The Huawei Ban: Explained!

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Aleksimoose SoloMUD
Aleksimoose SoloMUD - 8 hours ago
USA is spying too. Edit: United Shits of Asholes.
Marcus Cotto
Marcus Cotto - 22 hours ago
Next Huawei phone that mimics Samsung fold I'm buying if its unlocked boot loader and rootable gladly
Marcus Cotto
Marcus Cotto - 22 hours ago
Well you cant ban people in the US on using them phones in America I mean who gives a shit what they spy on what they gonna find porn and cod mobile lol
Zihao Liu
Zihao Liu - Day ago
Apple uses 30+ Huawei patents, and data for some major Andriod security patches are from Huawei.
Verizon, AT&T, Aventura are major Huawei patent licensees. It's never about national security, liberty or freedom, it's about the US can't spy the earth anymore if anyone uses Huawei's 5G products, and it's proven safe by the UK and the German government. (compares to Cisco's 8 major security breaches found by media) Let's not forget project Prism too soon.

To be honest, there is no company like Huawei, while the US and Afghanistan were at war; Huawei engineers were still out on the battlefield in Afghanistan try to stabilize the wireless signal, saved millions of lives.
While there are no signal around Mount Everest and Himalaya, Huawei is the first, and only one provides a quality signal in case if any tourists are lost or trapped.
From African warzones and most impoverished countries on earth to technology advanced western countries today, no one ever achieved anything like this before.

U S of A is not the world, just merely a part of it.

11/15/2019: Huawei have fully modernized its production line, and all of their product line up now do not use any US components, including OS.

Let me end this comment with a quote from Pompeo ---"We lie. We cheat. And we steal."

