Twins Go in a WOMB SIMULATOR together!!

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Katie Wibberley
Katie Wibberley - 12 hours ago
ReekingHavocOnU - Day ago
Babays dont poo until they are out of the mommy sacc
AnimeAyla - Day ago
When i was born I was 5 pounds and my little brother was 10 pounds 😅
Rebecca R
Rebecca R - 2 days ago
Gray always wants to cuddle & hold hands but e never does :(😂
Katie&Alex - 4 days ago
Justine Delgadilo
Justine Delgadilo - 4 days ago
When they started holding hands i thought that was sooooo cute 😍❤
Lisa Hugo
Lisa Hugo - 4 days ago
Please go back and visit the doctor but give him a framed picture of you two in the ball/womb
Kat Lew
Kat Lew - 4 days ago
Why are they toe nails polished?
Lip Stick
Lip Stick - 5 days ago
Hearing them say "belly" reminded me of how Grayson admitted to have searched the worldwide web for "boobies". 😂
bubbles devere
bubbles devere - 5 days ago
when tf were you in a placenta
Sangita Gajbe
Sangita Gajbe - 5 days ago
Ethan: get redy mom we are hopping back in.
How does that sound to you??
diana junsay
diana junsay - 7 days ago
GRAYSON IS SO FUCKING HOT. there i said it.
spring roll
spring roll - 7 days ago
And they were wombmates"
"My God, they were wombmates"

sorry i had to XD
Caitlyn Vaughn
Caitlyn Vaughn - 7 days ago
The doctor’s facial expressions have me laughing SO HARD.
The number of people who are speculating that the good Dr. is going to retire and just let “The Dolan Twins”
Fred Furry
Fred Furry - 8 days ago
Nerdio_08 Ario
Nerdio_08 Ario - 8 days ago
Nerdio_08 Ario
Nerdio_08 Ario - 8 days ago
i have a question for that guy how do you make babies ???
Chantz not the rapper
Chantz not the rapper - 9 days ago
I know I’m not the only one who saw gRaYsOnS 😳
Romeo Gomes
Romeo Gomes - 9 days ago
This is how many time Gray made E mad

Connie Montgomery
Connie Montgomery - 9 days ago
For your mom!
Connie Montgomery
Connie Montgomery - 9 days ago
I had to stop the video and show everyone when he said "STOP DISRESPECTING MOM" that was so cute...
Shai Marie
Shai Marie - 9 days ago
Grayson with Raman all over him just cracks me the hell up
im an abomination
im an abomination - 10 days ago
Cynthia Hernandez
Cynthia Hernandez - 11 days ago
The sounds bouncing off the womb walls
Cynthia Hernandez
Cynthia Hernandez - 11 days ago
This is so damn funny 😂 wombmates
Al S
Al S - 12 days ago
omg i just LOVE luh luh LOVE the dolan twins (((: it's ALL i think about. god just look at that....OOOOOO BABY ((((((x
Ian Bonilla
Ian Bonilla - 12 days ago
No one:
Ethan: GoOp
BALMAIN Certified
BALMAIN Certified - 13 days ago
Grayson built like captain America and Ethan build like Thor either way it’s A win
Haro c;
Haro c; - 13 days ago
was this even safe to do? lol seems like they will get claustrophobia from this AND no oxygen in there lol
Mollie Coons
Mollie Coons - 14 days ago
You guys should collaborate with free time!
Twister Sister
Twister Sister - 14 days ago
My cousin ate her twin in the wom
Jenna Ramirez
Jenna Ramirez - 14 days ago
I died when he said “we just multiplied by accident
Kimberly Dee
Kimberly Dee - 14 days ago
Loved cute.
Liliana Layfield
Liliana Layfield - 14 days ago
"Wake me up before you go go" - wham ! Theirs two of them!Evan the ear piercing 😂😂
Anne Schmale
Anne Schmale - 15 days ago
ethan: so grethan was just like a little slime guy?
doctor: sure sure! *meanwhile doubting his life decisions*
a-wanderingcloud 0-0
a-wanderingcloud 0-0 - 15 days ago
What a weird... but fun video 😂💜💙
Bridie Butler
Bridie Butler - 15 days ago
The doctor thought you were crazy
Alex Xander
Alex Xander - 15 days ago
The first 5 minutes felt like a stroke
Kamorra Varnado
Kamorra Varnado - 15 days ago
Why do I feel like this was about to be a whole try guys moment
lilmisskitten83 - 16 days ago
1:56 i cracked up
Anoopa Perumal
Anoopa Perumal - 17 days ago
The whole time the doctor is like, "Wait, are these guys serious?"
Crystal Barrientos
Crystal Barrientos - 17 days ago
He’s like I did not plan for this ...😑
Kimberley Allen
Kimberley Allen - 18 days ago
I thought they went to a place which was a womb simulator like the places in the tv shows which shows a class trip to the stomache simulator
- TuxCat -
- TuxCat - - 18 days ago
The doctor seemed to take a second to process the things they asked and just agreed with everything
Soy Sauce
Soy Sauce - 18 days ago
15:36 ethan looks *HOT* here 😍😍
Lilah Moscato
Lilah Moscato - 18 days ago
They make me wanna blow my nose.
K G - 19 days ago
I couldnt imagine having both my sons at the same time. Lol my first was 8 lbs 14 oz and second was 9 lbs and 2 oz. They are 10.5 months apart which is known as "irish twins" meaning they were born less than a year apart. I was huge with each. Thank god they wernt real twins.
Put A Donk On It
Put A Donk On It - 19 days ago
man thats brutal for their mum, ethan out through the vadge and gray through c-section, cant even imagine what recovery must have been like for her having both :O respect to momma dolan
el vg
el vg - 20 days ago
"We forgot to ask the doctor what babies wear in the womb"😂omg Grayson
Noob Saibot
Noob Saibot - 20 days ago
Pause at 22:43 and one of the twins have a boner😂
Beti - 20 days ago
“Mum did u eat yet”💀
Misty Justice
Misty Justice - 20 days ago
I swear these 2 are the cutest.
They're only 19 and nobody on YouTube does what they do!
Arabella Maguire
Arabella Maguire - 20 days ago
The doctor is so done. He’s just like “yup yea absolutely now get out”
Katja A.
Katja A. - 21 day ago
I was alone im the tummy and 10lbs🤣
Jessica Zaninotto
Jessica Zaninotto - 21 day ago
That's so cute
Clare Curraan
Clare Curraan - 21 day ago
Me and my twin brother are not close at all, we fight so easily and the older we get the more we grow apart but we have rear moments where we are ok, but my male friend and his twin brother are close like u guys so must be a same gender twin thing 🤷‍♀️😂
Phoenix2Mythical Gaming
16:12 it’s Wednesday my dudes.
Alondra Escobar
Alondra Escobar - 21 day ago
“We multiplied on accident “ 😂💀💀💀
Cynelle Khent Ann Vasquez
I don't think babies breathe underwater. Everything the baby needs comes from the mom through the umbilical cord: food and oxygen.
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