Top Gun: Maverick - Official Trailer (2020) - Paramount Pictures

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Ven Noel
Ven Noel - 4 minutes ago
If Kenny Loggins - Danger Zone doesn’t start playing at some point in the movie, I’m going to be really upset lol
Topnug Maverick
Topnug Maverick - 5 minutes ago
TopGun for life. Was born named after this movie and will die named after this movie. ♥️🤘🏼 Can’t wait to see it. 😀
FrankyFes - 5 minutes ago
dman i was hoping seeing iceman being around for their rivalry
TheTeejay73 - 5 minutes ago
You can be my wingman anytime - Bullshit you can be mine. Oh yes baby bring it home!
Marie Vese
Marie Vese - 5 minutes ago
I just think this movie should stay in the 80s because there is no Goose
Jake Bagel
Jake Bagel - 6 minutes ago
wow! finally something good trending
Hillary Hussein Clinton
Hillary Hussein Clinton - 6 minutes ago
Knowing life and Hollywood, this will be a copy and paste of the original Top Gun.
Amanda Lee
Amanda Lee - 6 minutes ago
Can’t wait !!
Gregory Clay
Gregory Clay - 6 minutes ago
yup take my money
Allison Stiles
Allison Stiles - 6 minutes ago
My friends dads an Air Force pilot and she said it always surprises her how accurate Hollywood shows the Air Force
whitestripee - 6 minutes ago
Is this a remake? Or a sequel? A Reseqmakeuel?

Anyways, can´t wait!
Badass Cruise
Badass Cruise - 6 minutes ago
Others Greatest Life Mysteries : Bermuda Triangle,Area 51,etc.
Me:Tom Cruise Becoming young.
Kimi Phillips
Kimi Phillips - 6 minutes ago
Fly into the danger zone... one more time.
Jon Wilson
Jon Wilson - 6 minutes ago
Top gun is the reason I became a pilot.
get Smarty
get Smarty - 6 minutes ago
Im pumped val kilmers in it too!
Pablo Padilla
Pablo Padilla - 6 minutes ago
Logan Hardoon
Logan Hardoon - 6 minutes ago
wow, yes!
Rajendra Saravanan
Rajendra Saravanan - 6 minutes ago
My favorite hollywood acter Tom cruise 😍😘
Tom cruise fans group from tamilnadu
Sean Harrington
Sean Harrington - 6 minutes ago
Touge Monstro
Touge Monstro - 7 minutes ago
So this means that in another 30 some odd years we will get a rebot of a rebot?
Heleve Joergon
Heleve Joergon - 7 minutes ago
when you click a trailer knowing you're going to like it by the end
abbyboyone - 7 minutes ago
ed harris looks like a raisen
LEGO airplane Boy
LEGO airplane Boy - 7 minutes ago
Top gun Mavrick #1 trending
IT chapter Two: #2 trending aM I A jOkE tO yOu
Brandon Ram
Brandon Ram - 7 minutes ago
Well shit...I looks well made so...yeah I'd pay to see it, why not.
living proof
living proof - 7 minutes ago
Boner achieved
Moon Lord
Moon Lord - 7 minutes ago
the legend begins.🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷
Uaychai Chotjaratwanich
Uaychai Chotjaratwanich - 8 minutes ago
Top Gun: The Phantom Menace
EpicYo11 - 8 minutes ago
where is danger zone???
Abrupt Lander
Abrupt Lander - 8 minutes ago
"Your kind is headed for extinction" Man that line hits me...
TheCommanderChief - 8 minutes ago
Avengers? Ha... scrull you Marvel ..WATCH AND LEARN , THAT IS FOR WHAT WE TALKING ABOUT !!!!
CJ Pockets
CJ Pockets - 8 minutes ago
Tom, how old are you?
Tom: Yes.
Dakota Damman
Dakota Damman - 8 minutes ago
You have my attention...
Tim Tams
Tim Tams - 8 minutes ago
I thought i saw Brie "Avenger" Larson for a minute there
Araym AleAdryG
Araym AleAdryG - 8 minutes ago
Admiral: "You should be at least a two star admiral by now... yet here you are - captain -. What is that?"
Tom Cruise: "Yes"
Maroof Juneja
Maroof Juneja - 8 minutes ago
If I have to watch only 1 movie in 2020, this will be the one💯🙌🏻
Vivek Mishra
Vivek Mishra - 8 minutes ago
Amazing Trailer
Aditya prakash
Aditya prakash - 8 minutes ago
The theme is still too sharp to give all ur pores goosebumps. Like if u agree
Xavier Matews
Xavier Matews - 9 minutes ago
This is AMAZING! :D
Sai Prasad
Sai Prasad - 9 minutes ago
Top gun still remembered today becos they did not release a 2nd part
Russell Jacoby
Russell Jacoby - 9 minutes ago
I'll buy my ticket right now! This is one of my all time top 5 movies that I've seen.
Abhinav Lakshmanan
Abhinav Lakshmanan - 9 minutes ago
Mission : Impossible - SkyOps
FranktheTank70 - 9 minutes ago
Of course though, women are a tiny percentage of pilots much less fighter pilots but of course they feature a female pilot in the trailer. More bullshit
Wilson Abreggo
Wilson Abreggo - 9 minutes ago
I have a feeling this is one of those reboots that won’t disappoint at all.
Keeping my fingers crossed 🤞🏻
MirrorMonolith - 9 minutes ago
Oh hell yes.
Bill Marion
Bill Marion - 9 minutes ago
I don't care if it's unrealistic nostalgic nonsense, I'm totally excited about this movie!!!!!!!
Ferris Ironov
Ferris Ironov - 9 minutes ago
Thought it was Maverick by Logan Paul lol
Queencity Limo
Queencity Limo - 9 minutes ago
He's not an admeral cause he loves to fly baby
Danyal Elia
Danyal Elia - 10 minutes ago
Time to play Ace Combat again!
It's Me, Cody
It's Me, Cody - 10 minutes ago
It looks like a good ol’ fashioned movie, y’know? Thrills, drama, romance, laughs, testosterone fueled beach sports, it’s just the whole dang package.
Koala Chingu
Koala Chingu - 10 minutes ago
Who plays Goose's son?
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