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Dude Perfect
Dude Perfect - 5 months ago
UPDATE: Garrett eventually found the ring after the trophy presentation... It was in the pool. Marriage = SAVED. haha
Sg Gam1ng
Sg Gam1ng - 21 day ago
ILikepringles OWO
ILikepringles OWO - 24 days ago
I literally asked myself "is it in the pool?"
Pranav Gudipudi
Pranav Gudipudi - 2 months ago
@Caden Mackay no u didn't
sdgfsyufgsku sgfsuy
sdgfsyufgsku sgfsuy - 2 months ago
Rxcco - 4 hours ago
1st vid: where you gonna be when the money runs low
2nd vid. MONEY MONEY
RainbowSparkleTV - 5 hours ago
5:08 vs 5:13 😂😂😂
beagle master
beagle master - 6 hours ago
1 day after my bday
Sugar wolf Cutie
Sugar wolf Cutie - 6 hours ago
Cory so wwooonn
Dr. R.
Dr. R. - 8 hours ago
he finds 1 water damaged walkie talkie and wins?
That Lame Drawing Channel
That Lame Drawing Channel - 13 hours ago
Chatting about the competition
*rock falls*
Next shot: wearing a hard hat
sofia guacamole
sofia guacamole - 18 hours ago
garret: watering plants
ty: screaming
Mr Toad
Mr Toad - 23 hours ago
2:02 next scene Cory is wearing a hard hat
Oleg K
Oleg K - Day ago
Garret could have just dropped the ring beside him
Hacksaw Ritch
Hacksaw Ritch - Day ago
Did they put him in a closet
Sach 5
Sach 5 - Day ago
Go on france for some WW1 or WW2 things
Vu Bros
Vu Bros - Day ago
5:19 holy...
Selmo - Day ago
What if garrets ring couldn’t be detected
Mr lol 5
Mr lol 5 - Day ago
Gunrox - Day ago
*Metal detects in area 51*
Atomic_Night - Day ago
Cory should have won
kiquemon :v
kiquemon :v - Day ago
Lily Murfitt
Lily Murfitt - 2 days ago
was mr milliger in a snack closet?
Cody Vertigan
Cody Vertigan - 2 days ago
Alexandra Dominguez
Alexandra Dominguez - 2 days ago
7:02 best part of the video
Kids Play
Kids Play - 2 days ago
Cory:Finds advantages
Coby: Gets to finals, but doesn’t win
Garret: “No one said you couldn’t?”
Zachary Gomez
Zachary Gomez - 2 days ago
Phoenix gold mine is haunted
Nephy That's Me
Nephy That's Me - 2 days ago
This is how people who likes Cory
Fish Cutting
Fish Cutting - 2 days ago
Is it just me, or I am his wife's wedding ring to look straight up to see a video like Garrett? Like if you agree
angie santana
angie santana - 3 days ago
its sad that Garrett never wins
Micah Gray
Micah Gray - 3 days ago
When t found a bullet when I found a log with hundreds of bullets
Azor Masih
Azor Masih - 3 days ago
#3 got cheated out of the win
ツRick - 3 days ago
Bruh y’all did my boi Cory dirty
Carter Palmer
Carter Palmer - 3 days ago
Did you ever find your wife’s ring
Lewis Clements
Lewis Clements - 3 days ago
10:12 - Imagine being called an expert and you don't know what gold is ...
Freememes For you
Freememes For you - 3 days ago
Please do a third one
Riley Huebner
Riley Huebner - 3 days ago
I LIVE IN COLORADO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’nn
Msn Vlog Vlog
Msn Vlog Vlog - 4 days ago
how wood you finde a phone in a pool ?
MT B - 4 days ago
They should of had more people
MT B - 4 days ago
Yeah they should’ve
Boris the wolf the gamer21
Garret why did you not just keep the ring until you had to go to dphq 2
Melissa Stevenson
Melissa Stevenson - 4 days ago
Hi can you give me a bracelet you found a star on it that’s mine
Omega - 4 days ago
Wow do Cory get screwed over
Jaromiah Taylor
Jaromiah Taylor - 4 days ago
Cory. “What was that?” I think a rock fell. Next shot. Has helmet on
Ant3609 - 4 days ago
Ace Foxtrot
Ace Foxtrot - 4 days ago
I dislike mr milliger
ReaperPlays - 4 days ago
Who thinks Cory should have won?
Håkon Røed
Håkon Røed - 4 days ago
Peg Howland
Peg Howland - 4 days ago
Who wants a part three? Like so Dude Perfect sees. Also if you do a part three, have a theme to where you have to get a certain theme of something
grim creeper
grim creeper - 4 days ago
Team trees
JavaDrop - 4 days ago
Phil swift
Johannes Siska
Johannes Siska - 4 days ago
Going for 50 mil?
XxTheNeonxX - 4 days ago
2:02 that made my friend scared so badly xd
K0N3K0 C4T
K0N3K0 C4T - 4 days ago
Fake Marshmallow
Fake Marshmallow - 4 days ago
Tyler u can find megaladon tooth beside the creek
Mr Silly
Mr Silly - 4 days ago
my name is phoenix like the gold mine
Carla King
Carla King - 4 days ago
I. Hat. Garrett
Carla King
Carla King - 4 days ago
ihatThe. Can't. That. Lose
cayla Estrada
cayla Estrada - 4 days ago
That metal detector does not know about gold. What? I'm just trying to be honest with you guys..
ParkerPlays - 4 days ago
Ya lol
EpicUnleashed 76
EpicUnleashed 76 - 4 days ago
Notice how garret was scratching his ring finger after he couldn’t find his wife’s ring 8:25
TheFunCrew - 4 days ago
U guys still here from 2018?
Deepak Kumar
Deepak Kumar - 4 days ago
Please send some tricks to chess sir
Kelly Ollman
Kelly Ollman - 4 days ago
I love the dude perfect show on hulu
Ghost-clapzYT - 4 days ago
I wonder if he found the ring
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