7 College Students Decide Who Wins $1000 | 1000 to 1 | Cut

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Susan Papp
Susan Papp - 23 minutes ago
the eyjuul girl..... she sparked my fight response
Afiwa Aziadou
Afiwa Aziadou - 24 minutes ago
Istg if I could,I woukd beat tf outta Eye Juice.
cristiana grace
cristiana grace - 51 minute ago
the business girl could afford to get tattoos but couldn’t buy a book? she could’ve saved her money for the book instead of the tattoos!!
Iconic - Hour ago
I feel like barley nobody voted el lueej because no one knew how to spell her name
Tatiana Devos
Tatiana Devos - 2 hours ago
Has no money for her book but gets tattoos
i mean tattoo's arent cheap
Jae Jae
Jae Jae - 3 hours ago
everyone is talking about elluigi
but did you see MAX
he is good looking
and has a nice personality
Beatriz Moraes
Beatriz Moraes - 3 hours ago
that Eugene girl was so pissed in the end. I'm really happy
Jae Jae
Jae Jae - 3 hours ago
danielle: 13:06

annoying book girl: 13:10
David Lemper
David Lemper - 3 hours ago
bunch get your stank azz off the show lousina
sunflowerlindsey •
sunflowerlindsey • - 3 hours ago
aarti or the guy who has kids (i forgot his name) should have won.
Qobiljon Kamolov
Qobiljon Kamolov - 4 hours ago
15:14 such a fake laugh
Qobiljon Kamolov
Qobiljon Kamolov - 4 hours ago
we gain people when you lose people .. 14:20
Wolfie_ Kat
Wolfie_ Kat - 4 hours ago
I got an ad with Danny Davito
Qobiljon Kamolov
Qobiljon Kamolov - 4 hours ago
11:19 that ugly girl and gay boy . they are cheating they secretly looked at each other
Kara Scales
Kara Scales - 5 hours ago
I feel like no one initially voted for Ouija board because they couldn't spell/remember her name.
Timii - 7 hours ago
why does my brain keep spellchecking Aarti to Atari :/
Joey Huynh
Joey Huynh - 7 hours ago
Ooh artti made a smart move. Didn't vote and then kicked out Jon.
Annie Jacobs
Annie Jacobs - 7 hours ago
You guys should do this with BTS and BP
Alexandra Thomas
Alexandra Thomas - 8 hours ago
SOPHIA ANTHONI - 8 hours ago
An expensive book as reason to get a 1000 dollars... if I can’t pay for a book, I would go to a library or scan the book from someone else so I have a digital copy of it... we live in 2019...
Tiffany Le
Tiffany Le - 8 hours ago
Eeljuu would've gotten voted off the 1st round but everyone was prob thinking "fuck it idk how to spell that name..."
Liv Pav
Liv Pav - 9 hours ago
Max really making them show their true colours. They keep saying “we all have tuition to pay”, yeah that’s right there’s like five of you that have tuition to pay so why are you picking just him?? Like if you’re going to say it’s obvious then give the reason.
Liv Pav
Liv Pav - 9 hours ago
ALSO how’d the person who need to buy a BOOK not get voted once in the first two rounds
Ester Schneider
Ester Schneider - 9 hours ago
guy works to support his KID and wants to use the money for charity - gets voted off first
eeljuice wants to buy a book and is really conniving - makes it to the final three
Liv Pav
Liv Pav - 9 hours ago
Was the one person who had a kid and was going to use the money for something other than his own needs seriously voted off?? Bro speechless 😶
Olivia Slavens
Olivia Slavens - 10 hours ago
Really thought Parker should have won :(
Mahalia's Fun Time
Mahalia's Fun Time - 10 hours ago
Eiluj bout to go home and cry 😂
Mahalia's Fun Time
Mahalia's Fun Time - 10 hours ago
Eiluj was just getting on my nerves the whole time. 🙄 like imagine that one girl at school who STAY tryna act innocent, but we all know in the devil.
maryjo castro
maryjo castro - 10 hours ago
im so mad parker deserved to win
confettibunny - 11 hours ago
why there always gotta be one annoying person in these videos
Dr. Peppa
Dr. Peppa - 11 hours ago
ok but like max is cute
Vanessa M
Vanessa M - 11 hours ago
So what's Max's @ lol
TaeKookies - 11 hours ago
Ejilahksdbjs whatever her name is... is just gonna buy a ACCOUNTANCY BOOK!? I know my poor cousin who wanted to be a doctor, but she was to poor, so she went with accountancy, and she bought a book... why can’t you ejilihbsjsb? Hmmmm? You lying?
BIG MAC RICHIE - 11 hours ago
All i’m saying is jon is wearing $600 shoes like nigga get your priorities straight
kate sinclair
kate sinclair - 12 hours ago
That lujiji or whatever girl had to pay for a BOOK and Parker has kids like that was unfair
Becausee Because
Becausee Because - 12 hours ago
No one:
Literally not a single soul:
Never in a billion years has anyone thought:

Throught the depths of the solar systems:

Ugly ass or whatever her name is : BoOk 👁📚👁
Becausee Because
Becausee Because - 12 hours ago
Why is the umpa lumpa crying over a book like calm your tits...
eva g
eva g - 12 hours ago
eiluji said that jon and max were putting something out there that they all had to deal with yet she wanted to use the money for a book?
Becausee Because
Becausee Because - 12 hours ago
Euiliguglyass: I wAnT a bOoK 👁👃👁
Elijah nation
Elijah nation - 12 hours ago
Ryan was scary
Chevron Owls
Chevron Owls - 12 hours ago
I don’t think that the pink shirt guy deserves it bc he is going into a business that will give his future a lot more money
M Silas
M Silas - 13 hours ago
Lol dang max out sweat is real when he sat down 🤣🤣🤣
Sergi0Vega - 14 hours ago
At least we get the satisfaction of euligia getting roasted in the comments 😂
Now she can’t brag about this video👁👅👁
brooke a
brooke a - 14 hours ago
i was PISSED that they voted off parker...he literally has a kid and wanted to do charity in ecuador!! and he was voted off because he was late..??? that’s not a reason. and he was late bc he was working to support him and his kid like tf is wrong with people? luigi needed a book but was final 3 and parker had a family and wanted to do charity and was voted out first🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️
Katie Tomerlin
Katie Tomerlin - 14 hours ago
okay but danielle won $1000 to just pay for regular expenses? most college students are paying for tuition and rent.
Jordan Dornellien
Jordan Dornellien - 16 hours ago
I ship the girls😭😂❤️
Iconic - 16 hours ago
Danielle: i want to do nursing
Aarti: my car got totaled
Parker: i want to help kids in ecuador
Eleegi: i wAnT tO gEt a BoOk!1,,!111!,,, 😀🤷🏼‍♀️
lynyaa - 17 hours ago
I live three hours away from my school. And I still wake up at 4am. And get to school by 7/8 and manage a 4.3gpa. I think you can do it too girl!
ShipsInTheKnight - 17 hours ago
15:21 the girl on the far left looks like Aubrey Plaza
Emersyn Wells
Emersyn Wells - 17 hours ago
I don’t think it was fair to jon because aarti knew he had 2 votes and if she voted for him she knew he would lose because there was 5 people
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