More Power and Better Fuel Economy Thanks to Tuning and Overdrive! Ep.71

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Hunter Evans
Hunter Evans - 7 days ago
I would just pull the motor and put a twin turbo Cummins in it
Ted Alexander
Ted Alexander - 7 days ago
I feel like you guys are Ecomodders!! I actually really enjoy the MPG content. Would like to see more mileage focus content. Maybe some aero mods and some carb tuning. There is a lot you could do to improve MPG. Hope you do more. Thanks for the content.
coverman66 - 7 days ago
There is no me without you...if you have any questions feel free to ask or email me! Thanks
Holley Schulte
Holley Schulte - 9 days ago
when is roadkill gonna start agin
a456987 - 9 days ago
You ought to go EFI next
Michael Cuff
Michael Cuff - 9 days ago
If you put a 3rd gen. Cummins in that truck with a smarty jr tuner. Ill bet youll get close to 18 mpg. Easy.
the gameing corner akathecoolest
You guys need to get a racing Pontiac
kellsarah - 10 days ago
Standard Chevy pre LS firing order.
ChiefJustice Middleton
ChiefJustice Middleton - 10 days ago
My buddy gets 12-13 miles per canadian gallon out of motorhome and its a POFSHAT. So, yes you are right in the ballpark. Next, you need to add a good HHO kit to it
TheShadowOfMusic86 - 12 days ago
Need some chrome fender skirts on one of your next episodes who's with me...
Hungry Moose
Hungry Moose - 12 days ago
You should look into some kind of wind deflectors to put on the back of the box. Some of the trailers I haul for my company have them and it makes a noticeable difference in fuel economy.
Sixth Lord
Sixth Lord - 12 days ago
What the hell? Almost 9 mpg in a 40ft long brick that's probably 8 tons loaded with a carbed big block and straight 80's factory setup other than the overdrive and distributor but that's still basically 80's tech. And I get MAYBE 1 or 2 better in this damn 01 6.0 with the same 4l80e and unloaded. Other than the 10 gallons of water I have to carry til I finally put a radiator in it. Already had to do a water pump right before the cap cracked so not getting in a hurry. I don't know what GM did with these first gen vortec 6.0's but they suck on mileage.
Dumbest Oyster
Dumbest Oyster - 12 days ago
Thank God Finnegan still posts on YouTube & doesn't charge for his vids...
Brian Bayer
Brian Bayer - 13 days ago
I'm doing the same this with an 85 454 camper special right now.
Brian Bayer
Brian Bayer - 13 days ago
And this was owned by a race team. Hahahaha.
f r e e b i r d
f r e e b i r d - 14 days ago
if democrats were watching this they would loosing their shit because your happy with 9 mpg!
Phil B
Phil B - 16 days ago
Setting records...✌
King Bones
King Bones - 17 days ago
14:32 Robo-mike
T Bone
T Bone - 17 days ago
Time for an LS. Maybe an 8.1 big block....
BOB ROTHWELL - 17 days ago
timing mark on the ground strap of teh spark plug??? Who knows this stuff??!! Thanks, Dave,.
ShBeeBo - 18 days ago
The first time I saw the new paintjob, was at a red light about 15 miles away from AMS and the truck passed by on the way to an event. I didn't get to go to the show but it was still awesome just seeing the truck for a moment
Patrick Burke
Patrick Burke - 18 days ago
Dude you are like a bolt on EFI kit away from double digits
Sanctimoniously - 18 days ago
This truck is so rad.
Jesus Hernandez
Jesus Hernandez - 18 days ago
What happened with jlow
ABOlsen69X - 18 days ago
Now stick a GV overdrive in there and take it to 11 :D
PistonBully - 19 days ago
That moment when you get worse gas mileage than a Semi.
PooWaffle - 19 days ago
Why don't you try Holley Sniper EFi or similar?
Burt Segal
Burt Segal - 20 days ago
Will this show be sold out like Roadkill? Then will we get told that episodes will be released after Motor Trend rakes its fans for money?
Asking for a friend. Because I've pulled my subscription to all things Roadkill associated.
justinjoyit13 - 20 days ago
Should do a LPG conversion- perfect application. LPG/Propane is cheaper and is 100 octane.
benzlover55 - 18 days ago
you also burn through it much quicker.
Justin Brim
Justin Brim - 21 day ago
I think a duramax would do this thing great
Nos16_13 Wanted
Nos16_13 Wanted - 21 day ago
You should put a dirtymax in that one lol
Kavinsky Smith
Kavinsky Smith - 21 day ago
you know it just hit me at 10:20 while looking over this truck with the hood up, did you buy this truck as it reminded you of the white trucks they used in the first two cannonball run movies?
J Business
J Business - 21 day ago
aviva las vegas
aviva las vegas - 22 days ago
Run Auto-RX engine oil treatment through it (following the exact instructions), combined with Chevron Techron fuel additive and you'll hit 10 mpg.
TonkaTruckk - 22 days ago
Pretty sure that store at 13:50 was over in Dawsonville. Loving the progress on the truck brotha, been looking for it for awhile now lol y'all are so close! Lol love from Gainesville!
Scott - 23 days ago
I can't believe a giant big block powered truck with the aero of an office building can't get better MPG than 9!!! LOL.
bestamerica - 25 days ago
no wonder why why this man use a cap on the head and black tint sunglass on the eyes
madjimms - 25 days ago
You would get MUCH better mileage if you put a smaller diesel in it....
KoyotBravo - 25 days ago
For me, an new-age European mechanic, this diagnostic part sounded like some straight up medieval shit xD ~40yrs of difference
Steven Vanheel
Steven Vanheel - 25 days ago
How did he mate a 4l80 to a 454? I thought you could mate the newer engines to the older transmissions but not the newer transmissions to the older engines.
Joseph Wiseman
Joseph Wiseman - 25 days ago
Just get a diesel engine in it you get better pull and mpg rate on long run .You just wasting money on gas. Member diesel got more tq than gas engine and use way less rpm then gas . That means less fuel using on mpg.lot more tq. Than gas engine. If was me i put a duramax disesl engine in it.
thejunkman - 26 days ago
Is it not common knowledge these days on the how's and why's of ignition advance mechanisms? I mean it is great he is explaining it, but I thought this was more known to most gear heads that grew up with this stuff.
Fred Flynstone
Fred Flynstone - 26 days ago
now get some more badass arrow-d  accessories, get rid of the giant mirrors and check the tire pressure.
Ri Le
Ri Le - 26 days ago
It needs a Diesel Engine in it!
ABOlsen69X - 18 days ago
No. It needs a stroker crank and a blower on top.
Water Toast
Water Toast - 26 days ago
Should diesel swap it
TJ9709 - 26 days ago
EFI , roller cam with roller rockers , headers and a Gear Vendors would be a good start to better mileage. Also a set of better flowing heads. Sadly GM put "peanut port heads" on the 454 which made no sense.
ROB P - 27 days ago
I’ve never gotten a notification for this channel and I’ve been subscribed for years.
Hammerjockey Radios
Hammerjockey Radios - 27 days ago
another huge problem is the new gasoline has a boiling point as low as 80 degrees at our atmospheric pressure. Fuel injected doesnt have this problem because it is under pressure, but carbureted has no pressure in the bowls
Christopher Fett
Christopher Fett - 27 days ago
That's a badass rig.
juan restrepo
juan restrepo - 27 days ago
ls swap it lol
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