Niall Horan & Julia Michaels Must Escape to Perform Their Song

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Vianca Rica Umali
Vianca Rica Umali - 11 minutes ago
i like julia michael's personality
Vianca Rica Umali
Vianca Rica Umali - 21 minute ago
niall is still as cute as before
Émi' G.
Émi' G. - Hour ago
« Niall from one direction » please 🥺
Teddy Meep
Teddy Meep - 2 hours ago
4:19 “the guy with the platinum blond hair”
“Niall from one direction” 😂
Abdihamid 114
Abdihamid 114 - 4 hours ago
First time watching I didn’t realize it was Niall Horan. The enthusiastic Niall from 1D.
FatFluffyGingerCat - 11 hours ago
Holy shi- the camera was so smooth when running.
Rayane Meghni
Rayane Meghni - 13 hours ago
do this with little mix .. normani ... ariana 💖💖💖💖
Fangirl forever
Fangirl forever - 17 hours ago
Julia: the guy with blonde hair
Niall: Niall Horan from one direction?
Diana Lynch
Diana Lynch - 20 hours ago
Man y’all got Niall running when y’all know his knee is messed up smh 🤦🏽‍♀️
Anna m
Anna m - Day ago
"The guy with the platinum blonde hair."
"Niall from one direction."
That part had me dead
Veronica Stylinson
Veronica Stylinson - 2 days ago
"Do what British people do"
*Niall left the chat*
Veronica Stylinson
Veronica Stylinson - 2 days ago
Their voices are so calming it blessed my ears
Cassie Brooke
Cassie Brooke - 2 days ago
Poor Niall he's stuck. 😂😂
Maddy - 2 days ago
james feeds us well. we need to thank him
Ισιδώρα Τσέλιου
Is it me, or Niall is the guy everyone puts on friendzone?
Abigail Garcia
Abigail Garcia - 4 days ago
The “I need to wee” remembered the carpool
Sam Samson
Sam Samson - 6 days ago
*JAMES -- please react to the new season of the NETFLIX SHE-RA cartoon and new Target exclusive SHE-RA dolls collection.*
dennis danapala
dennis danapala - 6 days ago
Why would anyone want to escape that room?
Loubna Ferrariste
Loubna Ferrariste - 7 days ago
I need escape game with Niall, Harry, Louis and Liam !!! 🇨🇮💚💙❤
jade q de 1D
jade q de 1D - 7 days ago
Mariah Jackson
Mariah Jackson - 7 days ago
I thought something was sticking out of niles pant for a sec
Ahlam Boham
Ahlam Boham - 9 days ago
How do you see 4 red bettons and not press it first before doing anything else
Eva Golstein
Eva Golstein - 10 days ago
Why do I feel like it’s Harry talking during the dogs?
millicent mozo
millicent mozo - 12 days ago
his pants is totally distracting me
rosie - 12 days ago
When he says I'll go first so I don't see your "Hoo-ha" 😂BABY NIALL!!! YR SO SWEET
Sneha Gadre
Sneha Gadre - 13 days ago
Niall always have to wee during TV shows😁😁🤣🤣
Zachary Jamora
Zachary Jamora - 13 days ago
I'm just gonna put 20 second later i don't know why am i doing that but
Ace Family and moree fav youtubers
U freaking liars the fourt picture with dog wasnt rhen u put it on
Sanjvi Anand The potterhead
Niall is seriously underrated in 1D ..... I find him better than louis, no offence to the louis fans
krinamite - 15 days ago
in the thumbnail, Niall Horan looks like James Corden with a wig
Nizza Jurban
Nizza Jurban - 16 days ago
"Niall from One Direction"
Lola Staniforth
Lola Staniforth - 17 days ago
Ooh woof woof ! - Niall
Lola Staniforth
Lola Staniforth - 17 days ago
Loving nialls pants 🤪💜
Brenci Dominguez
Brenci Dominguez - 17 days ago
Tbh i hella ship them pwjrmalnxdk
Luisana Acevedo
Luisana Acevedo - 17 days ago
10:34 they think of the day in the room it was getting weird and they couldn’t stop laughing 💙
Alina holstensson
Alina holstensson - 18 days ago
Ugh I love this duo🥺✌️❤️
Yen - 18 days ago
Niall winked in the tunnel I"m dying
Daffy .tvdx_
Daffy .tvdx_ - 18 days ago
8:03 Oh Damn That Was So Cute 😍
Angel Gabi
Angel Gabi - 18 days ago
I went to an escape room, it was dark and it was an old hospital room
mwratts - 18 days ago
U should do this again with different stars
Kgebby2005 - 19 days ago
I miss Niall’s blonde hair
AYAT IJANI - 19 days ago
4:18 Julia: is it not the guy with blonde hair?