FYI: "Any organization or citizen shall support, assist and cooperate with the state"
Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act, an act by the US Congress to facilitate wiretapping of U.S. domestic and abroad telephone and Internet traffic as long as if there's any American product, both hardware, and software.
Salvador Budoy
Salvador Budoy - Day ago
My is oppo
HK - 2 days ago
What if someone pushed the government to ban Huawei so that they could get those billions they used to spend in the US by offering their services? Conspiracy
Mauro Candiago
Mauro Candiago - 3 days ago
Banning the 2nd most sold phone on earth just because 1)it's Chinese 2)it's kicking apple's ass 3)apple it's built in China
Shalley Ina
Shalley Ina - 3 days ago
China really hate trump
Papi grande 69
Papi grande 69 - 3 days ago
Go ahead and ban anyone using huawei phones *takes long sip of Wendy's chilli*
rajesh - 6 days ago
Fuck Huawei.......
It got banned in many countries due to security risks.........
Don't buy Huawei and honor phones........... They are dead
jay dani
jay dani - 7 days ago
Who else agrees that the CTO of Huawei should be executed?!
Emma K-Army
Emma K-Army - 8 days ago
Now google and all American businesses requesting huawei to work with
If peoples aren’t use huawei they will legging behind in technology when they will visit digital world they would be useless
Bilakshan Purohit
Bilakshan Purohit - 8 days ago
Xiaoyu Cheng
Xiaoyu Cheng - 10 days ago
I can use Google play with my Huawei P20 in us😊
Mark Jamison
Mark Jamison - 11 days ago
Screw Wauwei and China! 😀
aiman hatim
aiman hatim - 11 days ago
lil snez
lil snez - 11 days ago
My huawei phone had an update last night
Darren Phillips
Darren Phillips - 11 days ago
Baidu. China copied Google search engine while Google was operating in China before they got kicked out.
Vikas Shelke
Vikas Shelke - 11 days ago
Westerners go gaga over Xiaomi, vivo OPPO huwei products after Apple.
Ali - 11 days ago
They only banned Huawei because it overtook Apple in sales. Also due to the trade war between China and America. Its all to do with politics and economy. America cant handle China being successful.
I know AppleOS
I know AppleOS - 11 days ago
I live in New Zealand
Mona Lisa
Mona Lisa - 12 days ago
yes hi, I'm trying to download it on my smartphone but it's not downloading is not available in the US ?
Felix Nope
Felix Nope - 12 days ago
Never trust chinese
MOLAN Dao - 12 days ago
Google: why did you ban Huawei
Trump: because they're steal our 5g Technology.
Google: But we don't have 5g yet.
Watermellon foxx
Watermellon foxx - 14 days ago
Bro I have a Huawei
then benagcz
then benagcz - 16 days ago
So China should ban iPhone
rajesh - 6 days ago
iPhone seen a sharp decline while Huawei secured 42 percent of china market..... Because Chinese people support Chinese....... Unlike dumb Americans....
Howdie Rowdie
Howdie Rowdie - 16 days ago
Are past Huawei phones still getting updates 5 months after this video? Will there be a stop to that in like 2 years? Will past Huawei phones get Updates till they are all gone or what does this mean?
benbog2 - 16 days ago
As long as you don't mind subjugating your freedom od speech and social being controlled by a Chinese company controlled by the CCP with the goal of making your aspirations and actions compliant to party policy as happens in China now
Oscar W.
Oscar W. - 13 days ago
benbog2 heard of edward snowden? all countries are fucking same
Shayan Riaz
Shayan Riaz - 17 days ago
Fck Trump
Paul Ordair.
Paul Ordair. - 19 days ago
UK parliament march it's up for debate re ARM 5g , so hold not looking good.
jennifer carson
jennifer carson - 19 days ago
If the trump administration retire, will the other US parties be able to restore what's awful, or will they keep going onto that awfulness?
Gilles Evéquoz
Gilles Evéquoz - 20 days ago
Huawei are just the best phone and the true is Huawei 5g technologie is way a head that is what scare Trump , Buy Huawei that is what I say ,you should all go against all that boycotte bullshit The USA haven’t start with 5G, Huawei have start for 6G
AishOo XuheRr
AishOo XuheRr - 20 days ago
Why is it written as huawei if its pronounced as warvey🤔
Zain Patel
Zain Patel - 16 days ago
Why is it written "know" if its pronounced no 🤔
Jonathan - 20 days ago
I'm an avid Trump supporter, but seriously. Fuck Trump for that retarded move.
Jayed-Al Sabit
Jayed-Al Sabit - 20 days ago
Our government did the right thing by banning Huawei. From the start i didn't like OnePlus and Huawei phones. But the mistake that has been done that they should have banned Huawei from the whole world. Also OnePlus. Huawei is really a bad company. In 2017 one of my friends bought Huawei mate 10 pro and it lasted for only 11 days. Then he bought an iPhone. I think Huawei and OnePlus is the worst company ever.
Ferdinand Hakan
Ferdinand Hakan - 15 days ago
Jayed-Al Sabit
Jayed-Al Sabit - 17 days ago
@jennifer carson Haha! For your kind information I'm not an iPhone user. I'm using my Galaxy note 10+ 5G. So let's say apple iPhone failed. But my Samsung didn't. On the contrary, Samsung wins. And beats your so called Huawei. Loser Huawei. By the way, in your last comment you said that I failed in arguments because I ain't a quarrelsome person. So thanks. This makes you a bad person. Your comment backfired at u. 😂
