Top Gun: Maverick - Official Trailer (2020) - Paramount Pictures

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velocityjones1 - 4 hours ago
Spooky Q
Spooky Q - 5 hours ago
Ah shit he was inverted!
Blake Chapman
Blake Chapman - 5 hours ago
My gf: Why do you keep watching that trailer over and over again?
Me: It's one of life's mysterys sir
John Doe
John Doe - 6 hours ago
maverick should be a trans black binary woman
MKI Flanker
MKI Flanker - 6 hours ago
produced by Lockheed Martin to promote Raptors looks like......................
SPPalmer01 - 7 hours ago
Better be even more gay then the first else it ain't top gun!
movesguy - 7 hours ago
"Where did WHO GO???"
movesguy - 7 hours ago
If ever to see a movie in IMAX, its this one...
mm mm
mm mm - 8 hours ago
He was busy as Ethan hunt
ilttpvvm - 9 hours ago
Let's kick the tires and light the fires!!!
Mark Steenson
Mark Steenson - 10 hours ago
Say what you want about Tom's religious beliefs, the man is a fucking *movie star* through and through. Nobody can turn a chunk of shit into a #1 box office hit like he can.
T Hyslop
T Hyslop - 11 hours ago
He looks both ancient and ridiculous here. The movie will defy any sense of reality and be tripe. Probably reshot it a dozen times already trying to fine tune the dead weight out of it.
lemane lemso
lemane lemso - 11 hours ago
military industrial complex propaganda
loloedok 911
loloedok 911 - 14 hours ago
F22 raptor where? Su57 felon where? F35 lightning 2 where? Where is the 5th generation of aircraft?
loloedok 911
loloedok 911 - 3 hours ago
@Art Vandelay007 //Still, I would rather see the latest aircraft. At least in secondary roles. It’s the 21st century, and it’s not very interesting to look at old planes in a modern film. What is the difference in how the plane performs its tasks, if this is not the main thing in the film? The main thing in the movie about fighters is the plot, dynamics, action, aesthetics. Moreover, if the first Top gun allowed himself to invent planes, why not do it again?
Art Vandelay007
Art Vandelay007 - 10 hours ago
loloedock 911 // F/A-18E/F Super Hornets are the USN current front line carrier-based aircraft, filling all three roles of fighter/attack/interceptor. Other than serving in covert "stealth" roles, the F-22 and F-35 are slugs that can barely get out of their own way from all reports. The Super Hornets are much more nimble, maneuverable, and kick-ass faster.
loloedok 911
loloedok 911 - 14 hours ago
Where is raptor or felon?
loloedok 911
loloedok 911 - 3 hours ago
@Art Vandelay007 // But you can use computer graphics. The current level of technology allows you to issue a photorealistic picture. This is noticeable even in video games like Digital Combat Simulator or Ace Combat 7: Skies Unkown In the second game, there are just well-developed models F22 and Su-57
Art Vandelay007
Art Vandelay007 - 10 hours ago
loloedock 911 // Raptor=slug Felon=unavailable (as is typical of ALL current front line Russian tactical military aircraft). Think about it. The Russians would no sooner hand over a current Sukoi aircraft to the Americans any more than the Americans would be willing to hand over a Raptor or Lightning to the Russians. 😄👍🇺🇸
Tony Kwan Ping Yee
Tony Kwan Ping Yee - 15 hours ago
The Expendables 5
Alexandre Silva
Alexandre Silva - 15 hours ago
Sounds like Commander Shepard lol
falconeaterf15 - 17 hours ago
Fun fact: A US Navy F14 Tomcat flew in the Winnipeg International Airshow back in the day.
It was the coolest thing I ever did see.
falconeaterf15 - 17 hours ago
Best Xmas presents I ever gave were rubber dog poop and fake vomit to all my young nieces and nephews.
Hours of amusement for all.
Seefor Yourself
Seefor Yourself - 17 hours ago
Is Luke skywalker in this too?
Juvenileprawn - 17 hours ago
The one detail annoying me is the use of the f-15 in the whole thing and then the tomcat at the and
Art Vandelay007
Art Vandelay007 - 10 hours ago
Juvenileprawn // USN F/A-18E/F Super Hornets, not USAF F-15 Strike Eagles. 😄👍🇺🇸
B Terry
B Terry - 21 hour ago
So, America first again? With Hornet????
Ajie 19
Ajie 19 - 22 hours ago
Top gun without take my Breathe away??? WTH
Andrea Fernandez
Andrea Fernandez - 22 hours ago
What about Jerry McGuire 2?
Shane Kennedy
Shane Kennedy - Day ago
If this doesn't mean 'Hot Shots: Topper (2020)' i'm going to be pissed!
Little Traveller
Little Traveller - Day ago
No fucking way. This is gonna be THE SHIT
lezzeti - Day ago
This is the new Top Gun Movie, this time it's CPA*. Beijing must be pleased. (*= Communist Party Approved). #JapaneseandTaiwaneseflagpatchesaregone
Andreas Kluth
Andreas Kluth - Day ago
I feel the need, the need for speed!
Mark Mene
Mark Mene - Day ago
33 years later Tom still looks the same while I'm fat and bald ! WTF !!!
Kanley West
Kanley West - Day ago
Dario Ye
Dario Ye - Day ago
Take My Pants Away~~~~
Dario Ye
Dario Ye - Day ago
so ur gonna fight CCP? i dont think so...u pussy~
Gesa Nalapunda
Gesa Nalapunda - Day ago
Wow, one of my most favorite childhood’s movie.
sixgun Dave
sixgun Dave - Day ago
If they dont deepfake 80s Goose into this movie I'm gonna punch a baby
Art Vandelay007
Art Vandelay007 - 10 hours ago
Sixgun Dave // His little son from the first movie, now all grown, is a Navy pilot in this one. 😄👍🇺🇸
emich28 - Day ago
Is Jester dead?
Robert Yglesias
Robert Yglesias - Day ago
Maverick does what he does best FLY!!!
Flop Gun old balls part 2. Maybe they will play danger zone the song that sux ass and repeats the same phrase 50 times, Send this straight to the redbox
Logan Summers Producer
Jay Rodriguez
Jay Rodriguez - Day ago
Omg let’s gooooooo
person8203 - Day ago
I'm in my 30's and feel like at least one day in the week needs to be for catch-up sleep. Tom Cruise is a vampire.
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