Lightning Strike at 103,000 FPS

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Ahmad Mabruri
Ahmad Mabruri - 2 hours ago
SleeplessDev - 5 hours ago
This is incredible, it's one of those phenomenon that doesn't look real in slomo. Looks like CGI or something. But in fact, it's just nature. Awesome.
oh yeah yeah yeah
oh yeah yeah yeah - 7 hours ago
You can see it in 206,000fps if you slow down the video by x0.5
the dna master
the dna master - 9 hours ago
one day, someone will see this comment.
XXX Tortelini
XXX Tortelini - 10 hours ago
Sasuke gotta chill🤦🏽‍♂️
Bridget S
Bridget S - 10 hours ago
I would love to see some stills of the feelers.
Sam Jackson
Sam Jackson - 10 hours ago
Did he just Clarkson the intro?
Neemias72 - 12 hours ago
Nao adianta gravar a 100mil fps sendo que vai ser a mesma coisa que 60
planfordead - 15 hours ago
6:30 to 7:00 you can see a red lightning bolt
firebirdude2 - 18 hours ago
Feelers out looking for a ground.... then BOOM. It finds one and unleashes all the power left.
Truly Infamous
Truly Infamous - 20 hours ago
Filming lightning is a bit forgiving considering lighting is so incredibly bright. Those stepped leaders were incredibly badass too.
bryan wards
bryan wards - 22 hours ago
Who's watching during a storm lol
Prahar Patel
Prahar Patel - 22 hours ago
The thumbnail is amazing
Can i have 10.000 subscriber?
They protec
They attacc
But most importanly
The thunderstorm wont be hold bacc
Dale Lerette
Dale Lerette - 23 hours ago
8:47 One of the leaders in the upper right seems to detach independently from the rest of the stream.
Rabeeb Ibrat
Rabeeb Ibrat - Day ago
less talk more footage please
GMP Gaming
GMP Gaming - Day ago
Best part of the video - 3:41
GMP Gaming
GMP Gaming - Day ago
Have you seen Lightning go like a snake? Horizontally through the sky? I have.
Mark Esekielu Temaati
While you are running away to your bed and cuddle your pillow when lighting strikes....BUT THESE DAYS, SOME PEOPLE ARE RUNNING TO LIGHTING
TinnyAndJinny Gaming
Me when my friends play roblox
Matt Tozer
Matt Tozer - Day ago
6:12 SO COOL!!!!
Robunny *23
Robunny *23 - Day ago
They’re like roots, but it look likes they spread to the ground like roots, and then that part that gets closest to the first is where it strikes!
Douglas Meyers
Douglas Meyers - Day ago
Watch this video in slo mo .25 speed you’re welcome
Quazarion - Day ago
Can someone explain these red-ish "ghost" thunders?
wolf - Day ago
Nature's flashbang 🔥💀
Neil CHAKRAVARTY - 2 days ago
Can anyone see the red bolts with the usual lightining bolt in the video? What is that and why is that and what is causing that?? 7:16 (on the right side) and not just there but in every lightining bolts.
DareBärWerner - 2 days ago
Imagine Harvesting the Electricity of a lightning or an entire storm, just how much or how long you could power stuff
Janzel Clement
Janzel Clement - 2 days ago
make another one using an infrared camera or some other type of camera in slo-mo!
bluebajan is best
bluebajan is best - 2 days ago
After the thunder strike...a red one came after
Rakesh Vadnathani
Rakesh Vadnathani - 2 days ago
I captured a lightning in my phone...but it is different than what I saw here...i mean so much...
Rakesh Vadnathani
Rakesh Vadnathani - 2 days ago
I can't add photo here
Milo Estobar
Milo Estobar - 2 days ago
no one question the behaviour of lightning?.... It spread out like a vine... once the vine reach the ground... boom 1 line... but what you guys probably doesn't realise the lightning strike upward...
BARTAZ - 2 days ago
what happens when you put it on 0.25x speed
Maazi Lone
Maazi Lone - 2 days ago
Why tf u just wear shorts?
Double Oh Ryo
Double Oh Ryo - 2 days ago
Probs one of the coolest things to ever be filmed
純夜心 - 2 days ago
Touhou at 103,000 FPS
Vailabe Gaming
Vailabe Gaming - 2 days ago
If you've ever wondered how far away the visible lightning is, here's a pretty neat trick!
When you see the flash, begin counting.
Every 3 seconds is a kilometer (0.6 miles), so if you count to 6 before you hear the thunder, it is 2 km away (1,2 miles).
