American segregation, mapped at day and night

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Vox - Месяц назад
Correction: at 3:37 the video mistakenly labels a map "Charlotte." The map shown is actually of the Charleston metropolitan area.
Happy Thoughts
Happy Thoughts - День назад
+samy said That's the problem. Opportunities aren't equal. They're dramatically tilted toward suburban whites.
Memedreams 21
Memedreams 21 - 4 дня назад
SixPack Shakur (Rep5281) well ur incredibly racist, and wrong, that’s like someone saying all Muslims are terrorists, or all black people are poor, it’s racist and WRONG
Electric Sheep
Electric Sheep - 18 дней назад
+Hellcat Thornback Robot?
Hellcat Thornback
Hellcat Thornback - 18 дней назад
I'm the epitome of health, work out 3x a week and am within the normal range of BMI. I'm hoping my MA degree and cod-liver-oil drank also counts.
Electric Sheep
Electric Sheep - 21 день назад
+Jim Koral Sure. Censorship. Nothing fascist about that.
Mikeythecrafter - 40 минут назад
2:25 Probably just some random text document made to look nerdy
Dave Blackmen
Dave Blackmen - 4 часа назад
5:16 that's a super racist assumption. I work in downtown dc in one of the top financial firms in the country, many blacks and other races hold very high positions. It's actually more racist to suggest that all blacks can be are "janitors" than anything else.
Anton Alm
Anton Alm - 4 часа назад
people want to hang with people theyre most alike and look alike
Ben Glick
Ben Glick - День назад
2:25 How do you do your data visualization?
Maria Inez
Maria Inez - День назад
This is so interesting. I live in Kansas City and the majority of my family and people that I know are people of color. The large majority work in Johnson County, Kansas. But they all live in either Kansas City, KS or Kansas City, MO. They work in the suburbs and live in an urban area.
Darsh - День назад
Nobody wants to live next to blacks. Even blacks don't wanna live next to blacks. Ppl can't handle the truth.
KeeganHedley Vlogs
KeeganHedley Vlogs - 2 дня назад
The maps really bug me
Liam Kirk
Liam Kirk - 3 дня назад
Basically America is still a racist country.
Happy Thoughts
Happy Thoughts - 3 дня назад
Now I know why Bill O'Reilly is so obsessed with that place.
S H - 2 дня назад
I have tried for years to explain LONG ISLAND I grew up with Bill and Sean types
Aleksa - 3 дня назад
The US now isn't so segregated if you take in the fact that whites are a majority. Of course whites will have more white friends, it's because there are more of us in the US. Blacks also have a black majority as their friends and yet the story doesn't mention that as a problem as much as it is with whites. Please stop these biased news and stop white-hate! Opinions are welcome in comments but no racial slurs or offensive comments.
kingcarcas1349 - 3 дня назад
i already knew this from living in cali
Europa Man
Europa Man - 3 дня назад
Is this a problem in a White Western nation such as the United States ? With increased racial tension, it's an even better time to avoid hiring non-Whites as the workplace liability increases.
Europa Man
Europa Man - 2 дня назад
+S H "Your right it's an even better time to avoid hiring Whites males in the workplace they are mass murders and pedophiles" Your writing level is your self-segregation. The US provides free K-12 education that, sadly, the Black community open rejects. Did you listen to your teacher ? Did you try to complete every home work assignment ?
