Niall Horan & Julia Michaels Must Escape to Perform Their Song

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Arsema Demeke
Arsema Demeke - Hour ago
Literally just finished watching Escape Room movie
Cora Phelps
Cora Phelps - 2 hours ago
the wink from niall at 8:04 is so cute
weston monroe
weston monroe - 4 hours ago
julia getting anxiety and just talking non stop about how she doesn’t wanna eat it
Maja Lundblad
Maja Lundblad - 6 hours ago
it would be so fun if Shawn Mendes did this
Jacqueline Gallman
Jacqueline Gallman - Day ago
Anyone else low key shipping these two?

Just me, cool.
Ryan Je
Ryan Je - Day ago
did Niall wear those pants cuz he lost a dare??
Cheryl Xaviera
Cheryl Xaviera - Day ago
Niall from one direction
doresa ahmeti
doresa ahmeti - 2 days ago
julia was kind of annoying tbh
vanessa thio
vanessa thio - 2 days ago
Boca Grande
Boca Grande - 3 days ago
"Niall from one direction" that felt like home.
Madhur Smriti
Madhur Smriti - 3 days ago
Julia talks so much 😂
Pedro Gomez
Pedro Gomez - 3 days ago
Is it me or should Julia and Niall be together?
Jamie Stephenson
Jamie Stephenson - 4 days ago
That julia one is so annoying
Bruna Lima
Bruna Lima - 4 days ago
i can see this video for the rest of my life
Danni Radcliff
Danni Radcliff - 4 days ago
When he said "naill from one direction" i was like 😭😭😭
Nuthin But JiJi
Nuthin But JiJi - 4 days ago
Niall is on his own
Rose Granger
Rose Granger - 4 days ago
Isn’t Niall clastrophobic,?? don’t understand how could easily crawl through those tiny spaces
تالا وليد
تالا وليد - 5 days ago
Julia: isn’t it the guy with platinum blond hair
Niall: Niall from one direction 😂
ren lora
ren lora - 5 days ago
Awe they so cute
BabyGurlllmmeb xx
BabyGurlllmmeb xx - 5 days ago
*I was looking at one thing the whole time... idek how tf they escaped* 🤣😭
Hope Cobb
Hope Cobb - 6 days ago
I love Niall's pants, they're purple.
Potato Puffs
Potato Puffs - 7 days ago
is anyone gonna talk about how these two are kinda flirting with eachother?
Paulene Aldana
Paulene Aldana - 7 days ago
Fyra Tumimang
Fyra Tumimang - 7 days ago
I'm distracted by his pants...
lolipo cake
lolipo cake - 7 days ago
8:03 niall winked at us, yay! lol. btw i like the video
Purple Unicorn1259
Purple Unicorn1259 - 7 days ago
Who else loves Niall's purple pants
Ashley DaPanda
Ashley DaPanda - 7 days ago
Luljeta Leka
Luljeta Leka - 7 days ago
Julia-: Isn't him the guy with plantinium blonde hair?
Niall-: Niall from One Direction 😂😂😫😫😫😫😫😫
wE tOoK a cHoNCe
wE tOoK a cHoNCe - 7 days ago
Fahima Majeed
Fahima Majeed - 9 days ago
13:34 I wish I could hug Niall like that... 🙄🙈😍❤
Jana Habib
Jana Habib - 9 days ago
14:34 minutes of shipping Niall and Julia
Rooster G
Rooster G - 9 days ago
Niall thicker than a snicker
Cassandra Marie
Cassandra Marie - 10 days ago
Emma McGaffin
Emma McGaffin - 10 days ago
Olivia Chambers
Olivia Chambers - 10 days ago
"Listen to the description and find the dog that matches."
*looks around* 😂
Uma Deora
Uma Deora - 10 days ago
This is so cool!!!!
Emmie Lynch
Emmie Lynch - 10 days ago
Not even kidding. Julia has such a ‘Disney character’ voice. She would be perfect to voice an animated character
Mahi Kothari
Mahi Kothari - 10 days ago
Jazz s
Jazz s - 11 days ago
Jesus they are the dumbest people I've ever seen. I would have finished that in seconds.
Kookieforever :3
Kookieforever :3 - 11 days ago
The ship has only begun ;>
litty mcfitty
litty mcfitty - 11 days ago
Laura Fernandez
Laura Fernandez - 11 days ago
Is it bad that i stared at nialls ass the whole way through
TheQueen - 10 days ago
Laura Fernandez yes
Celia Kelly
Celia Kelly - 11 days ago
No offence but just a personal opinion, Julia in this video is annoying asf
Pri Pri :3
Pri Pri :3 - 12 days ago
when Niall said I needa wee, it reminded me of when one direction went on the karaoke car ride with James and Harry said I needa wee 😭
Haxann Evers
Haxann Evers - 12 days ago
im sorry I love these two but they are so stupid
Lua Muniz
Lua Muniz - 13 days ago
Imagine one direction on this room
Miza A
Miza A - 13 days ago
julia is so adorablee!
galaxy girl2008
galaxy girl2008 - 13 days ago
'pizza pop's out under the door'
niall: youre pizza will be here shortly
niall: 'open's pizza box' ah woof woof!
me: hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
Yvy25 - 13 days ago
“Niall from One Direction” 😭💕
Phil Cooper
Phil Cooper - 13 days ago
Most of that was niall
Mini_ Mango
Mini_ Mango - 13 days ago
Why do this to Julia?!??
Ky Ky
Ky Ky - 14 days ago
Watching her get scared was so funyyy
You just wasted your time reading this.
They would make such a cute couple

