David Jacoby 'felt terrible' for Kevin Durant hearing Warriors GM's comments | Jalen & Jacoby | ESPN

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Joseph C
Joseph C - 10 months ago
What an idiot thing to say.
Johnny REdd
Johnny REdd - 10 months ago
Maybe I’m high, but that looks like a Jadakiss head trophy in the back of jalen
Yung Tre
Yung Tre - 10 months ago
....it was obviously a JOKE
Smouve Couve
Smouve Couve - 10 months ago
It’s no secret KD is on the bandwagon but if it wasn’t for him they would have won the last two. Dummies.
Rickey Jackson
Rickey Jackson - 11 months ago
Fuck the warriors he literally carried them in the finals. They would be 1-3 without him
Jedi Night
Jedi Night - 11 months ago
Warriors have ALWAYS been a trash team up until 2013/2014 we need those egotistic warriors GM trashcans to become the dogshit there truly are once again. I hope KD leaves & draymond, steph & clay leave but that'll never happen 😂
empire918 - 11 months ago
Kd is soft like toilet paper
CraetonDaDonBeats - 11 months ago
Kavorious Crittenden
Kavorious Crittenden - 11 months ago
KD they using u bro
Will Mills
Will Mills - 11 months ago
Good hearted fun, that’s why they are winners. Everyone knows it’s a business first.
ivis ramirez
ivis ramirez - 11 months ago
Damn kd it’s not even funny tho it’s like Golden state just using kd to troll the whole NBA after knowing they got a ring without him anyways Loses to A stack up Warriors yet up 3 -1, a team of 73-9 record, joins that same team upcoming season u know what

I take it back it’s Hilarious 😂 🤣
btw I’m not hating for y’all kd fanboys the man is top 2 player and #1 when Lebron leaves so for him to choose GSW to any other team is just how to put nicely a huge CUPCAKE but Noooo let me just join the best team he still got a lot a time to win one somewhere else if not deep down he know it means nothing just another stat on paper 📝
hammertime always on top
hammertime always on top - 11 months ago
Bob Meyer was feeling himself
hammertime always on top
hammertime always on top - 11 months ago
KD like we'll see
Grove 330
Grove 330 - 11 months ago
That’s bullshit b. Real shit.
M.H. L.
M.H. L. - 11 months ago
He's gone.
Tammyaway - 11 months ago
lol, am I the only one who understands it was a joke and no big deal? Guys rip on each other, it's part of the group fun.
jzm - 11 months ago
I respect KD for his immense talent, but i dislike him for what he did. That said, this comment by the GM was pretty bad. If I were KD, i'd leave immediately. Fuck that guy. KD was the reason they won the last couple of years. Lebron and kyrie already beat the KD-less warriors in 2016.
jzm - 11 months ago
Shelly J his decision affected the whole nba. He did not create is own team to win, nor did he just join any other team, instead he jumped on an already accomplished team. Joining a winning team (in any game/sport) is weak especially if you’re as good as KD is at the game. That said, my original post was hate directed at the GM, not KD. The GM is a dickhead for saying what he said, and if KD has any self respect, he’d leave.
Shelly J
Shelly J - 11 months ago
OMG WTH How can you dislike somebody who decision affected only HIS life, not yours. The sun still came up the next day and you are still breathing. You are taking this far to serious. It IS NOT that serious bloke. Oh my. And KD will sign and be a Warrior come next year. You and everybody else going to have to get your life like KD got his. DMV out!
Juggerfuzz - 11 months ago
Lmaooo GM has mad dummy jokes
Cassius Edwards
Cassius Edwards - 11 months ago
KD to *Cavs* confirm. Or L.A. for Bron goes there
Christian Whitmire
Christian Whitmire - 11 months ago
Come back KD 😣
Orlando Williams
Orlando Williams - 11 months ago
Los Rogerz
Los Rogerz - 11 months ago
Yall cant tell me that statue in Jalen Rose background dosent look like Jadakisss
Joseph Mcdonald
Joseph Mcdonald - 11 months ago
Hey you could tell the gm didn't even respect kds decision. Too bad basically they saying he will never be a warrior. Ouch!!!
DaveyDeluxe - 11 months ago
Truth hurts
Champ Chamberlain
Champ Chamberlain - 11 months ago
There's a little bit of truth in every joke!
