Young Fathers - In My View (Official Video)

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Allen Ayler
Allen Ayler - 13 hours ago
What is this song about
Denzel - 3 days ago
young fathers music is actual art !
Hannibal Barca
Hannibal Barca - 9 days ago
no one's gonna comment on that dance?!
give me emotional highs & lows..
Yo Yes
Yo Yes - 14 days ago
this is still one of my favorite videos ever
Dylan Crozier
Dylan Crozier - 14 days ago
Zycho - 15 days ago
‘We’re artists man’
Pretentious douchebags.
High Af
High Af - Month ago
So underrated masterpiece
Olga Elagina
Olga Elagina - Month ago
It's soo cool!
Melissa Ferrell
Melissa Ferrell - Month ago
Cocoa Sugar was easily my favorite album of 2018, but I think also for the past 5 years. That album just fucking moved me, man.
Matthew Bradford
Matthew Bradford - 2 months ago
That was incredible!
Welder boy
Welder boy - 2 months ago
Trash fvgg0t shit
Thanos V
Thanos V - 2 months ago
Who can say "Generic"
anonymous - 2 months ago
some retarded shit
Alice Bell
Alice Bell - 2 months ago
I saw them open for florence + the machine the other day and now im obsessed
Light Yagami
Light Yagami - 3 months ago
Beautiful song
agatorkq - 3 months ago
I'm exploring them because they were supporting Florence and the Machine. Gosh, they are so underrated, need more recognition! I really enjoyed their set before FATM, but I wasn't even a fan of them!
Jellycrusher - 3 months ago
Just seen them live as the support for Florence and the Machine - it was amazing :)
Jan Janusz
Jan Janusz - 2 months ago
Me too, but they played as a duo (+ drummer). Has G Hastings left the band?
Sawney Bean
Sawney Bean - 2 months ago
I’m at her concert right now in Rotterdam and they’re performing atm, I had to look them up after this song 😍
losangelessenzameta - 2 months ago
same B)
Powerpony Neo
Powerpony Neo - 3 months ago
Same 😂
Powerpony Neo
Powerpony Neo - 3 months ago
I saw them in Hamburg on the Florence + The Machine concert and I didn't knew them before but they were so great💕.
Rock21 - 3 months ago
Is this the guy that was bitching about there being no Black Scottish guys?
Adya Singh
Adya Singh - 3 months ago
Honestly, the songs sound so much better here...but live was a bit of disaster. They are the opening act for Florence and the machine. Anyways, here it sounds great!😊
Natsu Momo
Natsu Momo - 2 months ago
@Martyna Wypych this might be A missing person always changes the sound
Martyna Wypych
Martyna Wypych - 2 months ago
I think it may have something to do with them performing without Graham. Both times I heard it live it did sound really really good.
Adya Singh
Adya Singh - 3 months ago
@Natsu Momo good to know! It was a mess in Munich too, where i saw them.
Natsu Momo
Natsu Momo - 3 months ago
Anyways, I really enjoy this and toy on RUvideos. It's pretty good!
Natsu Momo
Natsu Momo - 3 months ago
Yes, but in Hamburg it was okay. They did not have to read the lyrics there, it was a better tune, sounded better.... Well, it was a way better performance then cologne
Eddie Swindells
Eddie Swindells - 3 months ago
Floydd Wood
Floydd Wood - 3 months ago
My god. Utterly beautiful.
K Whut
K Whut - 3 months ago
Beauty from start to finish... cant stop listening to this one! Whole album is amazing though¬!
D D!DD - 3 months ago
Great song
Ancient Exercise
Ancient Exercise - 4 months ago
Just came here from the Scottish National Portrait Gallery video. So why do they dislike the Scots?
Nativerifleman83 - 4 months ago
Racist pos band
Marianna Orsho
Marianna Orsho - 4 months ago
K Whut
K Whut - 4 months ago
Just fucking sublime... My father introduced me to Young Fathers... big up my Dad... not young, but still cool AF.
JDAWGstone - 5 months ago
whatta brilliant song
Djordje Mojsilovic
Djordje Mojsilovic - 5 months ago
Album of the year 2018..
