Babysitting SIBLINGS as a Mom for 24 Hours! (Parents secretly SPY w/ hidden camera)| Rebecca Zamolo

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Familia Diamond
Familia Diamond - 29 days ago
OMG THIS WAS INSANE!!! 😱 But since this was your first time babysitting 4 kids we think you did great 👍🏼 We Loved seeing you guys ❤️
Johnson Pham
Johnson Pham - 7 hours ago
Familia Diamond hghghhhjjgjhjhjgmhjjjhghgh🤑
Bryan Aguilar
Bryan Aguilar - Day ago
@Jessica Lopes hi
Z and J squad And T
I love your yt channel
Ashton J
Ashton J - Day ago
Hi Familia Diamonds I’m a huge fan
saedamy - 2 days ago
rachel maltz
rachel maltz - Hour ago
Lesaunicorn Pie
Lesaunicorn Pie - Hour ago
I would only let her babysit 1 kid
Audrey Osmun
Audrey Osmun - 5 hours ago
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Denis Mozhnyi
Denis Mozhnyi - 5 hours ago
Just lol
B & A Sisters
B & A Sisters - 7 hours ago
What is she wearing
B & A Sisters
B & A Sisters - 7 hours ago
She should know better not to make her little sister not drink ice-cream and orange juice
B & A Sisters
B & A Sisters - 7 hours ago
Does the older sister have sense
B & A Sisters
B & A Sisters - 7 hours ago
Was on youtube i hate the oldest sister
B & A Sisters
B & A Sisters - 7 hours ago
The oldest sister shows off to much when ever she is wearing clothes she has to change again because she
David Martz
David Martz - 10 hours ago
liya's fun channel yay!
liya's fun channel yay! - 13 hours ago
Uh she could babysit me!
Bibi Dinath
Bibi Dinath - 14 hours ago
Evie Kemp
Evie Kemp - 14 hours ago
OMG. this was crazy!
Ongyihui 801005
Ongyihui 801005 - 17 hours ago
Oooo i would let rebecca babysit me my little sister and little brother!
Kerry Ryan
Kerry Ryan - 19 hours ago
I don’t think she’s allowed to wear make up
Kerry Ryan
Kerry Ryan - 19 hours ago
I think you should get them in some pink flowers not read because that stand for red hood we do not like red hood she is rude and naughty
Lavanya Puri
Lavanya Puri - 21 hour ago
I WANT REBECCA TO BABYSIT ME lol like if u want her to babysit you⬇️⬇️
distrack man
distrack man - 22 hours ago
The person was working with the GMI game master incorporated
Chloe & Lucas
Chloe & Lucas - Day ago
My favorite candy is skittle starburst and Twix
Yuriko Johnstone
Yuriko Johnstone - Day ago
Tati Santana
Tati Santana - Day ago
Rebecca why OMGGGGGG
Zahra Yong
Zahra Yong - Day ago
I love Rebecca zomolo😍😍😍
Bryan Aguilar
Bryan Aguilar - Day ago
portia brome
portia brome - Day ago
Sour candy is my fav
Gail Jesse
Gail Jesse - Day ago
Ram Raider
Ram Raider - Day ago
Lorna Rosario
Lorna Rosario - Day ago
Yes you'll have to deal with one kid the others stay in there room mostly
Darcey Dog girl
Darcey Dog girl - Day ago
You were driving
allison sullivan
allison sullivan - Day ago
he is not alowed
Lawrence Clayton
Lawrence Clayton - Day ago
Lawrence Clayton
Lawrence Clayton - Day ago
Kennedi Bell
Kennedi Bell - Day ago
How come nobody is saying there fav candy mine is Milky Way
Indescribable Me
Indescribable Me - Day ago
Licorice toffee
Treehunter77 1
Treehunter77 1 - Day ago
Anne Haddad
Anne Haddad - Day ago
Liam Doran
Liam Doran - Day ago
theresebing - Day ago
I hate Rebecca she,s annoying and she,s letting the kids eat all the candy I would never let Rebecca baby sit me
Rachel Lobo
Rachel Lobo - Day ago
REN LAG - Day ago
I think the card means the Norris nuts are doing a challenge about eating the same colour food?