Europa Man
Europa Man - 2 дня назад
+S H Ethnic segregation is natural. Forced racial diversity in the workplace has been a disaster for everyone but the Diversities. Diversity hiring is so out of hand that US corporations routinely import and hire foreign national women from India and China with mentoring and training programs to avoid public criticism of "too many males" in preference to young adult US citizens, male or female. The only legal form of workplace discrimination openly-tolerated today is against White males, so go ahead and build a workplace without White males as you desire. Forbes magazine will write a cover story with "women-only company that hires only women" and "all female executive staff". Since you can pay women 23% less for the same job, your company would enjoy an obvious financial advantage. Regarding crime, Black males perform 50% of violent crime in the US (FBI UCR). Blacks also perform mass shootings, be they at churches or in the public, and serial killings at a comparable rate. There are about six White people for every Black in the US, so it's no surprise that news outlets in White Western nations such as the US feature absolutely, but not proportionally, more White criminals. Internationally, Black Africans are the mass murderers of this century. Regarding pedophiles, there is no indication that Blacks have a lower pedophilic rate than Whites in the US, though it is easy to find Black countries where child brides and formal child slavery are a way of life.
S H - 2 дня назад
Your right it's an even better time to avoid hiring Whites males in the workplace they are mass murders and pedophiles
TheFatDoggie Bet
TheFatDoggie Bet - 3 дня назад
you just called black people poor, and that they cant afford houses.
Bugler55 - 5 дней назад
There really isnt racial divides anymore, just class divides. Rich white people don't want to be around poor blacks OR poor whites, they want homogeneous communities of fellow snobs. I can promise you 1000% a rich white person would rather live next door to a rich black person than Cletus from Alabama.
Jillian Liner
Jillian Liner - 5 дней назад
This makes me sick
jkrolling sheep
jkrolling sheep - 5 дней назад
Tf is a non-white company?
Randolph Ross
Randolph Ross - 5 дней назад
The US needs to reinstate racial segregation, seperate cities, counties and states. White people should not have to be constantly bullied by black trash, I hate all this forced integration, all races should should be allowed to live their own racial segregated state, desegregation is a horrible idea.
Observer Hornet
Observer Hornet - 6 дней назад
Segregation does not really exist we can’t change what jobs people get or where they buy their homes Although I will not deny discrimination is still very prominent.
Owen Conrad
Owen Conrad - 6 дней назад
This whole segregation thing reminds me of Democrats. They founded the KKK, they fought to keep slavery going, the Republicans ended slavery, and fought against the KKK. Who’s racist now?
If you don’t believe this because your to stubborn, look at the un-biased history books.
Owen Conrad
Owen Conrad - 6 дней назад
Naled Terrorist Okay then you should believe me, because all I said was facts. Nothing more nothing less. Just facts. So yea, I’d want to believe facts not opinions that are un-provable.
Naled Terrorist
Naled Terrorist - 6 дней назад
Try harder. Forget your political affiliation and embrace the truth no matter if it comes from the left or the right
Andrew H
Andrew H - 7 дней назад
Not a racist...but the arguments in the opening clip sound like the same arguments folks make when they are fighting gentrification.
Mike Johnston
Mike Johnston - 7 дней назад
good question.
Kevin केविन
Kevin केविन - 9 дней назад
There's a high pitched noise in the background
Maria Mendoza
Maria Mendoza - 9 дней назад
What’s wrong with a white person wanting to live in an all white community? There’s so much evidence of what happens to a neighborhood when the colored move in. I’ve seen cities which were so nice go to hell once segregation ended and the whites moved out
Anthony - 10 дней назад
There really isn’t any problem with this. There segregated by choice because they choose too. It’s equal opportunity. It’s your choice on whether or not you want to work in a white dominated work place or one with other races. There’s no laws that stop you from doing so, it’s just people aren’t or don’t want to work in white dominated work places. It’s plain and simple and you can’t do anything about it.
Thomas Callaghan
Thomas Callaghan - 11 дней назад
You cannot force diversity, it will end badly if you try to.
Asaru Beats
Asaru Beats - 11 дней назад
We self segregate. In 2019 segregation is by choice, not because of policy
bob jones
bob jones - 11 дней назад
I live so close there. It's sad that it's like that anymore.
