I Made Giant Chicken Nuggets And Fries For A Competitive Eater • Tasty

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perigrin_falcon - 9 hours ago
I'd actually foe to eat that
Johnson Li
Johnson Li - 16 hours ago
Lady: takes like 3 bites
Alvin: WOW you really can eat!
beth alicia
beth alicia - 17 hours ago
Make Rie a giant marshmallow 😂
kyleboohoo - 19 hours ago
That pan of oil would've worked good with that giant donut
M &M18
M &M18 - Day ago
Can you do a big hash brown?
SxintPxblo - Day ago
Do matt stonie
Onkx - Day ago
when you go to McDonalds and ask for nuggets: here is your 4 piece nuggets
when you ask for nuggets by tasty: here are you very large 4 chicken nuggets
Jose Z
Jose Z - Day ago
I saw the title and was hoping they’d have Matt stonie then saw the thumbnail and.....all I can say is, disappointment😔
Jose Z
Jose Z - Day ago
They need to get a bigger biggest tray at Tasty
Mitchell Reichman
Mitchell Reichman - Day ago
I would just buy a snitzel and call it a big nugget
uptown singer
uptown singer - Day ago
Why not get Matt stoni
Shresht saini
Shresht saini - Day ago
Invite matt stonie he will eat all of that i bet
Sydney Patrick Marsh
Hell no nothing worse then cold nuggets and fries
sy_thea_yaun 109
sy_thea_yaun 109 - Day ago
Hes cute 0.0
NoLBJ - Day ago
And after the video she was reported to have type 1 diabetes.
Squid killer
Squid killer - Day ago
you should make something with gordon ramsay
Obee Morales
Obee Morales - Day ago
I need the recipe!
Bervanice Greene
Bervanice Greene - Day ago
Bake a presser with cheese inside of it 🙏🙏🙏👍👍
Thomas Montez
Thomas Montez - Day ago
You should try to do a giant thing of chicken alfredo that's one of my favorites
Star Wolf
Star Wolf - Day ago
*ten years later*😂
Velocity - 2 days ago
Woman : i currently hold the world record for the burito challenge
Matt stone : ima ruin this girls whole career
Fading _ Dxpression
Fading _ Dxpression - 2 days ago
I can spell the ketchup through the screen wtf 😂💀
TheRBLXnoob GamerDev
TheRBLXnoob GamerDev - 2 days ago
This is her weight in kg after eating all of those :
Mac Roño
Mac Roño - 2 days ago
When alvin and matt collaborate.
HypeAnimations - 2 days ago
Who wishes to eat that meal? I do
Gervais Verlaque
Gervais Verlaque - 2 days ago
How do you spell H20🧐
Quoatic_king99 /fireking99
Matt stonie could eat it all lmao
Aaliyah Rogers
Aaliyah Rogers - 2 days ago
Bacun Puncayks
Bacun Puncayks - 2 days ago
Damn,someone show nugget this giant thing.
Moza Aurelia
Moza Aurelia - 2 days ago
What About some BIG Beef seak
Saffanah Tanjung
Saffanah Tanjung - 2 days ago
a mukbanger's dream
Qayyum Yazid
Qayyum Yazid - 2 days ago
I thought it was matt stonie
Saffanah Tanjung
Saffanah Tanjung - 2 days ago
whoa i admire her
Mr YouTube
Mr YouTube - 2 days ago
Can you please make a giant hotdog
Z1nc - 2 days ago
Omg dat fry look like a feesh finger
Shlokplayz2008 Gurjal
Shlokplayz2008 Gurjal - 2 days ago
Please continue this series
Ammar Ammar
Ammar Ammar - 2 days ago
Now I'm so jealous
Judy Wheeler
Judy Wheeler - 3 days ago
some salt my butttttttttttttttttttttt!!!!
