4 Levels of Ice Cream Sundaes: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious

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H̷y̷o̷g̷a̷ - Hour ago
The level 2 chef is always the best in my opinion
Josh Castro
Josh Castro - 2 hours ago
One of my least favorite level 3 chefs, he just does nothing for me
hi im just random
hi im just random - 3 hours ago
the level 2 chef is always better than the level 3 chef and thats on periodt.
u dont sub u gay
u dont sub u gay - 3 hours ago
Stephen literally made a soup
swati krishna
swati krishna - 4 hours ago
home cook made the best one ..i dont even wanna eat the chef's
swati krishna
swati krishna - 4 hours ago
stephen oly melted icecream
swati krishna
swati krishna - 4 hours ago
who else skips the robotic judge part
hoodiewoman louisiana
hoodiewoman louisiana - 4 hours ago
I’d gain 50 lbs a week at Stephen’s house. Beth is a genius cook but she’d drive me crazy. I’m not important enough to eat Level 3 creations! Gimme vanilla ice cream & a can of Hershey’s syrup!
Thomas Cool
Thomas Cool - 6 hours ago
Level 1 looks terrible
Fobobob - 8 hours ago
The level one guy literally just made soup with candy
Lesley Bessat
Lesley Bessat - 9 hours ago
I want beth to be my grandma😀
Arti Qwerty
Arti Qwerty - 10 hours ago
By the end Steven just created sugar-soup with M&Ms
Cryptic_cHuBz - 11 hours ago
I feel like the level 3 chef just over complicated it
Clayface The Legend
Clayface The Legend - 11 hours ago
can uh--

can i be lukey luke - grandson?
liz llonart
liz llonart - 11 hours ago
#1 tried being a cold stone worker but failed ngl
EXT Astro
EXT Astro - 13 hours ago
First dude was done after 2 minutes and just sprinkled candy on the rest of the video😂
Dubu The Nothing
Dubu The Nothing - 14 hours ago
The level 1 is a joke
Dubu The Nothing
Dubu The Nothing - 14 hours ago
I want the old food scientist
RTX RBX - 15 hours ago
I’m mad at the level 1, he could’ve just broke the brownies before putting his ice cream in the GOD DAMN BOARD
Tatiana d
Tatiana d - 17 hours ago
Danm bro you want some ice cream with that whip creme😂
Ausg - 17 hours ago
Funny thing is the level one probably tastes the best
Helena Pinheiro
Helena Pinheiro - 19 hours ago
No one can cook better than a grandmother
Nas Ltn
Nas Ltn - 20 hours ago
Level 3 - ice cream in passion fruit thingy
Me - that's too little ice cream 😐😒
Mishan Phiri
Mishan Phiri - 20 hours ago
I'm here for Stephen's ice cream
ctm ctm
ctm ctm - 20 hours ago
Level 1:Ice cream rolls
Erroneous Monk
Erroneous Monk - 20 hours ago
My man Steven is me when I'm too high to go outside for ice cream.
Manuel Ferral
Manuel Ferral - 21 hour ago
I'm in love with your food critique. She's sooooo pretty 😍
Christino Sim
Christino Sim - 22 hours ago
Level 1 didn't make ice cream, he put ice cream with toppings.
Anton Flyman
Anton Flyman - 23 hours ago
why is steven level one
Jason Walter
Jason Walter - Day ago
My dude Steven is hilarious 😂
•••Mochi_ chan•••
Stephen said 'we're gonna mend a broken heart' hit me.
Ciko Tan
Ciko Tan - Day ago
Beth is the grandma that we all need🥰❤️
harosson - Day ago
Is it just me or does she look like the grandma of the Lorax
7oxic10 - Day ago
Level one chef: replaces ice cream with whipped cream
Little Mochi
Little Mochi - Day ago
Level 1’s ice cream was liquid at thw end of the making
Rosie Robinson
Rosie Robinson - Day ago
The average person- this looks delicious!
People who are lactose intolerant- if only....
Get Pretty With Puff
i want beth to be my grandma
Pokege123omg - Day ago
The level 1 chef just makes me laugh
kelllykelly1 - Day ago
I prefer soupy ice cream. Nothing wrong with Level 1.
Areli Moreno
Areli Moreno - Day ago
Eij Young
Eij Young - Day ago
#1and #2 better then #3
Derek Wood
Derek Wood - Day ago
This dude trying to sound professional:
"Always counter clockwise"
Luminal 47
Luminal 47 - Day ago
Can we get rid of the food scientist please??
Michael Nkansah
Michael Nkansah - Day ago
The level one man is terrible
p gh
p gh - Day ago
Level 1 is just whipped cream with brownies
Islam A.
Islam A. - Day ago
We all know which one’s the virgin 😂
Michael Nichols
Michael Nichols - Day ago
Love chef 2.....wonderful recipe and personality...
lauren - Day ago
oh my goodness i luv the level 2 chef so much 🥺
D4rk Fire627
D4rk Fire627 - Day ago
*Everyone else: Okay guys so you gotta DO COMPLICATED THINGS*
Level 1 boi: alright, just pour the hot fudge, m&ms and whip cream.
Ediris Ibrahim
Ediris Ibrahim - Day ago
Don’t be stupid we all know level 1 is the best
Mariano Coto
Mariano Coto - Day ago
I thought Rory MacDonald was an MMA Fighter?
Idelin i
Idelin i - Day ago
Jackie Liope
Jackie Liope - Day ago
In the thumbnail I didn’t realize the pro chef plated on a wood board so to me his sundae looked like a stretched wooden pancake and I was so confused
Michelle - 2 days ago
I can't be the only one who didn't even know bananas had seeds. 😐
It’zmeAshy :p
It’zmeAshy :p - 2 days ago
we all know beth’s sundae is the best :)
tupac shukar
tupac shukar - 2 days ago
the first guy is just sad
David Ngo
David Ngo - 2 days ago
omg ice cream
ႶტRოႩႶ - 2 days ago
Putting ice cream on a cutting board... Just... Why
KL005 - 2 days ago
Bowser Jr.
Bowser Jr. - 2 days ago
Level 1 chef didn't even make his own ice cream he just added stuff
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