So basically begin to count in seconds when you see the lightning, and devide the number of seconds from lightning to thunder by 3 to get the distance in kilometers to where the lightning is.
Jesse James
Jesse James - 3 days ago
It looks like a godzilla movie
Su ka
Su ka - 3 days ago
Imagine having a 240 hz monitor
And having the power to have 103,000FPS
In games

Now that is someone who is hacking 😂
Alejandro - 3 days ago
What happen with the sound?
Cambasketball21 Gaming
Cambasketball21 Gaming - 3 days ago
Anyone else see a little bit of red lighting 6:38-6:45
rhenz13 - 3 days ago
If this video is also slow it would take 1 light year to finish
zjola'si - 2 days ago
light year is NOT unit for measuring time, its unit for measuring DISTANCE!
Mr. and Mrs. Gacha
Mr. and Mrs. Gacha - 3 days ago
im starting to wonder how lightning is formed
AKNativ3907 - 3 days ago
Terrifyingly Beautiful
diptadaniswara - 3 days ago
Converse :)
I dropped my pocky
I dropped my pocky - 3 days ago
I remember being directly under a thundercloud when it went off, it felt like an earthquake and I almost lost my balance. The sound itself was deafening. It was spooky.
Evo Docturine
Evo Docturine - 3 days ago
Idk what you have done to this footage but... My phone can film lightning at this speed. I've even got video of it on my channel.! It's not the best because it's through cell service rather than wifi but... It's enough.
Tekstar - 4 days ago
NoobMaster69 house's right now.
Michael Preyer
Michael Preyer - 4 days ago
To me, one of the most fascinating facts about lightning is that most "strikes" go UPWARD from the ground to finish the circuit. The little branches coming down are typically negative and are looking for the path of least resistance. The ground is typically positive. When the branching fingers get closer to the ground, a positive charge suddenly shoots upward from the ground, or an object on the ground, through the path of least resistance. That upward blast is both faster and brighter then the down-streaming fingers. Also, when that upward blast happens, the downward searching fingers attempt to all combine into once circuit which is why you often see dozens of fingers coming down but only one, larger blast shooting upward.
Hiền Lê
Hiền Lê - 4 days ago
That was awesome
TimeFliesAway - 4 days ago
They look like veins
Essa Ventz
Essa Ventz - 4 days ago
Ive should be guessing that does thunder at that place it should be crazy and many people got struck dont be happy dudes XD
Cannie - 4 days ago
Why did city transformed in ocean
Jamie Talbot
Jamie Talbot - 3 days ago
Other side of the hotel
BAMZ 29 - 4 days ago
even closer again
Nils Mößlein
Nils Mößlein - 4 days ago
Why is the title on german?
Adonis KYT [HTTYD]
Adonis KYT [HTTYD] - 4 days ago
It’s really stormy in Texas as of the posting of this comment
latonx jenkins
latonx jenkins - 4 days ago
Smarter than me people of youtube: Why is it that the lightning starts as a massive fork, and then suddenly becomes only one singular beam?
latonx jenkins
latonx jenkins - 4 days ago
@Evan Wingenbach I think you kind sir/Ma'am :)
Evan Wingenbach
Evan Wingenbach - 4 days ago
latonx jenkins it starts as a massive fork because the electricity is searching for a path to ground. Once it finds its best path all the remaining electricity automatically flows through that path
Lesley Fay
Lesley Fay - 4 days ago
loves the slo mo
Lesley Fay
Lesley Fay - 4 days ago
That is so cool. amazing job done
Wolfeshlegelsteinhausenber- gureneinelleston
Who else saw a red lightning a bit to the right whenever there was lightning shown at 28,500 fps I'm pretty sure?
Jacob Salinas
Jacob Salinas - 2 days ago
I did yah
Wolfeshlegelsteinhausenber- gureneinelleston
Isn't Singapore the healthiest country on Earth/ one with most life (plants)
pau pau
pau pau - 4 days ago
LynxProd - 4 days ago
I'm curious WHY it spreads out like that before the main bolt appears.
Gold Prime
Gold Prime - 4 days ago
Maybe it's the unstable particles in the air or something
Andrea Bellossi
Andrea Bellossi - 5 days ago
we need this with the 10 Trillion FPS Camera.
Andrea Bellossi
Andrea Bellossi - 4 days ago
UranicString748 - 4 days ago
That doesn't exist
Captain Wahoo1337
Captain Wahoo1337 - 5 days ago
8:45 in my opinion the best part
Frida Dacat
Frida Dacat - 5 days ago
Oh ein blit schlag😂
Gladiatorz - 5 days ago
Very goód quality!
