Testing the Egg-extractor

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Nick Vlahakis
Nick Vlahakis - 28 days ago
Jen is perfection 😍
Naomi S
Naomi S - Month ago
Only know about this episode cause of YSL!
Vince Dibona
Vince Dibona - Month ago
It's 2019 and I am thinking they need to bring back all the egg-related products they have had on the show for one big eggs-travaganza.

The Rollie, the Egg-stractor, and I know there have been more. Maybe bring in an ostrich egg for Rhett to play with. IDK, just spitballin' here.
Gilana Sims
Gilana Sims - Month ago
...*goes to boil eggs*
MLBShowLive - Month ago
1:34 Big oof. Didn’t happen
the earl of gray
the earl of gray - Month ago
13:11 what is that it's ah egg
geoff white
geoff white - 2 months ago
It's me from the future, 2019. We still have mail. 😁 unfortunately 😩
Matthew C
Matthew C - 2 months ago
Her eyes are piercing
Jordynn isHumann
Jordynn isHumann - 2 months ago
I like to think about someone who has no idea who Rhett and Link are watching this intro
Mike Mathis
Mike Mathis - 2 months ago
Need more Jen
Abbey Brawley
Abbey Brawley - 2 months ago
Mc butt
Abbey Brawley
Abbey Brawley - 2 months ago
Yo yo yo yo
Leah Lasher
Leah Lasher - 2 months ago
1. It’s 2019 and we do still have the US postal service😂
2. Eggs are best peeled right after boiling. The longer you wait the more the shell seals itself back to the egg. If Jen boiled these at home the day before they would be difficult to peel regularly as well
Dusty Skye
Dusty Skye - 3 months ago
"In 2018 they're shutting down mail."
Me in 2019: uhhmmmm..... about that Rhett.....
cool person
cool person - 3 months ago
*air turd has left the chat*
Lucca F
Lucca F - 3 months ago
1M views. For good mythical MORE.
ezzy - 4 months ago
Link was so happy for the hatemail
Jacqulyn Fletcher
Jacqulyn Fletcher - 4 months ago
Hello from 2019... there's still mail
Mark Hoffman
Mark Hoffman - 4 months ago
Link's face at 1:23
Mr Gurto
Mr Gurto - 5 months ago
You butthole 😂
Dave A
Dave A - 5 months ago
Christopher Woffindin
Christopher Woffindin - 5 months ago
Send us more stuff!!
So we can throw most of it away and pretend to keep the rest!!
blood swimmer
blood swimmer - 5 months ago
watching in 2019 and still snail mailing around
Hollows25 - 5 months ago
Lol *watches this on the last day of 2018* Nope. Still snail mail hehe
Hailey C
Hailey C - 5 months ago
anthony evans
anthony evans - 6 months ago
your creepy link🙁
Vince Dibona
Vince Dibona - 6 months ago
You know Link is in his 40's by being able to throw out his back trying to peel an egg.
Exclarmation - 6 months ago
Oh we didn't shut down the mail, turns out
Bed Head
Bed Head - 6 months ago
This video is so pure
محمد عبد العال
The first egg did not work because it was over boiled
gabriella. - 6 months ago
He smelled the yolk for SO long 🤣
megkrau - 6 months ago
Aaaaand here we are in 2018....with snail mail still existing 😂
Clutch Flutie
Clutch Flutie - 6 months ago
I like Jen, but I gotta be honest....I dont really much care for anyone else. Heck I even find them extremely annoying to hear in the background or watch as they awkwardly sit next to Rhett and Link.
Clutch Flutie
Clutch Flutie - 6 months ago
Exception: Cotton Candy Randy is hilarious.
Dávid Lévai
Dávid Lévai - 7 months ago
I love how Jen puts her hand to her mouth when she is surprised or wonders :D
Sarah - 7 months ago
Link seems genuinely happy is this gmmore I luv it
John Bravehawk
John Bravehawk - 7 months ago
Who do we listen to
John Bravehawk
John Bravehawk - 7 months ago
This looks like something from Arby's
Ethan Hair
Ethan Hair - 7 months ago
I want one now
Whisper Bitterray
Whisper Bitterray - 7 months ago
Here in 2018 still have mail myth busted lol
Miledith - 7 months ago
Link's high pitched voice when the yolk popped out 😂😂
RANGER DANGER - 7 months ago
That thing is a P.O.S.
Madeline Dahlberg
Madeline Dahlberg - 8 months ago
That moment when it’s 2018 and we still have snail mail
spartan0296 - 8 months ago
Lmao ummm it's 2018...
WILLY LYNCH - 8 months ago
Almost 2019 and the USPS is still going. You are a liar Rhett.
Dylan King
Dylan King - 8 months ago
its 2018 and mail still isnt shut down.
amanda thompson
amanda thompson - 8 months ago
Link wasn't cracking the bottom of the eggs for the last 2 that's why they came out so wonky. Rhett did it right and didn't hang the bottom so hard.
Nathan 475
Nathan 475 - 8 months ago
Its 2018 and people still out here using snail mail like it’s 2016 😂
Stephanie - 8 months ago
2018 still have snail mail
Junior Studios
Junior Studios - 8 months ago
It's 2018

