Lightning Strike at 103,000 FPS

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Anand Jaitely
Anand Jaitely - 5 hours ago
Whats the music in background
Harmail Cheema
Harmail Cheema - Day ago
shazam in slow mo
KevinMooreFan33 - Day ago
B B - Day ago
It's not actually striking the water. It's striking the edge of the earth. It's Aliens defense when a flat earther gets too close to see what is under the earth, they get zapped like a bug zapper. /s in case you think I am serious.
Kyrie Curry
Kyrie Curry - 2 days ago
Did they steal Tom and jerrys sound track at 4:56
Fremonty wissman
Fremonty wissman - 3 days ago
d you know that the sound of the thunder comes after the lightings... not at the same tie right?
Caden Perry
Caden Perry - 4 days ago
Godzilla theme really?
_Bajiru_ - 4 days ago
The lightning stike at 5:19 sounds like an explosion
Play Geetar
Play Geetar - 5 days ago
lol that is awesome!!!!!!
Xd WildEpicmemes
Xd WildEpicmemes - 5 days ago
Is anyone here from jacksucksatlife's like videos
UHFStation1 - 6 days ago
Ever think of selling a bluray of your best stuff? Not so much the explanations, but just the long hand stretching out of events.
Leo 359762
Leo 359762 - 6 days ago
you should do a fridge light going off in slow motion when you close the door
maxhugen - 7 days ago
Would be awesome to see the 'main' bolt in really slo mo... although I guess that would need a truly mad frame rate? I've read somewhere that the main bolt actually travels UP?
Mary Dickinson-Jensen
Mary Dickinson-Jensen - 8 days ago
4:55 I LOVE this song so much from the original Fantasia that I googled the name: Night on Bald Mountain!
Hadi Eftekhari Far
Hadi Eftekhari Far - 9 days ago
Hadi Eftekhari Far
Hadi Eftekhari Far - 9 days ago
💖💖💖🌩🌩🌩🌩🌩🌩🌪🌪🌨🌧🌦⛈☄☄☄ MaşaALLAH.
Santosh kiran
Santosh kiran - 9 days ago
What's the awesome music?
bayney08 - 10 days ago
So most of the shots have a red lightning strike that occurs about the same time, perhaps only after the main bolt contacts ground. What exactly is this? Any chance it's the reverse polarity event?
Slendercraft 02
Slendercraft 02 - 10 days ago
As I’m watching this I hear thunder outside
Little Girl Hole Annihilator
I miss the 10,000,000,000,000 frames per second camera. Mind if you two buy it? xD
McWeebGirl l
McWeebGirl l - 10 days ago
7:55 should have been the thumbnail
McWeebGirl l
McWeebGirl l - 10 days ago
5:31 on the right if you change the playback speed to the slowest one you can see blood red lightning
Accelerate X
Accelerate X - 10 days ago
What is the red strike on the other side of the screen?
Angelina Duarte
Angelina Duarte - 10 days ago
I showed my mom this video and she said "they are Geniuses. Genius nerds... I wanna know a Genius nerd." And walked away lol
Destrudo Alexandros
Destrudo Alexandros - 10 days ago
My fall
Paul Gaittens
Paul Gaittens - 10 days ago
I got chills
Stay Frosty
Stay Frosty - 10 days ago
whats the music that plays at around 5:00? i swear its from that big demon fight in Kingdom Hearts 1
Mary Dickinson-Jensen
Mary Dickinson-Jensen - 8 days ago
Its called Night on Bald Mountain and I remembered it form the original Fantasia! I wouldn't be surprised if it was in Kingdom Hearts as well!!!
Holly T
Holly T - 11 days ago
They spreads out and then quickly combine into a single bolt?
polerpup17 - 11 days ago
My physics professor just showed this video in lecture and the entire time I was paying more attention to Gav and Dan while the professor is trying to tell us about the magnetic fields involved.
Eswan Esari
Eswan Esari - 12 days ago
Hey I live in Singapore!
Aron Le Baron
Aron Le Baron - 12 days ago
Strange how none of the potential paths are ever actually taken and the final bolt goes somewhere completely different.
Ray u look like ass
Ray u look like ass - 12 days ago
Thor is mad
HiI'mJust Pork
HiI'mJust Pork - 12 days ago
My guy the time this vid was posted was when i was coming back from singapore god
Malcolm Jaden
Malcolm Jaden - 13 days ago
We will welcome you
Malcolm Jaden
Malcolm Jaden - 13 days ago
Go Whitley secondary school
X Mattxng
X Mattxng - 13 days ago
wtfff im in sg and i just watched ittt :(
MrsRedFreak123 - 13 days ago
The music for the lightning was dope
MrsRedFreak123 - 13 days ago
The intro was so cute
1x9 Dont Like 8
1x9 Dont Like 8 - 13 days ago
i can already see cumulus clouds.
MY LIFE - 14 days ago
that bgm was lit
John Omega
John Omega - 14 days ago
Music used?
Twinfire - 16 days ago
This is just Thor having a little fun in Singapore.
Seeing this makes me think of the captured lightning phenomena...Lichtenberg trees.
Have the Slo Mo Guys filmed this before? I searched on your channel with no luck
Jaden Williams
Jaden Williams - 16 days ago
*lightning starts*
“We’re on the wrong side!”
*runs down hallway into [random?] guy’s room*
“That’s better”
Evil Paragon 4
Evil Paragon 4 - 17 days ago
After years of not understanding how lightning works, I finally got it just after seeing the slow mo a couple times.
All of those branching parts are all looking for the shortest way down, and near instantly once one finds its way it's done and that's "the strike".
deft croc
deft croc - 17 days ago
Who made God this mad
Jan Lochman
Jan Lochman - 17 days ago
This one was cool!
