Miz hosts "Miz TV" with special guest Maryse: SmackDown LIVE, Sept. 18, 2018

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María Velázquez
María Velázquez - 3 дня назад
Instant karma 🤣😂
rasberry girl
rasberry girl - 8 дней назад
Im the miz biggest fan!
Abdul Razzaq
Abdul Razzaq - 22 дня назад
Amazing video and also a love miz and smack down live
AmanAman Nereye Geldik ?
AmanAman Nereye Geldik ? - 24 дня назад
bu ne bok
Sahil Khan
Sahil Khan - 25 дней назад
Abdifatah Bille
Abdifatah Bille - 25 дней назад
Truth tv is better
Toxic Girls
Toxic Girls - 25 дней назад
from the start to 00:40 I kept laughing at them
Charlene Elizabeth Dickens
Charlene Elizabeth Dickens - 26 дней назад
She should have gotten out the ring but miz is a coward telling her to get out of the ring
Liska Sabajo
Liska Sabajo - 26 дней назад
The only reason they won is that the in couple are couerts maryse is ugly and they are annoying miz and maryse are the uglyest couple i have ever seen miz and maryse are ugly
Steven Ramirez
Steven Ramirez - 26 дней назад
I love daniel bryan
Hersey Berry
Hersey Berry - 26 дней назад
People actually watch this?
EL GLOBO - 26 дней назад
This Feud is nice but I'm getting tired
Richard Chiradza
Richard Chiradza - 26 дней назад
Karina Toledo
Karina Toledo - 27 дней назад
She gave birth almost 1/2 years ago
Ryan Smith
Ryan Smith - 27 дней назад
Nay’s fun Factory 2
Nay’s fun Factory 2 - 27 дней назад
Daniel was actually sorry tho
Alberte Jensen
Alberte Jensen - 27 дней назад
0:34 moderhood
Vala Palelei
Vala Palelei - 28 дней назад
Maryse is just dreaming when she says she is better than Brie
ĐẠT PSLOVE - 28 дней назад
Phim 4k
lukne mikneviciute
lukne mikneviciute - 28 дней назад
i bet maryse is just acting to get the all the people to love her , but thats what you gets miz and maryse first Nikki Bella And John Cena NOW Brie Bella And Daniel Bryan.. KICK THEM OUT ALREADY >:O pff Daniel Its Okay Because MARYSE is not dead -.-
Cool kid ReyRey
Cool kid ReyRey - 28 дней назад
Well I mean if Mia did talk about his wife like that than she DESERVED IT!
Cool kid ReyRey
Cool kid ReyRey - 28 дней назад
Jesse Nevarez
Jesse Nevarez - 28 дней назад
The miz deserves to be the wwe champion he worked so hard a great heel
ThreeBears Sandoval
ThreeBears Sandoval - 28 дней назад
Lmao all the stupid people feeling bad really think this is real yall still believe in Bigfoot and Santa also..lmao
Rosy Sanchez
Rosy Sanchez - 28 дней назад
Ethan is that you? jk I love Ethan true fans will understand
Khader Shaik
Khader Shaik - 28 дней назад
super deniyal brayan
Carmen Rivera
Carmen Rivera - 28 дней назад
The miz is a try hard
warrior warrior
warrior warrior - 28 дней назад
Hey yal I'm back...yal see lil Jimmy 🏃‍♂️
maghema mwazighe
maghema mwazighe - 28 дней назад
Miz you are so low what you did is disgusting playing your wife to fake injury so you can get to Daniel Bryan you are a coward😘
Ryan Songalia
Ryan Songalia - 29 дней назад
They did this angle with Daniel Bryan, Big Show and AJ Lee.
Khylan Melendez
Khylan Melendez - 29 дней назад
3:46 funniest face ever
Abigail Mendoza
Abigail Mendoza - 29 дней назад
There is no thing such as perfect
Elijah Bone
Elijah Bone - 29 дней назад
That wasn't even a good bump!!! WTF?!
James Thong
James Thong - 29 дней назад
Maryse is hot.
Sagar Limbu
Sagar Limbu - 29 дней назад
Wooow good
Mmjm 355
Mmjm 355 - 29 дней назад
, s s s
Christiann Manusina Talalupe
Christiann Manusina Talalupe - 29 дней назад
The earring remove hhhhhh...
Christiann Manusina Talalupe
Christiann Manusina Talalupe - 29 дней назад
Good Daniel...
Daily Memez
Daily Memez - 29 дней назад
Welp I thought she was still pregnant
Malik Waseem
Malik Waseem - 29 дней назад
Patsy Kalepo
Patsy Kalepo - 29 дней назад
That why you never mess around with daniel wife OK hahahahaha
Solar Mike
Solar Mike - 29 дней назад
You would think "superstars" would follow the simple "rule" : "if you are INSIDE the ropes then you are a TARGET"
Stevon Abernathy
Stevon Abernathy - 29 дней назад
Maryse deserves a EMMY! Love her !
Mostafa Mhamad
Mostafa Mhamad - 29 дней назад
Yes yes
علي علي
علي علي - 29 дней назад
Mahmudul Hasan Rigan
Mahmudul Hasan Rigan - 29 дней назад
MePlayz Mineblox!
