LAST TO LEAVE OCEAN Wins $10,000! (Worst GMI 24 Hour Challenge in Hawaii) | Rebecca Zamolo

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Rebecca Zamolo
Rebecca Zamolo - Month ago
Who watched this Last to leave challenge and then another video of mine?!! What video did u watch next?
jihan guiggndhm
jihan guiggndhm - 3 days ago
Yasmary Roche
Yasmary Roche - 8 days ago
you are the best
Treston Finch
Treston Finch - 13 days ago
The key is under water. 🤔
Treston Finch
Treston Finch - 13 days ago
the key is somewhere behind the window
Katherina Murphy
Katherina Murphy - 19 days ago
@kjærlighet of my life 12wfeeweeeswew
Keira Cummings
Keira Cummings - 5 hours ago
I hate rocky
Sylvia Meza
Sylvia Meza - 3 days ago
Ashleigh Ludlam
Ashleigh Ludlam - 3 days ago
Them girls are working with the gmi
avery 9games
avery 9games - 4 days ago
Rocky sign it sign it
Swaggy Paggy
Swaggy Paggy - 4 days ago
Dody Ginting
Dody Ginting - 4 days ago
The girl to
Dody Ginting
Dody Ginting - 4 days ago
The boy ia GMI
Di Brown
Di Brown - 5 days ago
Kelly is working with the GMI because I saw the tattoo on her arm
Wilkie Bacarac
Wilkie Bacarac - 6 days ago
I think when you guys were changing a clone took rocky and replace him because he was so serious but after he was fooling around
Sandra Wilson
Sandra Wilson - 6 days ago
Christina Flores
Christina Flores - 6 days ago
Rebecca will win the game
Aimee Beamish
Aimee Beamish - 6 days ago
Rocky works for the gmi
Lushe Waldeck
Lushe Waldeck - 6 days ago
I did ,when you saw rz twin till the middle ,because my fine dide
Connor-Mac McCormack
Connor-Mac McCormack - 6 days ago
Sophie O'Sullivan
Sophie O'Sullivan - 6 days ago
I love your 24 hour vids
Ellis Jung
Ellis Jung - 7 days ago
Rebecca the guy said that your boat is that way that guy at 2:49 there is a barcode on his hand, he’s working for the GMI
Savannah Beckham
Savannah Beckham - 7 days ago
That girl is working with the gmi
Brayden Smith
Brayden Smith - 7 days ago
The girl that said they said go that way she had the same tattoo on her arm as that guy that said your boat is over there
Shelley Dixon
Shelley Dixon - 7 days ago
Shelley Dixon
Shelley Dixon - 7 days ago
Heba Iqelan
Heba Iqelan - 8 days ago
I know how's hotel key is for the royality family
Video Impossible
Video Impossible - 8 days ago
I love you so much
But can you please do challenges without the creepy people being involved
Triville Clark
Triville Clark - 9 days ago
Hi Rebecca
Bobby Vickers
Bobby Vickers - 9 days ago
I'm sorry my sister keeps on hitting on my phone my sister doesn't like us videos but I am a big fan
Mz Roni
Mz Roni - 9 days ago
The floaty
vince vinluan
vince vinluan - 9 days ago
When the girl point I see the girl is working with gmi because the girl is have a tatto
The Lyra Empire
The Lyra Empire - 9 days ago
* sees black and white boat *
Guy behind camera : ITS A GMI BOAT!!
(meanwhile in reality belongs to some other ppl)
Harrison Wheeler
Harrison Wheeler - 9 days ago
dive dive dive
Yaneth Gonzalez
Yaneth Gonzalez - 10 days ago
I don't trust Rocky any more
mama and papa
mama and papa - 10 days ago
every one might not agree. but gmi might mean game master imetations
Ella Wilkinson
Ella Wilkinson - 11 days ago
Paw samanjhfh
KAIDEN GARDNER - 12 days ago
rz twin in the cornor
Shelley Smith
Shelley Smith - 12 days ago
I'm watching this with my younger cousin Emily she is SO CUTE
Jeanette Nicholson
Jeanette Nicholson - 13 days ago
Stacy Hagood
Stacy Hagood - 13 days ago
kendra ross
kendra ross - 13 days ago
why does everyone beleive in the game master??
vinitha stephen
vinitha stephen - 13 days ago
24 hours ocean
Leandro Educalani
Leandro Educalani - 13 days ago
the blond hair but not rocky girlfriend has a barcode
TheRainbowTiger 15
TheRainbowTiger 15 - 13 days ago
Not the middle
tuariki Rua
tuariki Rua - 13 days ago
So the gmi have a word because I was thinking about the gmi and I really want to show so watch
G for game
M for master
And I for IDEA
gmi and game master idea
Mesha C
Mesha C - 14 days ago
some bar code on her arm
#emlife F
#emlife F - 14 days ago
There is a barcode on that girl who is pointing that way
Maria Zuniga
Maria Zuniga - 14 days ago
I hope, you find it soon
Maria Zuniga
Maria Zuniga - 14 days ago
Can I love you
Erika Martinez
Erika Martinez - 14 days ago
Erika Martinez
Erika Martinez - 14 days ago
Erika Martinez
Erika Martinez - 14 days ago
Go. The kids
Erika Martinez
Erika Martinez - 14 days ago
Lucie Whelan
Lucie Whelan - 14 days ago
leah dreams
leah dreams - 15 days ago
And the girl in the boat has the tatoo
leah dreams
leah dreams - 15 days ago
OMG Rebecca the guy has the GMI
Harmony Liendo
Harmony Liendo - 15 days ago
You can do it rebecca if this is blue u know rebecca can do it😁👍
YouTubeG WOW!
YouTubeG WOW! - 16 days ago
And the girl had A tattoo
YouTubeG WOW!
YouTubeG WOW! - 16 days ago
The guy had the tattoo on him
MH - 04BL - McKinnon PS (1318)
Last to sink challenge
gary revis
gary revis - 16 days ago
I saw a shark🌊🌊 give me a like👇
Nelly Wineera
Nelly Wineera - 16 days ago
Rocky is so funny😂❤
Casey and Sienna
Casey and Sienna - 16 days ago
You’re the best mat and Rebecca and daniel
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