Jaden's 21st Birthday Party

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Jeane Amor
Jeane Amor - 8 hours ago
Meus amores😍😍😍😍
LiamsJR - Day ago
Jaden just be laughing ..
Khafidia Zunaesa
Khafidia Zunaesa - Day ago
it was so adorable❤
LucyaTantarelli - Day ago
Ok talk about humble and wholesome. Jaden is the definition of a good person!
Gradi Mukendi
Gradi Mukendi - Day ago
Jaden your cute but your laugh is a little funny
TITANIUM - Day ago
felicidades cuatro meses después mrs jaden jejej saludos desde mexico
Language Hack
Language Hack - Day ago
Trey Smith is just handsome!
johnson Dahal
johnson Dahal - Day ago
Will smith is such an emotional person. He’s a good dad and a good human being.
Noisy boy New
Noisy boy New - Day ago
is his laugh brocken ?
Ryan Hammond
Ryan Hammond - Day ago
The whole smith family goes off!
Erin. Lynn. Johnson_jackson Johnson_jackson
Hi. Sense. Yall. Haven't. Caled. Yet. Change. Of. Plans. Yall. Come. Sleep. Here. Bring. What. You. Want. Me. To. Have. I'm. After. Earth. And. A. 903-917-4375. Thanks. For. Red. Table. Love. Yah. Jaden. Ezekiel 33. Psalms 70. Psalms. 20. Love. My. Son. Nehemiah. Persistent. Song. Oh. My. Song. I. Ant. Going. To. Church. Sunday. I. Wanna. Get. Married. Before. Jaden. Next. Birthday. 🎂 🔥 ☁ 💘
Lashele Carter
Lashele Carter - 2 days ago
DaNgEr88GiRL - 2 days ago
It’s so nice to see Will’s older son Trey attending his brother Jaden from another mother birthday party.
DaNgEr88GiRL - 2 days ago
Will Smith is the best Dad that you never gonna have.
CaptainTenseNips - 2 days ago
Is jaden trans?
CaptainTenseNips - 2 days ago
Yo wtf happened to jaden
red light!
red light! - 2 days ago
i truly hope jaden makes it far more past 21
Damage Tv
Damage Tv - Day ago
red light! Ur saying that cuz of juice wrld aren’t u?
Darian Birckett
Darian Birckett - 2 days ago
must be nice to be flithy fckng rich
R S - 2 days ago
What a cool cool fam
senduboy - 2 days ago
Jaden fr gon live the longest as a rapper with all that family loving
Comment F to pay respect for Juice wrld
Damage Tv
Damage Tv - Day ago
senduboy F
gaston0770 - 2 days ago
Cousin Jaden, the missing Brady.
Lemuel Delmonte
Lemuel Delmonte - 2 days ago
There's no perfect family or life but this family is one of the best family I've ever seen, thanks will for inspiring us, may the god bless you always.. 🎂🙏😇
Quincy Johnson
Quincy Johnson - 3 days ago
No cap Jaden's laugh brightened up my entire day
ew lol
ew lol - 3 days ago
Plot twist:Jackie Shan broke into their house and said:put on your jacket
Umarul Farooq
Umarul Farooq - 3 days ago
Lea Michelle
Lea Michelle - 3 days ago
Hnnn tet chaje
mr. travadão
mr. travadão - 3 days ago
A irmã do jaden é beatiful (+_+)
Cleuza Aparecida
Cleuza Aparecida - 3 days ago
Felicidades parabéns pra você muita paz saúde amor.
Ninamarie Dungo
Ninamarie Dungo - 4 days ago
4:00 the candle means lgbtq colors. I just noticed, but i like their family seems have lots of love with each other. ❤
Malisa Amdam
Malisa Amdam - 4 days ago
Lone Surviver
Lone Surviver - 4 days ago
Will Smith talking about his girl struggle ok fresh Prince 😂
Carmen Morales
Carmen Morales - 4 days ago
This is the best think i ever watch today
mohamad ikbar fauzi
mohamad ikbar fauzi - 4 days ago
Perfeck dadys
Isabel Trautman.
Isabel Trautman. - 4 days ago
Que pasó que ya no habla en Español señor Will? Feliz cumpleaños Jaden!✌😁
Fatima Mohammed
Fatima Mohammed - 4 days ago
Mr Smith oh My God how much i like u🌹God bless u family
Mane Gt
Mane Gt - 4 days ago
beautiful family God bless you guys!😍🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏👍👌❤
Mane Gt
Mane Gt - 4 days ago
aditya david
aditya david - 4 days ago
Why is he so thin? His brothers seem has a greater posture.
Jello xx
Jello xx - 10 hours ago
He was sick. He talks about it on the red table talk.
Xia Fil-Am the Goddess
Xia Fil-Am the Goddess - 4 days ago
Jayden's laugh is contagious
Mạnh Anh
Mạnh Anh - 4 days ago
Niam ngan yo ,hiu bo nhah go boh bal 🤗🤗🤗🤗
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