SPYING on My Wife for 24 HOURS! - Challenge

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Oliver Bergeron
Oliver Bergeron - 2 hours ago
I love you
SpaceDog - 2 hours ago
Stop shouting!!!!!
Dark Deaтн
Dark Deaтн - 4 hours ago
Happy b day preston
nik najibah
nik najibah - 4 hours ago
Gladys Agrado
Gladys Agrado - 5 hours ago
Presto is asoume
Gamer Tom And Gamer bliss
a Legendary Toilet?
Koby Shand
Koby Shand - 9 hours ago
money and choclate
mia unicorn
mia unicorn - 13 hours ago
I hate B
Nyah Conyae
Nyah Conyae - 16 hours ago
Preston I love hot pockets toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Sarin Chea
Sarin Chea - 16 hours ago
Muneer Jassat
Muneer Jassat - 22 hours ago
Chichi Bay
Chichi Bay - Day ago
Golden youtube button
Karmina Tolentino
Karmina Tolentino - Day ago
I see brianna
John Micco Dela Cruz
Total file sorry preston
John Micco Dela Cruz
Total file sorry treston
Johannes Anunciacion
A mani or toy
Laurenzsides biggest fan ever
Divorce with Brianna it's the right thing to do honestly
Giancarlo Cabrera
Giancarlo Cabrera - Day ago
I are cringy
the bros
the bros - Day ago
A 🎂
Aki-Syra - Day ago
Alex Cosme
Alex Cosme - Day ago
Anyone watch this video in 2019
Yuna Nomura
Yuna Nomura - Day ago
i think it is prfum
Elizabeth Dawson
Elizabeth Dawson - Day ago
YouTube Crystal
Lee McBride
Lee McBride - Day ago
ray snider
ray snider - Day ago
Keith threw up🤢🤮
fasttrans fasttrans
you know this is so fake and you are whispering so loud this fake also
fasttrans fasttrans
congrats preston for 10 million sub i love you and smashed the subscribe button and the lik button
Paul Dunham
Paul Dunham - Day ago
i think a subsciber thing ya now the fings ya get for 10 million subscribers
i subscibed by the way
Hannah tran vlogz!!!
Hannah tran vlogz!!! - 2 days ago
10:31 right now
eunsung kwon
eunsung kwon - 2 days ago
Near the final moment I guessed,
"Is it your birthday, Preston?"

-based on comics (birthday surprise)
gee geehere
gee geehere - 2 days ago
Jermaine Ryan
Jermaine Ryan - 2 days ago
Magic light post
Jermaine Ryan
Jermaine Ryan - 2 days ago
Yes you are
Jermaine Ryan
Jermaine Ryan - 2 days ago
Oh no
SuperAwesomeMusician - 2 days ago
There is no way his wife didn't know he was in the car with her. He was talking way too loud for her not to hear.
Margaret Lisica
Margaret Lisica - 2 days ago
Demand youtube play buntton
Wayne Linthorne
Wayne Linthorne - 2 days ago
*Mizumi Chen*
*Mizumi Chen* - 2 days ago
Hi Preston I never knew you was in the briefcase do you know you don’t Bring camera so I don’t know it’s in a big case
Hasupaman Gaming
Hasupaman Gaming - 2 days ago
1000000000000 dollars
Carlito Linares
Carlito Linares - 2 days ago
Rocky Battenfield
Rocky Battenfield - 2 days ago
Lilly Davis
Lilly Davis - 2 days ago
Even more money
Lilly Davis
Lilly Davis - 2 days ago
Money money money
Michaele Smith
Michaele Smith - 2 days ago
5 Britney Petrova
5 Britney Petrova - 2 days ago
I think theirs money in the briefcase and she stole some me money when she saw the bag of of money 💰
michael madula
michael madula - 3 days ago
preston im like your dupli in my mcpe 1.12
Almar Pasamanero
Almar Pasamanero - 3 days ago
Maybe she took the money from the bank
srijana Vallabhavajhula
Make up kit
spider dom222
spider dom222 - 3 days ago
It’s not like your talking normally in the car and making a loud noice in the house
Maribel Ramos
Maribel Ramos - 3 days ago
15:19 Preston freaked out yo
JacobSacil - 3 days ago
Elise Willis
Elise Willis - 3 days ago
I think the dude with the case had prestons moch
Sienna Lee
Sienna Lee - 3 days ago
Hes a crimanil
Ester Makombe
Ester Makombe - 3 days ago
*gasps* she is hiding drug's
Ester Makombe
Ester Makombe - 3 days ago
I lllllllooooovvvveee hot pockets they are delish🤤😍🤩
MyLe Dinh
MyLe Dinh - 3 days ago
The person that gave her the briefcase has Preston’s merch!!! O.O
mae robinson
mae robinson - 3 days ago
Great job PRESTON
katie mulkey
katie mulkey - 3 days ago
1,000 subscribers
Lexi Playz
Lexi Playz - 3 days ago
How many times does Preston plug his March out of all of his videos how ever many likes on this comment is the answer
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