thats not how it works silly
Boneshaper _
Boneshaper _ - Day ago
Yo.... This is not the huevos rancheros my abuela makes.
Tyshon White
Tyshon White - Day ago
Thank you for this. This is literally the ONLY way I can eat runny yolks. I have been hooked on this recipe!
Bradley White
Bradley White - 3 days ago
My ad was in Spanish because of the title
Shellbullet 91
Shellbullet 91 - 4 days ago
The way I've always done it is to get the egg to stick to toast while frying it and then adding everything else on top of the egg
Ivan Ooze
Ivan Ooze - 7 days ago
as a texan im gonna say, no your wrong this is not huevos rancheros. it like a hippy calli bastardization
Kevin Cruz
Kevin Cruz - 10 days ago
As a guy from Honduras, I'm proud that you said Honduran Crema, even if it's just one ingredient. Right in the feelings.
jesot - 12 days ago
Let's start off by making our own plate. Just take your clay, and...
Alex Contreras
Alex Contreras - 13 days ago
Everybody always gets wacky and doesn't cook mexican food good including Gordon Ramsey
Mario Rivera
Mario Rivera - 13 days ago
That was an abomination. You need to come to ABQ and have some REAL HR
line zero
line zero - 14 days ago
NEVER PRONOUNCE THE H!!!! in huevos. Every mexican ear is probably bleeding now.
Scott Jones
Scott Jones - 14 days ago
I appreciate when big YouTubers mention our small countries in unexpected ways...I'm from Honduras ;)
Thomas Smith
Thomas Smith - 14 days ago
I was about to click away until you qualified your use of cilantro. Bravo!
Abnwil - 16 days ago
You should try to make you version of Honduran Baleadas
Mesut Taşdemir
Mesut Taşdemir - 17 days ago
Dexter intro theme dish?!
Ben Hislop
Ben Hislop - 18 days ago
Babish: This egg is good, but I think we can do better.
Me: Ostrich egg, quail egg?
Babish: Let's start by making our own breed of chickens.
Shane McCallum
Shane McCallum - 18 days ago
Vincentvondoom - 19 days ago
Cilantro is amazing, onions suck. ;P
sami Castaneda Marrtinez
sami Castaneda Marrtinez - 19 days ago
How he says hhhhhhhuevos rancheros lol
alex duran
alex duran - 19 days ago
Babish STOP torturing yourself leave the cilantro out bro lol
AlphaLeader - 20 days ago
I need this new type of salsa. Dont like chunky, smooth is too watery, chunky smooth sounds just right.
Troy Garza
Troy Garza - 20 days ago
all the Mexicans are watching this video with cringe.
Burritozi11a - 21 day ago
Ok, like...that's cool and shit that you've made all that stuff from scratch...but can you please give us a middle ground somewhere between "Jesse's hangover special" and "Michelin star award-winning $1000 breakfast"?
lucas2676 - 21 day ago
Qué chingados es esto?
Hugo Boncar
Hugo Boncar - 21 day ago
What does he mean by "one cup" ? He doesn't say how big is his cup so... Is it a liter of water?
Sam Mitchell
Sam Mitchell - 19 days ago
Hugo Boncar a Cup is an American measurement
Michael Francesco
Michael Francesco - 22 days ago
gordon ramsey is the absolute LAST person you should look to for huevos rancheros, his verson made my stomach turn as a texan
m l
m l - 23 days ago
Pick around the cilantro 🤪🤣 Fucking vile weed
YosNextDoor - 23 days ago
Honduran mantequilla was not right we don’t put lime in our crema if anything we dilute it with milk and season with salt
Kimberly Sanchez
Kimberly Sanchez - 23 days ago
Da Disser
Da Disser - 23 days ago
I'll never understand the appeal of runny eggs.
applejuicejunkie316 - 26 days ago
I made this just now: Jesse's version with herdez salsa. The salsa was incredible and the dish was delicious. Try it for breakfast! I had it for dinner!
Web Head
Web Head - 26 days ago
Corn tortilla is better in my opinion
Isaac - 26 days ago
Any Mexican knows these ain’t huevos rancheros 😭😭 good try tho
Moist Gnome
Moist Gnome - 24 days ago
Just enjoy the food and stop being a prick.
J T - 27 days ago
Anyone in the comment section from Albuquerque ?
Ness lopez
Ness lopez - 27 days ago
wooow vato just wow ;)
NeptuneWalker - 27 days ago
Jane... 🥺
pinknovas - 28 days ago
ofc the only time my mom makes this breakfast is when i have a meth hangover
daveatron3000 - 28 days ago
I like when binging makes mexican foods
jose rodarte
jose rodarte - 28 days ago
I can tell you are not a natural cook
Guy Man
Guy Man - Month ago
Everybody gangsta till we can make it *better*
Eddie Mathews
Eddie Mathews - Month ago
Not "from breaking bad".
Its from Mexico
Simon Robinson
Simon Robinson - Month ago
Chunky Smooth? Oxymoron
brian furdon
brian furdon - Month ago
Herdez is the best jarred salsa around
Jakob Rosman
Jakob Rosman - Month ago
Can you please do Los Pollos Hermanos chicken?
SRS Blitz
SRS Blitz - Month ago
Whats with the hate against cilantro? It's not bad.
Shankar Satheesan
Shankar Satheesan - Month ago
So tortillas are makkai ki roti?
Elias Rodriguez
Elias Rodriguez - Month ago
Thanks for using corn tortillas, as a Mexican I appreciate it.
BigBallerIvan - Month ago
Whose here after el Camino ??
1wiccanartist P
1wiccanartist P - Month ago
He use the vegetable to cook the vegetable
So all you do is make the food you saw from a tv show. How original. Saw this guy on the chef show looked clueless as fuck
jordan hicks
jordan hicks - Month ago
Wrong. All wrong. This yankee doesnt know shit about southwestern cooking.
jflores85 - Month ago
Herdez? Gross!
When I think New Mexico, I think Hatch Chiles
belion55 - Month ago
Sr. Babish, ¿Qué tiene usted en contra del cilantro?
Andreas Whyatt Andresen
αrchαntє - Month ago
"But I think we can do better. Let's start by buying a farm to breed our own chickens. It takes some patience, but I think that's worth it for a great, delicious and healthy breakfast"
J LHirondelle
J LHirondelle - Month ago
I too made the huevos rancheros from Breaking Bad. Than I made my own than I started trying different versions from every restaurant I went too. It was a long year.....a long and delicious year. Also not all Huevos Rancheros are good.
MrPasqual1 - Month ago
Americans really don’t know how to cook just put things from a jar together
K Ryuzaki
K Ryuzaki - Month ago
Much superiority, very enlighten, wow
edith guridi
edith guridi - Month ago
fnaf lover
fnaf lover - Month ago
him: which has Rightfully earned its place it the club ..after I pick off all the cilantro
DD Luigi
DD Luigi - Month ago
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