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Lisa Thomson
Lisa Thomson - 8 days ago
What a beautiful baby shower
margueta08 - 10 days ago
Ruby Gonzalez
Ruby Gonzalez - 11 days ago
“Trainer potty”???
Ruby Gonzalez
Ruby Gonzalez - 11 days ago
“Every time kids get around me they want to hit me”
“Why do they want to hit me”
Sabrina Dhanraj
Sabrina Dhanraj - 13 days ago
Awww 🥰
Jenna-Rose Kensley
Jenna-Rose Kensley - 17 days ago
Where's the ace family
AyeRiico - 25 days ago
wait the ace fam aint pop out wooow thats insane i kno im late but that shit foul...well i guess ill sub to ryan n unsub from the ace fam
Abigail Cribeiro
Abigail Cribeiro - Month ago
Ryan is such a great human. so humble
Sayani Dey Roy
Sayani Dey Roy - Month ago
Your wife is looking so pretty.. 💝💝💗💖by the way I am from India.. & guess what?? The day's after tomorrow I have my baby shower... 😅😅😆😆😊😊 I am so much excited.. & that's y I am watching this now.. Loootttsss of 💝 💖 for your baby..
Jian Yandug
Jian Yandug - Month ago
But still Congratulations
Leslie & Ryan😍
two two
two two - Month ago
Edits Only martinez
Edits Only martinez - Month ago
Ewww leslie
Skyler Carlos
Skyler Carlos - 2 months ago
Amanda is so prettier then Leslie
Edgar Lambani
Edgar Lambani - 2 months ago
open on camera plz
David Xiong
David Xiong - 2 months ago
U guys should a video of u guys get married
I dont care
I dont care - 2 months ago
Ok guys I feel like you guys shouldn't all comment about how the ACE family didn't come . Like imagine how painful that must be that nobody cares about the baby shower and how much work was put into it. But, only about who was there. Like cmon guys. Let's grow up and not worry about their family PROBLEMS but their family Success . Thanks for listening . ❤❤
Krystal Mendez
Krystal Mendez - 2 months ago
Awe you did a great job Ryan! The bby shower was beautiful!!! Congrats to the both of you!
Lora Thompson
Lora Thompson - 2 months ago
inspired by your youtube channel and how far you and lesley have come! I as well have a baby girl on the way and decided to document the rest of my journey into motherhood being a first time mom🥰🤞🏼 i love your channel!
Isaac Renteria
Isaac Renteria - 2 months ago
I know why the ace family wasn’t there because the ace family lives in los angles California and rayan lives in San Diego California
Fabiola Reyna
Fabiola Reyna - 2 months ago
I promise a second ago u had 2,080,298 now u have 2,080,533 😭 omg ur yt channel is getting bigger and bigger
C Pati
C Pati - 2 months ago
U can tell ur getting old if you do the Woah like Ryan😂😂😂😂
Jk lots of love to Ryan and Leslie❤️❤️❤️
Edits Only martinez
Edits Only martinez - 2 months ago
Ew crybaby Leslie
Mari Mari
Mari Mari - 2 months ago
Cute ass people!!🔥🔥😍😍❤❤here after the babeh born,who else??
Littlelady.7 Vidhya vishal
I see a lot of comments saying that leslie look like Catherine I dont see it. She a lot prettier in my opinion both Ryan and leslie seem very humble. Congratulations on the new baby
Killer Moe
Killer Moe - 2 months ago
It a girl$ love tou
Killer Moe
Killer Moe - 2 months ago
Love you
hanan allshameri
hanan allshameri - 2 months ago
How disrespectful the ace family weren’t there 😒
Sabrina Vicuña
Sabrina Vicuña - 2 months ago
Who is watching this after the baby is born❤️👧
couch potato ._.
couch potato ._. - 2 months ago
It looks a lot like my brother's girlfriend's quinceanera, it is beautiful😌😊❤️

Sorry if I spelled it wrong😂
Steve Martin
Steve Martin - 2 months ago
Were was Austin and catharine 🤔
Daniella Benitez
Daniella Benitez - 2 months ago
Awww how cute 😭😭😭 Ryan is literally gonna be the best dad , congratulations on your biggest blessing 💖
Fairy-Gutz - 3 months ago
i need a man like ryan lol. he makes everything so special for her its so cute.
