Sweet Potato & Vegetable Curry | Ep. 1297

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Z S - 7 months ago
What brand is the yummy Indian Curry powder you are referring to, please? Thanks.
sally Rivera
sally Rivera - 8 months ago
Love your recipes but sorry too much talking
Shannon - 10 months ago
Can I substitute the coconut milk with almond milk?
Patricia Sloup
Patricia Sloup - 10 months ago
I made this recipe and it was delish! As I watched your video, I noticed how great the bottom of your dutch oven looked. I'm wondering how you keep it from getting stained?
Luka Willems
Luka Willems - 10 months ago
now cooking
Muzit Abraham
Muzit Abraham - 10 months ago
I love your show but girl you talk too much
MelissaC - 11 months ago
What brand is your food processor ?
Leonela Monterrey
Leonela Monterrey - 11 months ago
Made this with butternut squash instead of sweet potato and coconut cream instead of milk. And oh my god it is soooooo good.
Justice Troy
Justice Troy - 11 months ago
Laura I think you are the best cook.
Kori Skene
Kori Skene - 11 months ago
This curry looks delicious! I love sweet potatoes 😍 Could you make some soups for the colder months?
DAF - 11 months ago
I'm confused what happened to the cilantro
DrFathima Chocpie
DrFathima Chocpie - 11 months ago
romosweethearrt u can use it to garnish that’s what we usually do :) finally chop it
thegrinch0614 - 11 months ago
Laura, you don’t need to assure us that it with be good....we know it will be amazing!
What type of curry did you use
only1zay31 - 11 months ago
I made this today. It's delicious!!!
Gloria Raudabaugh
Gloria Raudabaugh - Year ago
Love seeing more vegetarian recipes!! Love everything you do Laura! Xoxo
MelissaC - Year ago
Thank you for this vegetarian recipe 😻
Jason Yerian
Jason Yerian - Year ago
Can u teach me how to fix fried chicken
Nati Rojas
Nati Rojas - Year ago
I love to see Laura eat, hahaha. She fully enjoys every bite. Always making me hungry 🌹
H L - Year ago
Funny that I just made a cauliflower and chickpeas curry last night for dinner. Will try your recipe soon. This like a Thai curry (coconut milk) and Indian curry combined for me, double delicious! Thanks, Laura!
Edgar Littleton
Edgar Littleton - Year ago
Looks yummy.
Cristina Hellstrom
Cristina Hellstrom - Year ago
Thank you Laura!! I love when u enjoying the food eating :D
Mars Orozco
Mars Orozco - Year ago
I just saw you on Bobby Flay show!!...😱😀😀😀😀😁😁😁
Lorry White
Lorry White - Year ago
Made this today for dinner very good a lot of flavor!!:)
Red Fire Wolf 🐺🔥
Would you please do a recipe on Caramelle pasta with mozzarella filling and tomato sauce on top?
brieri1 - Year ago
Making this for dinner tonight!
brieri1 - Year ago
In case anyone was wondering, it was absolutely delicious. Both my 3 and 5 year old absolutely devoured it, despite my 5 year old disliking sweet potatoes.
melwise2007 - Year ago
Laura, have you ever made chicken divan?
jason mcphee
jason mcphee - Year ago
Yummiliciously good
Saad Ali's Art and Drawing
Amazing cooked recipe. In Pakistan we use to cook chickpeas with potatoes or with chicken.
anpilogov natasha
anpilogov natasha - Year ago
Wow, wow, wow....yummy, even my 2 year old said: "mmm yummy "
Tounsia تونسية
I’m vegetarian but i have been making your recipes for my family since 2010 . And i love your vegetarian recipes especially the tex mex butternut squash and quinoa stew , the kale and lentils soup and the primavera minestrone soup I make them all the time. So yeah, more vegetarian recipes pleaaase.
Gary Stallings
Gary Stallings - Year ago
Cousin Laura! We all want to know! Are you ever sipping a great glass of wine as you cook??? Wine and cooking just go together:)
Nuria Hernandez
Nuria Hernandez - Year ago
That look amazing yummy
nageen gul
nageen gul - Year ago
I would recommend you dry roast the whole spices which will give the nutty flavour and the taste
Black Panther
Black Panther - Year ago
I want to make this now, but the recipe is still not up.
Naaz Pat
Naaz Pat - Year ago
Can you show how to make Kung pao chicken please?