Mw3 - 11 дней назад
By making this video your making us more segregated
S A - 9 дней назад
Just smoke weed and don't listen to the media trying to get clicks dude. They are race-bateing their dicks raw because it's a hot topic any day of the week. So In between criminal reports, shootings, and your 1 good thing a week, weather, gossip... you get.. race-batting and click bait news columns. Go to school, make money, have a family, die and repeat dude lol. Nothing matters.
Hamish MacDonald
Hamish MacDonald - 10 дней назад
Wait how
Doug S
Doug S - 12 дней назад
I just don’t get why any Blacks or Latinos would want to move into a neighborhood that is clearly all Anglo. The reverse scenario doesn’t usually happen. Some white people obviously want to be left alone and everyone is entitled to that if they so choose. It’s hypocritical since black Americans are possibly the most tribal people in the U.S., yet they judge and hate a white person for feeling the same way. Malcolm X was on point with his beliefs. People need to take more pride in their communities instead of trying so hard to integrate into other ones. Afterall, there are safe neighborhoods of all colors, including mixed neighborhoods.
Doodelay Explains
Doodelay Explains - 13 дней назад
Self segregation is ok but forced segregation is evil.
Let people sit where they want to sit at lunch, let them live where they want to live, but there should never be a "blacks only" lunch table or a "whites only" neighborhood. So in my opinion, this video is highlighting a natural social phenomena that is interesting, but ultimately isn't an issue.
The Shpee
The Shpee - 13 дней назад
Why is racism still here?
90's Rick
90's Rick - 13 дней назад
Vox must understand that muliculturalism don't work beacuse people of minority create ghettos by themselves. This is how humans work they stick with their people. No whitey want to live on harlem or queens, so stop forcing other way around.
P.S. black people have shorter ride to work, so they live in great localisation.
JC Korn
JC Korn - 13 дней назад
Go to a punk rock show. You’ll find people of all make, model, and class there \m/
stan hootzz
stan hootzz - 13 дней назад
theres no RACE problem in AMERICA...TOTALLY FAKE!!!!!!!.....unless yer not WHITE.
>>M%THERF$CKING "GOP WHITE N$GGER CHILD MOLESTING TERRORIST FILTH" sh$tholing America with their "FAMILY" F$CKED VALUES"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Carlos Suarez
Carlos Suarez - 13 дней назад
Hispanic isn't a race lol. You can be hispanic and white, black, native american, or a mix of all of the above.
Nemanja ĆIrić
Nemanja ĆIrić - 13 дней назад
Why forcing people to mix, when its obvious that everyone like to group themselves with similar race
Cypress Thunder
Cypress Thunder - 13 дней назад
Its not racist its just that "typicly" black people make less money and therefore cannot live in very expensive houses. But they dont get paid less per hour
Trumped America
Trumped America - 14 дней назад
I miss these days of segregation it was better than today
Trumped America
Trumped America - 13 дней назад
WickedGaming 70
WickedGaming - 13 дней назад
How old r u my dude
nel nel
nel nel - 14 дней назад
"Segregation was worse than a generation ago."
And I'm out. This thinking is what keeps my people down and bitter. And I don't wanna be like them.
Bugler55 - 5 дней назад
yeah its crazy talk to say racial divides were better in the 1960s.....
Drowning Narcissist
Drowning Narcissist - 14 дней назад
Who cares if people want exclusion? In the same token, once living exclusively, people will find others with anomalous traits to be the scapegoat. This bubbling on will continue until the disappearing human. So, should people do the opposite and embrace multiculturalism? No, because, as I said before, people will find anomalies not matter what and even there.
Foxyyzz -
Foxyyzz - - 14 дней назад
the only problem i have with this is they are trying to make a nonexistent problem out of this
jbbudish - 14 дней назад
@Vox I took a good look at your data maps. Hmmm didn't realize that the yellow circle around Vox stood for yellow journalism. Oh and if you honestly don't see it, send me your raw data and I'll point it out for you.