jennifer carson
jennifer carson - 17 days ago
@Jayed-Al Sabit u failed the arguments i.e your so called apple iphone failed!
Jayed-Al Sabit
Jayed-Al Sabit - 17 days ago
@jennifer carson And I'm also sorry that i won't be reporting you and also won't check the inbox. Sorry.
Jayed-Al Sabit
Jayed-Al Sabit - 17 days ago
@jennifer carson Look really don't wanna get into quarrel. Think whatever you wanna think about me. If you want to think that I'm from Jupiter then let it be. I don't wanna waste my time. And yes next time you don't have to reply on me.😠
Rizshi Padmini
Rizshi Padmini - 21 day ago
Ladies and Gentleman this is why trump is the worst U.S president
just some yeti with internet access
Huawei is fucked
Tony cee
Tony cee - 22 days ago
Huawei = Communist Party of China = Axis of evil
Hee Hee
Hee Hee - 24 days ago
Is it just me or is he saying “wawei” instead of huawei
McSkillet The Murderer
McSkillet The Murderer - 21 day ago
That's how you say it
Xinyue Li
Xinyue Li - 24 days ago
I literally didn't think Huawei's phone was any good when my geeky friends all recommended me. I now know Huawei's phone must be good cause US banned them
tony Dai
tony Dai - 25 days ago
Huawei just shipped 200 million phones in 2019 on October 23 rd.
Sending from my new Huawei Mate 30. Fuck Trump
Tango Zulu
Tango Zulu - 26 days ago
Guess who bugged Angela Merkel's phone? The US government.
SmaCk You d1cK
SmaCk You d1cK - 26 days ago
it ban because CIA and FBI can't zombies this company.
jennifer carson
jennifer carson - 19 days ago
FBI isn't included; the whole thing is too complicated It's all about NSA CIA just care about covert external surveillance and operations
Chemicalflea507 james
Chemicalflea507 james - 27 days ago
Trumps a fucking prick 🖕
Hona Wikeepa
Hona Wikeepa - 27 days ago
Huawei are one tentacle on a very toxic Chinese Asymmetrical Cyber war on America and Western Society. Do your homework.
 - 27 days ago
I don't know what is more scarier:
Google collects data or Huawei spying on users? 🤔
Zenkai 100
Zenkai 100 - 9 days ago
Direct MODS there is no proof of huawei spying whatsoever. They purely did this caused huawei is ahead when it comes to sales compared to US companies
Damon Mullins
Damon Mullins - 28 days ago
That's why we got XDA and Devs to fix the phones just root them and throw roms on them. Mask the phones identity ect yeah prob illegal lol but if you pay alot for that phone and all of a sudden your unable to update it n use your apps either the government needs to pay for em n offer replacement vouchers to buy other phones ect.. it's kinda fucked up it went down like this I dont use their devices anyway I'm 99.99% Samsung note and S series only.. iv only used Motorola and blu a couple times other then that I'm always rockin the new Samsung note. Like I am now the Note 10 plus but I do feel bad for the ppl that are effected by this
alex wileman
alex wileman - 28 days ago
So you didn't actually explain anything 🤣.
Eric Louclair
Eric Louclair - 29 days ago
Ban huawei? No!
I use what ever thing i want and not use whatever thing i dont want!
Lamarche Dutemps
Lamarche Dutemps - 29 days ago
The best as always !!! Cool and brilliant !
John Koh
John Koh - Month ago
When you can't beat them, ban them.
If that's not enough, kidnap its CFO.
Isn't that is easy?
Rawand Hassan
Rawand Hassan - Month ago
Does that mean iPhones cant be made In China ,as apple works with manufacturers in china
dickies docos
dickies docos - Month ago
Trump: This government is getting involved by banning Huawei from doing business with all American companies
Google: Why?
Trump: Because we think the Chinese government is involved with Huawei and we don't like it!
Anxiety Attack
Anxiety Attack - Month ago
I wonder if prices will be lower with used phones because of this? 🤔
FingerVortex - Month ago
This is why we should impeach trump
FunkDoobie - Month ago
Oh shizz I've just ordered the honor v20 dammit. 😂🤣 But really 😱😢😥
rajesh - 6 days ago
Cancel it......
Isaiah Moorehead
Isaiah Moorehead - 12 days ago
Good news! I think the Huawei ban was called off
PROTOTYPE 444 - Month ago
My Huawei phone works great in China without any Google services. (Because they've all been blocked for years anyway.) So I don't see the issue with the phones functionality. It's only a matter of convenience to their customers. Huawei makes the worlds best phones in my opinion ~I'm a Samsung convert. Google is too big and already has too much influence, when Huawei successfully transitions away from them, it's not really such a bad thing.

Also, this is a myopic view of the Huawei market share when US customers are only a drop in the bucket compared to the massive Chinese population that will happily continue without Google, business as usual.
Jesika Noel
Jesika Noel - Month ago
THANK YOU!!!!!!!
Léa Strasser
Léa Strasser - Month ago
America playing dirty
Ummat Malaysia
Ummat Malaysia - Month ago
They are really frustrated since Huawei almost conquering the phone industry. US such a coward. Work harder boy, don't use cheap solution like this. You have google , youtube , fb, and so on. And yet you are afraid to just one chinese company ? Funny. Lesson 1, if you can't beat them, ban them. But, is it cool to do that way ?
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