Nubby The 2-Legged Boxer Steals His Dad’s Heart | The Dodo Comeback Kids

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Larciell - 5 minutes ago
Boxers will always hold a special place in my heart..
Maddy Church
Maddy Church - 12 minutes ago
They are not just “average Americans “ they’re angels 👼🏼 💖
michael hyatt
michael hyatt - Hour ago
Kevin Marks
Kevin Marks - Hour ago
he is so adorable. Ty you for rescuing him. i love how he has a conspirator. lol
Precious 1962
Precious 1962 - Hour ago
They are trying to over turn the Constitution of our Great Fore Fathers. How is that going towards the Constitution? Get Real Dems; you make such asinine statements!
Ale San
Ale San - 2 hours ago
he is so cute
Sengmanivanh Souvankham
Sengmanivanh Souvankham - 2 hours ago
ça fait mal au coeur de voir Nubby, ce chien se déplace avec des difficultés. Il y a des bon prothèsistes ! Mais il faut des sous. Mais si vous l'aimez vraiment ...ça ne compte pas.Sinon, il a une bonne tête, il a l'aire adorable ce chien.
Carla Tutt
Carla Tutt - 3 hours ago
😇 love him and thank you guys! 🌹
Eevee Bro
Eevee Bro - 4 hours ago
3:25 tell me that’s not a kangaroo
Dyanne Rivera
Dyanne Rivera - 4 hours ago
Beautiful story.....beautiful couple!!! I LOVE NUBBY!!!!
Catherine Smith
Catherine Smith - 4 hours ago
How do we get nubby at our school
Marti Oneal
Marti Oneal - 5 hours ago
I squalled and balled watching this. Nubby stole my heart. I recently lost my best friend. He was old and had several health problems. My son found him and didn't want to tell me so he gets my husband and I wake up hearing what happened and I just lost it. This rascal knew I was sick before I did. He never left my side. It's been really hard and I catch myself calling for him. His sister keeps looking for him and that breaks my heart too. We too take in rescues and you can't help but fall in love with everyone of them. God bless you. You are truly guardian angels.
freespeechisdead isdead
freespeechisdead isdead - 5 hours ago
Has anyone suggested prosthetic limbs for nubby? They might have to do surgery on his front legs to fit them, but it should be possible to get him some new legs, right?
freespeechisdead isdead
freespeechisdead isdead - 5 hours ago
Holy crap I made this same comment 4 months ago!
Dakota C
Dakota C - 6 hours ago
So cuuuuute
Wanda Russell
Wanda Russell - 6 hours ago
Crochet Lass
Crochet Lass - 7 hours ago
Nubby the Great!!!! Dogs, our gifts from God, terrific work being done guys, thank you for sharing this beautiful journey!!! ❤🐾🇺🇸❤
ava - 7 hours ago
Y’all wrong as hell for namin him nubby smh
Sky Martinez
Sky Martinez - 8 hours ago
Amber Kelly
Amber Kelly - 9 hours ago
He a beautiful dog.
S Singh
S Singh - 9 hours ago
Respect n salute to both of u❤🙏👍
Lisa van der Wal
Lisa van der Wal - 10 hours ago
He is precious❤️🥰 thank you for saving him!!
Poke Hype
Poke Hype - 12 hours ago
He’s not mum love how the puppies go for it
xXicetea Xx
xXicetea Xx - 14 hours ago
I feel like nubby looks like shin godzilla's first form
Michael Grant
Michael Grant - 15 hours ago
this warms my heart
Charlene Jo
Charlene Jo - 16 hours ago
He’s so freaking adorable!
Jack x Ari
Jack x Ari - 17 hours ago
Ahhhhhh he’s soooo CUUUUUUUUUUUUTE
Madi Ven
Madi Ven - 18 hours ago
This made my day❤❤❤
Rose Red
Rose Red - 18 hours ago
idk if it would be possible but would he be able to walk with prosthetic legs? they'd have to bend though so idk
XLost MemoriesX
XLost MemoriesX - 19 hours ago
I wish someone loved me like Nubby loves life
Ashlee - 20 hours ago
Thank you for your compassion, and great job!
Morgan Patterson
Morgan Patterson - 20 hours ago
He's so cute my heart is melting😇😊😩😩😩😭😭😭😊
Meulin Leijon
Meulin Leijon - 20 hours ago
I think this dog was suppose to be a rabbit XD
Sharon 92075
Sharon 92075 - 21 hour ago
*Children can get very sick if they share a water container with a dog. Also, please do not let a dog lick a child's mouth.*
Jennifer Clark
Jennifer Clark - 21 hour ago
I love this story ❤
Kathryn Tutorials
Kathryn Tutorials - 21 hour ago
Oh mi gosh I love him. I want him♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Brother Alabama
Brother Alabama - 22 hours ago
Rita and Nubby are partners in crime
Brother Alabama
Brother Alabama - 23 hours ago
He looks like a tiny white kangaroo 😭💙☺️😊
Rebecca Rogers
Rebecca Rogers - 23 hours ago
Thank you for sharing Nubby with us. He is so precious and full of joy. You are both so precious for caring for these special babies 🙏♥️
AlyviasMama1 - 23 hours ago
Puppy love OVERFLOW
Indy Custom Made
Indy Custom Made - 23 hours ago
It takes very special people to give their lives to helping animals. Thank you for caring for these guys.
Jasmine Nguyen
Jasmine Nguyen - Day ago
Puppy + kangaroo = a beautiful dog like nubby❤️❤️❤️
solobackpacking - Day ago
Nubby? That is demeaning.
His name should be T-Rex.
A random Boxer dog
A random Boxer dog - Day ago
Nuuuubby! AWWWWWOOOOOO!!! He’s so cute!
Otantix - Day ago
siz ne güzel insansiniz.teşekkürler.😍
A Crusader
A Crusader - Day ago
Are you sure that’s not a deformed human child?
Claire A
Claire A - Day ago
So sweet 😊he has great parents
Ruthie Rochford
Ruthie Rochford - Day ago
Heartwarming. The best humans.
Mark And Blitz
Mark And Blitz - Day ago
You both have earned your tickets to heaven, You have hearts the size of Alaska.
LadyLenaki - Day ago
Nubby looks at kids "puppies!!!"
Nubby looks at puppies "more puppies!!!!"
Icy Land xø
Icy Land xø - Day ago
He reminds me of a kangaroo
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