Zealhozi - 15 дней назад
Yes we know they don’t integrate
Zealhozi - 15 дней назад
I didn’t need research and science to know this
Sky Gravity
Sky Gravity - 15 дней назад
Segregation has moved onto more than color.. although that's still a huge problem obviously. But do the map but identify people on the wealth of their parents when they were born and you'll see a more striking difference. Class mobility has ground to a halt as wealth extraction of the worker has been completely optimized through the corporate business model and student loan finance system.
None Ya
None Ya - 15 дней назад
Where so you all live where you interact with your neighbors? I got one neighbor i speak with that's because our kids play. I gotta say I live in a suburb that's predominantly white but I live on the working class side of town. I've got about 10 black families and couple Hispanic families on this road. We all rent nice single family houses ... And no one seems phased. We all seem like normal people...quiet... Living our own lives in peace. Live and let live. What's with the lefts facination with race?
Jaret Donald Patterson
Jaret Donald Patterson - 15 дней назад
It's pretty cocky for white people to assume that blacks want to live around them. We have plenty of our own issues but that doesn't mean that I want to live in an all white neighborhood.
Echo - 16 дней назад
Again a bunch of people thinking white people are holding them back instead of pulling themselves up by the goddamn bootstraps and doing the goddamn work to get into better jobs (studying and getting good grades)
Nobody should be given a job or a place at a college just because of the color of ther skin, yet so many college students that are black flunk out of schools that they're just not at the level of, (someone who should be at devry trying to go to Berkley)
HERU6200 - 16 дней назад
Hispanic is not a race. There are black, native american, asian and of course white hispanics who would be original and invaders to the Americas.
Fillipe Feitosa
Fillipe Feitosa - 16 дней назад
What is the software you use to create this Visualizations? Is it UrbanSim with Python?
Great Content. Thanks for sharing.
WickedGaming - 13 дней назад
They use
Cat Poun
Cat Poun - 16 дней назад
America built on racism lmao
Nick Nomo
Nick Nomo - 16 дней назад
The desire to live among members of the same race does not just apply to white people. If you look at demographic maps, you'll find there are clearly community divides between ALL races. Blacks are generally segregated from latinos, who are segregated from asians. There are even splits between different sub groups. El salvadorians tend to not like guatamalans for some reason, and Indian and East asian communities seem segregated too. People want to live among the same culture. That is normal. Is anyone going to china town asking why aren't there more Hispanic people there? Anyone going into MS13 territory asking why there aren't more Asians in their community?
Some communities are also a bit of a mess, and a lot of minorities in these places would rather be in higher class "white" communities but simply can't afford it.
Chester Cobblepot
Chester Cobblepot - 16 дней назад
Have you seen black neighborhoods there like mad max no thanks. Not all but most care more about cars and clothes instead of how their home looks. It's not racism its facts so let the hate begin🤣
Ug0tmi1k - 16 дней назад
Jesus Christ this comment section has a whole lotta self-righteous people making some pretty abstract arguments
kasumi yagosa
kasumi yagosa - 16 дней назад
America and some European countries hijacked them with force ships from their countries to work as slavers. is it not a shame on humanity? Why treating them as animals , discriminating, humiliating I just don't understand how these people are gonna explain all these bullshits to the God .
Zoë Lkjsdhf
Zoë Lkjsdhf - 16 дней назад
People like to be around their own culture, not so much race.
emmanuelle garcia
emmanuelle garcia - 16 дней назад
RaCiSm dOeSn't ExIsT.
Off The Ceiling
Off The Ceiling - 16 дней назад
*Jussie Smollet has entered the chat...*
Silversnake Productions
Silversnake Productions - 16 дней назад
Well the fact stands that the US is still a majority white country though it has decreased over time so there is always going to be that problem. Secondly it’s not like the companies are being racist it’s just the human mentality where people of the same race like to work with each other because they have common ground. There are the people who don’t care so they don’t mind to be in the minority. But please stop making it sound like the US is still in the Jim Crow era.