Am I right?
Dark Wolf
Dark Wolf - 14 days ago
Who Else thinks Niall is fit
Lexi Ramey
Lexi Ramey - 14 days ago
I love how nail was like ‘you go first. Wait no I’ll go first’
Krysthea Malik
Krysthea Malik - 14 days ago
Niall held the door for the camera man
Just Sky
Just Sky - 15 days ago
Rebecca Moor
Rebecca Moor - 15 days ago
Is it just me who thinks the voice speaker from the dog photo sounds a little like Harry Styles
Can U really be bothered to read this
Niall: Right. Pink dog
Me: Who on their right mind would dye their dog pink
Can U really be bothered to read this
Julie: Oh. We're back.
My first thought: When you just come out a trance
Can U really be bothered to read this
7:02 that laugh always gets me
Can U really be bothered to read this
Did anyone else notice that Niall admires himself in the mirror while Julia "does her thing".
Pauline Potter
Pauline Potter - 15 days ago
OMG ,, Nial from One Direction " I'm crying 😭❤❤❤❤❤❤
Can U really be bothered to read this
James: Have you guys ever seen the segment of our show called 'Animals riding animals'
Niall: No but it sounds messed up.
Me: *Dying of laughter*
Can U really be bothered to read this
James: Any last words before we send you in
Niall: I need a wee
Can U really be bothered to read this
James: Listen to the discripition and match the description with the dog
Niall and Julia: *Looks blanckly around the room*
Me: *Dying of laughter*
Can U really be bothered to read this
Niall: Niall from 1 direction.
Can U really be bothered to read this
James: How do you think your doing
Niall: Not very well
Later on
Niall: There is nothing more British than a good British breakfast tea.
Can U really be bothered to read this
Don't mind me just dying over here. The whole vid had me on tears
Lulu Nickifordhead
Lulu Nickifordhead - 15 days ago
J-The guy whit platinum blonde hair
N-Niall from one direction?
Marim Exols
Marim Exols - 16 days ago
Lili Maierhofer
Lili Maierhofer - 16 days ago
julia is really adorable
paige knitschke
paige knitschke - 16 days ago
Love this 😂😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Shivanshi Singh
Shivanshi Singh - 16 days ago
I ship them! They're so cute together
Cole MacNeal
Cole MacNeal - 16 days ago
Isn't it adorable how Julia jumped into Niall's arms?
Cuz I want too Deal with it
Welcome to the comments where we talk about how cute Niall is
Isabella Nations
Isabella Nations - 17 days ago
Tbh, I kinda ship
Urula Pawar
Urula Pawar - 17 days ago
Who comes on a show with purple pants ??!! Also that's very niall thing is to do
DIY SaRa - 17 days ago
8:12 Niall has a black history with that table 😂😂😂
Dxmn Dølxnz
Dxmn Dølxnz - 18 days ago
Why do I ship this
Alex Stylik
Alex Stylik - 18 days ago
"Niall from One Direction" OMG I- SIHDHDJSHDJSKSHJDJS
franzene hargreeves
franzene hargreeves - 18 days ago
Rissi Rain
Rissi Rain - 18 days ago
He says the same as Harry in the carpool karaoke 😋
A Scorpio’s Charm
A Scorpio’s Charm - 19 days ago
I loved it when they just kept swearing at the key
Jayde Blackmar
Jayde Blackmar - 19 days ago
Aaaand I’ve just fallen in love with him again.
Daphne V
Daphne V - 20 days ago
Hahaha 5:12 that would be me, looking after the non-existent dog
zayn 1d
zayn 1d - 20 days ago
(love you niall and proud of you, 💘👑)
kim myungjun’s
kim myungjun’s - 21 day ago
*niall from one direction?*
XWillow PlayzX
XWillow PlayzX - 21 day ago
I love his pants!
Tine Sofie
Tine Sofie - 21 day ago
If I was trapped in that room with him I wouldn't get out. I would try to stay as long as possible....
Grace Sargent
Grace Sargent - 21 day ago
niall's pants were too tight man he looked so damn uncomfortable
the.lyfeofpaige - 21 day ago
Why is that a lowkey Louis Outfit?
Celeste Ochoa
Celeste Ochoa - 22 days ago
Everyone is the comments is posting normal comments like how cute they would be as a couple meanwhile I just keep staring at Nialls ass lmaooo
margret wolverine
margret wolverine - 22 days ago
omgg.. when he said niall from ONE DIRECTION ... **sobbing**
and when he hugged her... my nialler heart :(
dayud B
dayud B - 22 days ago
Julia is so cute
Swag_dog22 - 22 days ago
For the one with the making fun of restaurants or what i heard i was thinking of Gordan Ramsey the whole time lol
Nabila Dii
Nabila Dii - 22 days ago
"Niall from one direction" 🙂😟
yohanna simbolon
yohanna simbolon - 22 days ago
Chuck Dewain
Chuck Dewain - 23 days ago
These 2 r 2 cute.
Wonderfulrectioner - 23 days ago
I missed his fake blonde hair😕
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