E Redd
E Redd - 11 months ago
He did it to himself nobody made him join Gsw. He wanted an easier path and got it. Cant not expect backlash when you’re a public figure. Gotta deal with the consequences he a grown man
Kevin - 11 months ago
That’s the end of their dynasty lol
C - 11 months ago
I don't feel sorry for him. He wanted to win no matter what it took. Now he's on a winning team and getting the short end of the stick. No surprise.
kingX777 - 11 months ago
Oh shit that was kinda disrespectful even though he was tryna play around. Hmm maybe he wants to leave now. It’ll be good for the nba.
FOT2010 - 11 months ago
Let the implosion begin 💃🏾🎉🎊🙌🙌🙌
derek452 - 11 months ago
KD is a warrior everyone needs to stop crying.
Kennedy Linder
Kennedy Linder - 11 months ago
This is what they think about you...
Omowàle Zaquir
Omowàle Zaquir - 11 months ago
KD is too fragile for that... bad move by GSW GM...
LARRY HARRIS - 11 months ago
Woooow!!! He spoke the truth but daaaamn!!! KD should feel some kind of way after that!!!! 😂🤣😂🤣
el Jefe
el Jefe - 11 months ago
Theresssss a ssspottt open on the cavsssssss for KD🐍🐍🐍🐍
Francis - 11 months ago
KD brought u back2back championships u dumbass why tf would u say that shit?!
Kivani Luton
Kivani Luton - 11 months ago
Why is this a story
warrior 4 God
warrior 4 God - 11 months ago
NOIR - 11 months ago
It's the truth....why are we shocked? Joining a 72 win team? Haha
Kelvin Cruz
Kelvin Cruz - 11 months ago
Come KD grow a pair and leave,you got dissed and face slap by the owner.
Mario Cruz
Mario Cruz - 11 months ago
KD's made of baby doodie...👶😂
Iam PlayerOne
Iam PlayerOne - 11 months ago
Your girl cheat on you so you break up and let nigga fuck you
J Hale
J Hale - 11 months ago
KD ruined his own legacy
Iam PlayerOne
Iam PlayerOne - 11 months ago
We know Kd a pussy but if he moves and don’t win it would be worse..
duarte bodeguita
duarte bodeguita - 11 months ago
Kevin Durant has no Legacy he will be known by hopping on the bandwagon of the warrior they were super elite team before he got there and they want to chip without him
Trenton Thomas
Trenton Thomas - 11 months ago
duarte bodeguita lol and you're taking it too far saying hes the greatest player of all time. I'd put him #3
Trenton Thomas
Trenton Thomas - 11 months ago
duarte bodeguita way different but both still needed superteams to win. You think lebron bout to go to the magic or Knicks? Nope hes going to go somewhere where he can play with a loaded team. You gonna be upset if he team up with Kawhi? What about with PG?
duarte bodeguita
duarte bodeguita - 11 months ago
Trenton Thomas and no matter what you said Kevin Durant did jump on the Warriors wagon it was way different the Warriors had won a title the year before Kevin Durant got there when LeBron got to Miami they had more than 7 years they had not won a championship remember the last chip that they won they has Shaquille O'Neal when it was a way completely different Miami team
duarte bodeguita
duarte bodeguita - 11 months ago
Trenton Thomas nobody disputing that he wasn't a good player but he was already washed up he was old yeah Kevin Duran fans want to make it seem like he was averaging 20 when he played with Miami or like he was an All-Star he was not even an All-Star no more he was 49 years old yeah he hit a big shot but again he was wide open he's a sharpshooter he should have made that shot because he was wide open again just like Steve Kerr made that shot the save Michael Jordan that one final people only like to bash LeBron James and don't appreciate him he's the greatest player of all time he's a monster
Trenton Thomas
Trenton Thomas - 11 months ago
duarte bodeguita I said finals mvp bruh. 2006 and yeah he avg 10 but was shooting 45% from 3 pt so you have to respect him on the court hell without his corner 3 they wouldve lost to the spurs
Anderson A.
Anderson A. - 11 months ago
It be ya own Front Office
Francy Lora
Francy Lora - 11 months ago
This just is just evidence that KD is a joke😂 he’s never gonna have respect until he wins one for himself
MeatMan2004 - 11 months ago
😂😂😂😂it’s the truth! He riding coattails!
WildL23 - 11 months ago
I don't feel sorry for him. Everybody on GS should clown him.
