Dude Shaves Eyebrows | Overtime 7 | Dude Perfect

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Dude Perfect
Dude Perfect - Месяц назад
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Evelyn Battiston
Evelyn Battiston - 23 дня назад
Already seen it
Daniel Rodgers
Daniel Rodgers - 23 дня назад
Dude Perfect hu
Rohit Dulku
Rohit Dulku - 23 дня назад
Let’s go
Alex tube
Alex tube - 23 дня назад
I can not text you because I don’t live in USA
Shareef Shaik
Shareef Shaik - 2 минуты назад
Dude 888111
nazrie hd
nazrie hd - 27 минут назад
Jackson Scarps
Jackson Scarps - Час назад
Name wheel undofortunate wheel uncordtunate
Sarah Sweeney
Sarah Sweeney - 2 часа назад
My name is brody
ASPECT ZONE - 3 часа назад
Dude to 888111
Ayush Gagneja
Ayush Gagneja - 4 часа назад
When will Cory 's eyebrows come back ?
Samarth Bhimekar
Samarth Bhimekar - 5 часов назад
cory you look so funny
Trent Williams
Trent Williams - 5 часов назад
Cory you look so weird!
Hayden Thomas
Hayden Thomas - 7 часов назад
Anyone notice they said Garrett got 3/5 last time when he actually got 2/5
William Ireton
William Ireton - 8 часов назад
purple hoser, team Garr
Kian Cameron
Kian Cameron - 8 часов назад
At least now we can tell which twin is which.
Ultamate Fail
Ultamate Fail - 12 часов назад
Garrett did not tie Tyler. Garrett only got 2 out of 5 on his coffee taste test.
Quinten Garcia
Quinten Garcia - 13 часов назад
Rip Cory
Jj Deaf
Jj Deaf - 13 часов назад
did you guys just wake up? 😃
NoGenre - 14 часов назад
This is honestly one of the worst channels I’ve seen
nicks arcade fun
nicks arcade fun - 15 часов назад
Next episode for the mystery guest its for coby/cory
Todd King
Todd King - 15 часов назад
did any one else notice that garret actually only got 2 out of 5
 - 16 часов назад
I got the shirt from Tyler sarafin
Zac Armstrong
Zac Armstrong - 16 часов назад
Dood 888 111
Brandon Yang
Brandon Yang - 16 часов назад
rip corey
Brandon Yang
Brandon Yang - 16 часов назад
oops i mean cory
Blake Brodie
Blake Brodie - 17 часов назад
You sead to text dude to 888111and I did in the comments do that count? From Blake Brodie sorry about my spelling sub!
Branton McMahan
Branton McMahan - 18 часов назад
Tim is my favorite editor! Sorry Chad! Tim went to my film school!
Gail McDowell
Gail McDowell - 19 часов назад
you rock dude perfect me and my couzins are your biggest fans but its not the lady as the icon its me and my friend carson
Hayden Schmidt
Hayden Schmidt - 19 часов назад
This video was posted on my birthday🎂🎂🧁🧁🧁🎂🍿🍬🥧🧁🍭🍭🍫🥧
Shubh Tomar
Shubh Tomar - 20 часов назад
I love you cory
Schaeffer Cook
Schaeffer Cook - 23 часа назад
Team cory for life
Schaeffer Cook
Schaeffer Cook - 23 часа назад
I have been watching dude perfect sense the beginning
A Subramanian
A Subramanian - 23 часа назад
Do 888111
Kristine Visser
Kristine Visser - День назад
1 like is 5 prayers for Cory cotton
D-ma Productions
D-ma Productions - День назад
Coby looses challenges
Cory always gets on this game show

