Gordon Ramsay Enters A Cooking Challenge | Gordon's Great Escape

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Ivenda Saskia
Ivenda Saskia - 16 minutes ago
rendang is from padang , sumatra island ,indonesia
Keirin Kirishima
Keirin Kirishima - 18 minutes ago
"Malaysians like their food spicy"
As a Malaysian,... yea that's pretty damn true when it's compared to western. I felt nearly deprived of spicy stuff when I visited London lmao
Ammar Rayyan - ROBLOX
Ammar Rayyan - ROBLOX - 24 minutes ago
I live in KL!! Wow, should have seen you.
Natasha Merline
Natasha Merline - 48 minutes ago
Was hoping Chef Wan would be one of the judges
ke ne
ke ne - 49 minutes ago
This person should consider becoming a cook.
Maxwell Enrico
Maxwell Enrico - 50 minutes ago
Fuck yeah
He is the best
Mujtaba Ahmed
Mujtaba Ahmed - 57 minutes ago
Still no lamb sauce...how will these kids learn
JM. Kinkito
JM. Kinkito - Hour ago
That reaction on 1:42 is lit hahaha
Kuyudaki Oyuncu
Kuyudaki Oyuncu - Hour ago
Gordon please taste turkish food
I would marry #1 in a second.
Theeraphat Sunthornwit
It should be a blinded test. Should not reveal whose dish it is.. or is it already ? I havent watched the entire video.
i wish gordon open his restaurants in malaysia.......
Erica Chuah
Erica Chuah - Hour ago
When he said may the best auntie win did he hint at the fact that he isnt gonna win and that he is admiting to having a chance to losing? But i mean he did lose to an auntie at the end XD lol
Andrew Finnell
Andrew Finnell - 2 hours ago
Second place is perfect. Third would be a bit of an embarrassment and First would seem disingenuous and/or a bit pretentious.
daniel lawrence
daniel lawrence - 2 hours ago
Rendang is Indonesia’s traditional food sorry to say
Magnewbie - 2 hours ago
At least Gordon Ramsey knows that chicken rendang is not crispy
Jonathan Yting
Jonathan Yting - 2 hours ago
Sonic the Hedgehog!
Sonic the Hedgehog! - 2 hours ago
*howtobasic* is better
soeleiman soeleiman
soeleiman soeleiman - 2 hours ago
Try the real rendang , the indonesian slow coock rendang thats actually coock for 2 dayss
TakeAGanda - 2 hours ago
7:18 the turd prize? 😂
zachattack 4352735273937252748425
I'm 14 and I'm gonna be taking culinary my end goal is to be good enough to work at your restaurant do you think that's possible?
Michael Lee
Michael Lee - 2 hours ago
Damn, I'm hungry now and want to grab Nasi lemak!!!!
RIP diet~~~
Faxe - 3 hours ago
3:14 Rendeng 😂
Chris Chen
Chris Chen - 3 hours ago
Sponsored by Toshiba Rice cooker
nadiineyy - 3 hours ago
Rendang is not even malaysian ITS INDONESIAN
Totally not the flash :3
Totally not the flash :3 - 3 hours ago
I wish this dude visits the Philippines one day. I would be honored to meet this man in person.
Knockoff Transformers
Knockoff Transformers - 4 hours ago
Gordon Ramsay is bae
noah galouchko
noah galouchko - 4 hours ago
Gordon is such a fun person on this show
STATE OF BLITZ - 4 hours ago
Gordon's a prick but he knows when to pay respect. Well done 👍
ronak bhanushali
ronak bhanushali - 4 hours ago
M*********** you have been beaten in ur own game f*** you Gordon
Hail aunties
Hail aunties
Otaku Alchemist
Otaku Alchemist - 4 hours ago
John Thomas
John Thomas - 4 hours ago
5:07 thank you very much for giving me the posh one
angraj seebaruth
angraj seebaruth - 4 hours ago
Second place???
So he basically lost
Isn't he supposed to be the best chef in the world??
Like wtf
Michu Mishal
Michu Mishal - 4 hours ago
Did you cook for the prime minister of India!?
