I bought some ILLEGAL golf balls!

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Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 28 days ago
Q.) What’s your *LONGEST* ever drive?
Christopher Beeco
Christopher Beeco - 13 hours ago
I am 13 my longest is 310
ZachTheOne - 17 hours ago
340 yards, 122mph clubhead speed.
HoopHouse23 - 2 days ago
Matt Kulpa
Matt Kulpa - 3 days ago
350. Hit a hill and kicked. Left me 150 out on a 500 yd par 5
Phil Shaffer
Phil Shaffer - 3 days ago
about 340 - 360 - Was at Pebble #6 - left side was under repair and entire left side marked GUR. My pro (in the pro am - not the big one, the one in November ) told me to hit it on the cart path, which I did. The last 100 yards or so are all down hill, so the ball rolled about 80-100 yards down the path , and I just lifted and put it in the light rough at the base of the hill. NO - I didn't put the next one on the green. ;(
Aaron Raulston
Aaron Raulston - 28 minutes ago
Well the more spin usually equals less distance. Plus if you go with how hard that ball’s core is vs the thickness of the material the driver’s club face is made out of, the ball isnt gonna compress as much and the driver’s club face will actually absorb the impact and not trampoline the ball out as far. If you used a much thicker faced driver, it would work much better. Just like taking a thicker walled metal softball bat and hitting a 50cor 600compression softball will make that ball travel farther than if you use that same ball and hit it with a composite bat that has much more flex in the barrel.
orangeflip - 13 hours ago
It's heavier therefore it won't go as far it takes more energy to move it.
It'll be better in a short game where it'll be less prone to lateral movement because of it's increased moment of inertia.
Brazen Bull
Brazen Bull - 16 hours ago
Why do you have a gold ball cutter in the first place 😂 i dont play golf at all so i see no reason you'd need to cut one inhalf. Except to see whats inside lol
ZachTheOne - 17 hours ago
Thanks for confirming why I don't pick these up when I find them in the woods lol.
yonk4949 - 21 hour ago
Balls like this work. Go hit them outside, simulators are worthless indoors with them.
Andrew Hawkinson
Andrew Hawkinson - 22 hours ago
What a load of rubbish.
Brian Bott
Brian Bott - Day ago
You just found the “distance problem” for the USGA and RNA.
Zaodai - Day ago
I'd also like to see some real-world testing of the balls, as many of the commentors have said. Seems logical to me that the simulator wouldn't be properly calibrated to accurately project a ball out of legal spec.
Italian Battali0n
Italian Battali0n - Day ago
With the nitro balls with your 7 iron
You hit it as far as I do with a 7 iron and I’m only 13
yo yo yo
yo yo yo - Day ago
Pro V1 commercial
James Perry
James Perry - 2 days ago
Could you do a review on the cheaper golf balls? See whats best. Something like Slazenger V300 Soft, Callaway CXR Control and Srixon Marathon Soft? A lot of new golfers either don't want to use or lose Pro V1, TP5 etc.
Thane Hardwick
Thane Hardwick - 2 days ago
Think it would have worked better on a real range.
SaltyDawg - 3 days ago
Some things are illegal because they suck.....just saying.
Livinghighandwise - 3 days ago
I thought the thing that made them illegal was that they were slightly smaller than a legal ball which makes it cut through the wind better...
Wesley Dawson
Wesley Dawson - 3 days ago
Your using a simulation dumbass...in real life if will travel further because the aerodynamics and flights of the ball dont come into play on a simulation
Chris Herbolsheimer
Chris Herbolsheimer - 3 days ago
I’m probably going to get cussed at, and called names for bringing up a simple point, and I guess I’ll just have to live with it. It seems like the simulator could not possibly replicate the hardness of the ball. A ball this hard is going to have more run out than a standard ball. The machine has to make certain assumptions about the density of the ball to calculate things like roll.
conasse88 - 3 days ago
Grand Video! It helped me a lot!
Sam Exell
Sam Exell - 3 days ago
It's obviously because the machine doesn't feel the hardness of the ball hence it doesn't do as far. I've used these illegal balls in the real world they work hava
jimijam89 - 4 days ago
Really? Bullshit testing
Juan Pablo Jaramillo
Juan Pablo Jaramillo - 5 days ago
It’s obvious it’s not going to work. Go to a real driving range and hit it. You’ll see.
