What Shane Dawson DELETED From The Series.. Conspiracy Palette Tutorial

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Hailey Blunt
Hailey Blunt - 9 hours ago
Debating if I really need eyebrows cause I need more lid room 😩 Gotta go back to the eyebrow wig and see if those were a flop or not cause I cant draw them for the life of me 😂
Hailey Blunt
Hailey Blunt - 9 hours ago
This is my happy place. Doesnt matter if I'm watching a new video or one from years ago. When ever I'm having a shitty or sad day, I put on some Star and its impossible to stay sad while his boss ass attitude is playing 💗
KittyRock - 10 hours ago
I love how Jeffery use “WE” “OURS” when taking about the conspiracy set 💗😌
Love’ that 🥰
V BBB - 11 hours ago
Jeffrey's new best friend. Shane. 🤣🤣
V BBB - 12 hours ago
Will you do a video on what products you use for maintenance?
nhcutiepie - 13 hours ago
not trying to be a shady hoe or anything. but are we not gonna talk about that fallout on Tanacon and my pills???
AwkwardSmileMeme - 17 hours ago
Minecraft zombies: 24:14
Hayley Rachel
Hayley Rachel - 18 hours ago
Jeffree makes me laugh OUT LOUD like
i feel bad for my nana sleeping in the next room because its literally 2am
Hannah Rad
Hannah Rad - 19 hours ago
Émilie Faucher
Émilie Faucher - 20 hours ago
The day you uploaded this videos i was in a really bad mood, i felt like i was falling appart, in a real dark mood full panic attack and i was trying to get some rest and you legit made me cry when you said you need to tcheck on yourself i hope you guys are doing okay, im really thankful because since then i took my life in order, you did make me feel better, thank you for being dwho you are youre inspiring amazing and beyond and i hope i will meet you one day to tell you this i love you im really proud of you jeffree star, youre and icon and a legend to me
Princess-Eva Bates
Princess-Eva Bates - Day ago
PERSONALLY, I am doing pretty good. AND, how are YOU doing, all of you AMAZING PEOPLE?!?!
Christopher Metzler
I'm going to cry
Zoe Faulkner
Zoe Faulkner - Day ago
*s w i p e*
Jonas Baalmann
Jonas Baalmann - Day ago
Chloe Bennett
Chloe Bennett - Day ago
1:34 in but please tell me Mr kate is going to decorate your new place
Bell Foster
Bell Foster - Day ago
I need jeffree and Shane to do a highlighter together.
Megan Murphey
Megan Murphey - Day ago
House tour! We r waiting girl ! For the new vid! Lol
Megan Murphey
Megan Murphey - Day ago
Love watching your vids so refreshing to watch!
Sanndpipper - Day ago
What about the vault?
Dominique Austin
Dominique Austin - Day ago
Love that pink chair
Dominique Austin
Dominique Austin - Day ago
So exciting u moving love your home
Jennifer-leigh Cockshutt
I hope your momma improves.
You are above all the bs. You handle yourself very well.
My condolences about your 2 doggos.
Andy Pollock
Andy Pollock - Day ago
That’s what I love about Morphe pallets! I have 1. And, I use it for everything!!
Andy Pollock
Andy Pollock - Day ago
Idea!! What if you and Shane do a Primer?!!! 😱😱
Alysha Barrueto
Alysha Barrueto - Day ago
Jeffree you need to make a jeffree star cosmetics advent calendar that puts all other advent calendars to actual shame :) x
ckaji15 - 2 days ago
Plot twist: Jeffree’s new house is Shane’s old house LOL
Britt - 2 days ago
Shane should do another series about your move :)
Aydan Wakely
Aydan Wakely - 2 days ago
Imagine buying Jeffrey stars house😍😍 it’s fun to imagine being rich when you have no money what so ever
QIAN H - 2 days ago
21:08 I love too!
Music of legend loujaine
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Alana Imboden
Alana Imboden - 2 days ago
I lost my beautiful dog name Tarzan a couple of weeks ago and really hurts a lot I know how you feel
Pretty Much Paige
Pretty Much Paige - 2 days ago
Jeffree: crocodile skin, we don’t know her anymore
*self consciously feels my own face*
TD McCoy
TD McCoy - 2 days ago
Jeffree or Shane should make a cute little fan that can dry the sprays quickly. Something slender with a small but heavy base and a large easy to press with long nails on/off switch. They could be all kinds of colors and finishes and shapes.
Soumya Kamath
Soumya Kamath - 2 days ago
I love how dramatic Jeffree is 😂😂
chimmyswift11jr - 2 days ago
So happy for you guy💞💚💕💗
Leia Nickerson
Leia Nickerson - 3 days ago
I got a new phone a few months ago and I CAN'T BELIEVE I FORGOT MY TWO BABIES 😭💀 I'M A HORRIBLE FAN I'M SO SORRY I'M BACK THOUGH 💗💗💗
aisha gonzales
aisha gonzales - 3 days ago
Hi jeffree I just wanted to say that I love you and your videos and my birthday has recently passed it was on December first and if you could reply or like this comment it would make my day😊
Shauna Rossman
Shauna Rossman - 3 days ago
I do
how does jeffree build a custom barbie vault closet and then MOVE that is so fucking cool
Purple Bread
Purple Bread - 3 days ago
Yessssss, gurrlll, you better PLEASE give us a tour of your new crib !! Love u !
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