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Metro By Tmobile
Metro By Tmobile - 5 hours ago
Swerve off on em
Kamyrah Hallman
Kamyrah Hallman - 7 hours ago
Kamyrah Hallman
Kamyrah Hallman - 7 hours ago
King and
Madison Ellis
Madison Ellis - 8 hours ago
Jaliyah and king
Tywon Jenkins
Tywon Jenkins - 19 hours ago
J and k
Pretty Bee
Pretty Bee - 21 hour ago
We did not see what funny and nick didi
MJ_ Slapit
MJ_ Slapit - 22 hours ago
The ending tho😂😂28:47
Itz shiyaaa
Itz shiyaaa - Day ago
Jaliyah and King was the best couple 😍
TNI ZEY - Day ago
king and Julia
Tyneki Vick
Tyneki Vick - Day ago
Tyneki Vick
Tyneki Vick - Day ago
to.be_cc 242
to.be_cc 242 - 2 days ago
Nique: i don’t even drink coke
King: 🙄I ain’t tell him that doe
Miyah Anserson
Miyah Anserson - 2 days ago
melissa jones
melissa jones - 2 days ago
Funny Mike borring
melissa jones
melissa jones - 2 days ago
Kiah Hyde
Kiah Hyde - 3 days ago
"He got two cokes,I Don't even drink coke"
"Yea but ion tell him that tho "
Miyah Sledge
Miyah Sledge - 3 days ago
King and you
Lit Goddess
Lit Goddess - 3 days ago
Oh yeah, ya'll killed this.
Shaquelah Mcghee
Shaquelah Mcghee - 4 days ago
Jaliyah and king was funny tho
Jordan Geiger
Jordan Geiger - 4 days ago
Jaliyah smiling like she enjoying herself
kiki_adorableness Gamer
Funnymike is the leatest
Devin Burton
Devin Burton - 4 days ago
Y’all yurt up
TRINCESS SO CUTE - 5 days ago
Did anyone watch this video on Funnymike’s channel if u did like if u didn’t then just comment down #team ning
dejah suggs
dejah suggs - 5 days ago
Jaliyah is so cute
Sahpire Sparkle
Sahpire Sparkle - 5 days ago
She got no acent
Sahpire Sparkle
Sahpire Sparkle - 5 days ago
Vertia L.
Vertia L. - 5 days ago
7:24 "Big General " 🤣
Vertia L.
Vertia L. - 5 days ago
Nique & Mike Was Funny ...I liked the Freestyle
Isabelle Joseph
Isabelle Joseph - 5 days ago
Kaiser got some cute eyes awwww
Mary Wilridge
Mary Wilridge - 5 days ago
Jaliah my girl this a boy she got a big but
Trini BoyL
Trini BoyL - 6 days ago
Kai’s World
Kai’s World - 6 days ago
i love the way jaliyah talk 😭
A.R Sharpe
A.R Sharpe - 6 days ago
I like this better!!!
zora - 6 days ago
mike was on king LMAOO, "You finna blossom in a minute as soon as that sun hit yo stupidddd ass"
Ray Jefferson
Ray Jefferson - 6 days ago
That bitch sound beautiful 😍
Kold Kiah
Kold Kiah - 7 days ago
“She like slushies, she can slurppp this” 😂😂😂😂 MIKE ANNOYING
Jodi Lorenzen
Jodi Lorenzen - 7 days ago
Jaliyah and king i love them they funny 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Zaniah Williams
Zaniah Williams - 7 days ago
I think Nique and Mikes was better
Addie R
Addie R - 7 days ago
king and jaliah
Professionals FTW
Professionals FTW - 7 days ago

Shaunniece 30
Shaunniece 30 - 7 days ago
King had me died when he kept saying they was dumb as a box of rocks
Kaylee L Jones
Kaylee L Jones - 7 days ago
I liked both 😂!!!