FuckGoogle - 5 days ago
if the balls are old has the material inside maybe degraded?
Cooper Kenefsky
Cooper Kenefsky - 5 days ago
Try to slow your swing speed down
Michael Bardeleben
Michael Bardeleben - 6 days ago
marketing hype.... now there's a surprise
Michael Bardeleben
Michael Bardeleben - 6 days ago
Like Travis Pastrana's Nitro Circus huh? A complete clown show but very entertaining all the same
Michael Bardeleben
Michael Bardeleben - 6 days ago
Love Rick Shiels the best Golf teaching pro in the world as he is the nicest cheeriest guy in golf well done Rick love you channel palxx
Michael Bardeleben
Michael Bardeleben - 6 days ago
forget the marketing hype of Tiger playing with it that don't mean anything as those who play the game know. It is Japanese and the Japanese make the vbest golf balls like the best golf ball ever made - the Dunlop DDH balata circa 1990 - 1994 that soft balata with the resal poisonous gum in the centre from the Amazon jungle no BS. Oh yeah, almost forgot - I am Tiger Woods!!!
barry mcdougal
barry mcdougal - 6 days ago
David Hart
David Hart - 7 days ago
Has anyone try these golf balls. I love to see Rick test them. The make the only golf glove I will buy; it’s a great glove ate a great price. I am interested to see if the golf balls are are good as the gloves.
BigDaddyCool42 - 7 days ago
How about you hit it for fucking real and not against a screen. Idiot.
TheOne - 8 days ago
You need to try this test on a golf course, the simulator does not do this experiment the justice. I would love to see that.
No Name
No Name - 8 days ago
While I do believe those balls are terrible. Your experiment using a simulator that assumes the balls weight, drag and roll out, I'd say your test was just as bad.
Guidomann64 X
Guidomann64 X - 8 days ago
Faulty golf ball?
Peter Goeke
Peter Goeke - 8 days ago
Wait, that’s illegal!
preformancemustang - 8 days ago
Do a real test on a driving range! The animated screen shots are very in accurate.
Philip Kempton
Philip Kempton - 9 days ago
I've played with these balls, they do go further. Try going, you know, outside.
Philip Kempton
Philip Kempton - 10 hours ago
+kommi1974 "super accurate testing". You sound like someone. "I know testing, I have the best testing". How about you try the balls, outside, for yourself. Don't stroke your kommi. Hit the ball, with a club, the way the sport is actually played. Try it for yourself.
Philip Kempton
Philip Kempton - 10 hours ago
+ZachTheOne did you read my post? I didn't assume. I've played with those balls. It's a solid core, not a solid ball. Trampoline effect is not reduced. Instead of talking, try hitting the ball, outside, with a club. Just try it. Don't wank back. Try it.
ZachTheOne - 17 hours ago
The super stiff core reduces the trampoline effect and thus reduces speed. It'd probably help to understand how golf balls create distance before you assume a ball created with 1990 top flight technology could compete with a pro v1.
John Legba
John Legba - Day ago
kommi1974 yea it does fuck tard
William Humber
William Humber - 3 days ago
+kommi1974 The system uses an assumed drag coefficient built into the flight model. It would be completely unable to measure any difference between golf balls.
Jacob Sever
Jacob Sever - 9 days ago
Your numbers have me confused on my own numbers.
I carry my 7-iron 167 yards on average. Yet my driver only carries about 240-250. If we have the same distance for the mid-iron...how is your driver performing so much better? Am I just poor with the driver, or above average with the irons?
shagadelic3000 - 10 days ago
Stupid if you don't test the ball on an actual course.
Jason Turner
Jason Turner - 10 days ago
Maybe if you hit that ball with the illegal, 750cc driver??
wakofish - 10 days ago
Shit vid, this isn’t real conditions
Ryan Brooks
Ryan Brooks - 10 days ago
This is a stupidly flawed test... the second he hits the Cheater ball into the simulator, the computer is simulating a regular ball.... so its not taking account the actual weight and aerodynamics of the cheat ball. He hits the cheater ball, then the computer shoots off a "regular" ball for simulation...