Tropical polarbear
Tropical polarbear - 18 days ago
Is someone told to shut up at 6:21 😂
Brady - 19 days ago
5:05 I played this song in band
Icky - 19 days ago
dan channeling his inner clarkson haha
Morgan Faw
Morgan Faw - 19 days ago
The colors in the lightning are incredible!
Inderdeep Singh
Inderdeep Singh - 19 days ago
thanks for ruining my eyes completely
Pranav Navti
Pranav Navti - 19 days ago
San you do slow mo of lightning in UV or microwave??
May be you can see when it actually starts
Thakur Nachiketh singh
Thakur Nachiketh singh - 21 day ago
These two guys are like phineas and ferb😅
Thakur Nachiketh singh
Thakur Nachiketh singh - 21 day ago
These two guys are like phineas and ferb😅
TNT JOHN - 21 day ago
Wonderful !!!!
matthew baker
matthew baker - 22 days ago
Márton Tamás
Márton Tamás - 22 days ago
in the i watching top gear?
Mr Wiseguy Construction Channel
dave gudeon
dave gudeon - 22 days ago
Do you can see red lightning ?
TheEmperorOfMankind - 23 days ago
looks like the opening to a godzilla movie and the music XD
John Lee
John Lee - 23 days ago
Are you serious? 20 second ad every time I click on a timestamp?
Só no Gameplay
Só no Gameplay - 23 days ago
dan with clean coat? this is wrong...
Axgawd - 24 days ago
Yall need to start using 60fps or at least 30
theJ4ZZ - 24 days ago
This is so interesting because you can actually see how electricity attempts to find the shortest distance to ground, and once it does, all the other electricity instantly divert their direction to that path of least resistance into a single strand of electrical current.
Nikos Stvr
Nikos Stvr - 24 days ago
THE JACOB - 24 days ago
4:48 NOOO Chernabog NOOOO
David Delgado
David Delgado - 24 days ago
Abubakar Hanif
Abubakar Hanif - 24 days ago
The light branches blasts to become a single branch. Peculiar!
I'm the One
I'm the One - 24 days ago
Do Not Watch This While In The Dark
Paul Hill
Paul Hill - 25 days ago
Why at 4:56 are there red lightning strikes off to the side of the blue lightning strikes?
YO Game
YO Game - 25 days ago
Like a crack in the world
Batz_R _Nocturnal
Batz_R _Nocturnal - 25 days ago
Kinda sounds like Pokémon music when filming the lightning
... - 25 days ago
When he got high end pc.
King Orpheus
King Orpheus - 25 days ago
nice music to go with the lightning, I was always a fan of the music from fantasia
moh kaw
moh kaw - 25 days ago
Jakob s
Jakob s - 25 days ago
The music at 4:56 which they should have cited is "Mussorgsky - Night On Bald Mountain"
Ryan Tidwell-Davidson
Ryan Tidwell-Davidson - 25 days ago
You guys need to do it again and get SUPER slow. So much happens even in the slowest speed you shot it at! :)
Derrick Ho
Derrick Ho - 25 days ago
awaken of goku super saiyan
TurtleGold - 25 days ago
8:43 when the lightning strikes
Youtube User
Youtube User - 25 days ago
What is that red lighting?
Grandma - 25 days ago
Thor liked this video
Two Hundred Thirty Eight
Two Hundred Thirty Eight - 25 days ago
Making video about 103000 fps.
Video is actually 30 fps👌🏿
ZaK Plays
ZaK Plays - 23 days ago
Two Hundred Thirty Eight Ok?
Shizzy - 25 days ago
You guys put in Night on the 'Bare Mountain' as background music. Nice touch!
Thomas Lulu
Thomas Lulu - 25 days ago
Fadlul Faris
Fadlul Faris - 25 days ago
main lightnings are fast asf boiii
Travis Norton
Travis Norton - 25 days ago
I instantly recognized the Frankenstein music because I had to play it in middle school on a tuba
Andreas fpv
Andreas fpv - 25 days ago
Never disepointed
Aiden Manick
Aiden Manick - 25 days ago
Did anyone see the red thing at 5:14
The Pope Empire
The Pope Empire - 25 days ago
I thought lightning started at true ground and went up? This shows that it heads towards the ground
Luis Diaz
Luis Diaz - 24 days ago
That’s exist, it’s called upward moving lightning, Pecos Hank is a big fan of it, look him on YT
Sammei - 25 days ago
It looks like it is burning the air! 😮
Luyk - 25 days ago
Eu sei que vc tá aqui pq o Youtube recomendou.
Big Chungus
Big Chungus - 25 days ago
Light is faster than sound.
i am blank
i am blank - 25 days ago
The lighting is trying to tell us something..
Sonic Splasher
Sonic Splasher - 25 days ago
Red lightning!!!!
Catz - 25 days ago
5:04 You can see a (Red?) Lightning on the right side of the screen if you slowed it down at 0.25x.

*My god*
Brendan - 9 days ago
It's actually a 180 degree rotation of the lightning on the left, a sort of artifact of the technology used.
Zony - 25 days ago
It's a reflection from the lightning on the left.
Deurjs Lara
Deurjs Lara - 25 days ago
That draky sound
Ayen Azhar
Ayen Azhar - 25 days ago
Do The Flash in slow mo please
Raphvioli •
Raphvioli • - 25 days ago
What is the average fps for real life
Rahul Singh
Rahul Singh - 25 days ago
Is like "Thor" is coming
The Deven
The Deven - 25 days ago
That sound was creepy like in a movie haha
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