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Kingsaif 2099
Kingsaif 2099 - 9 hours ago
13:50 the profecy has been spoken
Zahir Rashdi
Zahir Rashdi - 2 days ago
I don’t think the Egg would’ve broken if the cushion was flat
Zahir Rashdi
Zahir Rashdi - 2 days ago
I love hearing “OH MY GOD!!” from you Mr.KingReptar
Kindra Lindsey
Kindra Lindsey - 16 days ago
Dr.Noscope rec
Dr.Noscope rec - 16 days ago
Uh, there is an egg shaped DENT in the METAL chair... just saying
KahenaluLB - 22 days ago
Javon Shedd
Javon Shedd - Month ago
RIP egg😂
Javon Shedd
Javon Shedd - Month ago
RIP egg😂
matija radulovic
matija radulovic - Month ago
most dangerous spongebob fan in the world
Gabriel John
Gabriel John - Month ago
Flllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyy byyyyyyy
JOKER - Month ago
I felt a little pressure >.>
jadien kumung
jadien kumung - Month ago
bro that last part got me cracking up like..... haaaahahaaahaaahaa looooool
hogan kern
hogan kern - 2 months ago
It will survive
Reshifus 123
Reshifus 123 - 2 months ago
Between back hole and fronte hole ???
Royce Schill
Royce Schill - 2 months ago
#notafacation squad
Royce Schill
Royce Schill - 2 months ago
ADHD world u are my idol if you can ever like my comment it would make my life the best would probably cry I can’t even stress about how happy I would be it would mean the world to me
jayden Bermudez
jayden Bermudez - 2 months ago
i was having a really bad day and this made me happy
leemon ade
leemon ade - 2 months ago
13:41 imagine there neighbours
Montero - 2 months ago
It will survive
Johonas Combs
Johonas Combs - 3 months ago
ADHD: *drops cinder block*
egg: doesn't break
ADHD: grabs airbow
Caedenl Chamizo
Caedenl Chamizo - 3 months ago
It will serviv
Alexander Thalacker
Alexander Thalacker - 3 months ago
pause at 13:32 and that face is the face of someone burning your money while your watching just a feeling of like pure sadness and death inside.
LucasW2007 YT
LucasW2007 YT - 3 months ago
Line X egg: you oppose me mortal
It takes a Demi god to crack me at 17:15
Aykalia - 3 months ago
did he not notice the dent the line-x egg did ON THE CHAIR
Darwin Greenvoss
Darwin Greenvoss - 3 months ago
8:16 theres a cut
Moses Miller
Moses Miller - 3 months ago
Hey man can make football boots x-line
レイレイRay Ray
レイレイRay Ray - 3 months ago
13:58 = what will happen to eggman in the new sonic movie
Fifi Aguirre
Fifi Aguirre - 3 months ago
Put line x on stretch Armstrong
Shayne Matan
Shayne Matan - 3 months ago
Gloria Salazar
Gloria Salazar - 3 months ago
Subscribe to my channel and leave comments on what I should post next. Whoever's idea I choose will win a special surprise!!
Blue Flamingo 13
Blue Flamingo 13 - 3 months ago
I mean no
Blue Flamingo 13
Blue Flamingo 13 - 3 months ago
Bloodgamer123 - 3 months ago
you say one take but there are like 4 cuts before you actually break it very sus
Jose Medrano
Jose Medrano - 3 months ago
this is hands down the funniest shit i have laughed to in a looong time. dis dude got my likes & subs all the time. shut up, take my money & make more funny vids man 😂👌
Ya Yeet
Ya Yeet - 3 months ago
I knew it bc you are really strong and that is pretty heavy so it had to break
Jenson STANGER - 3 months ago
Me:*buys two of those mats* so who wants a egg drop one v one
LordCeez - 3 months ago
Line X is chuck Norris’s lotion!
Ice Drangon
Ice Drangon - 3 months ago
False advertising
Omega157 - 3 months ago
How tf did you DENT AN EGG?!?!?!
Christian Martinez
Christian Martinez - 3 months ago
This was so entertaining😂
DRAGON EYE - 3 months ago
8:36 that's what good pussy sounds like
Misty Hayes
Misty Hayes - 3 months ago
M1X Pentlend
M1X Pentlend - 3 months ago
Drops block: oh it's like an avacado
Mr No name
Mr No name - 3 months ago
Wonder if the egg rots
cool kid Salzar
cool kid Salzar - 3 months ago
TECHRaiser Lit
TECHRaiser Lit - 3 months ago
Try purple
Thanos - 3 months ago
The egg will break inside after this snap
Loser’s Animations
Loser’s Animations - 4 months ago
He broke egg but realy in the end egg broke him
kasey Mcguire
kasey Mcguire - 4 months ago
The part between your balls and ass is called your gooch bro 😂😂😂✌
Wolf-leader300 - 4 months ago
Butt cam alert
XZAVIER BARRERA - 4 months ago
I think the egg has a Earth style technique on it😨😱😂😂
CL Williams
CL Williams - 4 months ago
It physically hurts me to sit down literally anywhere. I spend most of my day sitting in my bed cuz its the place that hurts the least to sit. Its probably cuz my butt's fo flat. So I need that thing.
johnnyBoi - 4 months ago
You could have just used stretch Armstrong and just one hit it lol
Teren Trelka
Teren Trelka - 4 months ago
Ur using it wrong
gacha wyatt
gacha wyatt - 4 months ago
the linex egg looks like avocado
Kacey Garey
Kacey Garey - 4 months ago
Tea egg dented the chair
Nicomicalz - 4 months ago
Line x your tables and chairs
Ricky Sepulveda
Ricky Sepulveda - 4 months ago
Line x egg:Gah your strong cinder block but im stronger
Cinder Block:Nani?!
Job cage 124
Job cage 124 - 4 months ago
Job cage 124
Job cage 124 - 4 months ago
9:40 it kinda looks hard boiled I’m not saying it is I’m just very skeptical at tumest
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