7 College Students Decide Who Wins $1000 | 1000 to 1 | Cut

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Aleana Hang
Aleana Hang - Hour ago
The first person they voted off was the FATHER? Shows how selfish is millennials can be :(
Caro Gicela Arzac
Caro Gicela Arzac - 3 hours ago
I need Max’s IG.. research purposes
Sandy P
Sandy P - 4 hours ago
Textbook girl should’ve used the money from her multiple tattoos towards her book 🥴
Noah Alila
Noah Alila - 4 hours ago
In all these videos, there’s always one person on the couch who’s just salty/talks to much
Mariah J.
Mariah J. - 5 hours ago
They were soooo passive aggressive LMAO
Carolina fghjklkjhgfdfg
Carolina fghjklkjhgfdfg - 6 hours ago
I love that I’m seeing comments about Erin even though it’s a different channel😂
Rose Shayer
Rose Shayer - 7 hours ago
Where is the go fund me page for Parker???
Sandy Hermawan
Sandy Hermawan - 11 hours ago
First vote for parker????? Are you guys kidding me????
ohmy loser
ohmy loser - 11 hours ago
jon’s hot as SHIT
Miles Facher
Miles Facher - 13 hours ago
30% of the comments: Parker deserved to win!
the other 70%: making fun of waluigi’s name
Jazmine Jules
Jazmine Jules - 14 hours ago
I'm here cause I couldn't comment on the high school one that just came out. I was so frustrated with the girl with short hair that wanted to be a marine biologist. 😤
Jazmine Jules
Jazmine Jules - 12 hours ago
@18 78 hip she was really doing too much when she admitted to the Bahamas trip being personal.
18 78
18 78 - 13 hours ago
@Jazmine Jules RIGHT. I get why they blocked comments though cause they're teenagers but ugh she needs a vibe check. Imagine getting mad you can't go to the Bahamas whilst another girls parents won't even properly look after her....
Jazmine Jules
Jazmine Jules - 13 hours ago
@18 78 I know and she made herself a victim in 2 seconds flat
18 78
18 78 - 13 hours ago
she sucked " i lOvE tHe OcEaN"
Emma Teszner
Emma Teszner - 14 hours ago
"who wins 1000 dollars" - high schoolers
MD :/
MD :/ - 16 hours ago
Worst video ever. 👎🏼 selfish people & producers too
Mya Rose
Mya Rose - 17 hours ago
I feel like every quiet/shy person always wins lol
Whitnee S.
Whitnee S. - 17 hours ago
Ryan - the lawyer who hates confrontation & is awful at giving his personal arguments. But like, me too so no shade
Logan Davis
Logan Davis - 21 hour ago
Seems like if youre a straight male you get voted out first in every video...weird🤔
Liv - 21 hour ago
honestly the high school kids were much more responsible and empathetic wtf
tami s.
tami s. - Day ago
why does waluigi thinks she deserves that money
M A - Day ago
no comments on how attractive Jon isssss
Mythili M.u
Mythili M.u - Day ago
The lawyer is just stupid.... A lawyer must portray discipline, good argument and logic but this guy possesses none of those qualities 😂
Vanessa Lei
Vanessa Lei - Day ago
Out of top 3 I'm glad Danielle won
Al kaid Becha
Al kaid Becha - Day ago
I like how everybody here is misspelling Alugee's name on purpose ..
Vanessa Lei
Vanessa Lei - Day ago
Just realized the gray shirt's name is julie spelled backwards
CHARLIE - Day ago
I'm just wondering why people kept voting for aarti like wtf. What did she to do y'all . She had one of the most valid reasons!!
Acemano War Games
Acemano War Games - Day ago
This shii remind me of survivor
Baeeerock98 - Day ago
I hate how they wait until they’re on the couch to call out some people. If i was in this game I would constantly be calling out these people !!!
Mariah Rayne
Mariah Rayne - Day ago
Who gives a shit if he was late lol
bryana - Day ago
parker and jon needed it i think
OhmegadJT - Day ago
They should do a mixture of boomers and millennials for the next one. That would be insane.
Hannah Fortenberry
Hannah Fortenberry - Day ago
this is the most civil video of this series I've seen yet
AlexXxana Renae
AlexXxana Renae - Day ago
I really wanted Parker to win.... He was gonna buy the plane ticket to go help indigenous people!
K Channels
K Channels - Day ago
Here to see if anybody commented on the high schoolers episode lol
Aidee M
Aidee M - Day ago
lol wtf they always eliminate the ppl that need it the most
Jacob Armstrong
Jacob Armstrong - Day ago
Julie backwards was looking worried in the last round when the casting couch offered to give their opinions
Matilda Liljebrand
Matilda Liljebrand - Day ago
Bro everyone is so sweaty
Paul George
Paul George - Day ago
Woulda gave it to max
cagrithewriter - Day ago
Max would be a better lawyer than the one actually studying it. lol
Lexii168 - Day ago
And I feel with this competition the person who always needs it the most is always the first one to get kicked off which is so dumb and annoying
Lexii168 - Day ago
The only person that deserved the money was the guy with kids.
L M N O - Day ago
i dont like how the producers keep rushing them. just have a timer guys!
PC PastaFace
PC PastaFace - Day ago
Damn that’s some greed
John Quinto
John Quinto - Day ago
fucking hated jon
allan12 - 2 days ago
Someone tell me Max's @ please.
Idk if I just haven't been scrolling enough but I can't seem to find it in the comments.
Morgan Dukes
Morgan Dukes - 2 days ago
“you voted us off because we were the biggest threats” this is not big brother skdhdiskakland
Aubree - 2 days ago
Ok...so...did anyone catch that shot of max's sweaty armpits at 8:29-8:32 tho
Syd For Life
Syd For Life - 2 days ago
Why did they have major pit stains like 🤮
victor campos
victor campos - 2 days ago
A lawyer who cant handle confrontation...sounds right
skel - 2 days ago
this was the best one i like all the ppl in this
Max Whelio
Max Whelio - 2 days ago
Everyone: votes people out because they have stuff that everyone college student has to deal with. Then choses the person who has the most basic thing stuff to give the money to
Amin Akhmadi
Amin Akhmadi - 2 days ago
In 2019 you can get accounting books in pdf for free. Yet she got in top 3
sylky - 2 days ago
Damn, Danielle is such a good manipulator, only Max could see through it.
Gsune e
Gsune e - 2 days ago
Max has a thing for Danielle
Diana Frias
Diana Frias - 2 days ago
How does eiluj someone who only needed a TEXT BOOK! that probably only costs under 10o dollars not get voted once?! It's 1000 dollars I think Parker should of been the one to take the money but I hope it helps Danielle...
warofmankind - 2 days ago
She didn't deserve she just sat there and acted pretty smh
Emmanuel Baiden
Emmanuel Baiden - 2 days ago
sorry but this is the dumbest episode i have ever watched,you play a game to win money that can help someone in raising his kid
Simply Sky
Simply Sky - 2 days ago
I hate the white girl
Simply Sky
Simply Sky - 2 days ago
The lugui girl wanted a BOOK that she can easily save up on you don’t need 1000 dollars hand the person who got out first actually needed the money
Emmanuel Baiden
Emmanuel Baiden - 2 days ago
Do you know the annoying part of this game?...how they act after eliminating you...it's annoying...Parker deserved it...he had a kid and was late because of work...they cared more about education than life...if not life what else
Ro Mad
Ro Mad - 2 days ago
This is the most peaceful episode lol
Simply Sky
Simply Sky - 2 days ago
Wtf why did she cut rock when they were playing rock paper siccors
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