최병락 - Day ago
It's the GMI
Steve Waters
Steve Waters - Day ago
The Noris Nurs ate the same coloured food for 24 hours in one of their videos
Jemima Arnott
Jemima Arnott - Day ago
is Bigger Norris nuts tsunami’s class
nochu's anae
nochu's anae - 2 days ago
Rebecca,norris nuts mom said that she is the game master i dont think is that real i just here it like if you here that to the norris nuts video
Alberto Bravo
Alberto Bravo - 2 days ago
I love your familia dimond
ronnie kyser
ronnie kyser - 2 days ago
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Jonathanreyna 517
Jonathanreyna 517 - 2 days ago
crystall ryan
crystall ryan - 2 days ago
Yes I wield
corissa snyder
corissa snyder - 2 days ago
Get the flip out of LEO'S he's playing FORTNITE
Rebecca make fortnite videos
Jasmyn Hinsley
Jasmyn Hinsley - 2 days ago
Why is danniel always on your videos
Jasmyn Hinsley
Jasmyn Hinsley - 2 days ago
I whatch you rebecca and i whatch familia dimond and the norris nuts
aliyah riegle
aliyah riegle - 2 days ago
can you babysit me i live 1234 poplar hill Dr oh Lebanon i now it fare away but it will make me rill happy i have have had a rill 2 year pleases i love you guys
Rey Flores
Rey Flores - 2 days ago
Lily Burwood
Lily Burwood - 2 days ago
I wish Rebecca could babysit me but I'm in the uk
Andrea Bowden
Andrea Bowden - 2 days ago
rebbeca the Norris nuts made a eating a certain type color of food video the day after you posted your video
Aida Salkic
Aida Salkic - 2 days ago
Not hate
Santiago Lopez
Santiago Lopez - 2 days ago
omg rebbeca is the worst babysitter in the whole world
Jamie Felix
Jamie Felix - 2 days ago
There dad won’t thums up this comment if you agree
Jamie Felix
Jamie Felix - 2 days ago
They are not aloud to play fortnight and the girls are not aloud to pout on makeup 💄
jimena martinez
jimena martinez - 2 days ago
my favourite candy is kit kat
john ramirez
john ramirez - 2 days ago
but u are funny and a great baby sitter
john ramirez
john ramirez - 2 days ago
rebecca i have to babysit 7 kids its not fair
Luca Molyneux
Luca Molyneux - 2 days ago
I think the golden hacker ment the qwadrents were waching you
Herline Pradere
Herline Pradere - 2 days ago
Yes she's allowed to wear makeup answer Brothers allowed to play fortnite fortnite
Herline Pradere
Herline Pradere - 2 days ago
Yes she's allowed to wear makeup answer Brothers allowed to play fortnite fortnite
Jay Kee
Jay Kee - 2 days ago
Kerry Homden
Kerry Homden - 2 days ago
It was the GMI
lenna rithen
lenna rithen - 2 days ago
Julio sports Montage
Julio sports Montage - 3 days ago
Nerds and war heads
Danielle Ledesma
Danielle Ledesma - 3 days ago
Sour patch
Ariana Laplant
Ariana Laplant - 3 days ago
3 muskisters
Darius Yang
Darius Yang - 3 days ago
Babysit meeeeeeee!
MsPrincessSimone - 3 days ago
Evelyn Malcuit
Evelyn Malcuit - 3 days ago
Ilove you
Amisadai Diaz
Amisadai Diaz - 3 days ago
I love this
andrea hf
andrea hf - 3 days ago
I hate familia diamond Rebecca I hated this video please familia diamond ruined the video
Samarah Brown
Samarah Brown - 3 days ago
I would love to let her babysit
Kkstar Jjstar
Kkstar Jjstar - 3 days ago
Kit kat
Kkstar Jjstar
Kkstar Jjstar - 3 days ago
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