Google Prisoner
Google Prisoner - 10 days ago
The launch monitor doesn't know the weight of the ball
Yanko024 - 10 days ago
What a absolutely trash video. You can’t test this stuff on a simulator. So stupid.
DarthLink - 10 days ago
It's all about overall air resistance over the course of the flight
Billy Graham
Billy Graham - 10 days ago
Explain to me how Rick Shiels hits his 7 iron only like 160 in the air and hits his driver like 290 in the air — and I hit my 7 iron like 180 in the air but hit my driver like 240 in the air? What is going on?
Gary LastTavares
Gary LastTavares - 11 days ago
Rick, when are you going to review the new Hogan PTx Pro irons?
Parallax - 11 days ago
Just go to an actual driving range...
Kawaii Stefan
Kawaii Stefan - 11 days ago
Theres no way the simulation can tell it's an illegal ball. It's assuming it's legal and calculating the distance for a legal ball.
Juice Muck
Juice Muck - 11 days ago
Looks like your pro v 1 should be illegal haha
Raul Frizado
Raul Frizado - 11 days ago
Why this ball is illegal?
Casey Finley
Casey Finley - 12 days ago
How dumb are you? It’s indoor. No ball spin carry. Lol get off you tube
Baz Doppleganger
Baz Doppleganger - 12 days ago
"i'm so excited to see how far this ball goes"
*hits ball into a cloth on a wall 3 metres away*
Wildfire - 12 days ago
So are they just illegal because they're so hard that if they hit a spectator in the head, they'll likely cause brain damage lol
Brendan delahunty
Brendan delahunty - 12 days ago
Try it on the golf course
Justin Bradley
Justin Bradley - 12 days ago
I think it may go farther in real life considering the spin rate is greater which might carry the ball farther outside
TryHardGamers - 9 days ago
If the ball was heavier it would account for the 12mph loss. The increased spin would keep the ball in the air for the heavier weight. This ball looks like it was.... shock... designed to fly further. The simulation is wrong.
Jon Ripley
Jon Ripley - 13 days ago
Too many variables for any meaningful conclusions.
John F
John F - 13 days ago
i think the testing you are doing on a computer is incorrect i think you need to revisit this again and do real world driving with this ball. also the human error doesn't make it any better also the more you swing the weaker you get becuase you get tired you should really do this on a machine that can do the same action over and over again.
labdrive - 13 days ago
Is this a joke, or were you really believing that you could use a simulator to compare those two balls? Wake up! The simulator is calibrated for a normal, legal golf ball. It assumes a normal ball weight (these balls weight more) and a normal diameter (these balls are smaller). Go on a real range, compare again, and come back here to apologize for your ignorance. I'll be waiting.
Michael Manfro
Michael Manfro - 13 days ago
The simulator doesn’t read it correctly. I have these balls and I launch 320 . They work becsuse they laser through the air
Lildoc911 - 13 days ago
You're supposed to give them to your mates. -20 yards for them.
Bryon Bunitsky
Bryon Bunitsky - 13 days ago
Wow. I’m bummed. I play pro-v 1x and I’ll never change em. Goes to show you it’s all a lie and about money. Titleist is the best ball in my opinion. Though Bridgestone is good and maxfli has a decent ball. I’ll stick with my pro v. Great video. Thanks.
Kyle Jefferies
Kyle Jefferies - 14 days ago
I hate the simulated ranges I have been to, they drop 30-40 yards on drives.
Mandus Jonsson
Mandus Jonsson - 14 days ago
Think its a troll
drakey27 - 14 days ago
A one piece centre?... it’s a 2 piece! Are you not from the 80’s! 😄
chgoalie31 - 14 days ago
well if they ever dial the ball back on tour we found our ball !
cool kid
cool kid - 14 days ago
Mate, you use a computer in the first place. Test that ball in the real world and then confirm if the balls are good or not. Your 'hypothesis' is right only in your head for now, sorry!
jnss.7 - 14 days ago
These golf balls are illegal because of the way they travel through the air. If u got any old shitty ball it would have the exact same numbers as that screen thing only measures where u hit it and how hard u do
Matthew Vecellio
Matthew Vecellio - 14 days ago
Gimmick balls kinda like the gimmick RIP round for pistols
PiStBi - 14 days ago
Hi Rick I absolute love your videos!!! :) I just what your honest opinion about buying used golfballs, I did buy 12 Pro v1 used and they seemed brand new for half the price of new ones. Can I as a amature golfer tell the diference?