Alex Antinarelli
Alex Antinarelli - 16 дней назад
I would love to live in Levittown
Tholaran97 - 17 дней назад
I feel like this isn't so much a racial segregation, but more of an income segregation. When you live in or near a city, all of the jobs are going to be in that city. That forces people to come together in order to work, both at high end jobs and low end ones. When they go home though, the lower income population tend to stay inside the city, where there are cheaper apartments with relatively low rent and more public transport removing the need for owning cars. Outside of the city, you have the suburbs, with nicer houses in nicer neighborhoods, but those houses can get pretty expensive, meaning only the workers who are making a good income can afford to live there. As you also said in the video, white people are the ones who tend to hold the higher income positions in a business, while the non-whites tend to work the lower income positions (which is really more of an education and job opportunity issue than a race issue), which is why you are seeing this segregation. It's not that whites don't want to live around non-whites, it's that whites tend to make more money, and therefore can afford better housing in and around the city.
Q 512
Q 512 - 17 дней назад
Part of the plan too keep people in their place of low level an the ones who control away from. Even if the black has a high level job you still have to show you can adopt too acting like the man over you. An blacks call it a sell out an now you know why. An too have this as a grid too show this is no different from then cause it's economic now an not force but the result are the same. Just different time.
Mike Perez
Mike Perez - 17 дней назад
Hispanic is an ethnicity not a race. You can be black white or any combination of races and be Hispanic.
Valerie Hayden
Valerie Hayden - 14 дней назад
Mike Perez it’s crazy how people even think “spanish” is a race.... its so dumb
Hammond - 17 дней назад
I'll never forget the time I got a job, moved 500 miles, then showed up and the manager looked shocked when he saw I was black. Suddenly there was no job. You see, none of my paperwork had my race on it, just my qualifications and job history. That was 1991.
Skippy the Magnificent
Skippy the Magnificent - 9 дней назад
That sucks, man. What did you do?
John Doe
John Doe - 17 дней назад
I can only speak for germany, here it is desirable to live in the city centre. But public transport is also better here I guess
charlie morejon
charlie morejon - 17 дней назад
Truth .. Most Black people are lazy dont take care of thier homes .. Dont want to work . live happily in poverty on what the government gives them . say thanks to the democratic Party ..
Truth hurts with it ...
My black friends agree this .its only ignorant liberals who dont
Bad Dog
Bad Dog - 17 дней назад
This is a really wierd video. No definitive point
Flying Nihilist
Flying Nihilist - 17 дней назад
I don't like suburbs anyway. I'll never understand why in America everyone decided they should live so far from where they work. European cities where you can just walk to get to work and buy stuff are much better in my opinion, at least when you're young.
RyogaXvX - 17 дней назад
I'm not racist at all. I love all people, but if there is one thing I have learned as a white American, its that black Americans dont want to live next to each other.
Remember folks, statistics and facts don't care about your feelings.
It is not racist if it is true.
Austin Miles-Cullison
Austin Miles-Cullison - 17 дней назад
Isn't it more likely that the largest percentage of the population is just more likely to have a higher percentage of friends from itself? I mean imagine there's 10 black dudes and 90 white dudes. The black dudes are going to have more white friends even if all 100 get along perfectly. Matter of fact with the actual population ratio taken into account it would seem your racism argument would hold much more water when applied to black people and how many friends they have with other races.
But it still wouldn't hold water at all because it's a nonsense logical track. Having no black friends doesn't make you a racist any more than having a black friend makes you not a racist.
You really should be ashamed of how incredibly stupid you are.
Austin Miles-Cullison
Austin Miles-Cullison - 15 дней назад
+H H Thank you for that.
