Billie Eilish - everything i wanted (Audio)

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Zachary Sarte
Zachary Sarte - 56 minutes ago
So It was technically a dream and she got everything she wanted but she didn’t like it so she commit suicide...?
Gizele De oliveira costa
Gizele De oliveira costa - 59 minutes ago
Gizele De oliveira costa
Gizele De oliveira costa - 59 minutes ago
Where are you
Noah - Hour ago
i prefer this type of Billie instead of bad guy and bury a friend.
Zairet Murphie
Zairet Murphie - Hour ago
Síganme en Instagram cómo @zairetreyes
Zairet Murphie
Zairet Murphie - Hour ago
Que hermoso cantas yo me la aprenderé 💖
BellaxBTS - Hour ago
I wanna tattoo this whole song on my arm
Demon Wolf
Demon Wolf - Hour ago
This is one of the most Down To Earth song I've heard this year. 💜
marrie modas
marrie modas - Hour ago
Muito boaaa
EliXir - Hour ago
Billie: I had a dream
Martin Luther king: am I a joke to u
liz meza
liz meza - Hour ago
well YAS
Noras - Hour ago
Music with soul
tomatoes:D - Hour ago
“Nobody cried, nobody even noticed”
Me after no one noticed me pretending to drown in the pool to see if anyone cared.
KpopSageMK - 2 hours ago
I just uploaded a very small cover of this song and would appreciate your thoughts and support on it
Jh3nn!f3r M3rc3d3s
Jh3nn!f3r M3rc3d3s - 2 hours ago
💋 Billie Eillish
YourFriendIzzy - 2 hours ago
"I tried to scream"
"But my head was underwater'

Literally how I feel whenever I'm on the verge of breaking down and I don't want to tell anyone but I want them to know but I don't want to be a burden to them but I need help because I feel like I'm suffocating and if I don't tell someone about what's going on I might go insane... anyone else or is it just me.
sleepyioz - 2 hours ago
"Nobody cried, nobody even noticed."

*I felt that*
Сергей Тепляков
Billie urgently needs to do a collaboration with Moby!
ilomilo directioner
ilomilo directioner - 2 hours ago
I'm just so curious about the live performances of this song. I'm already thrilled thinking of that!
ilomilo directioner
ilomilo directioner - 2 hours ago
To be honest we wouldn't get a good ending of 2019 if Billie wouldn't release this song. She blessed us with her beautiful voice and this beautiful song. Love you Billie.
ilomilo directioner
ilomilo directioner - 2 hours ago
Each and every time I listen to this song it's just like the first time. It's never ever gonna be old.
Soren - 2 hours ago
"As long as I'm here"...we enjoy every minute of it cause we love you.
Jessica Ronnau
Jessica Ronnau - 2 hours ago
Miket Central
Miket Central - 2 hours ago
love me some billie eilish!
Michael Tran
Michael Tran - 2 hours ago
good stuff!
Melike Yücebaş
Melike Yücebaş - 2 hours ago
i was thinking about him last night. i’ve realized i can’t live without him. this supposed to be disaster for me. i love him so much but i do not know how i change my personality. i want to be his till i die. i guess i cannot believe myself enough, sorry. :(
Zachary Sarte
Zachary Sarte - 2 hours ago
Aryeh Adventures
Aryeh Adventures - 3 hours ago
Last night I had a really scary dream It was about *all the good girls go to hell* . The next day when I woke up, I had a really big *bellyache* and it turns out, I was on my period, so I got to stay home from school. Since I was on my period, I got really pissed at everything and everyone, so i felt like this: *dont smile at me* . Then, my annoying little brother came home from school and played that addicting video game, *bad guy* . But again, I was so pissed from my period that I could *bury a friend* and almost broke my bros video game controller, so I got sent to my room. I calmed down in my room for *8* minutes and then went back downstairs. Even though I was angry, I still loved my bro and (bc my mum made me) I apologized for getting angry and said *i love you* .
{]Cøøtîe Cøøkîe Bun Bun [}
She is so talented.
I love her style and her personality!
She's an amazing person.
She's so unique. I love her so much, she inspires me a lot..
Honestly, her style is so creative and really mysterious.
That's what I love about her, her creativity and her mysterious self. I can't imagine her being different.
She's such a beautiful person, and when she said in an interview, "I think I'm way more confident than both of those years." I almost cried. Seeing her happy and confident is so rare, and it's amazing... Truly, I love you Billie..
Dulce Sanchez
Dulce Sanchez - 3 hours ago
one of the best songs to listen while driving around the country side watching a beautiful Texas sunset
Jessica Loury
Jessica Loury - 3 hours ago
So if your confused about this song I know what it’s about
So billie had a dream about killing herself so the sentence: I thought I could fly so I stepped off the golden is about the golden brige and how she stepped off the golden brige and drowned herself.
There it’s dark but there. Oh and I got this information from a billie Elilsh interview.
Ann Thomas
Ann Thomas - 3 hours ago
《shiningsxtars》 - 3 hours ago
The really sad meaning of the song: Billie had a nightmare about her jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge, no one even cared or noticed.

:( Billie is really talented. She is a idol to many people, she makes really good songs with really good meanings. I don’t know why people wouldn’t notice. I don’t want her to commit suicide.
C. T.
C. T. - 3 hours ago
Such a hard song to write.. 😮
Cecilia CL
Cecilia CL - 3 hours ago
Like si te gusta billie eilish.
Like si ke das like.
Like si este es el unico comentario
En español
Gazes - 3 hours ago
Listening to this song makes me happily depressed
gaga rere
gaga rere - 3 hours ago
I was listening Manson and youtube drove me here. Crazy youtube
Fernando Torres Madrid
Fernando Torres Madrid - 3 hours ago
I love my boobae billie 😍 can't wait to see u again ❤
Icey L. Sole
Icey L. Sole - 3 hours ago
Kind of thought they might care too.......
Mobile World
Mobile World - 3 hours ago
Тише, мыши, кот на крыше,
а котята ещё выше.
Кот пошёл за молоком,
а котята кувырком.
Кот пришёл без молока,
а котята ха-ха-ха.
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