Niall: Niall from One Direction.😂😂😂
3:30 Niall's dance is the qutest thing ever...😍😂
8:05 that wink 😍😍
& Ofcourse 13:41 to 14:04 his running.... & His 😂😂😂 ... I know that u all know what I am talking about.... 😂
Nikki Kumar
Nikki Kumar - 19 days ago
*Hailee Steinfeld has left the chat*

Kenzy Ahmed
Kenzy Ahmed - 19 days ago
Niall from one direction is the dude with the platinum blonde hair
Micol Cortellari
Micol Cortellari - 19 days ago
They’re adorable but really fucking blind too 😂
maisy - 20 days ago
yooo niall’s wink at 8:03 has me dead
Cookie Directioner
Cookie Directioner - 20 days ago
I couldn’t focus, I was too busy paying attention to Niall’s eyes.
Markson Png
Markson Png - 20 days ago
The hug...The hug...😍😍😍
Maria Welter
Maria Welter - 20 days ago
Nial is such a gentleman
Kit Kat.
Kit Kat. - 21 day ago
Niall is a gentleman PERIOD.
Chad Kase
Chad Kase - 21 day ago
I love Julia 😍
Dana Hilderbrand
Dana Hilderbrand - 21 day ago
Julia is annoying.
lone improv
lone improv - 21 day ago
12:30 James: Have you guys ever seen this segment of our show called "animals riding animals"?
Niall: no but it sounds messed up.
sa ra
sa ra - 22 days ago
I DIED AT 8:02
Devina Sisilia Sutandy
Devina Sisilia Sutandy - 22 days ago
Why this video keep popping up? :")
Rahaf Styles
Rahaf Styles - 23 days ago
4:15 i think that was harry’s voice 😂
Prapti Prajapati
Prapti Prajapati - 23 days ago
0:21 reference from the carpool karaoke ride 😂
littlemissmello - 23 days ago
I can't believe how bad they are XD
Cameron C.
Cameron C. - 24 days ago
I would just take everything and throw it on the floor trying to open it
Alex Linko
Alex Linko - 24 days ago
Niall proudly: "I've got a snake." Well... :D
Hey xxx
Hey xxx - 25 days ago
Niall “that’s very hot water that”
*one second later*
“what’s in that?”
Apil Regmi
Apil Regmi - 25 days ago
fuck man i was expecting something very special
Mookie W
Mookie W - 26 days ago
when Julia and niall run over to James they look like they're running to their dad after a long day of school😂😂
kitKat One and Only
kitKat One and Only - 27 days ago
James: have you ever heard of Animals Riding Animals?
Niall: no but it sounds messed up
Me: Laughs loudly
James: starts to laugh
Mom: *gives weird look* (I'm wearing headphones)
Mia Worsham
Mia Worsham - 27 days ago
That was so much fun to watch!!
Lucy Kate
Lucy Kate - 28 days ago
The guy with the platinum blonde hair
Niall from one direction
Lucy Kate
Lucy Kate - 28 days ago
Do as the British do
Yea tell an Irish man and an American girl to do what the British
Natalie Dalaimo
Natalie Dalaimo - 28 days ago
They’re so clueless but in the funniest way possible an the whole video is so cute and I ship them so much 😍
Marie Walker
Marie Walker - 28 days ago
Ugh they were flirting that so annoys me and his pants are too distracting 😂😡
Зоя Нечаева
Зоя Нечаева - 28 days ago
They are so cute 😂
EricaRosemary - 29 days ago
AM- John
AM- John - Month ago
Pls tell me this is already fixed and they’re not dumb
:D - Month ago
Cute pairing!
:D - Month ago
Nial's trousers 😍
Maggie Phong
Maggie Phong - Month ago
I always get offended when they say some of the foods are disgusting bc three of them are part of Chinese cuisine or is a delicacy
Lycha Shane
Lycha Shane - Month ago
Oh my God! I want to be in a real-life escape room too. Soooo badly
itachizaya 5
itachizaya 5 - Month ago
"you go first"
... Thinks...
"okay, I'll go first"
Aleah Lobaton
Aleah Lobaton - Month ago
Does anybody ship them or is it just me😮😂😂😂
aae sings
aae sings - Month ago
they look good together tbh, and that hug was massive
sophieplayz27 - Month ago
Why do people have a crush on Niall he is just a person
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