Trump Lies About His Trade War with China: A Closer Look

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Chen Mun
Chen Mun - 4 days ago
noob triump play trade war and try to split hongkong and do the warworld no 3 time
hanafi tan
hanafi tan - 7 days ago
a quite old democratic (really democratic ? ) country which still too stupid to choose a good leader
TA - 8 days ago
stupid liberals would side with the biggest cheaters that want to take us over, just to fight with Trump and conservatives. China started a trade war, not Trump. They have been charging premium taxes for decades. Just US presidents were such pansies that they just took it and sold out (Biden anyone, literally sold out). China can kick rocks and all businesses can move to other developing countries that play fair. China is too arrogant that they don't even realize why they aren't still poor. US made China. Let them deal with another 25% tariff charge and let businesses leave them by the minute. Look at them pushing and protecting Huawei but lying that they don't subsidize it. If they aren't lying and cheating, they aren't doing business. They don't get it. Ban them from the WTO and all world trade.
Belinda Weaver
Belinda Weaver - 11 days ago
This guy is still on air??
Frankie Lee
Frankie Lee - 11 days ago
Trump wanted his enemies to think that he is incoherent, and then hoping they would slander him as usual, bad human behaviour was the suspect.In my lifetime,I only see such Strategists Planner only exist in China- 5000 years - histories-but now Trump does have this art.
Martin Conta Gets Banned
Martin Conta Gets Banned - 12 days ago
He said it would hurt farmers, so you're the liar...
Huz Ib.
Huz Ib. - 12 days ago
Go China. Be the leading economy in the world and dethrone US. Kick Dollars from the market.
Nel Forks
Nel Forks - 13 days ago
About the guy who doesn't respond to the texts you send asking him to take you to the airport, but then he shows up at your doorstep with the handle of vodka and a duffel bag... Who has that ever happened to?? Who the hell does Seth Meyers know???
upuui u
upuui u - 13 days ago
Why does the us always bully China
The Birdsland 張飛 Zhang Fei
Do you have humanism ?
Double Refugee issues
Hong Kong & North Korea
2019.7.8 - I am Zhang Fei. (張飛)
・People's Republic of China, although a permanent member of the UN Security Council, can not abide by Article 33 of the UN Refugee Convention, “PROHIBITION OF EXPULSION OR RETURN ('REFOULEMENT)”?  As a permanent member of the UN Security Council, it is absolutely impossible to send North Korean defectors back.
Zhang Fei (張飛) 2019.7.8 (in Japan)
The Birdsland 張飛 Zhang Fei
Please do unification quickly!
When is Korea unification ?
2019.7.8 - I am Zhang Fei. (張飛) in Japan
・The missiles that North Korea is hitting in recent years is the same thing that the PRC government is hitting. The People's Republic of China is a permanent member of the UN Security Council, so China must be in a position to stop the missiles hit of its neighbor, North Korea. 
Zhang Fei (張飛) 2019.7.8 in Japan
Walter Ellis
Walter Ellis - 14 days ago
Trump should have been aborted, history will show what a demented being he is and the desperate fools that voted him in....
Antonis J.kondilis
Antonis J.kondilis - 15 days ago
Has anybody see his medical record ??? Seems that he suffers altchaimer.
oswiecacz ciemnoty
oswiecacz ciemnoty - 15 days ago
Make china great again vote democratic liberals, Pelosi and Schumer 2020. Let's help Chinese communist party and Democrats destroy trump and north America
K C - 15 days ago
Seth Meyers sounds like a partisan P U T Z.
Yvette Cowley
Yvette Cowley - 16 days ago
Thumps up!! Seth is the most humorous guy in the world. Hats off. Hope that trump gives you a gold medal on 4th July
Wow Seth. You are trash
Ben Pohl
Ben Pohl - 17 days ago
Liberal fucks!
Canadian Cuck Fighter
Canadian Cuck Fighter - 17 days ago
Liberalism is cancer!
Jose de la Cuadra
Jose de la Cuadra - 17 days ago
Fake news! Who’s listening?
Yoon S. Han
Yoon S. Han - 18 days ago
Stupid dumb asshole! Try to learn about what is really going on and what's the best for the US.
ladu tombeko
ladu tombeko - 18 days ago
This is a beautiful comedy show. It has made my day beautiful. Because Trump is the father of the laugh stock that the world has not stop laughing.
Andrew_koala - 16 days ago
T Rump is the adopted child of the Late George Bush Sr. another Clown, so much alike like the George 'Dubya' Bush., who had he not been a President, would have been a successful comedian.
Karen and Ed Smith
Karen and Ed Smith - 18 days ago
As a Kiwi I worry for you Americans .Watching from here, your country has gone from credible , predictable and stable to silly, fascile and embarrassing. Trump is becoming totally predictable. To the World he appears egotistic, arrogant and his propensity to shot from the hip and completely miss the mark is worrying.Is he suffering from some form of degenerative disorder?His lies are a concern! Particularly concerning when one lives outside of USA and has access to other sources of information other than Fox.Your country is bankrupting itself and this lying sod is blaming other people for your predicament.In the past our nation has sided with you in lies perpetrated by several other of your president's and their administrations.I believe Trump is the most chronic and obvious liar your nation has produced.Beyond puffery. Beyond boastful. No sad,pathetic and pathological.The Art of the Deal! The poor bugger can't bloody remember what the deal was.
Joe Schmoe
Joe Schmoe - 9 days ago
The United States has added 110 million people from third world countries over the last 35 years - a 50% increase in its population and a wildly destabilizing factor. No country would exist from such a large population increase so quickly. And that is what isn't being reported - everyone is afraid to talk about this demographic wave and shift - and quite frankly invasion - because they are afraid of being deemed xenophobic or racist. But I promise you if you had 50 million citizens of Mexico come to the New Zealand and vote in your elections - you'd be electing Trump and building a Wall as well. That is why the ignorance of the world of what is going on in America is so insufferable.
Colin Tan
Colin Tan - 18 days ago
Just let the trumpeter blow his False trumpet as Nostradamus had long foretold.
jooj dok
jooj dok - 19 days ago
You make me laugh
Whitegold Moneybags
Whitegold Moneybags - 19 days ago
Maybe if he focused more on his research then his jokes he would know what hes talking about
ShadowSOX - 19 days ago
Now the world know how dumb trumph are..nice....dont forget chicken dinner is from china
战略挑逗局 - 20 days ago
USA: World bank stops financing Chinese overseas development projects.
China: Oh, I didn’t know you have this power. Now I will build an Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) then.
USA: Manipulates oil prices in the future market.
China: Oh, I didn’t know you have this power. Now I will my own oil future trade market in Shanghai then.
USA: SWIFT forbids international money transfer when trading with Iran
China: Oh, I didn’t know you have this power. Now perhaps it is time to work with Europe to come up with a new standard? We have money exchange