H H - 16 дней назад
Austin Miles-Cullison as a man of color myself, thanks for making sense. Jesus VOX, a little thought before releasing stuff please.
tony O'Donnell
tony O'Donnell - 17 дней назад
segregation is a good thing
H H - 16 дней назад
tony O'Donnell your last name is O’Donnell. Do you want know Irish history in America? you mean the same way Irish and Italians were discriminated against and segregated 80 years ago? Was that good living in slums called “white n*ggrs”? Do you want all non-WASPs to back to segregated slums? Because at one point, Italians, Irish and Spaniards were considered not white despite big whiter than many wasps. U less your willing to go all the way and live in the original segregated way, don’t make blacks live in slums if you’re not willing to as well just like your ancestors.
fiionafoley - 17 дней назад
I strongly recommend reading "a case for reparations" for anyone interested in this really gets into redlining and the effect of purposefully shaping all white communities
Peter Goeke
Peter Goeke - 17 дней назад
My main issue is that if you want more diverse geography, you can’t complain about gentrification.
byler_bonson - 17 дней назад
6:17 i dont understand why wanting to be associating with people of your own culture is a negative thing
Cole Ames
Cole Ames - 17 дней назад
so whites make up about 70% of the population so why would companies be 50:50 on highering minorities to whites because if that's what's happening then they're hiring off of race they've just changed who their looking for
Sade Condell
Sade Condell - 17 дней назад
6:01 being Hispanic is NOT a race. Any race can be Hispanic hence why they may have more "diverse" friends. Whites, blacks, Asians, mestizos/natives can all qualify as being "Hispanic". It's just an umbrella term for those colonized by the Spanish living in central/South America and the Caribbean and adopting to their culture i.e. Clothing, language, religion, etc.
Mad Marc
Mad Marc - 17 дней назад
75% of whites only had white friend's. Oh Vox did ya concern the population dynamic of whites in the US. Don't make that a talking point.
Senpai doesn’t Notice me!
Senpai doesn’t Notice me! - 18 дней назад
I live in a country where a lot of the white population lives in the inner core of the city and most of the people of colour live in the suburbs but then again the population of my country is mostly immigrants lol it’s fun to see what’s different between both of the countries even when they are so close to each other
Maya Thompson
Maya Thompson - 18 дней назад
Jay Lastname
Jay Lastname - 18 дней назад
Birds of a feather flock together. Apparently birds are racist
creativmindplay - 18 дней назад
nothing like a bunch of ivy league studies to show facts an 8th grader could observe in a 5 minute walk
creativmindplay - 18 дней назад
next on Vox: crack harvard team proves beyond a reasonable doubt: water is indeed wet.
FishStix - 18 дней назад
trendgil - 18 дней назад
These maps reveal how stubborn racial segregation still is.
Brian Borell
Brian Borell - 17 дней назад
Especially when it's government subsidized. At very beginning of video they showed how the FHA encouraged the building of white suburbs.
FirstEastern Perspective
FirstEastern Perspective - 18 дней назад
hispanics live with hispanics whites with whites blacks with blacks and what s wrong with that ?
Mike Church
Mike Church - 18 дней назад
I didn't like the assumption that the blacks were janitors. I've worked for companies where the managers were white and Asian, but the workers (desk jobs) were mixed from every different race. So I think that was a poor assumption. And I'll say assumption because that part was not backed by supporting facts.
Dianne Pasia
Dianne Pasia - 18 дней назад
I don't trust anyone who says white as wHIte.
RealExivus - 18 дней назад
in regards to the "where they work vs where they live" graphics.. Gee, it's almost like people tend to live near where they work!
j. D.
j. D. - 18 дней назад
Amusingly the last woman in the video looks a LOT like my grandmother did.
Why is this amusing to me? Because my grandmother was 1/4 Black.
Her grandparents did some serious "social mixing". :)
Kingdom Warrior
Kingdom Warrior - 18 дней назад
Bias propaganda...vox is b.s.
Bradley Marger
Bradley Marger - 18 дней назад
Here's the thing, segregation is different than ethnic areas. You wouldn't call a place like Koreatown or little Italy segregation would you.