Lydie LM
Lydie LM - 5 months ago
G. is so sexy !
Miabella808 - 5 months ago
Alllove2u - 5 months ago
Wow 💘🎆🎇🔥
Lee Roberts
Lee Roberts - 5 months ago
Lil小 - 5 months ago
anyone here from apple?
Severin - 5 months ago
Lay my belly on a woman
Leave a damsel for Delilah
Dagger for the damned, the damned, the damned
Fine wine and foie gras
In my view, nothing’s ever given away
I believe to advance then you must pay
In my view, love will never come my way
So, when I leave, you’ll be dancing on my grave
[Verse 1]
I wanna be king until I am
A man is just a man, I understand
Has everything gone to plan?
Don’t say it out loud, just let me dance
[Verse 2]
I know you wanna, say you wanna
I never said I was a saint, I'm a sin again, ah
Sin again, ah, and then a sinner
Again, again, ah, again, again, ah
I really wanna take your honour
I’m writing blank checks, I’m a greedy bugger
I’ll take your daughter to feel the thunder
Daddy’s little girl, now the reaper got her
In my view, nothing’s ever given away
I believe to advance then you must pay
In my view, love will never come my way
So, when I leave, you’ll be dancing on my grave
Lay my belly on a woman
Leave a damsel for Delilah
Dagger for the damned, the damned, the damned
Fine wine and foie gras
The torture makes it sweet
So sweet, even more delicious
Animal, rest in peace
You're no longer vicious (In my view)
Animal, rest in peace
You're no longer vicious (I believe)
Animal, rest in peace
Say no more, please baby (In my view)
Animal, rest in, you're no longer vicious
Say no more, please (I believe)
Just cradle, cradle
You're no longer vicious
In my view, nothing’s ever given away
Say no more, please baby
Just cradle, cradle me
In my view, nothing’s ever given away
(Damned, the damned, the damned, the damned, the damned)
I believe to advance then you must pay
(Say no more, please)
In my view, love will never come my way
(Animal, rest in peace)
So, when I leave, you’ll be dancing on my grave
You’ll be dancing on my grave
(You're no longer vicious)
Trickles down your mouth into​ your hand
I wanna be king until I am
I wanna be king until I am
I wanna be king until I am
Man, oh man, oh man, oh man, oh man
COSVOID CREATIONS - 5 months ago
I honestly have so much love for these guys love there music so inspiring to hear all the time.
Hatty Horscroft
Hatty Horscroft - 6 months ago
My sister introduced me to you guys and I'm so thankful. So much talent.
Lulu H
Lulu H - 6 months ago
Why I love so much this song, and the video, and the guys...?
Benji Jizanthapuss
Benji Jizanthapuss - 6 months ago
Easily track of the year, but possibly track of the decade
dukesquash - 4 months ago
@Yomayo i really hope you're joking lmao
Yomayo - 6 months ago
Track of the year and decade, huh? [Singing quietly] ‘Cause you’re a natural, a beating heart of stone, you gotta be so cold, to make it in this world...
NinaAteCocaiNoe - 6 months ago
I've listened this song over and over again, and then I've watched video.. 💘 it's perfection
Alan Ill
Alan Ill - 7 months ago
Can't wait to see them Live
Hurt Davis
Hurt Davis - 7 months ago
cinematic gold?
yana modoc
yana modoc - 7 months ago
james brown
james brown - 7 months ago
This visual is art #Very,verydoperecord.
brenda z
brenda z - 7 months ago
Have been showing this to all I know I love it
gina beau
gina beau - 8 months ago
Richard Moran
Richard Moran - 8 months ago
Best song and video of 2018, fucking yes!
Triggered Panda
Triggered Panda - 8 months ago
This song would go so well in the new live action lion king it's like this was made for it man
Victoria Suddath
Victoria Suddath - 8 months ago
Who’s the beautiful guy at 2:15??
Boris Rajeski
Boris Rajeski - 8 months ago
holy mountain. thank you
Graham Morris
Graham Morris - 8 months ago
Just the right amount of self-insight.
