Trump Lies About His Trade War with China: A Closer Look

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Wisnu Wardana
Wisnu Wardana - Day ago
I feel China will plan something big
Wawa Washington
Wawa Washington - 8 days ago
A lower class of people complaint and blame failure on other people, a total looser.
Midnight Rambler
Midnight Rambler - 8 days ago
Democrat bs. Let’s surrender to the Chinese. Idiots!
Jason Olson
Jason Olson - 11 days ago
I have to hug myself everyday too till Trump is out of there for good.
Burnell Browne
Burnell Browne - 23 days ago
trump is dumping on what's left of america DAILY
Burnell Browne
Burnell Browne - 23 days ago
trump is the only russian prez in U.S. history Mucking up your country daily so sad if trump.
icy2 - Month ago
Since Russia, China have our worst possible interests in mind, I suspect, China will let these sanctions slide until skunk goes away, then react
prateek saraswat
prateek saraswat - Month ago
HYou are amazing @Seth! Always fun watching late-night show!
Phil Brown
Phil Brown - Month ago
If Bozo Chump is representing America, it's no wonder why the world is laughing at us.
koo nicholas
koo nicholas - Month ago
Are you able to show us what is really happening in Hongkong ? is there violence ?
koo nicholas
koo nicholas - Month ago
OMG you are so funny
yuxia liu
yuxia liu - Month ago
This guy knows how to roast😂😂
Cynthia Browne
Cynthia Browne - Month ago
"He likes China, I'm for the United States" - its important to explain this to the people who voted for you
imran raja
imran raja - Month ago
fake news
Thalia Rosa
Thalia Rosa - Month ago
The cat!!! Lmao
Thalia Rosa
Thalia Rosa - Month ago
Complex? Of course you dont know the language of the USA.
Lee H
Lee H - Month ago
Fake news
Marc St.james
Marc St.james - Month ago
In other words....Be a bum . having to be nice to everyone because no one will be your friend... and people are nice to you because you are unpredictable... it isnt the "nice' you want from friends.
AnxiousHeart 2342
AnxiousHeart 2342 - Month ago
Give trump a sharpie to include Taiwan on the map.
Jedi master
Jedi master - Month ago
The Federal Reserve lowered interest rates just so Trump could carry on his trade war on China.
smellodiousness - 2 months ago
4:03 “he’s vagina and I’m for the USA”. I’m going to go with vagina.
Laura Blair
Laura Blair - 2 months ago
What is the obsession with "beautiful letters"?
Jack Hackman
Jack Hackman - 2 months ago
If we don't need anybody..why does the USA import 75% of the goods we need.
Gaurav  Raj Ghimire
Gaurav Raj Ghimire - 2 months ago
trump is like kevin from the office
Uriyah Thomas
Uriyah Thomas - 2 months ago
China has the better deal...
Bart Davis
Bart Davis - 2 months ago
Sounded like. He's Fagina 00:04:53
Bart Davis
Bart Davis - 2 months ago
Hit play and then hit 00:04:53 or 6 or so times ;-)
Ken Lindquist
Ken Lindquist - 2 months ago
He constantly shows letters to prove that he knows how to read and comprehend........Yeah right
honkawiman - 2 months ago
Ask Trumptard to point the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA on a map, WITHOUT WORDS..
AnnoyingMoose - 2 months ago
8:05 That's it! Trump is the 21st century's version of Cliff Claven!!
James Teasley
James Teasley - 2 months ago
We have been sold out by pro free trade people like you! Watch the new documentary the AMERICAN FACTORY AND WATCH IT NOW.
clay williston
clay williston - 2 months ago
Including trump tower in Moscow
Trojan Hampton
Trojan Hampton - 2 months ago
the 1% tax break the wall the tariffs what's next that he would lie how about that we would end up paying for
Black Lion
Black Lion - 2 months ago
Shut up 🤐
Pipe Tunes
Pipe Tunes - 2 months ago
Absolutely none of those dudes have ever written to drumpf
It would have to be translated to baby talk first
o - 2 months ago
He doesn't seem to understand that his threats and waffling on issues affect jobs, consumer and investor confidence in the stock market.
jvcyt298 - 2 months ago
Too bad Leslie Nielsen is no longer with us because I think he would be awesome as trump. I doubt we could get Alec Baldwin to do him in a movie.
