Doing This Will Make Your Car Get Better Gas Mileage

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Scotty Kilmer
Scotty Kilmer - 4 months ago
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Wendy Shelley
Wendy Shelley - Day ago
I really love your videos, you cover all sorts of stuff I would never have thought about, Thanks!
lawnmowermanTX - 2 days ago
Soooooo..... pour Coca-Cola in the gas tank to clean the carbon build up? If a person can’t afford a new Mass Air Flow sensor, disconnect it? Make sure you get a can of air to dust / clean your air filter?! 👍👽✈️✈️⚗️⚗️🌬🌬💨💨🌫🌫🌨🌨⛈⛈🌎🌏🌍🚫
henry ching
henry ching - 5 days ago
Scotty Kilmer I
mohamed salah oshi
mohamed salah oshi - Month ago
You forgot a very important part which is the catalytic converter sensor.
Mark James
Mark James - Month ago
How do you clean your crankshaft position sensor?
zam iel
zam iel - 4 hours ago
Is this the same foot on the brake guy that was getting his brakes changed every 9k miles?? 🤔
Poca Hinlew
Poca Hinlew - 4 hours ago
Where's the coke?
cooking with Sam on the Blackstone 22 R
What do you think about the penastar 3.6 engine ?
Simon Br
Simon Br - 17 hours ago
Big like
prpllettuce1 - 17 hours ago
I started getting better gas mileage when I cleaned off the mustard stain I had on my face.
Savage Sock
Savage Sock - 22 hours ago
One time we were messing around with my 1999 corolla and we were just having a good time and I dumped a can of monster energy in my gas tank.. Ran like normal lmfao
Tony Montana
Tony Montana - Day ago
just about every engine i have seen dont have a recomended oil rating on the oil cap, must be a thing for americans.
TheFlR3StOrM - Day ago
I almost spit my drink on the monitor from laughing at 2:09 . Bad gas mileage lol
Doc Tim
Doc Tim - Day ago
After this video I think I want a hotdog!! Anybody else hungry for food with mustard?
Brandon Hambright
Brandon Hambright - Day ago
If my car is feeling a bit heavy lately, can I use Diet Coke?
Brandon Hambright
Brandon Hambright - Day ago
Even Scotty can't resist some Whataburger 😉
shahriar ahmad
shahriar ahmad - Day ago
I like the way Scotty said engine crank like wa wa wa wa... 😂
Marcus York
Marcus York - Day ago
10 things you should t do eating a sandwich with mustard
bville bobcat
bville bobcat - 2 days ago
Awesome job scotty!
Have A Blast
Have A Blast - 2 days ago
you sure are great!
Rob Sherry
Rob Sherry - 2 days ago
Transmission Fluid Oil Change at recommended mileage. Am going to do that, and will that improve MPG?
Jace Winchester-Harmon
Jace Winchester-Harmon - 2 days ago
My 2000 dodge durango 4.7 liter engine 4x4 had a crankshaft position sensor was replaced but the hole was a bit too small for the part so I had to jam it into the hole (it is the right part) is there a way to make that hole a smidge wider so it will fit properly?
Music Islife
Music Islife - 2 days ago
2.4 million subscribers. Impressive.
larry Zeldin
larry Zeldin - 3 days ago
That guy that was pressing the brakes the whole time needs a high powered rear wheel drive car so this way he can do a burnout every time he would pull off from a stop.
To do a burnout on a rear wheel drive car all you have to do is apply the brake and press gas.
My ex girlfriend and a friend of mine drive with 2 feet. He doesn’t hold his foot on the brake but he does use his left foot to press brakes and right foot to press gas.
Claxton Johnson
Claxton Johnson - 3 days ago
U have saved me lots of money. Ty
snake knife
snake knife - 3 days ago
#1 reason this ethanol laced fuel.
Eli T6i
Eli T6i - 3 days ago
He protecc
He attacc
But most importantly, he had a yellow snacc
Chadsbee Ramrod
Chadsbee Ramrod - 4 days ago
Again why are you yelling?
