Andy Williams - Kisses sweeter than wine

lucy bond
lucy bond - 3 years ago
How can you not love this ???? !!!!!
Gary moore
Gary moore - 3 years ago
Great track
darinaria - 4 years ago
My very favorite Andy tune.  Thank you!!!
ALAIN DEWAELE - 4 years ago
very nice version
lucy bond
lucy bond - 5 years ago
There will never be another voice like this.        Mr. williams --- you are seriously missed.
john magee
john magee - 6 years ago
your music will live forever Andy williams,R I P The man with the fantastic voice.
lucy bond
lucy bond - 7 years ago
Oh --- so ---beautiful--- your voice---I will be listening to your songs till the day I die. Your voice was/is magical. Thank you Mr. Williams. RIP
Sergio Martinez
Sergio Martinez - 7 years ago
Rest in peace Andy, You gave much to the world with your Wonderful voice. I enjoyed listen to you when I was a kid in the 1970's, as you were one of my mother's favorite, see would listen to you all day. Thanks for the memories.
lumienkuula - 7 years ago
My God, this man could sing. Just... listen.
gerry coyle
gerry coyle - 7 years ago
R.I.P Andy,loved this version of Kisses
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