Worst Shark Tank Products Ever

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KY3 Junior
KY3 Junior - 2 days ago
When Rhett said that thing about his grandfather in law...... awkwardddd
i cant think of anything
I want to com mit su i cide, I want to com mit su i cide
Yoda 10000
Yoda 10000 - 5 days ago
What jacket was Link wearing, does anyone know?
AyoGOLD - 5 days ago
Um.. i actually like this set up lol with everyone in it
Whale Clouds
Whale Clouds - 5 days ago
I w a n t t o d r a w a c a t f o r y o u
Sera Sage
Sera Sage - 5 days ago
Omg the Elephant Chat people are from my hometown
MaZ MacGyver
MaZ MacGyver - 5 days ago
I love the tomboy lookin like she is trying way too hard to “not be like other girls”
Lauren Brawner
Lauren Brawner - 6 days ago
It looks like the squirrel doesn't feel like leaving. Let's give it some motivation. Press the red button now to administer a controlled shock. Maybe that will put the spring in it's step.
ChrisTheYounger - 6 days ago
There was a guy once who wanted half a million dollars to fund a project that was trying to turn water to gold 😂
Kelley P
Kelley P - 6 days ago
I really didn’t like how much they were making fun of the guy who just likes to draw cats for a living :(
BloodCat Studios
BloodCat Studios - 7 days ago
FentonHardyFan - 8 days ago
I know it wouldn't make sense, but I was hoping one of them would have chosen Dr. Doofenshmirtz and his Shrinkinator.
ihavenoappendix - 10 days ago
Now I'm gonna fall asleep and wake up to that guy beside me..."Hey I want to draw a cat for you"
Sarah O
Sarah O - 10 days ago
I loooove that girl in the hat shes literally the CUTEST
Manicca - 10 days ago
I am an artist - I draw comissions - Where is my 33k paycheck? :(
Oh and my art looks like what its ordered to be --- not some odd round stickfigures...
Katelyn Burton
Katelyn Burton - 10 days ago
The Squirrel is eating the birdseed. Let's motivate it to leave with a controlled shock.
Get me to 10,000 subscribers before I post a video
Cotton candy randy has shaved
Keeley Spina
Keeley Spina - 13 days ago
I want to draw a cat for you
Commandercody Nh
Commandercody Nh - 13 days ago
Zack Davis
Zack Davis - 13 days ago
Christine is like really freaking hot. Just had to say it
Candice Perry
Candice Perry - 13 days ago
I would watch good mythical morning I like the will it chocolate
Duthafather - 14 days ago
Lol I love that girls lisp
Gr4nny Tim3
Gr4nny Tim3 - 14 days ago
Thank goodness you all bought Smosh. Tysm because thats my favourite channel
jiffy _gw
jiffy _gw - 15 days ago
Don't worry we're safe Rhett's in his own chair
WhatIDoTho MewMew
WhatIDoTho MewMew - 15 days ago
I kinda want squirrel boss
Jay - 16 days ago
Are straight couples so bad at communicating they need to buy a stuffed elephant in a box? Seriously.
Independent PC Gamer
Independent PC Gamer - 16 days ago
9:40 why does the guy next to the girl with the ginger hair remind me of Mr Tumble
123 123
123 123 - 17 days ago
3:34 how is this funny? This YouTube channel really needs to go back to how it was
Water is wet
Camille - 17 days ago
OK but if you can't calmly talk to your partner about leaving the seat up you should be spending that $59.99 on marriage counselling...
The- potato-warrior
The- potato-warrior - 17 days ago
They laughed at bill gates...
I’d do it. The only problem is what’s the point of Bluetooth if you can’t speak in return?
Phoenix Blade
Phoenix Blade - 19 days ago
I like squirrel boss ☺
Pulse_Magic - 20 days ago
Who else is actually excited for bleak creek?’
exilefromthefireland - 21 day ago
we want more Emily!!!
annaou— - 22 days ago
is that cotton candy randy?? you ain’t slick randy
Slime Games
Slime Games - 23 days ago
-I want to draw a cat for you-
_I want to draw a cat for you_
*I want to draw a cat for you*
Pooty Hall
Pooty Hall - 24 days ago
Squirrel boss is awesome
Memesus - 25 days ago
Have you ever heard of man medals?
win or wet challenges
win or wet challenges - 25 days ago
Soniccoolgamer - 25 days ago
sharks tank

basically dragons den, for the UK viewers
Duck Newton
Duck Newton - 19 days ago
Or Canadian.
xSarax syed
xSarax syed - 26 days ago
Wait josh and christine r married ???
Booty_bendder Yt
Booty_bendder Yt - 26 days ago
The squirrel boss ain’t even bad
STNPlayz - 28 days ago
Lalelu Mondenkind
Lalelu Mondenkind - Month ago
Free the elephant!!!
Justin 'the gamecat' Turgeson in Hi-Fi
Jordan and Emily need a mythical spinoff. They are both SUPER hilarious.
Rylie Levesque
Rylie Levesque - Month ago
My pepa shoots squirrels and leave it to rot
Lauryn Stewart
Lauryn Stewart - Month ago
Hi Cotten candy daddies
Cason Crowe
Cason Crowe - Month ago
First guy sounded like he was from Bobs Burgers
Ivan Mijacika
Ivan Mijacika - Month ago
Lol what about the 'no phone'
HoneyAppleGaming - Month ago
T1337P - Month ago
Or she could just stop being selfish and put the toiletseat down... it goes both ways, at my house, you just leave it as is. its just as easy for her to lift it up as it is for him to put it down.