James Lee
James Lee - 18 дней назад
Joel 3:19
King James Bible
Egypt shall be a desolation, and Edom shall be a desolate wilderness, for the violence against the children of Judah, because they have shed innocent blood in their land
James Lee
James Lee - 18 дней назад
2 Kings 3:20 whiteman doesn't learn ever. He understands strength & death only.

King James Bible
And it came to pass in the morning, when the meat offering was offered, that, behold, there came water by the way of Edom, and the country was filled with water.
James Lee
James Lee - 18 дней назад
God of Truth has begun judgement on edom- whiteman.
Ezekiel 35-37 Contemporary English Version (CEV)
Edom Will Be a Wasteland
35 The Lord said:
2 Ezekiel, son of man, condemn the people of Edom[a] 3 and say to them:
I, the Lord God,
    am now your enemy!
And I will turn your nation
into an empty wasteland,
4     leaving your towns in ruins.
Your land will be a desert,
and then you will know
    that I am the Lord.
5 People of Edom, not only have you been Israel’s longtime enemy, you simply watched when disaster wiped out its people as punishment for their sins. 6 And so, as surely as I am the living LordGod, you are guilty of murder and must be put to death. 7 I will destroy your nation and kill anyone who travels through it. 8 Dead bodies will cover your mountains and fill up your valleys, 9 and your land will lie in ruins forever. No one will live in your towns ever again. You will know that I am the Lord.
10 You thought the nations of Judah and Israel belonged to you, and that you could take over their territory. But I am their God, 11 and as surely as I live, I will punish you for treating my people with anger and hatred. Then they will know that I, the Lord, am punishing you! 12 And you will finally realize that I heard you laugh at their destruction and say their land was yours to take. 13 You even insulted me, but I heard it all.
14 Everyone on earth will celebrate when I destroy you, 15 just as you celebrated when Israel was destroyed. Your nation of Edom will be nothing but a wasteland. Then everyone will know that I am the Lord.
James Lee
James Lee - 18 дней назад
Psalms 45:16
Psalms 85
Psalms 105:15
I fully expect my credentials from every nation on Earth and whatever I need I growing impatient and it's further puts my stress on my God of Truth. Men better start moving especially leaders or else they out of time.
Dimitris Zacharioudakis
Dimitris Zacharioudakis - 18 дней назад
I wish the journalists from vox could replace the american government and then america would have equal number of all genders, races and religions in every company position of every company in the usa and also an equal number of genders, races and religions in every city block of every city. Ahh, that would be paradise....

Now, repeat after me :
Whites are racist and deceitful,
men are sexist and uncivil,
but white men are the root of all evil.
Cusco 4X
Cusco 4X - 18 дней назад
Smart people don't like dumb people...
helpful tips
helpful tips - 19 дней назад
What the hell
hui_huimanity - 19 дней назад
I have a lot of Asian friends because I'm Asian and I just lived in a place where there were mostly Asian and white people. I think that I didn't mean for it to turn out that way and I'd like to make more friends of all races. I actually go to one of the most diverse high schools now and I think I do judge people sometimes and we all secretly do, but I have changed and I think America does have a problem with race, but I feel like younger generations are more accepting of things like race/gender/sexuality.
I don't really know where I'm going, sorry.
ItzDrifter - 19 дней назад
That friend figure is waaaay off,
I cant stand white people their pale skin makes me wanna do a hate crime! Let alone being their friend.
korshak grimm
korshak grimm - 19 дней назад
neighborhood segregation is actually the black people ,they are provoking the white neighbors ,so they would move and when the house goes up for sale , black family friend move in to take the place of the previous neighbors house. They throw trash in the yards ,break into the house ,damage the cars , race motorcycle - cars up and down the road . That’s a old video if there’s segregation thats the realtors handy work . Realtors do background checks if you don’t get the house it’s not cause your black .
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