LulzKart - 2 months ago
Hey Seth I think humor is necessary and I love what you do here. Ever consider telling everyone how to fix it instead of just making fun of it?
Hal - 2 months ago
that envelope he carries around is the swiss knife of letters. It can be a letter from Chinese President, from Obama or a deal with the Mexicans, whatever fits better
Mary Arnold
Mary Arnold - 2 months ago
William H. Baird
William H. Baird - 2 months ago
Trump is a Fraud! Obama was superior to Cheeto in every way!
Philip Jones
Philip Jones - 2 months ago
Seth Meyers is a communist sympathizer.
Nikita Hauser
Nikita Hauser - 2 months ago
He's Vagina, am for America. 😂👆😒
Ange Waters
Ange Waters - 2 months ago
Where are Drumph's base going to get their dollar store stuff?
Rolf Leseratz
Rolf Leseratz - 2 months ago
" We don't need anybody. "
So no export markets, huh?
mohamed adam mohamed
mohamed adam mohamed - 2 months ago
Most Presidents had dogs in the White House not Trump,guess why? Dogs don’t play golf.
Mary Elizabeth
Mary Elizabeth - 2 months ago
He still acts like he has only gotten mail since he took office.
oska david
oska david - 2 months ago
trump a cretin of mega proportion
Stephen Marabong
Stephen Marabong - 2 months ago
This never Trumper will side with China instead of the US. He needs to move to China,
Steing Groburf
Steing Groburf - 2 months ago
that makes you a traitorous rat that should be hunted down and shot.
Elizabeth G Enat-Hung
Elizabeth G Enat-Hung - 2 months ago
It isn't letters, it's his Big Mack for his snack when the cameras can't see him
Maria Lawson
Maria Lawson - 2 months ago
We're "having a great economy"🤔😕
Denyze - 2 months ago
President Xi has too much dignity to talk about Trump.
President Xi, just sits back and smiles at our idiot occupant.
Zaraki Kon
Zaraki Kon - 2 months ago
I dunno if it's as much lying as it is being Clueless about everything. I think it's the 2nd because he seems to just make up whatever pops into his mind. 🤥🤥😵😵
Jose Ribera
Jose Ribera - 2 months ago
Where is barne Sanders??the future president of United
Thomas Goertz
Thomas Goertz - 2 months ago
"President Xi is for China!" What a tremendously, bigly political insight and understanding!
Jenny Lee
Jenny Lee - 2 months ago
Trust me, Trump would not pass the postal service exam.
Mark Pettingill
Mark Pettingill - 2 months ago
China is going to pay the tarrifs like Mexico paid for the wall......
Mary Hunter
Mary Hunter - 2 months ago
At 1:26 there seems to be a wind generator on top of the guard hut. Does Trump know that this mini-windmill is a source of mini-cancer in TrumpLandia? Why isn't the Secret Service protecting our Dominate Dementia Dude from the nasty windmill? We, as taxpayers, have a right to know what this wind generator plot has done to The White House property value.
Richard Mays
Richard Mays - 2 months ago
Where are Trump ties manufactured and will we have to pay more for them? Oh dear!
Richard Mays
Richard Mays - 2 months ago
It’s Atlantic City all over again.
rahubrig - 2 months ago
Seth Meyers is a transgendered ,racist, nazi,russian spy,hack!!!! I don't see your name on the 2020 ticket? You can sure talk the talk, but can you walk the walk ?....didn't think so.....Trump 2020
radiant onion
radiant onion - 2 months ago
China will wait til idiot leaves. This is Sept. Xi is not a "friend" of idiot. Only his right hand is a friend.
radiant onion
radiant onion - 2 months ago
@echo刘 ha
echo刘 - 2 months ago
No, we chinese love Trump because he could make America great( broken) again. MAGA!
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