M. Yusriii
M. Yusriii - 5 hours ago
Lol that auntie can't understand you cuz she don't speak english
Ҝเ֟፝ภɢ͡ Zҽยຮ
6:43 wow that judge has big 👀 😂😂
sacgwapo - 5 hours ago
Challenge "Saiba Joichiro"
A.K.A "The Demon"
sacgwapo - 5 hours ago
loganciraky - 5 hours ago
4:52 Coughs into his hand and doesn’t wash It
Duane Wente
Duane Wente - 5 hours ago
Such a humble man when it comes to new foods. He obviously learned a lot in the week he used for prep though too. His face when he realized he got second says everything
gautam timalsina
gautam timalsina - 6 hours ago
fucking malays looks like indians.... jesus these indians wont leave any places
「團」MONSTER X - 6 hours ago
2:47 .. i think , she not very good in english language ..
yuri ganaba
yuri ganaba - 6 hours ago
He's the 2nd best aunt in the competition.
Abhishek T
Abhishek T - 6 hours ago
Emiliano - 6 hours ago
Romrom Gramsay
Ayush Goplani
Ayush Goplani - 6 hours ago
Gordon Ramsay: comes in second
Fans: Noooooooooooo
Deon Frankie
Deon Frankie - 6 hours ago
Fuken amaizing
The Chico & Poppy Show
The Chico & Poppy Show - 6 hours ago
This was excellent..!!!
Jeff Harmed
Jeff Harmed - 7 hours ago
Thanks for sharing. I’m an avid GR fan, and I’m curious as to why GR hasn’t produced more detailed videos on the restaurant business. Ok they might not be so dramatic but the restaurant business might benefit. For example GR promotes fresh food, which implies emphasis on good food preparations, which implies planning and division of labour between dining sessions. As in McDonald’s, dedicated kitchen equipment selection is critical for shortening cooking times but also affects the runway (or payback period). Then there are issues of staff training. For instance service staff that help with food preparation between dining have value. Any thoughts on that?
alzauri fatahillah
alzauri fatahillah - 7 hours ago
If you have owned 7 Michelin Star, every cooking contest would like a pre season match.
Hot Pinecone
Hot Pinecone - 7 hours ago
Gordon should review popular restaurants like Nanados and McDonalds
Sahil Hussain I
Sahil Hussain I - 7 hours ago
How did i end up here. Why am i watching so much of Gordon Ramsay !!!!!
Parshya S
Parshya S - 7 hours ago
S P E E D W A G O N - 7 hours ago
*_S O S I G_*
I've never seen gorden so stress before when he's cookin
Thanglenlal H a o k i p
Thanglenlal H a o k i p - 7 hours ago
Mouth watering dish
Mazni Mustafa
Mazni Mustafa - 8 hours ago
Begin with.cooking rice, it takes time to cook on its own, and that by out of the way, you can focus on the other dishes
Craig Kimball
Craig Kimball - 8 hours ago
Idlan Bruhanuddin
Idlan Bruhanuddin - 8 hours ago
thts right gordon......i did say in other videos tht u have many challengers in SEA especially in Malaysia.....
Dityaaanr - 8 hours ago
i think rendang is traditional food from indonesian
I AM - 8 hours ago
In Malaysia, whoever you are, if you're not using makcik style, you cannot defeat that makcik. 😂
Justin Y
Justin Y - 9 hours ago
Malaysian Cookoff: Cooks Chinese Dish For First Dish
Chris Doe
Chris Doe - 9 hours ago
lol The Ferrarri of Rice Cookers
Romzy Hol
Romzy Hol - 9 hours ago
Why doesn't Gordon just get a chef coat with pockets already?! lol
Abul Azlan Abul Barakath
Abul Azlan Abul Barakath - 9 hours ago
Thank You for chosing Malaysia...
Flying Catz
Flying Catz - 9 hours ago
Was in that part in Kl...At that time too...
Fun Trump-fact
Fun Trump-fact - 9 hours ago
Nearly four minutes before he dropped an F-bomb ? Disappointing.