Man do they have bad luck or what
Yl Rdon
Yl Rdon - День назад
"we love you Cory"
Carebear Novia
Carebear Novia - День назад
I eat like 3 burgers a day 😂
Still under 100 lbs
Donny Abilez
Donny Abilez - День назад
Why does Ned remind me of bob ross
sasinut likhitwatthanaset
sasinut likhitwatthanaset - День назад
Awww coby poor coby😢😢😢😢😢 i fak a ne one is pro😢😢😢😔
Chinmayee ghadi
Chinmayee ghadi - День назад
poor cory
Hritick Sarker
Hritick Sarker - День назад
dude perfect
The Washington Twins
The Washington Twins - День назад
The thumbnail scared me
Islamic Talim
Islamic Talim - День назад
This makes the Fake video which I agree with my point of view, hit the Like Button.
Tyler Clitso
Tyler Clitso - День назад
We love you cory
Liav Bar
Liav Bar - День назад
6:40/ 7:43 TY, how dare you compare the worlds #1 greatest burger of all time (in-n-out) to wendys. I thought you knew better
Evie Lindsay
Evie Lindsay - День назад
The sweater was cute
Civic_Junior - День назад
Amber Writt
Amber Writt - День назад
HeyItzStar - День назад
Now they just bully Cory XP
Weis Family
Weis Family - День назад
can we have part 8!!!
Pamela Hinson
Pamela Hinson - День назад
I also feel so bad for Cory
Koopaling TV
Koopaling TV - День назад
we love you Cory
Joe C
Joe C - День назад
Michael O’Brien
Michael O’Brien - День назад
Wait did anyone else see Ned’s shoes! They were the same as Ty’s anyone else think they are the same person? Wait could he be the Panda to?
Beth Hoffman
Beth Hoffman - День назад
Cory picks his self to often
Beth Hoffman
Beth Hoffman - День назад
Pamela Hinson
Pamela Hinson - День назад
When you said you are doing a 20 city world tour please come to Jesup, Georgia. Y’all would make so many kids dreams come true😃
Sam Zany
Sam Zany - День назад
If you get a cool from Garret i think you're thing will be cool.
Sam Zany
Sam Zany - День назад
We love you Cory
Sara Kerr
Sara Kerr - День назад
Braddy Sosa
Braddy Sosa - День назад
awwww i'm going to miss this overtime
Braddy Sosa
Braddy Sosa - День назад
Fire Girl
Fire Girl - День назад
R.I.P Cory’s eyebrows
liz Hurley
liz Hurley - День назад
Dude 111888
Jackson Thorne
Jackson Thorne - День назад
will ty ever get picked for wheel unfortunate
Yu Hailey
Yu Hailey - День назад
THATS AN ALIEN oh wait i mean THAT'S UNFORTUNATE ps love ur vids
Rishi Aka
Rishi Aka - День назад
that's unfortunate!
MEW Z1K - День назад
add some new videos
Mr Cow
Mr Cow - 2 дня назад
Who loves dude perfect?
double trouble
double trouble - День назад
Harris McMaster
Harris McMaster - 2 дня назад
Taylor Betts
Taylor Betts - 2 дня назад
My friend doesn’t believe that the theme song says, “Tall guy, beard, twins, purple hoser.” He thinks it says, “Tall guy, weird twins, purple hoser.” But then where would Ty come in?
Usman Jilani
Usman Jilani - 2 дня назад
Dude to 888111
Permissible Shift
Permissible Shift - 2 дня назад
What would happen if Ty was chosen for Wheel Unfortunate?
Cy Diaz
Cy Diaz - 2 дня назад
Intro: tall guy beard twins purple hoser dude perfect in overtime tall guy beard twins purple hoser now were headin on to overtime

Riley Lahman
Riley Lahman - 2 дня назад
Small guy Bread Bins Yellow Cheese it Im now working overtime...
Shefly Reji
Shefly Reji - 2 дня назад
Tyler In nedforceter should be like overtime 5
Jones cones Love cones
Jones cones Love cones - 2 дня назад
Instead you guys should say THATS UNFORTUned
Randhir Ramsingh
Randhir Ramsingh - 2 дня назад
What is wrong with Cory .why is he always pick ing His or Him self?
Matteo Bruni
Matteo Bruni - 2 дня назад
Only og’s remember wife’s vs chad like if you do
Diamondsaahil - 2 дня назад
we love you Cory
jose franco m.m.
jose franco m.m. - 2 дня назад
Músic pliz 0:19
Andrea Hamann
Andrea Hamann - 2 дня назад
can i get a hat
Qualin Hunter
Qualin Hunter - 2 дня назад
I love dude perfect
Nico Papuga 2 point 0
Nico Papuga 2 point 0 - 2 дня назад
Cory looks like a kid! 🤣🤣🤣
Luke Fairchild
Luke Fairchild - 2 дня назад
More overtimes
Luke Fairchild
Luke Fairchild - 2 дня назад
More overtime’s
Luc - 2 дня назад
Can we really say 6 person?
Mr swim 21
Mr swim 21 - 2 дня назад
What would happen if ty got chosen for wheel unfortunate?🤔
JOHN Fowler
JOHN Fowler - 3 дня назад
You need more game time
Michael Griffin
Michael Griffin - 3 дня назад
Don't play dumb. Wheel Unfortunate is everyone's favorite part! 😂😂
Kairav IYER
Kairav IYER - 3 дня назад
3:03 ummmmm idk what the heck to say about this
the five friends
the five friends - 3 дня назад
where do u get dp merchandise
RC_Cuber - 3 дня назад
The thing that bothers me is that people call recorders FLUTES
JZ LI - 3 дня назад
JZ LI - 3 дня назад
Noor Ghareeb
Noor Ghareeb - 3 дня назад
Dan Lawrence
Dan Lawrence - 3 дня назад
do more
Josiah Strawser
Josiah Strawser - 3 дня назад
thats why Cory should've picked somebody else
Watercraft - 3 дня назад
Tyler looks so different
Guygury yt
Guygury yt - 3 дня назад
who else felt hungry while watching
Charly Turner
Charly Turner - 3 дня назад
Sorry cory
Trevor L.
Trevor L. - 3 дня назад
I’m liking for the sweatshirt.
Heather Sexton
Heather Sexton - 3 дня назад
I really love dude perfect! It's a really awesome show
bagrampost - 3 дня назад
do 3:00 to 3:04 seconds in slo-mo
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