Kaitlin Valeria
Kaitlin Valeria - 3 months ago
Idhaya Mahimairaj
Idhaya Mahimairaj - 3 months ago
I can tell Ryan’s gonna be a great dad!
Jackie Lopez
Jackie Lopez - 3 months ago
That place looks fancier than my cousins quinceanera and we are Mexican!!😂😂😂
Thebunny Hop
Thebunny Hop - 3 months ago
Can u guys stop talking about how The Ace family didn’t go yes it is sad that they didn’t go but they have two kids and they have to fly there to go and maybe they couldn’t go they went to the birth at least it’s they’re personal life problems or not they are people just like us so just let them be they got to meet the baby which I feel like is really important too
Diana Avelar
Diana Avelar - 3 months ago
9.999999% of the comments saying the Ace Family wasn't there
.1% of the comments Congrats and random.
Jerome Sondjyna
Jerome Sondjyna - 3 months ago
Guys they didn't go because they don't live in the same state as you can see in the new Ace family video
patricia payero
patricia payero - 3 months ago
By the looks of it and how ryan loves his nephews he’s going to be a awesome dad to his beautiful daughter
reina tracy
reina tracy - 3 months ago
I love you guys so much honestlyyy😘😘
Angela Rivard
Angela Rivard - 3 months ago
The shower isn’t nearly as important as the actual birth and the Ace family was at the hospital so calm down people!! Ryan is going to be the best dad!! Congratulations!
S P - 3 months ago
Karina Cruz
Karina Cruz - 3 months ago
Y’all Austin was busy cheating on Catherine
Karina Cruz
Karina Cruz - 3 months ago
Loveand Hearts it’s true
Loveand Hearts
Loveand Hearts - 3 months ago
Karina Cruz ????
Loca 4 Nailz
Loca 4 Nailz - 3 months ago
Ugh every you tuber closes out there videos with there hand! Get a new close out !!
Loca 4 Nailz
Loca 4 Nailz - 3 months ago
Now that’s how you show your subscribers some love
Yessenia Ramirez
Yessenia Ramirez - 3 months ago
I love you guys ♥️
atifa mokhlis
atifa mokhlis - 3 months ago
Well everything is fine between the families lol
weirdo viv
weirdo viv - 3 months ago
they should do purple for twins if it a boy and a gurl twin
Nash&Lynn Vlogs
Nash&Lynn Vlogs - 3 months ago
You guys know others may have family problems?!?!?!?
Kavni Dave
Kavni Dave - 3 months ago
Wow Catherine and Austin didn’t even show up not even for like an hour to support their brother and brother in law. And they say that family comes before anything” *pathetic* and *FAAAKKKEEEEEE*
SpanishKvndy Benitez
SpanishKvndy Benitez - 3 months ago
Maybe so everyone knows the ACE family are very popular, maybe Catherine wanted the baby shower to be just for them 💕
Proma Tasnim
Proma Tasnim - 3 months ago
You're just such an amazing partner that any girl would ever dream of 💓💗💗 lots and lots of love and blessings for this beautiful family ❤️💕
Ella Le
Ella Le - 3 months ago
Catherine wasn’t there because she live in California.
Vivian Xayalounh
Vivian Xayalounh - 3 months ago
I live in San Diego
Ayy-itz-Mary Maldonado
Ayy-itz-Mary Maldonado - 3 months ago
I’m i the only one who notice Austin and Catherine weren’t their ??
AJ - 3 months ago
Leslie & Ryan's baby shower was set up so nice and fancy,I love it💘 even though it's sad😢 how the ACE Family didn't come
Zaza Fam
Zaza Fam - 3 months ago
This is so cute ❤️💗
AREEDA KHAN - 3 months ago
Why didn’t you invited austin and cathrine
Reg’Jaiya Fulford
Reg’Jaiya Fulford - 3 months ago
That’s so rude how Catherine his own sister didn’t even show up when Ryan was there threw everything either way she missed out in this beautiful baby shower ! 😝
Gloria Salazar
Gloria Salazar - 3 months ago
Really broke my heart that Austin and Catherine didn’t show up 😞💔
Brianna Vlogss
Brianna Vlogss - 3 months ago
For all the people saying oh where Catherine what if Ryan didn’t invite her
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