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MY Digital Experience
MY Digital Experience - 10 days ago
lol your lucky it was Steve and not my tegu cuz god it hurts
Zesprix - 13 days ago
He shouldn't be on sand
Mohammed Azeem
Mohammed Azeem - 20 days ago
Steven bit my finger
*flashbacks to Charlie bit my finger*
Seona Russell
Seona Russell - 21 day ago
Your Scottish accent is bloody horrendous mate
wedgtable - 24 days ago
That office really needs a tidy. How can you work like that?
Irish Giant
Irish Giant - 25 days ago
Karma Don't mock the Dragon
its trina
its trina - 26 days ago
That must of hurt when Steve bite you lol damn
Ryan - 27 days ago
My Grandad also did that in hospital haha, he would get his food and leave the dinner to the side and eat his desert haha
mr symes
mr symes - 27 days ago
Willow woods is the perfect charity they do such amazing work taking care of people . 😊
mojazz - 28 days ago
you should give your old merch to the fans
Quint Flores
Quint Flores - 28 days ago
Come to NC where we will make those cars look like electric cars. Here we just cut cats and resonators and make diesels sound like planes ✈️
Hanzalah P
Hanzalah P - 28 days ago
Get an exhaust kit
Madison Panknin
Madison Panknin - 28 days ago
Never tempt a dragon learned your lesson.
Carson Hibb
Carson Hibb - 28 days ago
Karma. Lol
zonddey - 28 days ago
Jakes McLaughlin
Jakes McLaughlin - 28 days ago
I think we should see more off Steven
Kat whittle
Kat whittle - 28 days ago
Lmfao bit of advice Tom if u don't want to get bitten by Steven Don't put ur finger my his mouth 😂 xx
Fred Yorke
Fred Yorke - 29 days ago
Idk why i got so excited but ive got the same london fridge
HellHoundGaming3 - 29 days ago
I mean that’s what happens for teasing a bearded dragon hahah
Flash Gaming
Flash Gaming - 29 days ago
Steve has had enough of ur nonsense haha
Alex Chappell
Alex Chappell - 29 days ago
Steve needs to be put down, he was now tasted human blood and will not be satiated with anything else.
Patricia Myers
Patricia Myers - 29 days ago
Honestly tom...I'm the same way. Anything super greasy runs right through me.
Simon_Jansson - 29 days ago
Yeah bearded dragon teeth are pretty sharp lol could be worse tho, if it was a monitor lizard that shit would f-ed your finger up
Matthew Sowers
Matthew Sowers - 29 days ago
You got what you deserved, messing with him making him think you had more. Lolol
Rushard Edward
Rushard Edward - 29 days ago
4:00 does that mean that Alice is older than Tom?!
OmniTerra - 29 days ago
Steven is acquiring a taste for human flesh. The attacks will only grow worse from here. One night you will wake up to see him sitting on your chest, starring at you. Then, you'll never see anything again.
Alex Welk
Alex Welk - 29 days ago
Tom please enough with the revving lmao
Carolyn Murtaza
Carolyn Murtaza - 29 days ago
The childhood pants... that’s animal from the muppets
sameer ahmed
sameer ahmed - 29 days ago
That was so cute...steven biting you!!!
WARDYS HOOD - 29 days ago
Keep up the good work tom 😀👍
a J In the life
a J In the life - 29 days ago
Where are you Tom! No daily vlog 🤦‍♂️
Jack Sealy
Jack Sealy - 29 days ago
luv ya man
Jordan Parker
Jordan Parker - 29 days ago
Today's vlog wheres it at 😥😥
Lettuce Man
Lettuce Man - 29 days ago
wtf you’re paying like over $100 in gas
Leah Jones
Leah Jones - 29 days ago
Also tom yes, beardies are VERY smart. There was once an experiment where they knew the difference between different shades of lights
Leah Jones
Leah Jones - 29 days ago
You should consider getting a tetanus shot after that bite .... seriously
Suzanne Davies
Suzanne Davies - 29 days ago
You asked for that mate!!! Steeeevee showingbyou who is really the boss!!!😜😜😜
The Boro Lad
The Boro Lad - 29 days ago
7:33 nothing needs to be said here
DMW - 29 days ago
Wait what.... Are those mini egg icecreams? :O
Why do we not have these in Aus.
Tanatic - 29 days ago
Someone needs to make a "Charlie bit my finger" remix with Steeven.
michael dand
michael dand - 29 days ago
Steve is a mad pet
Deaththunder 96
Deaththunder 96 - 29 days ago
To business!!!
The Dorito
The Dorito - 29 days ago
9:25 Missed opportunity.
"Mission failed, we'll them next time" 😂
Valour Corny
Valour Corny - 29 days ago
I feel with the Jag its been the same as when they got Luna and Gadsby. Just kitties all the time. Now the kitty is a just a bit bigger and a lot more growlier.

PS. Not hating seeing the Jag just pointing something out.
Raulmiro101 - 29 days ago
Please put a nest cam on Steve
And do a best Steve alone moments
Maelstrom - 29 days ago
What about some $40 Mini Ladd sweatpants?
Rik Quick
Rik Quick - 29 days ago
Multi storey car park
GeordieGirl92 - 29 days ago
Crying laughing when he bite you.
You asked for it though 😂😂
Jim Kane
Jim Kane - 29 days ago
I die a bit inside everytime Tom says 'pants' when talking about jeans, trousers and the like. You're British man...pants are underwear!!
Krispy - 29 days ago
Freindly advice.. Make sure you drive all your cars at least once a week :)
UrbanChromez - Month ago
I want that Jag
Phoenix - Month ago
This is why we don’t tease our pets
Tay lor
Tay lor - Month ago
Your bearded dragon is not ‘misbehaving’, he is stressed.