MePlayz Mineblox! - 29 дней назад
Gabby & Sam
Gabby & Sam - Месяц назад
I think the perfect child on earth is kylie jenner baby
Ryan May
Ryan May - Месяц назад
Miz is trash
sandip malik
sandip malik - Месяц назад
Look at the overacting of girl
Juan Gutierrez
Juan Gutierrez - Месяц назад
The miz and maryse are not talented They are cowards to fight cleary
Tedpole Rime
Tedpole Rime - Месяц назад
Luv this pair 😘 💙 🔥 🔥 🙏
Himanshu Kumar
Himanshu Kumar - Месяц назад
That is right
Daniel Silva
Daniel Silva - Месяц назад
I came for the thumbnail that blue underwear
Daniel Silva
Daniel Silva - Месяц назад
I came for the Thumbnail
Alexander Dávila
Alexander Dávila - Месяц назад
I love you Daniel
Sm0k3 Tr33s
Sm0k3 Tr33s - Месяц назад
Heel bryan
Sm0k3 Tr33s
Sm0k3 Tr33s - Месяц назад
If she would've gotten a stunner she would've had a broke nek
StrawberrySen - Месяц назад
Before the miz brought his wife, the miz said that 'Daniel is not at the same stage at him' and then i said yeah because he is at a higher stage than you! (Aka you =The Miz)
Lakhan singh Solanki
Lakhan singh Solanki - Месяц назад
Kaun kaun se Indian ase chutiye h Jo y fake show dekhte h.. jara bataye
Nilkomul Nilkomul
Nilkomul Nilkomul - Месяц назад
Nice shot booos yes
Keanan Tibudan
Keanan Tibudan - Месяц назад
Those ropes aren’t normal
Josh Medina
Josh Medina - Месяц назад
Why do you guys pay attention to thus fake stuff go watch ufc
YungDaggerDick ydd
YungDaggerDick ydd - Месяц назад
I ain't gay now lmao but in that thumb nail he had a boner
Fitness Lyam
Fitness Lyam - Месяц назад
Min and Maryse deserve it.
Fitness Lyam
Fitness Lyam - Месяц назад
Maryse faked it.
Hafsa Said
Hafsa Said - Месяц назад
That was the fakest fall i have ever seen from maryse
Randy Randerson
Randy Randerson - Месяц назад
The story lines nowadays are so weak
Y Nguyen
Y Nguyen - Месяц назад
I think she faked it
tito im goofy goober
tito im goofy goober - Месяц назад
Daniel and brie suck
tito im goofy goober
tito im goofy goober - Месяц назад
Set up backfire miz
Adrian's Pets
Adrian's Pets - Месяц назад
Lol so fake please stop making this trash
XxiRosalinaixX - Месяц назад
maryse is going to regret bries gonna bang maryse out
Abdelaziz Elkhidir
Abdelaziz Elkhidir - Месяц назад
At the picture of the video Daniel Bryan looks like he is smiling
Amanda Mariee
Amanda Mariee - Месяц назад
It's the mizz fault to he shouldn't have his wife with him on his own battle he should be a man and mane up to fight alist Daniel Brian man up to fight one and one
Theam yes y3s yes all day
One thing y'all should not do is put y'all girlfriend or wife on your battle they Gona get hurt leave theam in the back with all the women's it makes you a coward
Daniel Bryan is so overrated wrestler ever in WWE. Yes chanting is so annoying.
Margaret Arhu
Margaret Arhu - Месяц назад
Maryse i a liar
Mohaniyah Hashim
Mohaniyah Hashim - Месяц назад
Uhmm is that an acting of being pregnant?
Gamer Side
Gamer Side - Месяц назад
Wtf Is " Mudderhood " ?? 😂😂
Novocaine - Месяц назад
How is this trending
Kwende Wiley
Kwende Wiley - Месяц назад
Miz and Maryse the Coward Couple
Cesar Martinez
Cesar Martinez - Месяц назад
Such trash actors lol
Mr&Mrs Jackson
Mr&Mrs Jackson - Месяц назад
The mizz is relly a buffon
Rashid BIn Mamun
Rashid BIn Mamun - Месяц назад
I stumbled on ass Literally
I stumbled on ass Literally - Месяц назад
Over dramatic period🤦🏽‍♀️
NIKKI BELLA latina - Месяц назад
Wth miz
Cass - Месяц назад
I love the white rope. It feels like good ol' 2015 all over again
Ashok Chaudhary
Ashok Chaudhary - Месяц назад
NicoNicoNii - Месяц назад
I thought Bryan vs Miz it was over
and it start to become boring right now just end it
Unicorn lover
Unicorn lover - Месяц назад
Birdie Vs Monroe
قاهر الجبل
قاهر الجبل - Месяц назад
Arctic Tune
Arctic Tune - Месяц назад
Wrestling is faker than Kardashians... So staged.
Pen4o Arnaydov
Pen4o Arnaydov - Месяц назад
Yes yes brayn like
Ugender Chenna
Ugender Chenna - Месяц назад
Is real hero in Daniel brayan
Golu Bhai
Golu Bhai - Месяц назад
Yess yesss
Dinesh Kumar
Dinesh Kumar - Месяц назад
Stupit the Miz I'm best yes yes yes
laurent yumang
laurent yumang - Месяц назад
daniel bryan is guilty thats why he attack the miz
Keri-michelle Searancke
Keri-michelle Searancke - Месяц назад
Maryse is a liar and the miz is a liar
Judy Sok
Judy Sok - Месяц назад
Jackie sucks
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