Lindsay Davey
Lindsay Davey - 8 months ago
2018 song of the year
Rup Tratin
Rup Tratin - 8 months ago
Hoxton 786
Hoxton 786 - 8 months ago
1 Word To Describe The Music Video



feydra grey
feydra grey - 8 months ago
anyone else thinks this sounds like Q Lazzarus singing and looks like too x
Fraser Hunter
Fraser Hunter - 8 months ago
this is probably one of the best songs i have heard in a long time
Soham Joshi
Soham Joshi - 8 months ago
I just can't stop myself from listening this song
Ails - 9 months ago
hacheme82 - 9 months ago
Sin again and then a sinner
again, again, again, again
and then-a, Macarena,
Alejandro Avalos
Alejandro Avalos - 9 months ago
I love this video
Kate Adjai
Kate Adjai - 9 months ago
Love from belgium!
Nicole T. Cunha
Nicole T. Cunha - 9 months ago
Beautiful video, and thought provoking lyrics. Looking forward to your other work!
mrbass093 - 9 months ago
First time hearing young fathers was from the ray donavan show!!! Thank you hbo
Titus Monk
Titus Monk - 9 months ago
Right in the feels.
Chaitanya K
Chaitanya K - 9 months ago
*_FIFA 19_*
Phone Account
Phone Account - 9 months ago
2000 puls
2000 puls - 9 months ago
Кто после Нежного редактора?
Thomas Blausza
Thomas Blausza - 9 months ago
This is some serious TV on the Radio shit right here!!
Ольга Егорова
Ольга Егорова - 9 months ago
Martins's Entertainment
Martins's Entertainment - 9 months ago
aahhhh how I love this tune
BIN3RY - 9 months ago
So under rated. YF should be on every playlist. I had no idea they are from Sunny Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
Grunzgesetz - 10 months ago
rwostone - 10 months ago
David Nelson
David Nelson - 10 months ago
Thank you. Your work is awe-invoking and soul aspiring.
MegaLakeStar - 10 months ago
video of the year bar none
stachiano - 10 months ago
I can’t deal with this goodness, so cultic and beautiful.
Cameron Johnstone
Cameron Johnstone - 10 months ago
This is honestly one of the greatest songs I’ve ever listened too.
Rachel Hall
Rachel Hall - 10 months ago
woW Thank you so much,, massive LOVE.
Iryna Gillingham
Iryna Gillingham - 10 months ago
Simply in Love...
ernestoferreri - 10 months ago
the best since de la soul is dead
Rayk Dreisatz geht anders
Rayk Dreisatz geht anders - 10 months ago
Great footage from the zoo. Just the noise is a bit annoying ...
Alejandro Avalos
Alejandro Avalos - 10 months ago
Sophie Williams
Sophie Williams - 10 months ago
Okay so I saw them live and WOW. They are amazing I highly recommend if you get the chance!
FullMentalJacket - 10 months ago
Am I the only one that hears the chord progression of "The Best Thing" by Electric Youth?
Crypto Music
Crypto Music - 10 months ago
Sina The Loner
Sina The Loner - 11 months ago
Fuck this is so intense
hotfuss84 - 11 months ago
What's with the knife, bro?
Viktor Gogol
Viktor Gogol - 11 months ago
Thank you for the great song! Bravo!
mini tyalo
mini tyalo - 11 months ago
I'll always link this song to January 2018 and my room in Lisbon, and how I listened to it on repeat for days, and danced frenetically around. "Don't say it out loud, just let me dance."
ALKiefah الكفاح
ALKiefah الكفاح - 11 months ago
Thank you. A Palestinian Man.
Lucy Smith
Lucy Smith - 11 months ago
Love this band, their music & the video's - Timeless Beauty, Class Act!!!
dannahhunne - 11 months ago
a very emotive song with an equally emotive video. This the shit i like; songs that make you feel something. i could listen on repeat all day.
Jonathan Parker
Jonathan Parker - 11 months ago
Anyone else hear tv on the radio?! But different in a great way
Couto Muianga
Couto Muianga - 11 months ago
oohh yeah
Sho Sikk
Sho Sikk - 11 months ago
They suck
MrNiutok - 11 months ago
You guys were great at opener festival
airingcupboard - 11 months ago
There's grandeur to this music.
Lena Cichewitz
Lena Cichewitz - 11 months ago
Doppeldenk Podcast irgendwer?
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