ASMA fiver
ASMA fiver - 3 days ago
This chef is so cool
Ben Le
Ben Le - 3 days ago
There hairy ?🤔
twilight sparkles
twilight sparkles - 3 days ago
Wow a nap in ten years
nugget - 3 days ago
Nugget like chicken nugget
Zack Gaming
Zack Gaming - 3 days ago
I love your video
DavidtheZheng - 3 days ago
I wonder if this is how ants feel when I throw a fry at them. I’m generous I know.
sub to get a cookie
sub to get a cookie - 3 days ago
Any one else use to use the mcdonalds chicken nuggets as guns lol
XxGacha CookiexX
XxGacha CookiexX - 3 days ago
I wanna become a competitive food eater person
15,000 subs with no videos challenge
Matt Stonie has entered the chat
I’m Different
I’m Different - 3 days ago
“The fast food industry would kill for these secrets.”
Bruh, you just have it to them for free! Waaaa!
Måns Packalen
Måns Packalen - 3 days ago
Whats he doing in the women room?
TelyxNix - 4 days ago
Raina eats 5 pound burrito
*I going to start this girl career*
When I eats 3 pound burrito
*i going to end this man career*
Galaxy Girl_Nadine
Galaxy Girl_Nadine - 4 days ago
I want fries 😥
I wish I could eat it
I love your hair Rania
Pippity Pop'n Popsicles
America has called a state of emergency due to the lack of chicken and potatoes. Plz... send nuggets and fries
Well Well
Well Well - 4 days ago
Chicken tendies and Fiji water
Purchased with good boy points of course
shaheer asim2007 asim
shaheer asim2007 asim - 4 days ago
Please make giant French fries please
ToCool4YouXD - 4 days ago
Can u get Matt stonie
Jeramiah kirby
Jeramiah kirby - 4 days ago
Get matt stonie on this show
Chill Tuesday
Chill Tuesday - 4 days ago
i would of ate it if it was hallow but....
Kevin McGrew
Kevin McGrew - 4 days ago
Invite Matt stonie he will finish it💯💯
Skylar ツ Musicals
Skylar ツ Musicals - 4 days ago
Captions:Lets go meet her and ask what b**ch she wants
Wy you got to be the boss hugh
Where ma barbecue sawse
Wy you got to be the boss hugh
Giant meatballs
Mario Lobo
Mario Lobo - 4 days ago
Giant chocolate chip 🍪
Amy Curtis
Amy Curtis - 4 days ago
You fried Bob and you didn’t give him a funeral R.I.P Bob
Maharaj_ 66
Maharaj_ 66 - 4 days ago
Alvin : invites Raina
Matt stonie: say sike right now
Lia Bon
Lia Bon - 5 days ago
If I were you I would use a bowl to make you he batter
Mcloving高菜I have no first nameりゅじ
5:35 say no more
A Begui
A Begui - 5 days ago
The guys says nothing to crazy but it’s a huge chicken nugget
Manasa Sripriya
Manasa Sripriya - 5 days ago
This woman: eats 5 pound burrito and gain no weight
Me: eats 1 crisp and gains 5 pounds 😂
marita 123 gems
marita 123 gems - 5 days ago
Sara’s World
Sara’s World - 5 days ago
The chicken nuggets like bread
Brittany Small
Brittany Small - 5 days ago
I swear I gained seven pounds just watching this....
Superp222 - 5 days ago
Nugget from Kindergarten would be proud
kxng of death
kxng of death - 5 days ago
Big sausage
kxng of death
kxng of death - 5 days ago
Big sauce
xGamerx Plays
xGamerx Plays - 5 days ago
Hellthy Junkfood
Seanjohn Whitter
Seanjohn Whitter - 5 days ago
Make more videos
Công Minh Nguyễn
Công Minh Nguyễn - 5 days ago
Matt stonie wants to know your location
Roblox Roblox
Roblox Roblox - 5 days ago
Mmm they look so good! (I’m gifiting my next 10 loyal subs😃!
K0RO - 5 days ago
They didn’t even try the fries ouch
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