73 Questions With Lady Gaga | Vogue

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A N O N Y M O U S - Hour ago
G: what do u prefer to call you ? Lady, lady gaga
L: Call me lady
G: Okay Lay
i was like wtf
ìkkí - 6 hours ago
She is a he , wake up please .
Dulcet Ro
Dulcet Ro - 16 hours ago
Scary movies to relax?
Claire Rossi
Claire Rossi - Day ago
"my personal style is.......gaga"
Queency Lxx
Queency Lxx - Day ago
I love her so much
Ben Kyule
Ben Kyule - Day ago
they stayed at one spot for soo long, i'm here for the house tour people
Lily Laura
Lily Laura - Day ago
She gave him a flower😍😍
Another Sullivan
Another Sullivan - Day ago
I am so impressed with her because she is many things in the career Her goals are so much more than singing but when she does,, her voice is like silk. God Bless you.
Reya Mathur
Reya Mathur - 2 days ago
74 Q. What are your thoughts on Taylor Swift's song 'Wildest Dreams' becoming your life?
Sarah Rodden
Sarah Rodden - 2 days ago
I want Gaga to read me books
arindaaps - 3 days ago
Call me Lady *in love
feli robles
feli robles - 3 days ago
Sanam Pak
Sanam Pak - 3 days ago
Why she is so smart and lovely ! Love u Lady!
L7 Weenie
L7 Weenie - 3 days ago
The only 73 questions that does not seem contrived or phony
Saimiou He
Saimiou He - 3 days ago
A very interesting angle
Ariam Araveug
Ariam Araveug - 3 days ago
She’s so smart, I love her!
Kelli Sowers
Kelli Sowers - 4 days ago
She’s perfect 😍
Ella - 4 days ago
73 questions with Lana Del Rey
John aeron Rosales
John aeron Rosales - Day ago
yassss Queen of Daddy
Corysucks Abigone
Corysucks Abigone - 4 days ago
Lady is a dude
Jodie Lynne Chapman
Jodie Lynne Chapman - 4 days ago
Love Lady Gaga..Love the questions...she is such a Diva!
Jessa Mason
Jessa Mason - 4 days ago
Her advice to her younger fans.
Yes MA'AM!😢💖💖💖
Alana Ceesay
Alana Ceesay - 4 days ago
This actually doesn’t seem staged unlike the rest of them
Shante Schmiesing
Shante Schmiesing - 4 days ago
Vogue: Is it true you watch horror movies to relax?
Lady: true
Queency Lxx
Queency Lxx - Day ago
I've never known someone who does that, but that's what I love about her. She's different! 😙😊❤
shannon - 4 days ago
shannon - 4 days ago
shannon - 4 days ago
At least she got love for stevie
shannon - 4 days ago
Bring back your free spirit Lady
shannon - 4 days ago
I think Gaga wants to break out but stuck
shannon - 4 days ago
Gaga lost her soul
Brandy May
Brandy May - 4 days ago
I’m in love with this woman this interview views more authentic than any of the kardashians
Juliette Schoentjes
Juliette Schoentjes - 4 days ago
hilarious she has the same voice as elizabeth gillies
Wonderwoman Mazza
Wonderwoman Mazza - 4 days ago
I thought he was gonna say “how is Bradley Copper in bed?” 😂
Wonderwoman Mazza
Wonderwoman Mazza - 4 days ago
Did she say TYPEWRITER.? Awesommmme
stancexpunks - 4 days ago
stancexpunks - 4 days ago
This sounds so scripted. The interviewer’s voice is so fake and makes you want to punch him in the face
ethan cianfarani
ethan cianfarani - 5 days ago
Why don’t she have more views
koy - 5 days ago
all this time I thought theres only 1 person behind the camera. but then I saw the reflection and I think there are 3 person behind the camera
M NS - 5 days ago
Kayla Bell
Kayla Bell - 5 days ago
this is sooo much better than kim and kanye lol
Madalyn Grace
Madalyn Grace - 5 days ago
a true legend
jim schutt
jim schutt - 5 days ago
A sad and lonely person....
Catharine Inniss
Catharine Inniss - 5 days ago
The quality of this woman is impressive!
Venus Gonzalez
Venus Gonzalez - 5 days ago
They tried to put me on the cover of Vogue but my legs were to long every day is leg day Monday Tuesday wends day thighs calfs ALL THE WAY
Jennifer Tarr
Jennifer Tarr - 5 days ago
I think this was one of the few of these interviews that doesn’t feel scripted/staged. Love it 💜
Lola I. M.B.
Lola I. M.B. - 5 days ago
now billie pls
Sophie Lala
Sophie Lala - 5 days ago
Gosh she is so tacky
###*** - 5 days ago
I wonder if the blue and yellow pots were inspired by the Majorelle gardens in Marrakech owned by Yves Saint Laurent.
Wrm 1990
Wrm 1990 - 5 days ago
Love it
Celia Stolt
Celia Stolt - 5 days ago
What do you mean she’s not walking around her house??
