Top Gun: Maverick - Official Trailer (2020) - Paramount Pictures

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backgroundMASCAL - 21 minute ago
so USA should fight Israels war for them ...this time against Iran.
HummelGeneral - 21 minute ago
Ah! So Tom finally managed to get his fighter pilot license, looking forward to him ramming other jets out of the sky.
David - 21 minute ago
The movie nobody ask for but a movie we all needed. Can't wait to see it!!!
scotiansen - 22 minutes ago
New Age Rise
New Age Rise - 23 minutes ago
Yes the 80's lives💪💪💪💪💪💪💪
The one n only Dmangq
The one n only Dmangq - 23 minutes ago
Man I forgot how iconic this movie was, there was even a rollercoaster ride name after it at Carowinds when It was own by Paramount.
cat - 23 minutes ago
blazzingsaddles4 - 23 minutes ago
"Tom, if you screw this sequel up, you'll be flying a cargo plane full of rubber dog shit out of Hong Kong"
Erik Campos
Erik Campos - 24 minutes ago
Jason Walle
Jason Walle - 24 minutes ago
Goose’s son will either blame Maverick or Ice Man’s son (also an aviator) for his fathers death, but ultimately they’ll have to fly together and will kick ass in the process sealing the brothers in arms bond between them. This is my guess....
Jeff Dasavage
Jeff Dasavage - 24 minutes ago
I really hope this isn’t just a cash grab
Arsalan Farooqui
Arsalan Farooqui - 24 minutes ago
Sean Macneil
Sean Macneil - 25 minutes ago
I’m back to get that god awful cats trailer out my mind
matus horvath
matus horvath - 25 minutes ago
Is it just me or does the clickbait look like logan Paul is in it
Law Dawg
Law Dawg - 25 minutes ago
Hollywood better not screw this up
Luna Serene
Luna Serene - 25 minutes ago
I have the NEED... - oh wait
s.andral - 25 minutes ago
The theme gives me chills! Damn... Most favorite childhood movie and best 80's soundtrack!
I need danger zone in it please!
It will be awesome! 😊
Shaun Patrick O'Jameson
Shaun Patrick O'Jameson - 25 minutes ago
Tom Cruise is a true maverick. Anyone else would have subverted our expectations by portraying the original hero as a washed-up loser and replacing him with someone diverse or female, like in Ghostbusters or Oceans or Mad Max or Star Wars or Bond.
fly goat
fly goat - 26 minutes ago
Wow a movie that might be worth watching i cant believe it in this day and age
The one n only Dmangq
The one n only Dmangq - 26 minutes ago
I played the Top Gun game on Nintendo , that game was so evil. How many you loved the landing sequence after every mission? lol. I did beat it, soooooo Top Gun 2 the game I'll be waiting on yas
O. Ram
O. Ram - 26 minutes ago
Who shoots down planes with bullets anymore? We shoot missiles many miles out and never see the enemy nowadays. Better have a hell of a good subplot.
Rashard Stallworth
Rashard Stallworth - 26 minutes ago
This shouldve been released this summer we've been looking forward to this.
jerry rivera
jerry rivera - 26 minutes ago
Why is he still using the f14?
King Bartu
King Bartu - 26 minutes ago
Omg they made a movie about logan paul
Acoa Omulen
Acoa Omulen - 27 minutes ago
Everyone buy Ray Ban stocks I have a feeling we will have some sky high sales
نور حمادة
نور حمادة - 27 minutes ago
محمد كيمر مصطفى
محمد كيمر مصطفى - 24 minutes ago
Sam Ward
Sam Ward - 27 minutes ago
I have the need to watch this film
superbt2016 - 27 minutes ago
This is the most wait trailer I have been waiting for
SnapperTrx - 27 minutes ago
The original Top Gun was a great popcorn movie about men and machines. A lot of movies back then had a similar formula, like Iron Eagle. It worked, and it worked well because men love machines, hot women and the glory of combat. This preview makes me feel like a kid again, when I could just enjoy Maverick and Goose gunning down bad guys in a kick-butt F-14 Tomcat. I don't care much for Cruise anymore, but I'm looking forward to tearing up the skies with Maverick again. It's been a long time.
BTW: Anyone remember the Top Gun game for the original NES? Friends and I spent hours playing that at home! Loved it!
jason newman
jason newman - 28 minutes ago
Why can’t you leave the original as it was ? What next maverick age 70 flying a f15 With no legs ?
Funk Bees
Funk Bees - 28 minutes ago
This is how we stop the pilot shortage.
Jerry bookkeeper
Jerry bookkeeper - 28 minutes ago
Basically uncle sam asking you to join the airforce
dlsOHyes - 28 minutes ago
Wouldn't he be too old to fly?
Leonard S. Erdody
Leonard S. Erdody - 29 minutes ago
ermooree5 - 29 minutes ago
New Suzuki Katana!!
Robert Harvey
Robert Harvey - 29 minutes ago
Robert Harvey
Robert Harvey - 29 minutes ago
top gun
Tai Lopez
Tai Lopez - 30 minutes ago
Tom Cruise still not aging... He must be drinking adrenalized kid's blood
Boboopolis - 30 minutes ago
The swapping out of the Japanese and Taiwanese flag on the back of the jacket to appease the Chinese is hilarious. The Chinese government is SO petty.
Dolan Gacha
Dolan Gacha - 30 minutes ago
*Logan Paul has entered the chat*
MsMcmoe - 31 minute ago
Last year I went to San Diego for a few days & someone took me to the house in Oceanside where Tom had dinner w/ Kelli McGillis, then to the KC bbq restaurant where Goose plays the piano, (& other bar scenes) then to the street where Tom chased Kelli down to talk to her after she sped away in her sports car. To say the least, I was thrilled to see these places!!!!
Tron Effect
Tron Effect - 31 minute ago
Heck yea!!! Where you at Goose!!
Omegzy - 31 minute ago
John Powell
John Powell - 31 minute ago
This will probably just end up being just another mission impossible movie clone
Robert Harvey
Robert Harvey - 31 minute ago
lion King
Aditesh Bhadauriya
Aditesh Bhadauriya - 32 minutes ago
Legendary Tom❣️.
Hats-off man
Tommy L
Tommy L - 32 minutes ago
@1:42 anybody feelin like playin ace combat
SxmRadio - 32 minutes ago
Top Gun: Military Pension?
Ashlyn Witt
Ashlyn Witt - 33 minutes ago
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Bill Birsay
Bill Birsay - 33 minutes ago
This looks completely pointless. Why does it exist.
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