Game of Thrones - SERIES FINALE 8x6 The Iron Throne [Part 1] - GROUP REACTION!

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The Normies
The Normies - Month ago
The Normies kinda forgot to have Rana and Nahid in this reaction. They were out of town and might end up doing their own review.
Slim Jim Longfoot
Slim Jim Longfoot - Month ago
No Rana? EPIC FAIL......Oh how The Normies have
B. N. Willis
B. N. Willis - Month ago
It's ash, not snow, my friends. Just saying. The ENTIRE fucking city was RAZED!!!
2010jesom - Month ago
I think maybe you just forgot to stop whining like a bitch
MoBxDGK - Month ago
0:03 to 0:19 was the funniest shit ever. Had my black ass rollin. Awesome review too.
Cameron Brian
Cameron Brian - Month ago
Brian Johnson
Brian Johnson - 2 days ago
I swear Suraj be transforming himslef😭😂
Muhib haq
Muhib haq - 12 days ago
I keep coming back for this D&D interview..
Spider Man
Spider Man - 14 days ago
половина ролика болтовня, дизлайк 👎
kusali11 - 16 days ago
You guys belong on SNL.
kusali11 - 16 days ago
These guys are pretty damn good at impressions.
karlmoles65 - 17 days ago
That moment.
When the Lost Finale isn't the worst piece of shit finale in TV history anymore.
Blue Sky
Blue Sky - 20 days ago
22:30 sddgfjdshfkj this reaction still destroys me, like the response to Arya going "I know a killer when I see one." Like. They really said fuck the writing, get this over with already
Irony is thy name /World dominance is my aim
Nah , she’s not dead.Kinvara is gonna bring her back .
Ali Spikes
Ali Spikes - Month ago
« Kit Harington, more like Toolkit Harington » this made more sense than season 8, prove me wrong.
Delan Farrier
Delan Farrier - Month ago
I hated that you let Daenerys die
Sophie David
Sophie David - Month ago
That's not snow, that's ash.
nutflixx - Month ago
That intro bahahahaha
ForsethTV Official
ForsethTV Official - Month ago
sorry but 8 seasons for a final like that ! so shitty off HBO rewrite a scenario ffs...go fuck yourself RR MARTIN . btw i love u the normies dont stop ur videos are great.
Melodyofthesea78 - Month ago
So Jon was like:
Jon: "So after melting the throne......she just fucked off.....the end."
*everyone breathed a sigh of relief*
eric corne
eric corne - Month ago
23:13 greatest GoT joke ever!
Skarletkombat - Month ago
I’m pretty sure it’s just ashes 🤷🏾‍♀️
LadyVenom Way
LadyVenom Way - Month ago
Only watching the reaction now as I was so down after the finale but this skit is legit!! The finale was shot beautifully but meh I am so over it. Not how I will remember this show! Marketa looks amazing, hope you react to the documentary which was better than the entire season tbh lmao
Queen Sheeba
Queen Sheeba - Month ago
The intro had my in tears. Thanks for the laughs. It made getting bent over by HBO not so bad.
lempisofia - Month ago
Thank you for not cheering for Dany's death.
Veryl Alduin
Veryl Alduin - Month ago
During the Dance of Dragons civil war many Targaryens were killed by dragon fire. Heck Aegon II fed his sister to one to end the war. Aemon Targaryens brother died by drinking wildfire. I think some other Targaryens also died by fire. Danaerys is the exception not the rule. They aren’t fireproof
Aj Shaniq
Aj Shaniq - Month ago
Daenerys almost pulled a sasuke right there
My Name Is Hades
My Name Is Hades - Month ago
Jon vs Greyworm would be probably the best fight in the show. Two of the best, fastest and most skilled fighters. I like Greyworm, I really do, and I feel for him and what he's lost but most likely Jon would fuck his day up in one-on-one combat, so I'm glad it didn't happen
a girl has no name
a girl has no name - Month ago
The D&D bit is so far beyond perfect, omg...I legitimately thought it was real for a few seconds through my headphones...and it might as well be. -_- XD
lucy lastic
lucy lastic - Month ago
They got the flag from the same place the white walkers got the chains for viserion
Miranda Summerset
Miranda Summerset - Month ago
Daenerys, 7 seasons of character development, for nothing
Pranav Hari
Pranav Hari - Month ago
Its starts at 13:18
Y'all welcome
Cody Smith
Cody Smith - Month ago
Jon’s the new Mance Raider, Wasn’t Mance a Brother of the Nights Watch at one time? So now Jon’s gonna be the new King Beyond the Wall 🤙🏼
popit198 - Month ago
the part about jon forgetting about that his army was made of rapists and pillagers was the best
Slim Jim Longfoot
Slim Jim Longfoot - Month ago
MVP Tyrion....he made sure he didn't die.💯
G_MAN180 - Month ago
Drogon didnt burn jon bc he was intelligent enough to realize the throne was what killed dany. You cant really says its bc Jons a targaryean even though they had a whole war with targaryean dragon riders vs targaryean dragon riders with a bunch of the targaryeans and their dragons dying from combat
Coulda Woulda
Coulda Woulda - Month ago
True Northern Gal
True Northern Gal - Month ago
Drogon would have killed Jon with his fire, Targaryen blood and all, no question. Jon was burned by regular fire in season 1. #Danaerysisthelasttruetargaryen
Tracy Lindsey
Tracy Lindsey - Month ago
Lol!!!! The first few minutes of this video.... Ya'll a trip!!! I love it.
The Dark Side of J
The Dark Side of J - Month ago
God damn this intro is so well done that it scares me
nani - Month ago
That "kinda forgot" part gave me chilss!
Mo Alli
Mo Alli - Month ago
I’m here for the intro and my god this is legendary
Maria Arnt
Maria Arnt - Month ago
If Drogon wanted to roast Jon he would have been dead. He is not imune to fire like Daenerys is (on the show). Not all Targeryens have that ability. Viserys was a full Targaryen and still fire could hurt him. Plus we saw Jon burn his hand with a lantern while trying to kill a white back in season 1.
Fermin Martinez
Fermin Martinez - Month ago
when jon says Little children burned, it actually sounds like aemon when he says, and the children!
Zokla Dārys
Zokla Dārys - Month ago
You guys nailed that skit! perfectly!
Bitchslapper316 - Month ago
Lol well done
Gopi Chintala
Gopi Chintala - Month ago
Kind of forgot
😂😂😂😂 That intro bruh
10years of character development is really thrown into Dustbin
Melodyofthesea78 - Month ago
character development isn't always positive development. Also there was foreshadowing that she was going down this path for seasons. So....this didn't surprise me.
Sirius - Month ago
Oh my god that opening sketch. So hilarious.
Aymen Benchikh
Aymen Benchikh - Month ago
What about Peaky Blinders season 4 ?
Alex Gonzalez
Alex Gonzalez - Month ago
Where is Rana ? That is the reason I watch this reactions.
Lone Lion
Lone Lion - Month ago
Ugh i hate Tyrion and even his voice is grating now.
OnlyOneTyping - Month ago
fuck me 10 mins of pouring out drinks....
Cory Stanish
Cory Stanish - Month ago
Jon's not fireproof like Daeny, he's suffered burns before.
Mirza011 - Month ago
That skit gets funnier the more I watch it. "We spent countless seconds" hahaha
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