Shivesh Tuli
Shivesh Tuli - 5 days ago
Pls make slow motion laser light video
Rajat Kaushik
Rajat Kaushik - 5 days ago
Am I the only one or anyone else also saw a little flash of red light at the place of previous lightning when a new lightning goes of
I tried to pause at it 5:31 and I actually so one (just click pause then click here 5:31 )

if anyone knows about this stuff plz tell me the reason for this.
Aakash 222
Aakash 222 - 5 days ago
Servthelord - 5 days ago
No fish arent annoyed little human XD
Ernst Bauer
Ernst Bauer - 5 days ago
Suggestion for next video:
Get a huge electro tesla spule and then run electricity through it and collect like smaller lightnings and flashes coming out of it.
Maybe you could watch The Hacksmith's Thor Lightning Video for some inspiration.
zehrilla shishu
zehrilla shishu - 6 days ago
Am i only one who saw ships in ocean when lights struck from4:56 when paused at lightening part🙄🤔🤔🤔🤔
Hrvatski Mapper
Hrvatski Mapper - 5 days ago
no... everyone probably saw it
RIMIEQIFF - 6 days ago
thor is mad
RBLX ForLife
RBLX ForLife - 6 days ago
Kuala lumpur should be big also and also loud and near
Ekanoo - 6 days ago
Habis dari onthespot langsung kesini
Fhugi - 6 days ago
I see zeus
zexer - 6 days ago
Okey, now I need a 200000 FPS video!
gecko G2
gecko G2 - 5 days ago
you'd need a 2000000 Hz monitor or whatever screen
Tokki - 6 days ago
I literally had to turn my brightness down to see that.
┓┏ 凵 =╱⊿┌┬┐
Come on guys really? 103 thousand? I thought you were called the slow mo guys! That cameras capable of SO much more! 😂
Space Cloverem
Space Cloverem - 7 days ago
OMG this is my country
【L B S】
【L B S】 - 5 days ago
Ruisu0811 gamer
Ruisu0811 gamer - 7 days ago
Tyrone Paat
Tyrone Paat - 7 days ago
Now this is a quality content on my recommendation, thx youtube
William Hoskins
William Hoskins - 7 days ago
Lake mericaibo, Venezuela.
Do it next ok ? Come on fella's .
Ok ?
Saif Rimon
Saif Rimon - 7 days ago
Gusbabyboy - 7 days ago
Did the light hurt ur eyes ?
Like if it did
The_Death_Trooper Rescores
Just Imagine Seeing King Ghidorah During The Lightning Strikes That Would Be Terrifying
jack cap
jack cap - 6 days ago
or shazam
vImSxylZz - 9 days ago
Why it is German title dafuq
jony gmx
jony gmx - 9 days ago
have you guys notice the colours ??
It's Easy
It's Easy - 9 days ago
Tom Bartol
Tom Bartol - 9 days ago
Not impressed, i got samsung s9 and my lightning strike looks pretty got compared to this fancy camera. And im not joking, i took me 1h to get one but yah my phone compered to this, not impressed .
MrMikedejeuner - 9 days ago
1:17 Saitama : Put some pants on
Beau S.L.
Beau S.L. - 9 days ago
Electricity takes the path of least resistance to ground. All those "little feelers" are searching for a path to ground, and once one of them gets there, all the rest of the electrical energy follows that same path. That's why every strike ends with one strong bolt
Marxs - 9 days ago
Check my slow motion capture of lightning Strike !
Taken by Samsung S9+ ! Greetings from Estonia!
gacha anrjd
gacha anrjd - 9 days ago
Soooo basically there is a diareah of lighting bolts and where the first diareah bolt hit the whole power goes there? (Dont like please this is only a question)
Zénó Bartha
Zénó Bartha - 10 days ago
Those kinds of lightnings was in Dragon Ball Z back then... so satisfying
larkess - 10 days ago
Там просто Зевс кастует стоит, всего то
richard laed
richard laed - 10 days ago
*play it on 0.25x and you'll clearly see the light.*
gacha anrjd
gacha anrjd - 9 days ago
Frames, audio & quality problems.
Saurabh Srivastava
Saurabh Srivastava - 10 days ago
How do you avoid flicker
bumi itu bulat_
bumi itu bulat_ - 10 days ago
add Indonesian subtitle
Pujatra - 10 days ago
Rise of ghidorah
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