I'm Gay - Eugene Lee Yang

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RaNdOm RaF
RaNdOm RaF - 7 hours ago
Is he actually gay?
JooterJoy - 8 hours ago
wow this is amazing even though i didnt expect this i respect your choice.Keep soldiering on and know we will love you for you not your looks or anything. We will always support you!
Anessa ???
Anessa ??? - 8 hours ago
Omg he’s such a queen like Yassss
Kate Tyler
Kate Tyler - 8 hours ago
Dosent just come out butifully but shows us he can dance butifully😁
Nichole Booth
Nichole Booth - 9 hours ago
What's the catch?
scott rhodes
scott rhodes - 11 hours ago
Eugene- I have been a fan of the try guys for years. The religiously conflicted young man, socially misidentified with familial conflict and a history of physical and psychological abuse -is almost a stereotype of gay man. Unfortunately it is also the truth of a social outcast left with no supports and left to survive on their own. Thanks for making this video and bringing more attention to the trevor project.
Samantha Rich
Samantha Rich - 11 hours ago
You did a great job you should not care what others think about you do what makes you happy
Eileen Chung
Eileen Chung - 12 hours ago
Is Eugene actually gay?
Testimony Oluwatobi
Testimony Oluwatobi - 9 hours ago
kutiejk - 13 hours ago
still not over this, i love him:’)
Irene Lee
Irene Lee - 14 hours ago
When I first saw this, I really felt something powerful. Eugene has taught me a lot about self acceptance, and although I don't really accept myself for who I am, he taught me that I was in the LGBTQ community because..I'm asexual.
Emily Brocklebank
Emily Brocklebank - 15 hours ago
that was fucking beautiful.
Kit kat
Kit kat - 15 hours ago
1:21 I'm sorry but those moves were so smooth.
J Lopz
J Lopz - 16 hours ago
Truth, that was fucking beautiful.
jack dvs
jack dvs - 16 hours ago
MythicalBeats MythicalBeats
This ain't right
Ella Seeholzer
Ella Seeholzer - 16 hours ago
Thank you so much for including Aces we feel so left out a lot of the time
emerald man guy
emerald man guy - 17 hours ago
U just see a comment from a Korean channel saying
uR aDoPtEd
Evelpro182 xb
Evelpro182 xb - 17 hours ago
Markov Soh
Markov Soh - 18 hours ago
But when you use the music for gae practice.. it becomes very difficult to de-gay this song now
EMMA MULLINS - 18 hours ago
I’m not surprised
Cassidy Steiner
Cassidy Steiner - 19 hours ago
Valarie janowski
Valarie janowski - 19 hours ago
I just adore Eugene...So glad he finally found his way, such a beautiful way of sharing his journey!!
Niyah _crystalsweets
Niyah _crystalsweets - 20 hours ago
Dose this mean we get more drag ms pepper !???😂
spidy one
spidy one - 22 hours ago
what in the fuck of the world
spidy one
spidy one - 22 hours ago
what in the fuck of the world
TeslaYT - Day ago
I'm here for the music!
Best anime anime
Best anime anime - Day ago
Dear Eugene,
Have u ever liked one of the try guys?
Ava Rose
Ava Rose - Day ago
This is a great story it gives feeling and it really dose tell a story I am proud to see the good and true are of dancing and telling story's and it is good that he came out in a way that most people would not and he really made me think that is amazing and he did do what he waned it was a good way I may be young and short but this makes me think wow he did good and I am proud to see this as any other would not
diksha malhotra
diksha malhotra - Day ago
This is a piece of art and made me cry I hope I can come out to my family one day and they except me for who I am.
Alphasun - Day ago
Im not suprised
chloescott2006 - Day ago
Keith is going to embarass you in front of your boyfriend not that I'm against it I'm lesbian my self I just see it happening
FAT SHADY - Day ago
The try gays
Thea Robertson
Thea Robertson - Day ago
My favourite part was when he first started dancing in unison with the other man.
Alea Mohamed
Alea Mohamed - Day ago
am i the only one who didnt realize his outfits were all rainbow themed until i read someones comment that said so
Beezlebub Demon
Beezlebub Demon - Day ago
Kiba the Kiddo
Kiba the Kiddo - Day ago
Me, as someone who is going to film education... this is amazing, I understand the movements and the story of this masterpeice, this is his way of saying his freedom and himself... you know what, people think I'm BI because I have a boyfriend but I have this really close relation ship with my BFF (girl) but my BFF is Bi not me, so, yeah. AND I even have a group for Bi, gay, pan, and other people who doesn't fit in with the rest of the gender! ^-^ I'mm proud to be the leader of this group for people other than strait
Gaming Maniacs
Gaming Maniacs - Day ago
Ok that’s fine with me
Kayla Brown-coles
Kayla Brown-coles - Day ago
the most beautiful and inspiring coming out video i have ever seen❤
Grecia Munoz
Grecia Munoz - Day ago
Eugene would win every season of RuPal’s Drag Race.
Flame song
Flame song - Day ago
I saw it comin
ツPotato - Day ago
This is so fucking well done and expressed
I got goosebumps in the first 30 seconds
rahmanham - Day ago
i sorta had a guess that he probably would come out gay. and i an total cool with that :)
Aroa Al Masri
Aroa Al Masri - Day ago
This is so amazing to see l this warms my heart I strive to be like Eugene because he is confident and so talented
hi hi wassup
hi hi wassup - Day ago
Danm that was emotional
Psycho Bunny
Psycho Bunny - Day ago
He's fabulous, and a great inspiration, and this video gets me back up when I'm feeling down.
dimitris sfakianakis
Hey, just a question. I didn't know eugene till know but are there any videos of his singing outside buzz feed? I can't seem to find something.
Phan - Day ago
Hoklomone - Day ago
wait was this his coming out video? i thought we knew already.
Code Ceeday 2 ys btw
Eugene just kissed you

Like to undo
Emily J
Emily J - Day ago
Code Ceeday 2 ys btw swrong wit u
New York Yankees 99
I didn’t know Eugene was gay
Moto Moto
Moto Moto - Day ago
I just realised he shaved his legs
E Riley
E Riley - Day ago
I did watch this when it first came out because I didn’t care (that’s not me being rude I just to care about somebody’s sexuality unless I’m trying to hook up somebody with my friends) but damn that was really cool that was art
Eva Randell
Eva Randell - Day ago
Eugene wow this is incredible you so well no all of y'all did so well on this project
Laura Reljan
Laura Reljan - Day ago
He came out in the most extra possible way and am loving it
Laura Reljan
Laura Reljan - Day ago
This is my favorite video on YouTube
Hay zen
Hay zen - Day ago
So gay
Cobbalt Madinchi
Cobbalt Madinchi - Day ago
It's great to see that a lot of countries starts to treat it's citizens equally, Its so awesome that The LGBTQ+ Community worked hard to achieve those rights. But it is very sad to see a lot of countries in Asia doesn't do the same. Lots of LGBTQ people in Asia are discriminated against just like in this video, including me. I really hope that one day, every country in this world treat their citizens equally and love each other respectively. Peace and love to everybody❤️
A - Day ago
This is way better than coming out by saying "I-im gay....." or "Your bloodline ends with me"
Michelle Beytell
Michelle Beytell - Day ago
Toxic Glow
Toxic Glow - Day ago
Wait is he gay?

Top 10 questions lol
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