Doing This Will Make Your Car Get Better Gas Mileage

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Scotty Kilmer
Scotty Kilmer - 7 months ago
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Wendy Shelley
Wendy Shelley - 3 months ago
I really love your videos, you cover all sorts of stuff I would never have thought about, Thanks!
lawnmowermanTX - 3 months ago
Soooooo..... pour Coca-Cola in the gas tank to clean the carbon build up? If a person can’t afford a new Mass Air Flow sensor, disconnect it? Make sure you get a can of air to dust / clean your air filter?! 👍👽✈️✈️⚗️⚗️🌬🌬💨💨🌫🌫🌨🌨⛈⛈🌎🌏🌍🚫
henry ching
henry ching - 3 months ago
Scotty Kilmer I
mohamed salah oshi
mohamed salah oshi - 4 months ago
You forgot a very important part which is the catalytic converter sensor.
Mark James
Mark James - 4 months ago
How do you clean your crankshaft position sensor?
Fabian flores
Fabian flores - 3 hours ago
I poured coca cola and now I'm getting 100 mpg. Thanks Scotty.
hermes alejandro cerdenia
I have a. 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer Gts with 118,000 miles. I use 91 octane and get better mileage and better acceleration.
EN1GMA 7V - 7 hours ago
I can clean your garage and find a lot of treasures lol
Pablo Pablo
Pablo Pablo - 23 hours ago
Scotty is smart I use 93 octane in my twin turbo Porsche runs amazing use regular gas in my new Honda Accord and it runs the amazing
1968CudaGuy - Day ago
One foot on the brakes, one on the gas... Sammy Hagar from his 80's song I can't drive 55!!
RegentDevil2 - Day ago
Scotty u got mustard on ur face
Xin Kingdom
Xin Kingdom - Day ago
Damn Scotty! Horder
Mr Paul Grimm
Mr Paul Grimm - 2 days ago
Italian tune ups work for me..Kapish ?
Dale Reed
Dale Reed - 2 days ago
Great time of day man!!!! why don"t ya haul that trash off that we see in the back round? I bet your neighbors just raise hell!!!!
Viva Stegall
Viva Stegall - 2 days ago
I have a 2005 Pontiac Grand Am. And the brake lines keep coming off should I replace all of them?
Nightstalker 1
Nightstalker 1 - 2 days ago
God I wish this guy was my neighbour. He’d had a shed full of cases of beer for all the work he’d help me with on my cars.
Numba Juan
Numba Juan - 2 days ago
Wonder how many cats poured coke in their tank!!! SOB
FREEDOM - 3 days ago
I find that 7up works better.
Ricky Younce
Ricky Younce - 3 days ago
You didn’t say one word about an in line fuel filter I thought u was a better mechanic then that
DoogleDoesStuff - 3 days ago
I get good fuel economy when I don't thrash the bloody thing. 😆
MPAAsuckscock - 3 days ago
The birds briefly appearing as we hear birds in the background always cracks me up.
Abel Tesfaye
Abel Tesfaye - 4 days ago
Clean your face bro.☹
Ray Dolinger
Ray Dolinger - 5 days ago
How was that Hot Dog you had before filming...... :) Bet it had extra mustard on it
Hirsch nope
Hirsch nope - 5 days ago
My truck had a K&N filter when I bought it, does it really help it run better? Have been cleaning and oiling it
Charles N
Charles N - 5 days ago
I went right out to A&W and ordered a coke float .
Waiting on the Uber. 🚴‍♂️
Stonewall Jackson
Stonewall Jackson - 5 days ago
I usually use 40 weight in summer and 30 for winter
hansen,s bmw i8
hansen,s bmw i8 - 5 days ago
Scotty your insane putting coke drink in a car I'm gonna try it to my bmw i8 and when it destroys my car i will bring it to you
DOUG BROWN - 6 days ago
Your awesome. Thanks for the knowledge and your expertise.
Kelly Bocock
Kelly Bocock - 6 days ago
K&N is a great air filter...
HeHe That Tickles
HeHe That Tickles - 7 days ago
Another example why collapse is inevitable:
People who drive with their left foot on the brake can afford a BMW.
Amy Waterman-McIntyre
Amy Waterman-McIntyre - 8 days ago
Scotty Kilmer videos have the best comments. True comedy.

S*** I'm late to work again.
Andrew Mays
Andrew Mays - 9 days ago
Scotty just ate a mustard sammich and didnt clean his face 😭😭😭😭
supersecretsquirrel0 - 9 days ago
don't put soda in your gas tank🤦‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️
Jacob Sebastien
Jacob Sebastien - 6 days ago
If you put coke an mentos it increases horsepower an torque.
