I bought some ILLEGAL golf balls!

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Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf - 2 months ago
Q.) What’s your *LONGEST* ever drive?
8bit -fooders
8bit -fooders - 18 hours ago
350 yards on a downhill par 4 in summer when the ground was as hard as concrete (I was 12)
Lee Clegg
Lee Clegg - 2 days ago
Not far
A youtube channel
A youtube channel - 4 days ago
240 yards.
willy541000 - 4 days ago
Jim Smith exactly,I was curious how a ball that hard would fly so far. Compression is one of the reasons the ball flys so far, so a harder ball wouldn’t have that bounce or compression off the face.
Glenn Morris
Glenn Morris - 5 days ago
Swansea to Newcastle
harryrooster1 - 14 hours ago
Plastic hurting metal... me say no way dude
Richard Bee
Richard Bee - Day ago
Golf balls are designed to compress on impact storing energy and then release off the face of the club or iron. Professional golfers use a harder ball (less compression) because they have the power and club head speed to compress those balls. An amateur watches the ads telling him how far the harder ball goes and runs out and spends the money buying them only to see that they don’t go as far. Most amateurs do not have the club head speed or power that a pro has so should be using a softer “lower compression “ ball. Watch a slo mo video of a golf ball being hit and you will see exactly what I mean. As you just proved, these Nitro balls are so hard that you can’t get enough compression and then recoil to literally “spring” the ball off the club. Watch a hockey player hit a slap shot in slo mo....his stick will bend, storing energy and then release that energy to propel the puck off the blade of the stick at over 100 miles an hour.
Joseph ZDS
Joseph ZDS - Day ago
I’m 10 and my longest drive was 220 yards (average 180 yards
Maximiliaan Heirman
You should of have used the illegal driver
Max Hoffmann
Max Hoffmann - Day ago
The GC Quad Data thing is totally crap... you hit the middle line on the wall but the ball flies 50 feet away from the middle line in the simulation... why ????
Michael Wright
Michael Wright - 2 days ago
My 10 year old daughter said maybe you should throw it for distance. 😂😂😂
Paul Peek
Paul Peek - 2 days ago
Try the polara
jeffslutz - 3 days ago
It may be optimized for an amateur’s swing speed ?
P. Mac Dermott
P. Mac Dermott - 3 days ago
"264 yards, went absolutely nowhere" Ha Ha. I would love to get that distance with my drives.
Jack Staten
Jack Staten - 3 days ago
Does the British ball go further that the American ball being it's smaller but still legal?
Mc Chrystal
Mc Chrystal - 3 days ago
I tried thos balls on a real golf course and they actually go 15-20 yards further than a ProV1
Internet InfoMedia
Internet InfoMedia - 3 days ago
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Rolf J.
Rolf J. - 3 days ago
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Liam Lynch
Liam Lynch - 4 days ago
My granny gave me my great grandads clubs and there different compared to now a day clubs
ravenwda007 - 5 days ago
You can’t win on Tour so you make YouTube videos making more money than you ever won.
Seems legit.
Diablopvm - 4 days ago
You cant win any tours, nor make any money on youtube, so you become a jealous piece of shit and comment on somone who can at least do one of the two, Seems legit.
Marco - 6 days ago
The ball is from Mexico
GenProblem - 6 days ago
Nowadays people trust simulator rather than reality.
Taylor Sanchez
Taylor Sanchez - 7 days ago
I found one of those today and played it. Didnt know it was illegal. I was crushing drives but I probably played 15 other balls lol
William Yanosko
William Yanosko - 7 days ago
Reminds me of the Brawny Scott brand they used to sell at Sears in the 70s...cheap, solid core, occasionally would explode into chunks of you bladed it..lol..
errolflynn1952 - 7 days ago
It's not the ball asshole. It's you.
errolflynn1952 - 7 days ago
"These are my clubs...."
In other words if they were someone else's the pmey wouldn't give a fuck about breaking them.
Second and last of his vids I'll ever watch selfish prick.
Dan Wally
Dan Wally - 8 days ago
Lol I actually can't believe he's using a simulator with a straight face right now...
CAS - 8 days ago
Its called human error
Scott Jackwitz
Scott Jackwitz - 8 days ago
ball density increase = ball weight increase
Mr. Gray
Mr. Gray - 8 days ago
Why did I watched this video.
Alaska's Finest
Alaska's Finest - 8 days ago
Not good if your losing distance 😂😂😂it’s no good
You got played fool
You got played fool - 8 days ago
Well Rick it has been a while now have you taken them to a range and smacked a few out in the real world or did you just ignore any of the chat and just go with your unfounded and inaccurate test? Is your ego too big to admit you may of mucked up?
Cameron McAllister
Cameron McAllister - 8 days ago
I don’t believe this.. The computer is going to calculate the carry of an average golf ball. It won’t be able to show the cheating distance
Robby Casey
Robby Casey - 8 days ago
The spin will make it go further , try it on the course!