ERIKA DOWDY - 5 days ago
Heeeey Laaaaady
LaVioletaAmatista - 5 days ago
Lady Gaga is a living legend, Lady Gagoddess.
R V Pande
R V Pande - 5 days ago
Illuminati spotted 😂😂
Даша Семичаснова
Она такая киса, что выращивает розы и подарила букетик квесчионеру
Toni's 60th
Toni's 60th - 5 days ago
Oh my gosh I am so bored....perhaps this was her plan
Not Urbiz
Not Urbiz - 5 days ago
She's not talented enough to be this pretentious
Christene Nongbet
Christene Nongbet - 5 days ago
So she is not letting us to see the house?
Unknown #
Unknown # - 5 days ago
Best one so far
Sophia K
Sophia K - 5 days ago
I wish this was filmed just a bit closer to improve the sound quality and slight shakiness
Ex Kitten
Ex Kitten - 5 days ago
Monique Zhou
Monique Zhou - 5 days ago
I rlly wonder why it’s 73... can someone pls tell me why if u know?
CC Marie
CC Marie - 5 days ago
Am I the only one that thinks the entire video was shaky?
Dawn to Dusk Designs
Dawn to Dusk Designs - 5 days ago
I love her outdoor patio aesthetic! Very Mexican looking. 😍 Hugs, A u r o r a ❤❤❤
jessica lamarre
jessica lamarre - 6 days ago
I wonder if she still has the thriller jacket after all of this new information that has come out.
kennedy yews
kennedy yews - 6 days ago
what if this whole time it’s not the same person asking the question and holding the camera or it’s a voice over😬
Lauren O'Connell
Lauren O'Connell - 6 days ago
They should do 73 questions with Ariana Grande
Student Keirstin Moore
Student Keirstin Moore - 6 days ago
People complaining that she should have toured her house needs to realize that maybe she just wants privacy. Some people don't want the world seeing their entire house. Also she was probably sitting most of the time because she's a very calm and relaxed person so she's just in her natural environment
Crystal Newman
Crystal Newman - 6 days ago
So scripted man
Jasmin Sandoval
Jasmin Sandoval - 6 days ago
Krystal Olguin
Krystal Olguin - 6 days ago
The best 73 questions I've seen
Maurissa YH Tsang
Maurissa YH Tsang - 6 days ago
This is the most cringe-free 73 questions ever
Emily Sica
Emily Sica - 6 days ago
Punny Puppy
Punny Puppy - 6 days ago
Why 73?
Sam Lunoza
Sam Lunoza - 6 days ago
This one was kinda boring AF
Ezinia J
Ezinia J - 6 days ago
Is there going to be a telephone 2 ? LOL
Marisol Silva
Marisol Silva - 6 days ago
LES is not safe 😂😂
Erin Cummiskey
Erin Cummiskey - 6 days ago
i could have bet a MILLION DOLLARS that "audrey hepburn in breakfast at tiffany's" was going to be gaga's answer for that question, and i would be a rich woman right now
Zhong Qing
Zhong Qing - 6 days ago
At least you can feel she's answering these questions on the scene
amber leigh
amber leigh - 6 days ago
One day I'll be doing this 😀
Tammy Bennett
Tammy Bennett - 6 days ago
I honestly did NOT, at all, enjoy this interview, bad vibes, rude and not natural at all. I suppose i don't like her! She is a bad role model for young girls, actually any age, on and off stage! Her interview was very unnatura,l trying to be classy failed miserably ! Crap
Brimmy Burner
Brimmy Burner - 6 days ago
Michaelea Froemke
Michaelea Froemke - 6 days ago
Shes so classy
Will 88
Will 88 - 6 days ago
73 questions will bill cosby
sup dude
sup dude - 6 days ago
3:04 “...........no.”
Karely Aguilar
Karely Aguilar - 6 days ago
I really wanted to see her house 😭😭😭
It'sYoBoiGucci - 6 days ago
She's ruining the trend of vouge 73 question. What if more celebs try to follow this
23chrisfm - 6 days ago
just sniff-checked my beerfart
Its Daylia
Its Daylia - 6 days ago
Plot twist. Her house has demonic energy and statues in the house as she is a satanic
Shelby Speck
Shelby Speck - 6 days ago
The narrator for these is awful
F. Impromptu
F. Impromptu - 6 days ago
73 qs with Shakira please 😍
Chanda Shimaluba Muyemba
I like her voice.
AmorK K
AmorK K - 6 days ago
This was so wack
Hana Bouadjil
Hana Bouadjil - 6 days ago
Shes the definition of beauty😍
lilmanjp - 6 days ago
Can some1 confirm that she is trans and every conspiracy about her has been deleted by on google
God is All
God is All - 6 days ago
Vogue should do cardi b
Ava Mutter
Ava Mutter - 6 days ago
Love u gaga
Stash Stash
Stash Stash - 6 days ago
she doesn't remember how many times she was on the cover of Vogue? What an a-hole answer she gave.
Laney Hammond
Laney Hammond - 6 days ago
A queen
Faith Lockhart
Faith Lockhart - 6 days ago
Sophie Storey
Sophie Storey - 6 days ago
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