SPYING on My Wife for 24 HOURS! - Challenge

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Louise Rogers
Louise Rogers - 4 hours ago
Preston you’re the best YouTube or ever subscribe to Preston👇🏻
Louise Rogers
Louise Rogers - 4 hours ago
Preston hot pocket I can’t say hot pocket OK now I can see him they are the best thing ever like I said yeah pretty
JADE MIER - 6 hours ago
I think its money though
crazy j
crazy j - 8 hours ago
Jennifer Hendrick
Jennifer Hendrick - 9 hours ago
I think its a play button.
super blockyj
super blockyj - 10 hours ago
Ok anyone notice that when Preston was in the trunk she either could have seen him or she could have put the briefcase in the trunk I'm a YouTuber and even for me thats cool.
Nick Andrews
Nick Andrews - 11 hours ago
Vicky Glazer
Vicky Glazer - 13 hours ago
De guy white de brife case had ur murch
Rich Baker
Rich Baker - 14 hours ago
Happy birthday 🥳
Rich Baker
Rich Baker - 14 hours ago
I think it’s £4000 pond
tobster b
tobster b - 14 hours ago
shes a robber duh
Tommy Hans
Tommy Hans - 16 hours ago
I do
Sayonimahi Sayonimahi
Sayonimahi Sayonimahi - 16 hours ago
I am you'r biggest fan
Sayonimahi Sayonimahi
Sayonimahi Sayonimahi - 16 hours ago
This video was awsome i never miss you'r videos
Tebogo Sakaria
Tebogo Sakaria - 16 hours ago
I think that Brianna is a psychopath and she keeps her victims severed heads in the breafcase
Anisa Lina
Anisa Lina - 17 hours ago
I think
Anisa Lina
Anisa Lina - 17 hours ago
Thats presten
Oliver Poole
Oliver Poole - 22 hours ago
HARRISON Osburne - Day ago
Money 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑
Chloe Wigg
Chloe Wigg - Day ago
What's wrong with Brianna
RedEye0625 - Day ago
Mayra Martinez
Mayra Martinez - Day ago
he is uselest
Mayra Martinez
Mayra Martinez - Day ago
cake for you Preston
Mayra Martinez
Mayra Martinez - Day ago
wow Preston wow
George CastellanosIII
I love anime
George CastellanosIII
Preston I love Naruto
George CastellanosIII
And you’re wifes
George CastellanosIII
I love your video
Sally Fava
Sally Fava - Day ago
Mr. Mineblox / Daylight Twinkle
4:31 my concern is HOW DID BREE NOT HEAR YOU?! You were kinda talking loud...yeah you all definitely plan this out
Angela Johnson
Angela Johnson - Day ago
Abigail Little
Abigail Little - Day ago
Lady Lyra
Lady Lyra - Day ago
This is how many people knew it Barney ;-; it’s So fun too watch though
Nate Carter
Nate Carter - Day ago
There is toys for Brianas cat
Galaxy - Day ago
Wow preston you dint give a link to barnies channel in the description, wow!
Even though he was involved in it too 😐
Ameer Al Qaysi
Ameer Al Qaysi - Day ago
Susana Hall
Susana Hall - 2 days ago
It's a present problem
Amanda Coldwell
Amanda Coldwell - 2 days ago
Sebastian Gomez
Sebastian Gomez - 2 days ago
Janii Chambers
Janii Chambers - 2 days ago
CJ Gomez
CJ Gomez - 2 days ago
Annas ToyAdventures
Annas ToyAdventures - 2 days ago
I all ready new bri had a cake Preston is my firend
Annas ToyAdventures
Annas ToyAdventures - 2 days ago
Pls like
Biggest fan who
Biggest fan who - 2 days ago
Happy birthday preston😊😊😊😊!!!!!!
mandeep walia
mandeep walia - 2 days ago
Yes yes
Riekie Venter
Riekie Venter - 2 days ago
Team JEM
Team JEM - 2 days ago
I think there is nail polish in the brief case
Team JEM
Team JEM - 2 days ago
Well it wasn’t
tracy shearer
tracy shearer - 2 days ago
Money 💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰
tracy shearer
tracy shearer - 2 days ago
computer a is much Howmuch How you do HowWi
F2 Gaming
F2 Gaming - 3 days ago
Click bet
Olivier Ramea
Olivier Ramea - 3 days ago
jadeleriche - 3 days ago
I think
jadeleriche - 3 days ago
Preston.I don't know if you knew this but..The man Who gave Brianna the brief case Was Barney?!
Rabeea Saleem
Rabeea Saleem - 3 days ago
charlet wall
charlet wall - 3 days ago
i am fan
Celisse T
Celisse T - 3 days ago
preston mony
Danny Zitzman
Danny Zitzman - 3 days ago
Manuel Vasilev
Manuel Vasilev - 3 days ago
anyone notice that the dude in the black shirt was wearing fire merch
St3aven YT
St3aven YT - 3 days ago
Wut i think wat happend
Brianna: R u stalkin me
Brianna: Ok
L8tr preston *Stalkin brianna*
Bradley Gift
Bradley Gift - 3 days ago
prodle 10000 dollors
Emokiriemi Abednego
Emokiriemi Abednego - 4 days ago
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Reid Bouchard
Reid Bouchard - 4 days ago
Hot pockets
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