James Khan
James Khan - Month ago
" it sounds like a scary thing" - lydia 2019 😂😂😂😂
aaron seinker
aaron seinker - Month ago
Puppet name is Animal
Kyle Vousden
Kyle Vousden - Month ago
Tom tempting fate
DreaxDK - Month ago
Get Steeve a new cage, seems like he has outgrown it maybe, just a guess not an expert. Also a new cage video would be pretty cool, that's mostly why I said it lol
Ryan W. Green: Graphic and Web Designer
From working with various Charities, about 90% of all charity shops the money does not go to the causes and instead it goes to paying people's wages
qpqcahdr - Month ago
Make a video wity vehicle virgins
Keagan Finn
Keagan Finn - Month ago
Price of fuel is mental bro... it's expensive in AUS... @ ABOUT 1.60 FOR V-POWER. but that's only 0.86 British pound.
Keagan Finn
Keagan Finn - Month ago
lewis bennion
lewis bennion - Month ago
Manchester airport tunnels!
PLR MisTic
PLR MisTic - Month ago
😂 you was teasing him
VitalGravityGaming - Month ago
It's ma birthdayyyyyy
Dylan Robinson
Dylan Robinson - Month ago
Definitely a fire hazard if this made by Hotpoint
mrfrankfcg - Month ago
It's called reflux(reaction to fatty foods), try Google it Tom.
Delaney Parker
Delaney Parker - Month ago
Who’s the maggot now, Tom? 😂
FatalxPredator - Month ago
steve is sooo confused like what dad. what did i do i only wanted food

Edit- 13:05 tom-seption!
ChrisEdits YT
ChrisEdits YT - Month ago
you should get a gopro in his vivarium and timelaps one of his days tom
FatalxPredator - Month ago
at 7:00 on the dot i guess the car will cost 45 quid, am Australian sorry for butchering you're currency
maddogmicknyatv - Month ago
Reminded me of "Charlie bit my finger"
Drone Capture
Drone Capture - Month ago
Steve needs a bigger home tommy
Drone Capture
Drone Capture - Month ago
Poor Steve
LaylaEatsTrees - Month ago
Man physically assaulted by Crazy Bearded Dragon
Alex Ty
Alex Ty - Month ago
Wasn't there a motor neuron disease charity shop local ish to you?
Amaan Tahir
Amaan Tahir - Month ago
Outro song is part of sounds if syndication, lights by klaypex I believe for anyone wondering
martin healey
martin healey - Month ago
He wanted some more food and good on you Steve that was so funny 😂
Grant Wilson
Grant Wilson - Month ago
Tom be careful letting your Grandad eat the hospital ice cream as in Scotland the ice cream contains 17.8g of sugar
IWantaBeThatGuy 1
IWantaBeThatGuy 1 - Month ago
Question Tom.... Where’s the cats????
Crippled Batman
Crippled Batman - Month ago
Lol a couple of weeks ago, "I'll never eat lamb chops again I promise!!!", continues to eat lamb chops
Dan C
Dan C - Month ago
Tom talking like a kid or old person who say “no” sounds just like the Knights Who Say “Ni!”
Chunky 346
Chunky 346 - Month ago
Really hoping one day my vlogs become as good as toms ! Gotta keep the grind on
Jake Plays
Jake Plays - Month ago
Go to glosop main road neat Tesco
Michael Pettit
Michael Pettit - Month ago
Yummy - Month ago
Your going to have to move house, he’s got a taste for human meat now!!! 😂
Yummy - Month ago
Great vlog as usual
Alex Braswell
Alex Braswell - Month ago
Thought you were gettings starters
Darien Richards
Darien Richards - Month ago
Sorry Tom but I'm not sure if it's you're accent but when you said abuse it sounded like aBOOZE hah sorry Tommy ❤
Appl3 D0ct3r
Appl3 D0ct3r - Month ago
“I’ll promise I’ll never eat a lamb chop ever again!!!!!!!!” If you know you know 😂
R Angel
R Angel - Month ago
Tom, its an animal. They dont have the ability to communicate like humans do. You have to make judgement calls based solely on its actions. you teased it with food, he liked what you gave him. what do you expect when your thumb looks similar to what he thinks is a tasty treat? Idiot.
Polar Slice
Polar Slice - Month ago
Put a camera into him house. So we can see him scratching and kicking sand
Jack - Month ago
Hope everything is going well Tom I've just got back from a night out and all I can say is TO BUSINESS
Love ya x
The Youtube Car Show
The Youtube Car Show - Month ago
Also, if your at akbars, lamb chops, masala fish, chicken pakora, lamb tikka peices and a lamb madras 😍
The Youtube Car Show
The Youtube Car Show - Month ago
Zacs the guy with the modded Beemer right? Would deffo be worth a vlog opportunity. 'Day in the life of Zak' with both cars
RANDOMBOI - Month ago
Probably the dodgiest looking place I've ever seen someone park an expensive car but that exhaust echo was worth it 😍
Betty-Lou Fraser
Betty-Lou Fraser - Month ago
Question where are the cats at these days, as you never see them around the house anymore??????
ThrillFactorGaming - Month ago
monsters makes me need a shet
cps bandit
cps bandit - Month ago
When u gunna break more zombies records?
N/A - Month ago
Song at 2:52?
Josh Fairhurst
Josh Fairhurst - Month ago
You shouldn’t of been teasing Steve! He might not of bitten you
ViSiOn - Month ago
Tom watch game of thrones
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