Lana Del Rey - Doin’ Time (Official Video)

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Mickeias Lourran
Mickeias Lourran - 21 minute ago
Mickeias Lourran
Mickeias Lourran - 21 minute ago
sam schoby
sam schoby - 25 minutes ago
Аксель Монтен
Аксель Монтен - 53 minutes ago
Решил от Шевцова зайти сюда) Надеюь, что понравится
greene choe
greene choe - Hour ago
1:02 drivers : ??!!
Роман Шевяков
Шевцов,сука,почему теперь я ищу кадры с твоих видосов?
Андрей Нагорный
1945 повторим?
A guy from the Internet
A guy from the Internet - 2 hours ago
I tried to remember where have I heard it. Sublime.
frazzl - 2 hours ago
What a boring, unadventurous cover. I'll stick to the original thanks!
Amit Bisht
Amit Bisht - 3 hours ago
4:08 i saw that
Badmaa Badmaa
Badmaa Badmaa - 3 hours ago
Nemo - 4 hours ago
*Кто от Шевцова?*
Jon Snow
Jon Snow - 4 hours ago
Кто от Шевцова?)
А музыкальный вкус у нашего очказавра ничё;)
Angel Miguel Tzuc Canche
Angel Miguel Tzuc Canche - 6 hours ago
Mukthyar Baig
Mukthyar Baig - 7 hours ago
I Hope She Has Them Panties ON !!!!
Nelson Segotso
Nelson Segotso - 7 hours ago
Abigail Holbrook
Abigail Holbrook - 7 hours ago
ugh incredible
Cassidy De Sousa
Cassidy De Sousa - 7 hours ago
I love sublime but lana KILLS this song
aaron nava
aaron nava - 8 hours ago
Lana lana lana when will you learn men think small- short term
D Martinez
D Martinez - 8 hours ago
Something about this doesn't feel right. Her singing a Sublime song? What in the world does she have in common with Sublime? Is she a hardcore rapper or something? Did she spend time in jail? Yes, her voice is gorgeous and she is an important artist. She gonna cover Tupac now? haha
Chate Jackson
Chate Jackson - 8 hours ago
My daughter...
Chase Hohle
Chase Hohle - 8 hours ago
Btw this is sublime song, fun fact
Deivys Mendez
Deivys Mendez - 9 hours ago
De mis favoritas❤️
Evan Chloe
Evan Chloe - 9 hours ago
Sounds just like Miley Cyrus
- i n R e v e r i e -
- i n R e v e r i e - - 10 hours ago
In love with this song so much
TheTheratfarmer - 10 hours ago
i love ty ebass/
C.A. K,S
C.A. K,S - 10 hours ago
RIVER WESTIN, the 20 something "male Lana Del Rey" with two EP's , just listen & see if you don't agree
C.A. K,S
C.A. K,S - 10 hours ago
Theo Koukopoulos
Theo Koukopoulos - 10 hours ago
imagine just driving on the freeway and looking up and seeing lana del ray’s juicy ass cooch
Brandon Murray
Brandon Murray - 10 hours ago
Love this song she's so pretty!!
W. E
W. E - 11 hours ago
beautiful with LENA
Bradley Pate
Bradley Pate - 11 hours ago
No one:
Every shoe commercial:
The Whiskey D
The Whiskey D - 12 hours ago
So damn fine!
SIX SHOOTING6.0 - 13 hours ago
Muito boa esa música
1hx3499d4 - 13 hours ago
David Santos
David Santos - 15 hours ago
Shingeki no Kyojin
Attack on Titan 😁
Carson Moss
Carson Moss - 15 hours ago
Why is the beat so familiar
Alan Freitas
Alan Freitas - 15 hours ago
Имя Фамилия
Имя Фамилия - 15 hours ago
fucked thick. take care of yourself.
Miriã Borges
Miriã Borges - 16 hours ago
Tasty mcDoggo
Tasty mcDoggo - 16 hours ago
Thoby Davis
Thoby Davis - 16 hours ago
Jason Soto
Jason Soto - 16 hours ago
Everyone complaining about fans not knowing this is a Sublime song... Let me introduce you to Metallica. They are basically a cover band.
Matthew Craig
Matthew Craig - 4 hours ago
Well no. Metallica did an album of cover songs, but definitely not a cover band
Вадим Трихлеб
Вадим Трихлеб - 17 hours ago
на айтипедичах
Alex Semich
Alex Semich - 17 hours ago
She copied sublime this one sounds like shit
Gabriel Cordeiro
Gabriel Cordeiro - 17 hours ago
Summertime, and the livin's easy ♡
Viorel Aneci
Viorel Aneci - 18 hours ago
So classssic ,LOVE it Fellinig like in a good 80•
Potato Tomato
Potato Tomato - 18 hours ago
Pepsi cola
The Big Deal
The Big Deal - 18 hours ago

👇🏼 Listen to my songs, you'll like ;)
coquetelgemeo - 18 hours ago
Um lindo clipe, porém uma bosta de letra de música...
Vinicius Moreira G.P
Vinicius Moreira G.P - 19 hours ago
Patrycja Janowiak
Patrycja Janowiak - 19 hours ago
Its parov stelar - summertime (4 years ago)
TheTheratfarmer - 19 hours ago
and swollen.
TheTheratfarmer - 19 hours ago
LBC? lezbian clube? i don't know. i love women that are bi curious. some women ...she loves anal grabs my hand and place'ces on her muff, wow supper wet.
mal hakokokoko11
mal hakokokoko11 - 20 hours ago
1:02 PEPSI COLA! Is the people in the city smell it?
Lucas Echeverria
Lucas Echeverria - 20 hours ago
Exito cielo 💚
Василиса Строженицкая
Кто после Шевцова?
Данил Маринов
X_X Spirit Rockell
X_X Spirit Rockell - 21 hour ago
Tudo o que eu quero, é ver vocês virarem uma mulher gigante
Sinister_Mystixx - 21 hour ago
It’s sad that I’m 15 and get mad this is by sublime and while others think it’s her original song
更新する部屋を - 21 hour ago
Pepsi cola
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