YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Carter Son (Official Video)

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410MackMan - 6 hours ago
💪💪💪💪🔥🔥 talk ya shitt bro
Breezy_nation !!
Breezy_nation !! - 9 hours ago
Ahh this go hard🔥nun new but he tts💯🔥
Derrion Fry
Derrion Fry - 9 hours ago
If you herd this shit you supposed to been subscribed
Devon Miller
Devon Miller - 10 hours ago
Mfs be sleeping on this shit fr it should be up in the 20-30 mil at least
Jay Jay
Jay Jay - 10 hours ago
Aye my last name carter youngboy
Albo KS
Albo KS - 10 hours ago
Damn that beat🔥🔥
BriShana Story
BriShana Story - 10 hours ago
Kill it boo!👏🏾😩🙈 speaking facts listen close
Sii Sii
Sii Sii - 12 hours ago
They are playing dominoes as if it’s some poker game
lilquell1 - 12 hours ago
Never heard one bad song from brah!! Yeah 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Amere Matthews
Amere Matthews - 13 hours ago
Yea youngboy
勃根地水箭龜 - 13 hours ago
Godfather Mbewu
Godfather Mbewu - 15 hours ago
My Parktown round a goat
Musketeers Homies
Musketeers Homies - 15 hours ago
jr s1017
jr s1017 - 15 hours ago
Landen Farmer
Landen Farmer - 16 hours ago
Had a show an bmore after that post on da block wit chino like if you from bmore city
Britton Hutchens
Britton Hutchens - 18 hours ago
Why you gotta say cracker ?, you dont see me saying Nigger In my songs. A Racist is a Racist it doesnt matter what race you are.
Joe Belcher
Joe Belcher - Day ago
Suck all that pain up lets fuck the game up! 💯
Elijah Navarro
Elijah Navarro - Day ago
The vevo shit
Elijah Navarro
Elijah Navarro - Day ago
He copied yk toon
2Planets Away
2Planets Away - Day ago
Plz listen to my music, im jus trynna make it 🤷🏾‍♂️
Lois Brockington
Lois Brockington - Day ago
Table Book
Table Book - Day ago
Oooooo i like them like that Kentrel fuckin real go back to Jania that's my dog little Sis who real
Table Book
Table Book - Day ago
Lil Wayne's fans i am,this shows he's not fake ,Kentrell preach stay true ,be you fuck them Love this song
Sassy loves Izzy 2015 For Life
I'm keep it real myself only listen to Tupac and NBA , Gates , Boosie are my 2019 one's, that pain is what makes your music keep it up and you will make far ,if you don't have haters than your doing something wrong
Ymc4L - Day ago
If you think youngboy went crazy check out the link 🔥🔥🔥
YSN 1 - Day ago
223s Derek
223s Derek - Day ago
Yb lowkey tryna be old skool in dis one💀
Electric Flow
Electric Flow - Day ago
This sound like city rollin a lil bit by nfl toon
Son you look kind'a rough..where ya DaDDY?
Ghetto Boy6
Ghetto Boy6 - Day ago
He is not second Tupac
He the first Nba YoungBoy
He said fuck New school tho
Russ Marvel
Russ Marvel - Day ago
Aye nigga straight up this the hardest visual i seen in a min facts #RBS
Cedric Smith
Cedric Smith - Day ago
Youngboy future looks good
Cedric Smith
Cedric Smith - Day ago
This the hottest track out right now
Youngan - Day ago
Real natives live in Cali Louisiana and Florida
Amariah Wilborn
Amariah Wilborn - Day ago
The trumpets did it👌🏽
Three Jix
Three Jix - Day ago
this gotta get 10 mill before the end of november
joshua reyes
joshua reyes - Day ago
it sound like city rollin by NFL TOON
Daniel Caraccioli
Daniel Caraccioli - Day ago
In a lil part he copied the part in city rollin
Brian Mullins
Brian Mullins - Day ago
Mariam Antar
Mariam Antar - Day ago
he's so fine....good GAWD I love this man 😍
RMB Studios
RMB Studios - Day ago
Wowwww. Not a trap beat, and hes spitting, niggas tried to compare him and dababy smh
Huanan Yu
Huanan Yu - Day ago
ohh ~酒精的beat
Davon Adams
Davon Adams - 2 days ago
THIS is like nfl toon city rollin i wanna know who copied who
Nae Hunter
Nae Hunter - 7 hours ago
Actually nikka nfl toon dropped his first
Alison Askew
Alison Askew - Day ago
NFL toon copied this, this song was leaked before city Rollin released
Braeden Cotton
Braeden Cotton - 2 days ago
Davon Adams facts
Kamron Johnson
Kamron Johnson - 2 days ago
4kt nobody say who gone die
Swervo Cannon
Swervo Cannon - 2 days ago
My SISTERS is a biggggggGGGG fan🎶😍😘😍😘😍😇😇😇🤗ers
Swervo Cannon
Swervo Cannon - 2 days ago
My SISTERS is a biggggggGGGG fan🎶😍😘😍😘😍😇😇😇🤗ers
KRIZBEZUDED - 2 days ago
Idk what is is about that name Carter but damn.
KRIZBEZUDED - 2 days ago
Yo ion care bout views. This track is legendary
RYLAN PIPPEN - 2 days ago
2019 og niggaz fuck wit youngboy i grew up on bg and c murder nem and nba got dat same DNA
Toto Sweeteburg
Toto Sweeteburg - 2 days ago
I love this song
KLWM LOVE - 2 days ago
Fred Cook
Fred Cook - 2 days ago
OMG no mumble rap on this track
Fred Cook
Fred Cook - 2 days ago
Bro this is the shit I bump everyday making these ol fucks mad af keep it up bro
Taylor Abercrombie
Taylor Abercrombie - 2 days ago
Im white
Lando Cuz
Lando Cuz - 2 days ago
I got a old western beat kinda like this
Trash Playz
Trash Playz - 2 days ago
The background humming sound like xxxtentacion 😔@ 0:56
LowGucci - 2 days ago
Ima keep it a buck this song right here trash
FaZebigbank Terry
FaZebigbank Terry - 2 days ago
Angela Grace
Angela Grace - 2 days ago
Nba The Realest And He Don't Understand!
Nolan Stevens
Nolan Stevens - 2 days ago
If you like dis, you love yo momma... 4X
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