Nubby The 2-Legged Boxer Steals His Dad’s Heart | The Dodo Comeback Kids

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coshigould - 24 minutes ago
UK's Professor Noel Fitzpatrick, the ‘Bionic Vet’,can add him front legs.
I like cats
I like cats - Hour ago
So cute, wish I didn’t have allergies to them :( I prefer cats so much more but my hearts melting
helli Despicable me
helli Despicable me - Hour ago
I would watch an hour of the dogs playing with Nubby
helli Despicable me
helli Despicable me - Hour ago
My emotions for Nubby:😱😱😱😱😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😢😂😂😂😂😂😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😅😅😅😅💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
Jordan Wook
Jordan Wook - 2 hours ago
Nunzia Nancy Errico
Nunzia Nancy Errico - 2 hours ago
Awwww this is so cute 😱😱😱😱😱
sup mah dudes
sup mah dudes - 3 hours ago
Nubbys so cute 🥺🥺🥺😍😍😍
sup mah dudes
sup mah dudes - 3 hours ago
Nubby looks like an albino kangaroo 🦘 😂😂😂😂😂
Rilee Corona
Rilee Corona - 3 hours ago
I lo've all animals no matter what they look like. What happened to the mom of the puppies?
MontagZoso - 4 hours ago
5:00 mark, wow...look at Nubby’s beautiful play/living area...soft mats, cushions, handmade sloping food dish that Dad constructed...this shows so much love and caring for Nubby and his special needs, let alone the rest of the video. I wish all dogs could be so loved and cared for like this. ❤️ You both are incredible and very beautiful souls. Nubby hit the jackpot when you brought him home.
Perla Lopez
Perla Lopez - 4 hours ago
He has Astro wheels! 🤘
NotSnow_ii - 5 hours ago
Just looking at Nubby’s little face, awh.
Nubby is a cute name in general!! 💖😂
Comicly Animation
Comicly Animation - 5 hours ago
2:10 That pup smile just made my day. I grinned ear to ear I am so happy for this little pup. Go Nubby ♥️♥️♥️
Mell Username
Mell Username - 6 hours ago
Blessed family! They did so much for Nubby and I'm so glad for that, since this he's such a precious doggo.
Chris chris
Chris chris - 7 hours ago
Good idea them wheels but the wheels look to big and heavy for him need to get the carbon fiber boys to make him something up
Hailey Collett
Hailey Collett - 7 hours ago
AWWWWW he looks like a white kangaroo
Stella Page
Stella Page - 7 hours ago
Brooklynn Deal
Brooklynn Deal - 8 hours ago
Her: look nubbie I can build a sand castle nubbie: I can do it to with my cute face :D
Puppy Love
Puppy Love - 8 hours ago
Nubby is so cute I was crying but I love Nubby
Baby Lloyd
Baby Lloyd - 9 hours ago
I am realy in press of him hill never give up😇😊☺😇😇😙
J. Boisselle
J. Boisselle - 9 hours ago
He does not like that contraction because it's not designed right. It needs to have smaller wheels, and placed under his waist to carry the weight of his front. Not in front wheels he feels the need to pick it up.
Joseph Reiter
Joseph Reiter - 10 hours ago
when he jump he looks like a kangaroo Ha ha ha ha that is so funny
꧁ Crescent Moon Studios ꧂
Oh my lord Nubby is a doggo-roo
꧁ Crescent Moon Studios ꧂
Awww Nubby
Linda Eade
Linda Eade - 10 hours ago
So happy for this dog that someone took the time to raise him. I just lost a dog to pancreatitis, but she was one week away from turning 17 years old, so I know how sick he must have been, even as a young dog.
MoonLit.Lyrxcs X
MoonLit.Lyrxcs X - 11 hours ago
3:12 he looks like a kangaroo 😂😂😂😂
Emma Figueiredo
Emma Figueiredo - 12 hours ago
He is too cute he jumps like a bunny and it is tooooooo cuteeeee
Robo Tech
Robo Tech - 12 hours ago
Grew very brave and struggled through... He should have skills of a kanggaroo....
ami babyy
ami babyy - 13 hours ago
imagine being born just to be called *_nubby_* always reminded that you have nubs & you’re not necessarily *_normal_*
ami babyy
ami babyy - 9 hours ago
Lucaix 0 bc the world needs people like me to speak the truth to delusional people like you
Lucaix 0
Lucaix 0 - 13 hours ago
ami babyy why do people like you exist?
Selina Yin
Selina Yin - 13 hours ago
Aaweee everyone’s so cuteee
Corrado Gaming
Corrado Gaming - 14 hours ago
twich_ ty
twich_ ty - 14 hours ago
He's a kangaroo
-• toxicaramel •-
-• toxicaramel •- - 14 hours ago
this lil boi looks like a little t. rex! he's so strong!!!
KSK - 15 hours ago
a video about love
Radu Cristian Udrea
Radu Cristian Udrea - 16 hours ago
step1 lay down
step2 try not to cry
step3 cry a lot
Thomas Melvin
Thomas Melvin - 17 hours ago
I would have named him "Roo"
Monka Kronka
Monka Kronka - 17 hours ago
Hes beautiful ❤️ ^ ❤️
Just Passing Through
Just Passing Through - 17 hours ago
I'm happy Nubby doesn't know why they named him that!
Лейла nur
Лейла nur - 18 hours ago
Benjamin Hall
Benjamin Hall - 20 hours ago
I have no words😢😭😿😢😭😿😭😢
Mr. Waybesón
Mr. Waybesón - 20 hours ago
Stephen Grahn
Stephen Grahn - 20 hours ago
What a nice family. Nubby has a bunch of girldog-friends so sweet
Juana Villada Gallego
Juana Villada Gallego - 21 hour ago
Beautifull couple!!! So caring and loving!!! May God bless you mightly!!