Bianca Elizondo
Bianca Elizondo - Year ago
The recipe is not on the webside 😣!!!
Xania2008 - Year ago
can you leave out the coconut milk or substitute it with something else?
Lene C
Lene C - Year ago
Laura, you are awesome☺ thank you ,for posting this great recipe.
Your tips are also very helpful
Yohan Mavely
Yohan Mavely - Year ago
1st viewer
yael dror
yael dror - Year ago
Seriously in love with you and everything you make, but why do the recipes go up so late?!
Marisa Veilleux
Marisa Veilleux - Year ago
I make a suuuper similar recipe! The only things different are that I use canned tomato sauce and tomato paste, regular russet potatoes, and a few more spices. And none are whole ones.
Wassfat Sharqia
Wassfat Sharqia - Year ago
Wow good lady ❤️👍👍
Anber - Year ago
Been watching your channel since your chicken Alfredo!! How time flies!
Carmen Dee
Carmen Dee - Year ago
Made this today for dinner and it was delicious!
Monica M. S.
Monica M. S. - Year ago
Yes!!!! Perfect since I’m a vegetarian.
Debra Nelson
Debra Nelson - Year ago
Excellent!!! Papa Greg here👊😎👊!
Perla Rivera
Perla Rivera - Year ago
Can you please make oreo truffles!!❤
msmintygreen - Year ago
That looks so good!!!
blank - Year ago
and make sure the coconut milk is UNsweetened..
Kuhinja Valentina Mašković
Very good video recipe.Big like👍👍👍👍👍💕💕💕💕
Lisa Morelli Daly
Lisa Morelli Daly - Year ago
Fresh tomato makes s huge difference in curry! So making this on the weekend!
Morena Dulce
Morena Dulce - Year ago
Everything with potato need to be delicious love potato in every way in food. Love you Laura beautiful as always. 😘😘😍😍👀😋😋🍛
AlmightyAphrodite - Year ago
Im defenately going to try this one! Exept for the kale, i will use spinach i think. I am from Friesland and we have our own special way to prepare the kale and to me its the one and only recipe that works for kale 😆👌
Israa Dillion
Israa Dillion - Year ago
Finally!! Vegetarian friendly!! 🤗💕
Vasilikis Beauty Tips
That looks so delicious! Thank you for the video :D
Sumana Venkatesh
Sumana Venkatesh - Year ago
As an Indian I would suggest replacing coriander seeds with mustard seeds so that you won't get that in you mouth everytime and also curry powder already has coriander in it
poeticstilettos👠 - 11 months ago
Thank Goodness someone said it!
Sumana Venkatesh
Sumana Venkatesh - 11 months ago
May be I din write it correctly. Mustard and cumin are very common spice in Indian cuisine that is used during tempering i.e. in hot oil. Coriander on the other hand when used as tempering can ruin the dish because it is not pleasant when we get in the mouth while eating. Yes it can definitely be ground and used which is already in the curry powder too :-)
saggitbow - 11 months ago
I don't know what you're saying. Coriander and mustard are two completely different flavours. How can one replace the other? She could have coarsely powdered the coriander seeds though.
S SD - Year ago
I agree- or she could have put them in the food processor once she toasted them.
OCmama - Year ago
My 17 year old daughter recently stopped eating meat, and now she refuses to eat anything that contains milk. This recipe is perfect for my finicky eater! Thanks Laura!
Kathy Forgues
Kathy Forgues - Year ago
Have fun! My daughter did exactly that, she ate carbs way too much. That's when I told her to research healthier food options. Have to say she still loves french fries, but making homemade oven fries is a way better option!
OCmama - Year ago
Thanks for your suggestion. I think we'll research together. If I leave it to her, she'd just eat carbs all day. (~_~;)
Kathy Forgues
Kathy Forgues - Year ago
My daughter gave up eating meat at 16. She's 22 now, she never liked the texture of meat. This is a recipe I think she'll like! Good luck, have her research food and all the nutritional facts. It will be helpful for her!
KHAN WINK - Year ago
Plz do more meat dishes 🍗🍖🌭🍔🍤🥘🥙🌮🌯🍲🍝🍱
EZGlutenFree - Year ago
Looks fantastic Laura.
Well done.
Basherah Osman
Basherah Osman - Year ago
omg yummy wow that looks delicious! I can't wait to make it 👏 😚
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