Jason Dunne
Jason Dunne - 10 days ago
Please do this on an actual course where weight is taken into account, lol
Sparky F
Sparky F - 10 days ago
Naa you just read it wrong. It went 284 miles!
Skyler Dougherty
Skyler Dougherty - 10 days ago
He should have used it on a real course not a sim
Christopher Callaway
Christopher Callaway - 11 days ago
The electronic radar or sensor is going by regular golf ball standards. Do it outside
Lucas Newkirk
Lucas Newkirk - 11 days ago
I agree with the majority here, is don't see how the GC can adjust for this.
TheDjOfChoice - 12 days ago
Maybe the GC Quad is giving erroneous numbers
Try it in the field
Samuel Hamrick
Samuel Hamrick - 13 days ago
How you going to tell hitting in that stupid golf simulator. That doesn't give you accurate distance barely going to roll. Go outside and headed out of course
Ted Stryker
Ted Stryker - 13 days ago
Just goes to show, cheaters never prosper.
Bryant Page
Bryant Page - 13 days ago
You trust a computer?
Ron Moses
Ron Moses - 13 days ago
I’m sure the distance comes from the roll not necessarily the carry.
Ron Moses
Ron Moses - 13 days ago
Everyone in this comment thread, and basically on the internet, is a pompous douchebag. It has to be something on keyboards. It’s a plague, really.
Internet InfoMedia
Internet InfoMedia - 13 days ago
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Rolf J.
Rolf J. - 13 days ago
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Tommy Saito
Tommy Saito - 13 days ago
Its illegal to sell that 💩 to people lol
schooper •
schooper • - 14 days ago
“Let’s test these illegal golf balls that are supposed to go farther”
Tests them inside with a computer program
Scott Barr
Scott Barr - 15 days ago
perhaps go outside and really test the ball.
james mcguinness
james mcguinness - 15 days ago
What a weakling?
Rusty Shackleford
Rusty Shackleford - 16 days ago
Just like a corked bat.
Faze Jaccorn6
Faze Jaccorn6 - 16 days ago
U are dumb go outside the machine goes on your hit not the ball
Charlie Keeble
Charlie Keeble - 16 days ago
Wyze Geye
Wyze Geye - 16 days ago
hacks are always mesmerized with the long ball. quit buying the shit and try practicing. save your money for the pataya trip. lol.
The Diamond Gold Kid
The Diamond Gold Kid - 16 days ago
You should make a video where you hit the illegal ball with the illegal 750cc driver
Druid 369
Druid 369 - 17 days ago
Perhaps it only works when you're actually golfing outside
Corek BleedingHollow
Corek BleedingHollow - 17 days ago
That’s so ironic. It’s a fake illegal ball.... lol
Paul Singletary
Paul Singletary - 17 days ago
The Nitro balls are slightly smaller than the regulations allows. This would let the ball travel farther because of less drag.
Jon Candy
Jon Candy - 17 days ago
It's pretty stupid to think that comparing two balls in a simulator isn't an accurate way of testing.. the simulator removes all the variables and calculates height, loft, ball speed, and formulates a distance based on that. People's assumption that it will just "cut through the wind" and go further is just total rubbish.. no amount of space age dimples will make up for a 60 yard difference outside.. I wouldn't even trust anyone's opinion who actually bought these balls (other than a known professional), because no decent avid golfer would play an illegal no name ball.
51Dss - 18 days ago
ball won't compress
Nightfall Adventures.
Nightfall Adventures. - 18 days ago
Was not expecting that lol
Butch Jones
Butch Jones - 18 days ago
My longest drive was 636 on a frozen lake in Minnesota
Pyro Jaeger
Pyro Jaeger - 18 days ago
If it is harder it isheavier and doesnt give as much as a regular one.
Golfing and Fishing My life away
Random question for you Rick... I’ve been on trackman enough to feel confident in these numbers but I don’t really understand the reason behind them. I carry my 7 iron around 170-175 which is a little longer than what you mention here, but my driver numbers are closer to 270 carry. What swing dynamics would lead to longer iron numbers but shorter with the driver?
Jerry Walton Walton
Jerry Walton Walton - 19 days ago
FL Biker
FL Biker - 19 days ago
Did you really just "test" a golfball with a simulator? I am sure that was real world accurate. lol
Steve Upisleeve
Steve Upisleeve - 18 days ago
lol.....yep, that's why I like Phillip Kempton's reply (near the top)
Dezmund Dickinson
Dezmund Dickinson - 21 day ago
Honestly bet it’s better for shorter hole shots to get it sit better but that’s just might thought
Paul Hardy
Paul Hardy - 21 day ago
Has to be down to material density. I bet it would go a long way in the real world due to a better ballistic coefficient.