Jacob Sebastien
Jacob Sebastien - 6 days ago
Howard Jr. Ford
Howard Jr. Ford - 10 days ago
" Today I'm gonna show you how to clean your battery cables! " " Oh scotty ! You're the greatest ! You are a car god ! "
kester1987 k
kester1987 k - 11 days ago
So are we not gonna talk about the mustard on his mouth?
yosoykarlos - 11 days ago
Hey Scotty, you fixed a problem you didn't even know you fixed! Recently I bought a brand new 2006 Acura RSX (well, like-new--less than 80 K miles, one owner). I had one small but annoying problem w/ it: when starting from dead stop, engine warm, I would sometimes stall it, or sometimes the revs would spike when I let out the clutch. Now I've been driving stick shifts--3, 4, 5, and 6 speeds--for 50 years. I thought it was either the gas pedal or I was just getting too old! Well, the gas pedal was okay. But then I watched this video and thought, Aha! the throttle plate, let me look at that. So, I saw just a little carbon around the edge of the plate, but cleaned it anyway. And guess what? --Starting problem solved!
c tharpe
c tharpe - 11 days ago
I need your help with a 2000 oldsmobile intrigue.
Alex - 11 days ago
Coke and Pepsi cleans a greasy windshield incredibly well, so before you go spend 40$ for new wipers, try that first. You know that moment when it has not rained for a while and your wipers can’t seem to wipe off the water and makes it hard to see through, just shake the shake the can and spray it all over the glass and then turn on the wipers. Better do it when it’s raining when it’s urgent or better when you’re about to drive in the car wash, That’s an ol timer trick and works like a charm.
Derek Bessette
Derek Bessette - 11 days ago
I didnt watch the video but I poured a 2L of coke in my gas tank. Now what?
steve talley
steve talley - 13 days ago
Wait a minute. One foot on the brakes and one foot on the gas pedal? Really?
Lola Rosario yamanaka uzumaki
Hey scotty am thinking of buy a Mazda rx7 fd3s but what's the engine swap to do. I live in the uk
Ozzy Young
Ozzy Young - 13 days ago
My truck is diabetic so I have to use diet coke.
Javier Reta
Javier Reta - 14 days ago
Braking with your left foot is so difficult
syarif basri
syarif basri - 14 days ago
Nice thumbnail to get view
José Graca
José Graca - 15 days ago
One foot on the break, one foot on the gas 😁
UbayLanas - 15 days ago
Thanks for your insight Scotty, your video is very informatively hilarious on your video insets ie. "Someone crossing the road while on the cell phone" and "Barking dogs" and etc. LOL Thanks once again.
Jose Jose
Jose Jose - 15 days ago
In our case in Mexico it's because the friking gas is a dollar a liter wish is like 4 dollars a gallon
Travis Scott
Travis Scott - 16 days ago
Im losing MY MIND with the damn crow pictures
Chris Cassidy
Chris Cassidy - 16 days ago
We have a mustard tiger! Lol Thanks for the video content Scotty!
David Leger
David Leger - 16 days ago
Dont forget proper tire pressure...
Donna Ryhter
Donna Ryhter - 17 days ago
What is the best gasoline for Lincoln Continental Mark III 69 thank you
Michael Turner-Smith
Michael Turner-Smith - 17 days ago
One less problem for me to worry about (mostly) since I drive stick.
Craig Wood
Craig Wood - 18 days ago
Mr. Supremium hates this video.
W Moy
W Moy - 18 days ago
I always use 10W40 oil in our cars because we live in high temperature desert country. When the outside temperature reaches 100-110F I do not trust 0W20 low viscosity to provide lubrication to protect the engine. With 5 cars with one having 145K miles, never had engine problem except oil leakage from worn seals. I rather pay a little for lower gas mileage than a 3K engine problem.
عمر ليبيا
عمر ليبيا - 18 days ago
good job man
Kraig Richard
Kraig Richard - 18 days ago
Same thing with foot on clutch pedal...grrrrrrr
lukee sublime
lukee sublime - 19 days ago
Mr. Kilmer, My oil cap says 0 20 but the auto parts store (in FL) recommend 5 30 and since changing I've had better gas milage (it was 24 mpg now 28 mpg) but I'd change it back if it was best for my car. Please advise, Thank you.
Sheepless in Georgia NM
Sheepless in Georgia NM - 19 days ago
Awesome story. Riding the brakes. Geeeez
Covenant Lazarus
Covenant Lazarus - 20 days ago
Trying to find out if that's mustard on his face
Justin Watts
Justin Watts - 20 days ago
Scotty... Question for you. IS fuel injection cleaning really necessary for a Tahoe SUV with only 50,000 miles on it????? Or is it just a profit service?
David Elliott
David Elliott - 21 day ago
Makes me not want to trust him by seeing thumbnail about putting coke in his gas tank and then he doesn't do it.
John Richardson
John Richardson - 21 day ago
Nice nowhere in the video did you actually recommend putting Coke in your gas tank... Which I know will kill your car btw, there's a video of someone who did it on YouTube already.. nice hook though
vaishak nair
vaishak nair - 22 days ago
What about the Oxygen sensor Scotty?
It tells the computer how rich or lean the air fuel mixture is.
EDWARD DENIS - 22 days ago
Who else poured soda without watching the whole video 🤔
Asking for a friend..
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