RDC - 9 hours ago
congratulations Gordon but you almost got the 1st. place there
RedLIGHT District
RedLIGHT District - 10 hours ago
gordan: but... i think i might have spotted the auntys secret, she got herself thr ferrari of rice cookers. 🤣🤣🤣
reyes adrian daniel
reyes adrian daniel - 10 hours ago
Love Gordon . I wish I could afford tasting your dishes ..
Rudy Sudyono
Rudy Sudyono - 10 hours ago
Betol ke tak dapat number 2...
Teigyn Oake
Teigyn Oake - 10 hours ago
Anyone else catch the shocked look when he got 2nd it looked like he was thinking ohhh shit I actually came second
zorro sIk
zorro sIk - 10 hours ago
He is calling them aunties 😂😂😂 how old is this guy
Fabric - 10 hours ago
Where is your hat Mr Ramsay ?
Jay Twist
Jay Twist - 10 hours ago
combination of two culture chinese and indians.
Ashley Miranda
Ashley Miranda - 10 hours ago
Everything looks so good 😋
Ashley Miranda
Ashley Miranda - 10 hours ago
This is too good, but it's true 👏👏👏
Lunar Eclipse Does Gacha
Lunar Eclipse Does Gacha - 10 hours ago
Gordon how do you feel about free range chicken? I mean I think any mom would kinda impress you because moms are always best cooks
Cheriyy - 10 hours ago
wait, where is rendang come from?
NeoXenoZ - 11 hours ago
Because rice is always a priority in asia, Gordon
Sarah L
Sarah L - 11 hours ago
He is surprisingly humble.
fzslayerzero - 11 hours ago
sTaY ClOsE To YoUr aUnTiE
Ceasar Gamotin
Ceasar Gamotin - 11 hours ago
I didn’t eat Breakfast or Lunch! I’m watching this and I’m very hungry. Lol.
Cherwin Dale Eguez
Cherwin Dale Eguez - 11 hours ago
Respectable man who respects other competitors.
FaLLenStormyGod - 12 hours ago
its hard to cook if your not used to the taste, for a foreign perspective you have different taste when you taste a local quiescence you may might have an idea that you can better that taste but for the locals that taste is already the best and you just ruined it if add something different, you must know how that become the best since anything you do to enhance the taste becomes not really enjoyable to others taste, then if understand how that be you can now strategize how you can enhance it for your own uniqueness that is acceptable to the locals state ☺️
dragon empire
dragon empire - 12 hours ago
Is he in indian?
dragon empire
dragon empire - 12 hours ago
Or malaysia?
strawberry milk ッ
strawberry milk ッ - 12 hours ago
gordon ramen
Dark Robot
Dark Robot - 12 hours ago
Rendang from Indonesian 🇮🇩,not from Malyshit, Don telling lies if you don't know about rendang food..
Trust Worthly
Trust Worthly - 12 hours ago
at least its not rendang crispy
Harry Browser
Harry Browser - 12 hours ago
@Gordon: the secret is (as always): Keep Practicing.
Ryan Stickler
Ryan Stickler - 12 hours ago
Secret Ingredient, Fucking Love
Dimi Arts
Dimi Arts - 12 hours ago
man i got a final tomorrow, what am i doing here
z X
z X - 12 hours ago
Gorden: mine is overcooked
Auntie : *whizzle*
Warren Henning
Warren Henning - 12 hours ago
7:39 the effort he has to put into his voice to conceal his disappointment.
Nightshade - 12 hours ago
When he enter the train everyones face said never seen him before
Alien Neko
Alien Neko - 12 hours ago
Daniel Chung
Daniel Chung - 12 hours ago
Gordon Ramsay brought his own salt and pepper for seasoning
Izzy Keltikklover
Izzy Keltikklover - 12 hours ago
Ahhh so the critic becomes the critiqued
BTSTOOK MYLIFE - 12 hours ago
Rayan K.
Rayan K. - 9 hours ago
B Kaz
B Kaz - 12 hours ago
The Ferrari of rice cookers haha
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