agreements with many other countries without using dollars.
USA: BIS entity list exists.
China: Oh, I didn’t know you have this power. Now perhaps I need my own list? How about my own "unreliable entities list"?
USA: Google, Microsoft stop working with Huawei.
China: Oh, I didn’t know you have this power. Now I realized the importance of OS. We will build our own ecosystem then.
USA: ARM, Intel stop working with Huawei.
China: Oh, I didn’t know you have this power. Now I realized the importance of instruction set architecture and licences. We need experts to

figure out how to get around this problem.
USA: WIFI, Bluetooth, SD and JEDEC standard committee stopped working with Huawei.
China: Oh, I didn’t know you have this power. Now I realized the importance of controlling international standards. Now let’s review all the

standards we have to propose our own.
USA: FedEx redirects Huawei package.
China: Oh, I didn’t know you have this power. Now I realized the importance of the international logistics network. Shunfeng, Yuantong,

Zhongtong, I will help you to expand to the international market!
USA: IEEE prevents Huawei reviewers and publishers.
China: Oh, I didn’t know you have this power. Now I realized the importance of the scientific journal and paper publishing venues. Now let us

study and figure out how to build an alternative.
USA: …
China: I am waiting! Are there any more?
sweater - 21 day ago
China is the one who really want to control US president election, look at how many paid fake poster here on Youtube, and how many media has financial support from China....don't be fooled, those Keyboard heros won't make american great coz they only know how to arouse hatred ....good job Trump!
Richard Tompkins
Richard Tompkins - 21 day ago
A trade war is not good for anyone one
Richard Tompkins
Richard Tompkins - 21 day ago
Do the same people make the comment on all sites At least try to cover it up
jason taylor
jason taylor - 21 day ago
Seth sold his soul and takes it up the arse
Wanming Hu
Wanming Hu - 22 days ago
This is a chinese communist propoganda! Trump 2020!!!!!!
Jeffson Chan
Jeffson Chan - 22 days ago
Trump: I've got a beautiful letter you must like to see it......

