Travis Strikes Again DLC REVIEW - Again

AShadowLink - 4 months ago
Hey all! I'm on vacation right now, so this video is probably going to be a little less polished than my usual stuff. Hope you all are enjoying E3! Here's hoping for No More Heroes 3!
Jordan - 13 days ago
About the V-Tuber thing; that's actually a thing in Japan where people make virtual anime characters and use them as a persona on RUvideos. Maybe they were taking a crack at that lol.
Daiki Rijekuto
Daiki Rijekuto - 3 months ago
We got it!!!
AShadowLink - 4 months ago
bros i was right
Akabur - 3 months ago
Awesome video. Thank you ^^
Daiki Rijekuto
Daiki Rijekuto - 3 months ago
I love all no more heroes games but I felt No more heroes Travis strikes back is a better sequel. Seriously it may not have the gameplay we all want but it's the game play Suda wanted to give back to the old school generation.
goe5 - 4 months ago
I really hope I’m living in the alternate universe where Travis Touchdown makes it into Smash!
rivers - 4 months ago
good shit, man!
Denzel Romero
Denzel Romero - 4 months ago
AShadowLink - 4 months ago
i specifically had to get this out before the nintendo direct because i KNEW NMH3 was comin
John Heaphey
John Heaphey - 4 months ago
well no more heroes 3 has been official announced
RMD00 - 4 months ago
This is coming to PC? I can feel my wallet spreading itself open for Suda 51.
AShadowLink - 4 months ago
Yup, was announced last month at Momocon!
Faye Zahara
Faye Zahara - 4 months ago
When someone enjoys this game kinda think to my self wow they probally aren't really fans of no more heroes. Think its good to be critical of someones work when they make a stale dud of a game. I love ya suda 51 but this belongs in trash bin along with black knight sword.
Kareem masri
Kareem masri - 16 days ago
Иван my only problem with this game is that the scenario segments really messes with my vision if I stare for too long.
xVERSUSx - 2 months ago
@Faye Zahara Sorry..i'm also a big fan of all Suda games But lollipop chainsaw was gameplay-wise really lame I was gettin bored pretty quick
Zeronigel332 - 4 months ago
In my opinion story wise this game definitely feel like a proper sequel to no more heroes 1 than 2. Even the way the story is design having multiple layers as well as multiple way of seeing the story is just like one. It’s definitely more grounded than 2 as well but gameplay wise it’s definitely needed shorter levels. No more heroes is a game where I actually wouldn’t recommend it to someone but hold a lot of love for it. Reason being that a lot of the reason why playing the game can feel like a chore till you get to the boss is done on purpose, while I love that type of game design I can’t recommend it to others because it’s very frustrating to play.
Antonio Banderas
Antonio Banderas - 4 months ago
@Faye Zahara I'm sorry but I literally can't follow the top comment. Travis Strikes Again was a very compelling game to me and feels like a more proper follow up to NMH than NMH2 did in lots of ways. And I loved NMH2. I think it's a wonderful reintroduction of the character, a great way to look back at the history of Grasshopper Manufacture (and a personal look into the career of Suda), and a flawed game with interesting ideas. There are LOTS of parts in this game that don't connect, sure, but I'd argue that NMH2, Let It Die, and Killer Is Dead are the only 3 GHM games where I almost wholeheartedly liked the gameplay (and even then they've all had bits that make me GROAN despite their charm making up for their faults in the end). If they carried over some of the TSA gameplay ideas to NMH3 (which is what they're doing) then NMH3 is going to be a lot more interesting. It's not a game for everyone, but I think it aced the music, aesthetics, and writing for sure. Honestly I'd argue it's the other way around. I don't like to gatekeep but the people going "this isn't a REAL no more heroes game" really rub me the wrong way. I love the first two games but if all you ever want is for Travis, the setting, and the gameplay to stay real similar then I don't know man. There's only so much you can do with Santa Destroy and the UAA. I'm very glad Suda finally got back in the director's chair to make a new banger of a game with a different direction because now I feel I understand the guy and his career a little more. You'd also BEST BELIEVE I'M HYPE FOR NMH3. Bring back Doppelganger from TSA. That is all.
TORA Zavala-Suarez
TORA Zavala-Suarez - 4 months ago
Just because someone likes Travis Strikes Again doesn't disqualify them from being No More Heroes fans. I don't like that way of thinking. They like No More Heroes just as much you do. They are hyped for No More Heroes 3 just as much as you are. If you don't like Travis Strikes Again, that's ok.
Penguinparty119 - 4 months ago
Nice Review
Voyager G-zero
Voyager G-zero - 4 months ago
This game sure goes deeper and deeper into the Sudaverse lore. I Can't wait for the NMH3 reveal!!
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