Stella Dunlap
Stella Dunlap - 21 hour ago
Adam Wichmann
Adam Wichmann - Day ago
My dog has 3 legs
_Grace_Whitfield_ - Day ago
Omg towards the end he acts like a kangaroo, I love him
Charley Holmes
Charley Holmes - Day ago
Love him like if you do
Johnny Despert
Johnny Despert - Day ago
Can I buy this kangaroo?
Brennan Pezzullo
Brennan Pezzullo - Day ago
He kinda looks like a bunny
Hera Bear
Hera Bear - Day ago
I love nubby
Opal Graham
Opal Graham - Day ago
Awwww, sweet baby.
Vince Bella
Vince Bella - Day ago
God bless nubbey.
Vince Bella
Vince Bella - Day ago
Hey sir it's not a thing, it's called a little puppy, won't be watching this channel anymore.
Vivian Viljakainen
Vivian Viljakainen - Day ago
This man said he considered them to be average Americans... I am just saying...if people would be more that " average" world would not be such a shitty please.
buttercupbubblebum - Day ago
What an absolutely fantastic family to take care of him like that. ❤️
Roxy Van
Roxy Van - Day ago
Cute couple
Alexandra Luster
Alexandra Luster - Day ago
Nubby is the cutest thing ever!
C m
C m - Day ago
Nubby lol
_LuckofTheIrish _
_LuckofTheIrish _ - Day ago
2:00 someone dub the Jurassic park theme over it please
abbi polkin
abbi polkin - Day ago
he should be named rex cause he looks like a t-rex lol
Patricia Johnson-Platt
Wow😪😪love this story...luv this couple💖
mikegan grinnell
mikegan grinnell - Day ago
“i don’t care if it’s nubby or any animal once you made that commitment , it’s your job to make sure they have a good quality of life” facts !!💯
Juhani139 - Day ago
Question: how will not being on the wheels influence his back in the long run?
Great video.
Netbase2000 - Day ago
Maggy..... cmon.... maggy
Mr Clean
Amanda Turner
Amanda Turner - Day ago
Wonderful people, it shows that Nubby had the will to live and is so happy. We need to realise that even if some animals aren't perfect they deserve the chance to live. This takes some very special people to do this and God bless you both.Nubby, you are a hero and inspiration to us all with your joy of life. What a happy,happy household full of LOVE. Thank you !!
Tim Kinge
Tim Kinge - Day ago
Nice way to pocket some extra cash
Rylie Douglas
Rylie Douglas - Day ago
Starla 09
Starla 09 - Day ago
Awwwwwww so cute he looks like A Kangaroo SO CUTE
고 수匚尺ㄩ丂卄
binny mathew
binny mathew - Day ago
Thanks, u make a better world❤️
Ella Canella
Ella Canella - Day ago
When the one dog opened the door, I was like, woooaah. That changed.
Julie Sunshine
Julie Sunshine - Day ago
You should start a GoFundMe for your puppy so that he can get little prosthetic legs
Julie Sunshine
Julie Sunshine - Day ago
I'd have called him in kangaroo
enoch5000 - Day ago
The wonder here are nobys parents.
You guys are angels.
Saskia Bos
Saskia Bos - Day ago
omg soo touching I am literally crying keep doing what your changing the world for the better love u guys
nailzius - Day ago
Let the baby share her drink with the dog. How adorable!
Lost Eye Games
Lost Eye Games - Day ago
Lego wheel chair...

Now that's genius
MM B - Day ago
Stop calling nubby a T Rex or a Kangaroo because he is a dog and a dog period
E M - Day ago
Johnlarsen Larsen
Johnlarsen Larsen - Day ago
Nubby looks like a tea Rex because the front arms and huge back legs
Keith nunya
Keith nunya - Day ago
Little Nubby..God bless that little sweetheart....he's got such a great spirit
galaxycat100 chan
galaxycat100 chan - Day ago
Cute i hope she lives
John Dorosan
John Dorosan - Day ago
He loooks like a kangaroo
Nightmare Qa
Nightmare Qa - Day ago
She needs two puppies. I need all of them
IU .o.
IU .o. - Day ago
My dog’s name is Nubby .o.
Apurva kamble
Apurva kamble - Day ago
i wish you all the happiness in world god bless u people 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Christian Lunajo
Christian Lunajo - Day ago
Dislike?!... for what ?!....
Martyna Maria
Martyna Maria - Day ago
2:22 boomer!!!
Zedster Gaming
Zedster Gaming - Day ago
It's a doggosaur
HAQx . org
HAQx . org - Day ago
As an engineer I can say that Nubby can use a set of hard addons that can be fit below his underdeveloped legs and held in place by placeholders going around the shoulders and chest
Nicole Stewart
Nicole Stewart - Day ago
Went from little thing to puppy to kangaroo and now normal dogo
Angelle is awesome
Angelle is awesome - Day ago
I love Nubby sooooo much! Yall are such great people 😊
ana belkys montilva galvis
ADreamer X
ADreamer X - Day ago
this dog stole his dad’s heart and he’s getting away with my heart too!
Dave D
Dave D - Day ago
He's a beautiful Angel
RoPe Clan
RoPe Clan - Day ago
I thought it said 2 legend boxer
llama1728 - 2 days ago
2:11 awwwwwwwww!
Michael - 2 days ago
tears of joy
SwiftFox - 2 days ago
This man is how kangaroos were made.
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