Jun July Channel
Jun July Channel - Month ago
1:31 WHAT ? Is link behind the What Meme ?
Dylann Jocelyn
Dylann Jocelyn - Month ago
Stevee looking like a hobo lesbian
Tori King
Tori King - Month ago
I love you guys so much. You always manage to raise my mood and get me through hard times. I’ll never stop loving y’all! Thank you Rhett and Link and ALL of the Mythical crew!
Edwin Chae
Edwin Chae - Month ago
Mark Cuban dealed with the last guy because he looks like him
Robbie Mercury
Robbie Mercury - Month ago
I wAnt to draw a cat for me
MadRobot_Malfunction - Month ago
FBI might like the ionic ear implant one. He could now be working for them. hohoho
brooklyn560 - Month ago
Damn the girls that work there are pretty cute
Sofia Magalhaes
Sofia Magalhaes - Month ago
But... What does the implant do?
David Johnson
David Johnson - Month ago
Squirrel boss...I call that a cat!
David Chavez
David Chavez - Month ago
Where do I buy the elephant in the room
Shade Tacticular
Shade Tacticular - Month ago
1:31 he nailed it
Yoshi 3 times
Yoshi 3 times - Month ago
Emily is so beautiful 😩😭😍😍😍❤️
Jemp Ski
Jemp Ski - Month ago
How was that silly uber idea not on here?
Peyton Walker
Peyton Walker - Month ago
We need a series from this
Hannah - Month ago
They shouldn’t be making fun of the cat guy, I ordered one it was awesome, you can get very descriptive
Boomer 71199
Boomer 71199 - Month ago
Ya don't shok Lil fluffy thangs shot them and eat them
Txunamii - Month ago
Literally almost every artist does the last one lmao its just doing commissions
the only difference is that he went on tv for it
Elizabeth Phantom Wagner
Elizabeth Phantom Wagner - 2 months ago
So he's an artist...who does commissions...of cats...
Grant Lewis
Grant Lewis - 2 months ago
That cat idea actually made some money
Keisha Walter
Keisha Walter - 2 months ago
Emily and Jordan NEED to form a stand up comedy duo 🙏🏼
allison9999 - 2 months ago
I actually kinda liked the cat one 😂
RedDragonAutomaton97 - 2 months ago
Can we get a second part to this
JEWbacca - 2 months ago
More Jordan Morris
Katie Eradhun
Katie Eradhun - 2 months ago
i never knewwhat shark tank was but its basically just american dragons den
Lance Park
Lance Park - 2 months ago
B Zee
B Zee - 2 months ago
Elephant in the room: the red head is hot 🔥
Aaleishia Boykins
Aaleishia Boykins - 2 months ago
Is this cotton candy randys true identity
SlicexNxDice612 - 2 months ago
Jordan is beyond uncomfortable being on Camera
Typical ASMR
Typical ASMR - 2 months ago
Bigman Dennis
Bigman Dennis - 2 months ago
The first one kinda reminds me of Johnny Nuemonic or however it was spelled, the Keanu Reeves movie
rocksaltcomando - 2 months ago
I don't like the red head. Her only humor move is throwing insults at anyone and anything. And they aren't even good.
09tbnrunspeakablecraft - 2 months ago
I want to draw a cat for you actually made millions
TashaTheTabbyCat - 2 months ago
Normally I dislike the pitching videos. But I actually really enjoyed this one! Good, comedic group who supported all other's pitches. Love it.
Mikaela Argyrakis
Mikaela Argyrakis - 2 months ago
What does he have against Hall and Oates? Imma cry.
Donna Lynn
Donna Lynn - 2 months ago
My Aunt Ruth was the sweetest person you'd ever meet, she had several bird feeders and just loved to watch them come and would talk to them from the window. But let a squirrel come near and it was like she turned into Mrs. Hyde! She would start yelling at them and Cursing! I never heard her use swear words until those squirrels came to steal bird seed! She went ballistic! I think squirrels are adorable but some people go bat crazy and I have no idea why!
Dominick Justave
Dominick Justave - 2 months ago
They never gave investment to these products
Dominick Justave
Dominick Justave - 2 months ago
Title is stupid shark tank doesn't come up with the busines ideas
Tai Sinclair
Tai Sinclair - 2 months ago
Shark tank... Hmmmm. Reminds me of something (Dragon's den).
_airx_ - 2 months ago
Dude Christine is a 10/10 she's so cute and beautiful and I love her voice 😍
Garlic Potatoes
Garlic Potatoes - 2 months ago
Anyone else think the wake in bacon would be in this video
Jesse J Clark
Jesse J Clark - 2 months ago
The red head is so beautiful 🤗😍🥰
califragmentlemon - 2 months ago
Can Emily and Jordan date already?! Lol
Kasey Ray
Kasey Ray - 2 months ago
you know a Masochist is someone who likes being harmed right?
tlongworth19 - 2 months ago
I feed birds and shoot ground squirrels, ground squirrels are just like rats, they spread disease, dig holes that can break cow and horse legs, and they reproduce like no other.
Miranda - 2 months ago
You can really tell Rhett genuinely enjoys Jordan’s jokes. Love it.
ebl 421
ebl 421 - 2 months ago
New subscriber..love this channel!
Elwyn Mollart
Elwyn Mollart - 2 months ago
For us brits shark tank is a rip-off of dragons den
Toxic ,
Toxic , - 2 months ago
I want to draw a cat for you
I want to draw a cat for you
Patric Hoehnke
Patric Hoehnke - 2 months ago
I hope they know the cat dude has a full show. Look up Steve Gadlin's Star Makers y'all it's a trip lol
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