And mail still exists
E-IRONMAN MARSDEN - 8 months ago
Jen is so mythically cute
Rastrick - 8 months ago
“Look at that 🥚 “ 😂☠️
Mckenzie Moore
Mckenzie Moore - 8 months ago
I’ve come to the conclusion that Link is 7
Kyle Magaro
Kyle Magaro - 9 months ago
I don't even understand how Rhett thought physical mail would be shut down this year. He's such a smart guy he's gotta realize that was sensationalism. We have to have physical mail to send stuff until we invent a tube system or teleportation or something.
chance shadow
chance shadow - 9 months ago
What's wrong with being weirdos? As I always say, "Where's the fun in being normal?"
Medical Doll
Medical Doll - 9 months ago
I think if you do this shortly after boiling and blanch them in old water first it’ll work better! I crack my eggs and then either run them under water or peel them in a pot of cool water. The water getting under the shell helps a lot to peel it off.
Kimmie - 9 months ago
This has to be my favorite GMM I've seen yet. I laughed the ENTIRE time! Jenn makes the show so much more entertaining. She needs her own episode(s) or even her and John. Please!!!!!!
El Jefe
El Jefe - 9 months ago
Youtube Fanatic
Youtube Fanatic - 9 months ago
man Rhett really goes at it when it comes to singing
Youtube Fanatic
Youtube Fanatic - 9 months ago
thought the Title said ' Egoraptor '
Sally Otley
Sally Otley - 9 months ago
"It's called a stable you butthole"- Link 2016
Mikrofoon in Florida
Mikrofoon in Florida - 9 months ago
2018. Still have mail lol useless junk mail
Drawing Things
Drawing Things - 9 months ago
when rhett and link on drags 13:06
Gutslinger - 9 months ago
You had to look up how to boil an egg?. Lol Damn.
You just boil it in water for 10 minutes.
Hugo Wolfert
Hugo Wolfert - 9 months ago
Jan you're too beautiful
Patrick Stuart
Patrick Stuart - 10 months ago
A person was nice enough to send this product for trying and fun. Would have been nice to hear the letter instead of Link.
Rachel Meyers
Rachel Meyers - 10 months ago
Anybody else still receiving mail in 2018?
izzykr :D
izzykr :D - 10 months ago
It’s 2018 and we still have mail...(exept I’m British so I call it post) but I mean ...... letters still come through the door every day but Sunday
Why is no one else addressing this in the comments...
MajorLeagueElite - 10 months ago
Jen is real hot.
Dick Piano
Dick Piano - 10 months ago
jen covered her massive guns :( no...
Holtster - 10 months ago
its okay, snail mail is still here
Danaamot - 11 months ago
I love mail day, Jen is the best.
Jeremy Smith
Jeremy Smith - 11 months ago
It's 2018, still have mail!
Matthew Dunnuck
Matthew Dunnuck - 11 months ago
Watching this in 2018 and there is still mail...
Roy Kositzky2
Roy Kositzky2 - 11 months ago
we still have mail lol
Luci The Sick
Luci The Sick - 11 months ago
Its 2018 and we still have mail.
MochaTater - 11 months ago
Jens laugh = cute af
Eva Gonzalez
Eva Gonzalez - 11 months ago
Just watching old episodes, wanted to let you know its 2018 now and we still have snailmail. Hahaha
Misty Lovejoy
Misty Lovejoy - 11 months ago
link is so hot
deprofundis - 9 months ago
Link's crazy hot!
saltysandra - 11 months ago
I love Jen's laugh
BEKHTI Youcef Abderrahmane
Rhett's reactions are priceless! Hahahaha
Samantha Steele
Samantha Steele - Year ago
It’s 2018. Mail still exists!! 😂😂
Matthew Longest
Matthew Longest - Year ago
It is 2018, there is still mail, whilout it my eBay business would not hold up haha
Dallas Robinson
Dallas Robinson - Year ago
Can Jen be my best friend.
Francis Hidalgo
Francis Hidalgo - Year ago
2018 and I still get mail
TrashmanKegs - Year ago
2018 here and mail still exist.
Kylee Jo Batman
Kylee Jo Batman - Year ago
This is the year that snail mail will be no more!
Tim Harbison
Tim Harbison - Year ago
Jen has the best laugh 😂
DexterThe Fat
DexterThe Fat - Year ago
Danny Lawson
Danny Lawson - Year ago
Good work jen👌
Danny Lawson
Danny Lawson - Year ago
Link and jen would be good together👌
Hunter Coyhis
Hunter Coyhis - Year ago
Jen is babe xD
Richard Ellis
Richard Ellis - Year ago
It’s 2018...the mail is still a thing
Skippy - Year ago
It's 2018 now... Snail mail is still a thing, surprisingly.
CM Connolly
CM Connolly - Year ago
after you boil the eggs, you gotta instantly chill them in water so the shell separates cleanly.
RedEyesTops - Year ago
This seems like such a pointless invention, why does it exist?
Logan - Year ago
Jen is way too cute!
Nich14 - Year ago
Jen’s laugh gives me life
the average aussie
the average aussie - Year ago
It would be hard to work here and not go home with a sore face from laughing the whole time haha
Peri Fogel
Peri Fogel - Year ago
It's 2018 and there's still mail...
Eden Nethercott
Eden Nethercott - Year ago
Is anyone watching this in 2018??
The Other Emily
The Other Emily - Year ago
It's 2018, we still have mail
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