Thor Matt
Thor Matt - 5 days ago
Hi Scotty....What do you think of KNN air filters?
gord johnson
gord johnson - 5 days ago
When I was a kid, my father told a story about old time stock car mechanix used moth balls in the gas tank, to make the cars go faster. I always wondered about that. I'm still not sure. Those old stock cars had lotsa tricks.
BossKing302 - 6 days ago
You've told that one foot on the gas one foot on the brake story before
James Paino IV
James Paino IV - 6 days ago
Your the man scotty. Love the videos and energy
Your a good Mechanic, Not just out trying to bs people.
Daniel D.
Daniel D. - 6 days ago
Listening too all that makes me want to buy an electric car.
Pepperoni pizza man
Pepperoni pizza man - 7 days ago
3:04—3:09 lol that dog though
Nubenegra martinez
Nubenegra martinez - 8 days ago
i love this guy!, he is stoned as hell and still crisp, awesome!
philpreston3072 - 8 days ago
Hey Scotty, just wondering what kinds of car maintenance jobs always require an assistant to help the mechanic? You do lots of car repairs on your own, but are there times when you really need an assistant to help with the job?
darren canfield
darren canfield - 9 days ago
Got mustard on ur mouth scotty
sojourn - 9 days ago
You also get bad gas mileage if your windshield is dirty....
Lilly Cat
Lilly Cat - 9 days ago
Hey Scott, I'm new to your videos & they're & I like the advice u give. I have a 03 chevy cavalier & theres no dip stick to check tranny fluid, is there anyway u can do a video so I can see how it's done. Thank u
brittani carter
brittani carter - 9 days ago
My name is my favorite car is a Kia Optima
_μpoяп_ - 10 days ago
Did anybody else hear any birds during this video?
James Will
James Will - 8 days ago
OMG it was too funny!
Jaime Steinhauer
Jaime Steinhauer - 10 days ago
Hi Scotty, I am a little surprised that you did not touch on tire air pressure. I know in climates where the air temp changes regularly (Alberta, Canada), tire pressure can change 2-3 psi overnight. Anyways I thought it might be worth mentioning. Cheers Jaime
Joshua Robles
Joshua Robles - 11 days ago
You're right mr.Scotty about the air filter its been a while that i never checked the air filter . I became aware that my vehicle is consuming more gas than before
Carlos Nieves
Carlos Nieves - 11 days ago
My run with red bull.
Jay Bird
Jay Bird - 11 days ago
There's those Kilmer hand signals again, Scotty is signing that you should dump gasoline cars and go all electric.
justaman6972 - 11 days ago
Awesome thanks bud
Kevin D'eca
Kevin D'eca - 11 days ago
Pardon me, sir! Would you have any grey poupon?
James Will
James Will - 8 days ago
OMG I forgot all about those commercials.
lin Z
lin Z - 11 days ago
Lol I had to see this video because of the coke but as I was reading the comments of mustard on his cheek i forgot about the coke and couldn't see his face well untill i screen shot hahahaha so funny .Ok back to the video of the coke.😃
Joseph Lopez
Joseph Lopez - 11 days ago
Hey scotty i know you have talked about it before. But what do you think about K&N filters compared to OEM. I have a 2018 toyota camry xse
Julio Sanchez
Julio Sanchez - 12 days ago
I disagree in the air filter matter, I think K &N is good for mileage and performance.
Home Page
Home Page - 11 days ago
So long as you clean it regularly!
google_was_my_idea Man
google_was_my_idea Man - 12 days ago
Thanks Scott just put a six pack of sams cola. Think I should have used coke
Kimberly Isherwood
Kimberly Isherwood - 12 days ago
Tim Strickland
Tim Strickland - 13 days ago
I put Dr.pepper in mine..runs like a champ.
Alberto Colmenares
Alberto Colmenares - 13 days ago
Scotty Kilmer
I’m Alberto from Norwalk,CA
I have a Nissan Sentra 1.8 2003 and the fuel pump floater keeps going bad , so I’m pray when it goes bad cause I can tell how much gasoline is in my tank. What I been doing is just changing the hole fuel pump with floater, but it never lasts longer than 6 months. Can you give me some advice please.
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