Will Smith on Aladdin & Turning 50

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I was 13 playing basketball and stickball with 8 year old Willard Smith at Bieber Junior High. He is 50 now. Damn, I remember being young and older relatives told me, life goes fast.. Being a know it all, I thought to myself, they were just saying that because they were old. Now I am older than they were when they told me this. Damn.
S CP - 4 days ago
Krystal Line
Krystal Line - 5 days ago
I didn’t fancy they cartoon growing up but definitely I love with the movie
Abdullah Aldosari
Abdullah Aldosari - 6 days ago
This guy doesn't age
abdulaziz alazzawi
abdulaziz alazzawi - 7 days ago
King Abdullah is down to earth person ❤️
Oscar - 12 days ago
Once I learned Will Smith was going to be in the movie I knew for sure I had to watch it and turns out it was excellent! 👍
Rudy Rodriguez
Rudy Rodriguez - 12 days ago
the rudy rodriguez needs te will smith dude man hahahah
jcm tsumiko
jcm tsumiko - 12 days ago
I like his pullover, where can I get the same ?
Armando Koz
Armando Koz - 13 days ago
Will was the reason a pretty good film became a really good and funny movie.
Youfa Is a cutie
Youfa Is a cutie - 21 day ago
Who else is from jordan
Leila Akinyi
Leila Akinyi - 25 days ago
I've watched this 10 times.
He's so hilarious and charismatic.
He did a GREAT job as Genie.
Andrew Flood
Andrew Flood - 27 days ago
The Best There Is
The Best There Is - 27 days ago
Will is also a dj whose slang is "You know"....
Man 2 Man
Man 2 Man - Month ago
Elaf Al
Elaf Al - Month ago
Jimmy’s interview style is poking fun at the guest the entire time 🙄
Love Will
jennifer tran
jennifer tran - Month ago
Will smith’ did an amazing job in Aladdin better than pursuit of happiness, and fresh prince of bel air, I had to see Aladdin twice!😍 🧞‍♂️ ❤️👏
jennifer tran
jennifer tran - Month ago
Did Will Smith’s daughter star in Bring it on showing on Netflix?👏👏💁🏻❤️🙃😁😃😃
Ali Akhtar
Ali Akhtar - Month ago
jimmy kimmel had so much problem with will smith interacting physically with audience he gave him hand sanitizer after that he poked him at 5:08 " i dont need rules i am out touching strangers "
what a stuck-up bastard !!!
Joel Middaugh
Joel Middaugh - Month ago
He does a nice job of bringing his signature flavor and rap style to the role. I felt like a kid watching Wild Wild West again. Kudos on not trying to copy Williams at all. It was better than I expected it to be.
Daniel Cepeda Music
Daniel Cepeda Music - Month ago
Man, I always laugh hard with Will!
Sadman Sakib
Sadman Sakib - Month ago
Can anyone ever hate Will Smith?
- Never
tessamersus - Month ago
Will Smith attesting to the saying "Black don't crack'! He looks like he's in his twenties!!
TheDimondBow// TLB
TheDimondBow// TLB - Month ago
Sy Sysy
Sy Sysy - Month ago
I love his ears
Lerae Bizzelle
Lerae Bizzelle - Month ago
WILL IS 50?! He looks so young tho!
Alexei - Month ago
Who is this guy 50 wtf ☠️☠️☠️
Truevan ASAP
Truevan ASAP - Month ago
I go to school with the royal family kids
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne - Month ago
That fake laugh of Will is just too good
Brandon Phillips
Brandon Phillips - Month ago
It’s so strange seeing him compared to fresh prince he just looks buffer
K Syntax
K Syntax - Month ago
Will's laugh never fails to make me laugh as well
Fiona Smith
Fiona Smith - Month ago
Will Looks Good For A 50 Year Old
Julia Meinecke
Julia Meinecke - 2 months ago
Love his energy
Brion McManus
Brion McManus - 2 months ago
Will Smith did an incredible job. The movie is great!
aj pat
aj pat - 2 months ago
The movie isn't great. It was s**t. But Will Smith is the best part of that movie, so here's that.
_Gianna_ - 2 months ago
I love him just putting that out there
_Gianna_ - 2 months ago
Even if you’re racist you know damn well you like will
lynsie.bear - 2 months ago
*You can defy him?!*
Queen Me
Queen Me - 2 months ago
“I’m out touching strangers” this guy is weird af...
A.K.A LKayde
A.K.A LKayde - 2 months ago
I loved the Live Action Aladdin, And Will Smith did a great Job playing as the Genie.
Irving De La Hoz
Irving De La Hoz - 2 months ago
will smith is 50 years old looking 30 lol
kris haskins
kris haskins - 2 months ago
I'm so glad I have Will Smith as a role model
Frank Garrett
Frank Garrett - 2 months ago
It's easy to be looking good at 50 when you've never done hard days work in your life.
Spencer C
Spencer C - 2 months ago
That's nice.
Souad Drihem
Souad Drihem - 2 months ago
I was never much of a fan of Will Smith until I watched Aladdin and fell in love with his acting and his exceptional portrayal of Genie in the film. It has definitely changed my perception of him, such a talented singer and actor!
aj pat
aj pat - 2 months ago
The role of the Genie will always belong to Robin Williams, no matter what. But I guess that role can be shared as well, with Will Smith.
Amar Fawwas
Amar Fawwas - 2 months ago
1. Keanu Reeves
2. Will Smith
Daisy Flower
Daisy Flower - 2 months ago
Doesn’t he do the voice for the CGI genie??
Seong Park
Seong Park - 2 months ago
Key and Peele
Jayden : Dad bless you
Seong Park
Seong Park - 2 months ago
God I love Will Smith
Andrew Flood
Andrew Flood - 2 months ago
will smith so amazing for 50 years old !!!
S. Gor
S. Gor - 2 months ago
He always put a smile on my face....
Guz Man
Guz Man - 2 months ago
50 years old?? WTF. He looks much younger
Guz Man
Guz Man - 2 months ago
Such a nice guy
links felix
links felix - 2 months ago
Hollywood Uncle Tom
links felix
links felix - 2 months ago
Great actor terrible father and husband anytime you let Hollywood effect who u are as a human being wife looks so plastic and kids out of understands more of a screen play than reality
Bill Rodgers
Bill Rodgers - 2 months ago
Ive always assumed he was a homosexual, he has to be louder and more obnoxious than anyone in the room. Always get a drama queen homo vibe off him, especially in Aladdin.
Faith - 2 months ago
How is he 50, he at least looks 39 at the most
Dragoon TV
Dragoon TV - 2 months ago
Will needs a Deadshot movie from DC
Dragoon TV
Dragoon TV - 2 months ago
turning 50? Will don't crack, i guess he made a self genie wish to himself to be immortally ageless XD
szewei85 - 2 months ago
Haha cool
Squishy Potato
Squishy Potato - 2 months ago
He looks 30
Seekarr - 2 months ago
Wilhelm Schmidt!
Rachelie Guiao
Rachelie Guiao - 2 months ago
Will smith is a happy person you can see here in eyes
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