AbleDelta - 21 day ago
Might as well just hit range balls...
Robby K.
Robby K. - 21 day ago
Try the illegal golf club with the illegal golf ball
velazquez armouries
velazquez armouries - 22 days ago
would a steel bearing inside tje core do something?
Turner Foster Productions
Why don’t you take it. you know. OUTSIDE. You know cause real life
Bob Levittan
Bob Levittan - 23 days ago
If I was going to buy an illegal ball, I'd want it to go straighter, not longer. All a longer golf ball would do for me is make it go farther into the weeds.
Internet InfoMedia
Internet InfoMedia - 23 days ago
Great video! It assisted me a lot!

Splendid Video!I really love it! It helped me a lot!
J DS - 24 days ago
the launch monitor will assume a normal golf ball, maybe a real world test possibly at a driving range would be a better test, yeah?
Patrick Radcliffe
Patrick Radcliffe - 25 days ago
Seems the consensus is try them at a real gold course. My guess is you sim is only calibrated for regulation balls.
Kenneth Barney
Kenneth Barney - 25 days ago
Aren’t low compression balls good for slower swing speeds like the noodle?
Mahlon Bullis
Mahlon Bullis - 25 days ago
Trolling would be cheaters, I love it.
Wyatt Hansen
Wyatt Hansen - 26 days ago
You should mix the illegal driver and these balls
Minty’s GT
Minty’s GT - 27 days ago
id like to see this out on the course to confirm the simulator details
Keep Calm
Keep Calm - 28 days ago
Those are driving range balls.
HMG KRL - 28 days ago
Rickster, can you review the Polaris balls please? Also non-con but supposed to be straighter than a clothes line with no distance loss. Greetings from Kenya.
M B - 28 days ago
It's the Pro V1 that is illegal. Try it against average golf balls.
Karl G
Karl G - 28 days ago
I think it may be that these balls actually help the low swing speed golfer. Just my guess though. You're probably too good for an illegal ball.
Riley Tech
Riley Tech - 29 days ago
The simulator only measures ball speed and impact force for like 5 feet. Balls slow down differently because the dimples create different amounts of air turbulence around the ball. That turbulence lessens drag, so some balls will fly farther. Try it outside.
Kanvarlal K
Kanvarlal K - 29 days ago
pro vi - reverse marketing strategy 😁
TheJhaley12 - Month ago
I knew the outcome before you started. We guys tried these out years ago and it was a joke, much the same results as you got. Just for fun I hit an old balata ball and then hit this one, the balata went much further, they are junk.
Jack Elliot
Jack Elliot - Month ago
you misunderstood... they only go longer on putts, sometimes 15-20 yards longer. lol.
Nick Klein
Nick Klein - Month ago
I’m sure the screen knows exactly what is hitting it....yup
James Althoff
James Althoff - Month ago
178 using fairway but 218 after it hit a cart path
dano r
dano r - Month ago
I have two thoughts about this test. 1, being the use of the simulator. It can't pick up the airflow around the ball. The laser's tract speed and arch and spin. Not how the air flows around the ball. As well as if the inside of the ball is much like a superball. The bounce after the landing may be greater. Which will add distance. This tells me to take it to a driving range and see how far you can hit them. 2, You may have misinterpreted the meaning of the "Go ahead and cheat", on the box. It might mean have your opponents use this ball, and you use the regulation balls.
jhughes19851 - Month ago
Simulators never get distance right
Ben Myers
Ben Myers - Month ago
It's like Nitro is trolling people trying to cheat. 😂
TissuePaper - Month ago
Test this in real life.
The simulator is making a LOT of assumptions about the properties of the ball, like its mass, size, etc. This is really not a good way to try to test different golf balls.
mihai n
mihai n - Month ago
marketing trick
Mateusz Gregorowicz
Mateusz Gregorowicz - Month ago
Probably the problem is that you smashed the nitro ball on the symulator and the mashine count like a normal ball you should try again on the driving rang or on the course
Larry Hillock
Larry Hillock - Month ago
Unbelievable you can’t test it outside... what an idiot.
DAGATHire - Month ago
you discovered the ultimate anti cheat golf ball. ha!
Internet InfoMedia
Internet InfoMedia - Month ago
Awesome video! It helped me a lot!

Important Video!I really love it! It helped me a lot!
Andrew Linch
Andrew Linch - Month ago
This looks like the golf ball that the pros should be using so we don't have to lengthen every championship golf course, Gary Player would love them lol .
Lloyd Darnell
Lloyd Darnell - Month ago
Hitting the ball into a sheet in ya momma's basement is not a test.
jc dova
jc dova - Month ago
246?? I kill to drive it 246 on a regular!
SlidingBolt223 - Month ago
Did you honestly think it would show a difference on a simulator? The simulator doesn’t know the ball is illegal and it uses the physics of a normal ball.
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