4 Levels of Ice Cream Sundaes: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious

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Ananya Seetharaman
Ananya Seetharaman - 7 seconds ago
Gisel Medrano
Gisel Medrano - 24 minutes ago
I rather go with Beth can she be my grandma 😂
doris the slug
doris the slug - 2 hours ago
Level one was the best
And level two looks great
Level three was just r/wewantplates
Alexander Tarves
Alexander Tarves - 3 hours ago
Level 1: yOU waNt a ToN oF WhipPeD CreAm
15 seconds later: Oh. That’s too much, way too much
 - 4 hours ago
Nobody cares about lvl4
Shoi Nagase
Shoi Nagase - 8 hours ago
Okay Martin Brundle
Matt Freake
Matt Freake - 8 hours ago
Each person represented by Harry Potter teachers :
1: flitwick
2: mcgonogal
3: umbridge 🙄
oren revenge
oren revenge - 8 hours ago
Level 3 is so pathetic ayy lmao
Brett Butler
Brett Butler - 10 hours ago
No afens the leavel 1s ice cream dident look like ice cream it was just too melted
Sebfie - 10 hours ago
why is it that i can relate to everything that the level 2 cook is saying
Aaron Longworth
Aaron Longworth - 11 hours ago
Who else wud eat level 1,2 but not level 3s😂
writhing mass of organic matter
Why everyone hating on the gelato sorbet
Janae Johnson
Janae Johnson - 13 hours ago
So like does ANYONE know the food scientist name
Sebastien Starbuck
Sebastien Starbuck - 13 hours ago
Level one is what I would end up making. Level 2 is what I would be aiming for. Level 3 is what my parents would end up making.
Raymond Grover
Raymond Grover - 14 hours ago
You should have all of them try each others
Daenerys Targaryen
Daenerys Targaryen - 14 hours ago
It’s three levels, not four, because evaluating each recipe and the ingredients isn’t classified as a level.
brianna may
brianna may - 15 hours ago
me:"darn,im stressed in school.I should watch epicurious vids

*clicks this vid*
*10:47** mins later*
Mom:"is ur sress relieaved now?"
me:"actually no i got stressed more cuz i watched a vid of 3 chefs and the lvl 1 made me stress cuz his ice cream is slowly melting ._."
Elijah' Mathews
Elijah' Mathews - 15 hours ago
Level 1: store bought
Level 2: homemade
level 3: is that ice cream?
Watisoni Nasalo
Watisoni Nasalo - 16 hours ago
The level one guy melted it a little to much
Hannie Storytime
Hannie Storytime - 16 hours ago
I know imma get attacked, again! But I really don’t really like custard I like gelato 🍧! But I would eat Beth’s
megan torres
megan torres - 19 hours ago
Who’s level 4????
Crumb - 19 hours ago
bIG spOOn
Lavender Kat
Lavender Kat - 20 hours ago
The level one chef is acting like he is making some gomet 5 star ice cream when rlly he is just making diabetes.... Love it
Valeria Sosa
Valeria Sosa - 21 hour ago
Food logic

The more professional you are at cooking the smaller you make your portions 😂
Gam3rG1rl - 21 hour ago
Level 2 and 3 are so extra making the ice cream from scratch like that
Joe Hunter
Joe Hunter - 22 hours ago
Level 2 and level 3. Level one is lazy and sloppy
Brobsty - 23 hours ago
Cheat code: skip ahead 10 sec whenever the negro comes on
Burger Man
Burger Man - Day ago
Chef #1 is everyone after 420
Vince Marie Inguito
Awww grandmas recipe is not that complicated and its eady to follow.
TheMaxalphaevan - Day ago
I like level 1 and 2 sorry level 3 its just it just look like a fruit that u just cut :I just saying
xXLåchēsis_ GåmîñgXx
*dAmN tHaT's a lOt oF wHiPpEd cReAm.......*
Theo Hanness
Theo Hanness - Day ago
Level 1 i wonderhkw much sugar and fat that bowl has
Pradnya Tate
Pradnya Tate - Day ago
Homecook is best.
Anh Nguyễn
Anh Nguyễn - Day ago
I like Beth's ice cream most!!!
iTsMe Jepot
iTsMe Jepot - Day ago
1:34 my horse in the old town road.
Ulises Ortega
Ulises Ortega - Day ago
the level 1 guy is actually a level -10
Heriberto Hernandez
"This is like mush, but it tastes good."
I've never heard more of a "amateur cook" sentence.
Carla Villegas
Carla Villegas - Day ago
Beth all the way for me
Alex Gill
Alex Gill - Day ago
Level one is for most people
Bork - Day ago
Why didn't chef 1 just put it back in the freezer for a while? Just saying it could have been a game changer.
Alex Borsi
Alex Borsi - Day ago
why do almost all of you guys {the comment people} say that the level 2 lady is a grandma? maybe she doesn't even have any grandchildren.
Chenoa's Corner
Chenoa's Corner - Day ago
Level 1: dude wtf you doing
Level 2: perfect just how I want it at a restaurant
Level 3: one of the fancy restaurants that give you a crum as you meal
RottenJeeves - Day ago
I am in love with the host. She is such a little science cutie. :)
Trent Alvord
Trent Alvord - Day ago
Level 1 was prolly the best tasting
Bob spams L2
Bob spams L2 - 2 days ago
7:10 Wish she had level 2’s sundae
Snarky Chan
Snarky Chan - 2 days ago
listen guys, if you do anything past level 2 on a daily basis, you're on the CIA's watch list.
BeastlyApe24669 - 2 days ago
When she was talking about the science im like huh
And im in highschool
Marieme Lo
Marieme Lo - 2 days ago
nobody at all:
Level 3: BAnaANa PasSiOnfRUiT iN a GeLatO wiTh CaRAmeL sAUcE
nandana nallamuthu
nandana nallamuthu - 2 days ago
love the level one dude
Pixie Star
Pixie Star - 2 days ago
Ronald McDonald!?!?!
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