【ENG SUB】《致我们暖暖的小时光 Put Your Head on My Shoulder》EP07--主演:邢菲,林一,唐晓天,郑英辰

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Silent hill
Silent hill - Day ago
I give 👍👍👍 for sound effect and music thats was so cute and funny 😄😄
腾讯视频 - Day ago
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Ikalai - 2 days ago
Ada yang tau nama pemain laki² yang berperan sebagai artis di drama ini?
Ayrin Akter
Ayrin Akter - 2 days ago
38:05 the race 🤗🤗🤗
Ayrin Akter
Ayrin Akter - 2 days ago
Awww his efforts to stay closer to her is killing me 😍😍😍😌😌😌
翁婴宁 - 2 days ago
翁婴宁 - 2 days ago
翁婴宁 - 2 days ago
Richa Khetrapal
Richa Khetrapal - 2 days ago
Gu Wei yi looks like jin...sorry but yes
Jennie Oic
Jennie Oic - 3 days ago
Evie Zeng
Evie Zeng - 3 days ago
t天呐 我怎么这么喜欢看这剧啊 我中毒了呀 好想年轻15岁呀
Siti Nurjanah
Siti Nurjanah - 4 days ago
So disappointed with the sound 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
Wei Hua
Wei Hua - 4 days ago
The Happy Soul!
The Happy Soul! - 7 days ago
Mo Mo- "You won't be so bored as to keep it and to help my mum to threaten me" (about the contract paper)

Me- OMG, you don't know, he is!!!♥️😂😂
Kustiyah Kustono
Kustiyah Kustono - 7 days ago
Yg lengkap dong miiiiiinnnnnn
Fairy Flavour
Fairy Flavour - 7 days ago
28:53 男主心里os :当然 我就是那样的人 嘻嘻
Fairy Flavour
Fairy Flavour - 7 days ago
22:00 他们两个被硬塞狗粮 哈哈 男主心里os 要不咱俩也搞一波?
Amatullah Shamama
Amatullah Shamama - 7 days ago
😘😘Love 020 and put your head on my shoulder❤❤ are the best drama's 👍👍
Fairy Flavour
Fairy Flavour - 7 days ago
他拼命的挽留的样子太可爱了叭 哈哈 🥰💖
Seema Goenka
Seema Goenka - 8 days ago
Hwr love for doremon is mindblowing!!!!
jakolero boy
jakolero boy - 9 days ago
Shreya Kolukula
Shreya Kolukula - 9 days ago
At 6:57 that look when he was afraid that she will be leaving him alone ..so soooo cute and adorable
jakolero boy
jakolero boy - 11 days ago
that sound effect 😂😂😂😂👏✌
direct was joking 😂😂
queenie cayabyab
queenie cayabyab - 11 days ago
Gu wei yei♥️Si tu mo?
Fu pei❤️Wang shan?
Who's your's??✨
•Pøtåtø• - 11 days ago
The audio keeps cutting off
Shamim Sial
Shamim Sial - 11 days ago
I don't like sweets and then tastes happily hmm 😂
Alemy Linares
Alemy Linares - 11 days ago
riyan ginandar
riyan ginandar - 12 days ago
6 octo 2019
白可可 - 13 days ago
summer jiang
summer jiang - 14 days ago
I am Hitman Bang
I am Hitman Bang - 16 days ago
Any activity tonight?
You want to join?
Shane A. H
Shane A. H - 17 days ago
I'm starting to get addicted with c-drama! Just finished watching Ashes of Love and I can't stop thinking that the mainlead could play a role for a younger Luo Yunxi! They do really look alike❤❤❤
Kenny Lee Jian Siong
Kenny Lee Jian Siong - 18 days ago
孤獨患者 - 18 days ago
William T
William T - 18 days ago
晚上有活动啊?你要参加吗?哈哈哈哈哈哈 男主真的是够了
HopeWorldians AndBTS
HopeWorldians AndBTS - 18 days ago
AA Ting
AA Ting - 19 days ago
Gu Wei Yi's character is like every second lead who got friendzoned but instead the writer made him into the lead instead of the fickle first love.
Melissa398 ARMY With Luv
Melissa398 ARMY With Luv - 11 days ago
I was thinking the same! I love his character!💜
Nola Winsnasky
Nola Winsnasky - 19 days ago
OK! Is it me or is this kdrama funny.
小菲侠 - 18 days ago
Nola Winsnasky ,this is a China drama
Roshani Sharma
Roshani Sharma - 21 day ago
Oo now I think that is not chewgum in the pink box it is condom😆🤣🤣😊
Serene Goh
Serene Goh - 21 day ago
is it just me or does the audio keep getting cut off
Ahsin ahsin
Ahsin ahsin - 22 days ago
abhirami cj sree
abhirami cj sree - 22 days ago
Did anyone saw the hindi subtitle... 💕💞💞
Shweta nayak
Shweta nayak - 22 days ago
For every people we live in other countries but emotions are same.
Mutiara Sintya
Mutiara Sintya - 22 days ago
Suaranya jadi bisu knp ya huu hening
andina trian
andina trian - 23 days ago
Kenapa gak ada subtitle nya ya??
XxPink_ LoverxX
XxPink_ LoverxX - 23 days ago
Si Tu Mo: Any activity tonight?
Gu Wei Yi: You wanna join?
Lisa unnie
Lisa unnie - 23 days ago
27:29 The heck my brain 😂
Rhea Anne Sunio Hospital
Rhea Anne Sunio Hospital - 24 days ago
Eng. Sub😭😭😭😭
Dorlina Simanungkalit
Dorlina Simanungkalit - 26 days ago
Really like this drama❤️❤️❤️
jshmtthw Cybn
jshmtthw Cybn - 26 days ago
Everyone loves the condom scene..😂
THE SWEET JOURNEY - 26 days ago
Voice problem in the end.. 😢
Park Jihoonwanna1
Park Jihoonwanna1 - 27 days ago
Si tu mo: any activity tonight?
Gu wei yie:wanna join?
Hahaha freaking good part..
Manika Debnath
Manika Debnath - 27 days ago
Please English Subtitle🙏
Riddhi Gaikwad
Riddhi Gaikwad - 27 days ago
Zijing Hou
Zijing Hou - 27 days ago
faiza Mohamed
faiza Mohamed - 29 days ago
Plz who know this drama language English
Faye Celine Copa
Faye Celine Copa - Month ago
*The Discovery of Condon*
Her: Why do you keep it in your bag? Any night activities? *giggle*
Him: *looks at her seriously* You want to join?
*ensue awkwardness*
black eye
black eye - Month ago
How funny I also want to play in the river
ijahnae rodney
ijahnae rodney - Month ago
has anyone notice that su tu mo and gu wei always dress as a couple in the same thing
Golden Favour
Golden Favour - Month ago
Is it just me or is anyone else experiencing the audio problem??
prety priya 994
prety priya 994 - Month ago
I'm in love with this drama by the way he is such nerdy ruined all her imagination but still cute 😍
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