shannon guider
shannon guider - 8 days ago
His reaction to 16:41🤣😂😂😂
Niyah’s World
Niyah’s World - 8 days ago
Period Pooh!🥰
storm fleming
storm fleming - 8 days ago
“First of all its over stop playing with me” 😂
Lil BroAJ
Lil BroAJ - 8 days ago
King my cousins
Jahnia 3x
Jahnia 3x - 8 days ago
24:23 his face and how he looked has me done 💀🤣
Teyonna Johnson
Teyonna Johnson - 8 days ago
Mekhi Nelson
Mekhi Nelson - 8 days ago
Funnymike can you say my name on one of your videos i am 9 i have been woching your videos for 5 years so say my name on your next. Video👃👃👃👃👃👃👃👃👃👃👃👃
Vague Marcus
Vague Marcus - 9 days ago
Nice videos
Tiaira Noland
Tiaira Noland - 9 days ago
S switching girlfriends
Tiaira Noland
Tiaira Noland - 9 days ago
I like when nique and funnymike
Tiaira Noland
Tiaira Noland - 9 days ago
Hi guys
Lashundra Lee
Lashundra Lee - 9 days ago
Team nique
Justin White
Justin White - 9 days ago
The chic in the yellow sweet hot chocolate!!!
porscha king
porscha king - 10 days ago
Jaliyah:come open the door for me
King:alright I gotchu bae
Nique: but yo don't even open the door for me
King:u basic thats why
Me:I'm deadd😂😂
Elizabeth - 11 days ago
2:50 Mac is stoooopid bruh he have me rolling over here sounding like a bird in this bitch 🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣😂
Tommy Hayden
Tommy Hayden - 11 days ago
“Swerve off on em “ 😂😂😂
Tae TAE - 11 days ago
Janay Williams
Janay Williams - 11 days ago
I’ll get a water just so she can have it all💀😤😂😂😂😂
Rawjhitt NAE
Rawjhitt NAE - 12 days ago
Briana Bonsignore
Briana Bonsignore - 12 days ago
5:37 he got Nique smile
Nina Bowen
Nina Bowen - 12 days ago
I like king couple cause they was funny and they was treting nique and I like ur yellow dress and ur nails
Damian Taylor
Damian Taylor - 12 days ago
Y'all funny 🤣😂😁
amarion washington
amarion washington - 12 days ago
Mxtt & Jade
Mxtt & Jade - 12 days ago
“You dont even put our baby in the car”😭😂
Mariah Kilama
Mariah Kilama - 13 days ago
King and Jaliyah ❤️❤️❤️ y’all was the best fake couple
Ni'Kyra Jones
Ni'Kyra Jones - 13 days ago
Dai'ja Shané
Dai'ja Shané - 13 days ago
This the funniest one I’ve watched 🤣🤣
Genasia Bell
Genasia Bell - 13 days ago
TTP KayJay
TTP KayJay - 13 days ago
Look at Mike's face when he went to grab ha ass 24:20
King Niyyce SoArrogant
King Niyyce SoArrogant - 14 days ago
What beat is that at the end ?
Kimberly Hershey
Kimberly Hershey - 14 days ago
I Love Tamari Dubose😚😙😗😘👍💗💕💖💕💜💖💗💚💚🍦🍭🍩😇
4 jays Squad
4 jays Squad - 14 days ago
Jaliyah and king yall is a good couple
Lillian Boston
Lillian Boston - 14 days ago
funnymike I want your girl is she pretty
double deluxe
double deluxe - 15 days ago
All them ads
Niecy Davis
Niecy Davis - 15 days ago
This is justice jaaliyah and king
Herminia Rodriguez
Herminia Rodriguez - 15 days ago
You guys are funny
Tytiana Swanks
Tytiana Swanks - 15 days ago
i like how everyone is smiling at their most. especially jaliyah
Tytiana Swanks
Tytiana Swanks - 15 days ago
look how far back king seat is 😂😂
amariah Miller
amariah Miller - 15 days ago
Wow funny mike on they wow
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