John Howard
John Howard - 15 days ago
That Nitro ball is at LEAST 20 yards longer with driver than the Pro V1. I hit it 30+ yards further. Your test is BUNK! I promise, the Nitro is WAY longer than any other ball out there...try it in the real world, not your basement.
Zacky Mohmand
Zacky Mohmand - 15 days ago
I absolutely hate the simulated driving range. It's just annoying, why not go to the actual thing?
muffntheB - 15 days ago
i would love to see a vid on how cheaper common balls hold up against a pro v, are they really worth it?
anonymous - 16 days ago
A harder ball will definitely travel the least distance. What you need is a spring loaded or more bouncy ball. That's why a harder driver does not make a ball go faster. It needs to have the proper spring in it. It's a common misnomer. One that even the ball creators didn't understand apparently. But it ads extra speed to it like tennis strings, and the looser strings at that, provide the extra spring speed as well.
TIMEtoRIDE900 - 16 days ago
Spend a quarter and get one of those clear rubber Super Balls then spray it white, see how THAT flies !
evs251 - 16 days ago
Should've went to a real range...
Trevor Yarnell
Trevor Yarnell - 16 days ago
I think the ball can only go farther than a pro v1 by a godly hard swing that can not be dun by us
GolfGod 101
GolfGod 101 - 16 days ago
you are the dumbest guy ever.
go play the fucking balls
Youtube User
Youtube User - 16 days ago
"I hope it doesn't do any damage."
*Drops ball*
Chris Campbell
Chris Campbell - 16 days ago
Jamie Waring
Jamie Waring - 16 days ago
My understanding of ball and club technology is that it’s like a trampoline. So if the ball is a harder core it won’t transform the compression energy into distance! So why make the core softer and the skin harder to rebound more?!!! Very odd and a gimmick!
beduffmonkey - 16 days ago
can I have them
Craig W
Craig W - 16 days ago
Try them both outside.
R C - 16 days ago
I've an illegal driver, Hippo tx
josh Productions
josh Productions - 17 days ago
The ball could be too hard for the simulator
James Fondren
James Fondren - 17 days ago
Standard gimmick junk. It is designed for people who believe that equipment will make up for their poor technique.
Gator Whiskers
Gator Whiskers - 17 days ago
Try the Cut Blue golf balls.... They're pretty good for $20/dozen
deztroyer76 - 17 days ago
I never press “Like” on a video when I’m told to “Smash”. Please stop.
Chris Tucker
Chris Tucker - 17 days ago
Test cheap golf balls like the Wilson balls they sell at walmart, see how they perform compared to the Pro v1
The Golf Life
The Golf Life - 17 days ago
These balls are trash and they feel like hitting a rock, it’s just a cheap ball. TP5 feel so much better and are way longer.
TonyHamilton Ck
TonyHamilton Ck - 17 days ago
Right here officer
stormzy aoe
stormzy aoe - 18 days ago
The reason they are illegal is because they make shot golfers that need to add distance play even worse making them turn a 6 hour round into a 7. Reason pro v1 or in my case pro v1x are the best along with other big brand names is because they are proven to be the best. Stick with proof
Chase Frazee
Chase Frazee - 18 days ago
Plot twist: you exposed Pro V1’s for being illegal.
Marponsa - 18 days ago
welcome to another episode of "how did this appear in my reccomended"
M0beast - 18 days ago
These work aerodynamically...
Gerry Baker
Gerry Baker - 18 days ago
too bad anybody in the market for nitros probably doesnt watch ball review videos lol
ichabod13 - 18 days ago
Looks like the Pro V needs to be the illegal ball, not this one.
Krispy Apple Orchard
Krispy Apple Orchard - 19 days ago
Well you never know, simulations can be wrong, have to try them in the real world.
mrthik1 - 19 days ago
The new Maxfli tour and tour X is absolutely awesome. Please do a ball review and comparison with the tpx and the pro V1....... I know that you will be shocked at the results!
Darren Muir
Darren Muir - 19 days ago
You should do the slazenger black ice ball
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