I would like to resign! : ]
Skip Rocker
Skip Rocker - 22 days ago
Poops excuse me, I walked in the wrong room. Bye-bye snowflakes
salas7146 - 23 days ago
Mexico never said that they we're going to pay for the stupid wall it was Donald Trump that said that to his brain washed supporter
salas7146 - 23 days ago
I'm not surprised Donald Trump lie's every day he has Mafia homies they protect him in every thing he does they can't impeach him or arrested him
Tianyu King
Tianyu King - 23 days ago
The enemy's civilization and justice are the greatest confidence of our Chinese people. Because we believe that justice will certainly be lost to blackmail. Please refer to the art of Chinese guerrilla warfare.
Tianyu King
Tianyu King - 23 days ago
The following content comes from translation software: As a Chinese, I know China. I warn Americans not to be too friendly to Chinese people. In our Chinese culture, obeying rules is tantamount to stupidity, keeping civilization and courtesy equal to stupid pigs. We had a Song Gong Palace in the Spring and Autumn Period. He talked about morality and morality in everything and was fooled by Mao Zedong. Since the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period, thought has been finalized. 《Sun Tzu’s art of war》, 《thirty-six conspiracy》, and “The soldiers do not hate to lie” are the most Principle of faith in Chinese behavior. We are proud of deception. Victory is the first time. This is just a figure in our Chinese bones. Excluding the times, the Chinese Communist Party has elevated this character of the Chinese to a higher level. If you count the Communist Party’s philosophy of struggle, what I said above is just some basic things. The Communist Party is the master. If the United States is fair to the Chinese, then the US massacre by China is only a matter of time.
Tianyu King
Tianyu King - 23 days ago
身为一个土生土长的中国人,凭我对中国人的了解,我警告美国人,不要把中国人相像的太善良了。在我们中国的文化中,守规矩等同于傻,守文明、讲礼貌等同于蠢猪。我们春秋时期有一位宋襄公,他凡事讲仁义道德,被毛泽东骂作蠢猪。我们从春秋战国、诸子百家时期,思想就已经定型了—— 《孙子兵法》、《三十六计》,“兵不厌诈”,是中国人最推崇的行事准则,我们以欺骗为荣。胜利是第一位的。这还仅仅是我们中国人骨子里的性格。没算上近代以来,中国共产党将我们中国人这种性格,又抬升了一个层次呢。如果算上共产党的斗争哲学,以上我所说的都只是一些基础性的东西。共产党才是大师级的。美国如果和中国人讲公平,那么美国被中国屠宰只是时间问题。
Stan JT
Stan JT - 23 days ago
US export $ 126 Trillion to China,
China export $ 612 Trillion to the US.
Are you to dumb to see China is screwing the US?
Are you to dumb to realise that China is stealing your jobs?
Are you to dumb to realise that China is stealing all your trade secrets and patents?
As a South African, I can only hope that one day we will have a leader like Trump.
If you're unhappy with him, lets change places!
Razal Mind
Razal Mind - 23 days ago
President Dumbo... always said he make friends but many enamy. Such a loser.
Andy Sleeter
Andy Sleeter - 24 days ago
Xi was never, is not and will never be a friend of Trump.
DarkEternal6 - 24 days ago
Trump taxes the US with tariffs on China. And being double the retards, China taxes itself with tariffs. Yeah, I don't think you have the whole picture, Seth.
Toby mak
Toby mak - 24 days ago
Trump vs tramp.
Toby mak
Toby mak - 24 days ago
Tramp doesn't understand how the world works now. China will be no.1 in business because they have friends all around the world. Not enemies like the U.S has made.😉😎
Andrew_koala - 16 days ago
That is pretty close to the truth. The USA invades countries by terrorist acts and seizes control, giving the people nothing but trouble. China invests in other countries and makes them more productive and increases their wealth and infrastructure, also educates the people in technologies. China makes friends. USA makes enemies.
Toby mak
Toby mak - 24 days ago
If he doesn't want to trade with China it's fine. Just stop acting like a puff.😂
Toby mak
Toby mak - 24 days ago
His hair is a laughing stock to start with. Where is coming from anyway. 😂😅
Andrew_koala - 16 days ago
Every day is a bad-hair-day. Such a tragedy.
Toby mak
Toby mak - 25 days ago
The people only laughing at Tramp. Not the Americans. Ha.😂
van tran
van tran - 25 days ago
OK Trump. If China withdraw from east sea. America should forgive.
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