Pure Shooter
Pure Shooter - 11 months ago
It was just a joke, but Durant is sensitive tho so
bruce onlygoodvibes
bruce onlygoodvibes - 11 months ago
remember they won before KD arrived
juanio - 11 months ago
If I was KD I’d taken the mic and said my contract just went up. Lol
D1nonlydrkrmx - 11 months ago
Pay that man! don't be stupid.
Cara DeNalga
Cara DeNalga - 11 months ago
So you feel bad because he can't have any contract he wants??
So if he wants 1 billion for 2 years and draymonds money too. He can get it because the gm said he can at first as a JOKE??
Rohjah Morrison
Rohjah Morrison - 11 months ago
Daaaaammmmmnnn lol
beardgang scatpack
beardgang scatpack - 11 months ago
Snakes get snaked
Logical Faith
Logical Faith - 11 months ago
Really??? he was joking. Even though there was a hint of truth, they're all cool with each other, it's not the end of the world.
Bacons Strip
Bacons Strip - 11 months ago
LOL you salty losers hoping this breaks up the warriors. Keep praying...not 1, not, 2, not 3, not 4,...
😭 😭 😭
ao954 ap954
ao954 ap954 - 11 months ago
Yo, sup Durant? I know you're here leaving most these comments below on your burner YouTube accounts 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Chris Siler
Chris Siler - 11 months ago
Lmao... it was a fucking JOKE... idiots
Double0 Texan
Double0 Texan - 11 months ago
not saying he is a bandwagon basically said steph been here longer of course we pay him the most thats a no brainer kds is soft like that and knows his part just all the other players on the roster
ao954 ap954
ao954 ap954 - 11 months ago
Just got two finals MVPs and gets disrespected like that. If I was Durant I would team up with LeBron at Boston, win 70+ games running LeBron, Tatum, Jaylen Brown, Durant, Horford.
Then Sweep the Warriors and say when I'm getting the 3rd finals MVP: "still think I didn't deserve that contract?" Boom mic drop!
Kendrick Hudson
Kendrick Hudson - 11 months ago
He just sent KD to L.A. with lebron!! Thanks!!! 😂
Uncle Ade
Uncle Ade - 11 months ago
I get the whole slither thing but will say this. Lebron started this whole thing. Kd just did it better cuz in big games he does str8 samurai assasin. I mean game 3 everyone on the warriors other than him had 10 points at most. And he scored on everyone. He’s not a system guy. His game travels anywhere. Based on scoring alone he’s by far the best in the NBA. U take curry off warriors he’s injured in 3 months. Draymond shot is broken. Thompson is my man and should bounce
MJ Trace
MJ Trace - 11 months ago
Wow they are shitting on KD, damn.
Afce Smak
Afce Smak - 11 months ago
Just grown men busting balls and joking. Nothing to see here... you are reading too much into this. No one makes serious comments like that and laughs. It’s called joking... ps not a warriors fan.
stickshiftt - 11 months ago
So glad that Jacoby and Jacobi still exists.
Raphael Robinson
Raphael Robinson - 11 months ago
Dude plunked em
James Jordan
James Jordan - 11 months ago
Godvernment - 11 months ago
KD should go to the Celtics
Brodie - 11 months ago
Jalen Rose hair stay on point
Brodie - 11 months ago
The fucked up lowkey
PG Gordy
PG Gordy - 11 months ago
Come on. That sounded like a bad joke gone bad. I am looking at you like you're reading too much into this.
Dirrty Waterz
Dirrty Waterz - 11 months ago
That Gm may of should of kept quiet
Dirrty Waterz
Dirrty Waterz - 11 months ago
Stop hating on Durant he has been single handily winning games for Dubs in finals cause klay&Steph be struggling
CC 24
CC 24 - 11 months ago
Wow. That was a dumb statement to make.
Mike Smith
Mike Smith - 11 months ago
lebron should've had that cast around his ass , cause kd kicked brons azz off track again , that's the Real funny Story ! 🤣😉
fodolo craigo
fodolo craigo - 11 months ago
he's just being funny, relax. you sport meat heads will talk about anything, you guys act like a baby on the stern teet.
Mike Smith
Mike Smith - 11 months ago
kd whoopin brons ass so much his fans really think kd gives a shit a this bullshit !
Mr rogers
Mr rogers - 11 months ago
In other words "Your nothing but a WORK HORSE KD!"
One Man
One Man - 11 months ago
Got Dam! At the parade no less! Crazy talk. I don't feel bad for the dude, he just won 2 chips and 2 finals mvp. Multi millionaire. He be aite. He a big boy lol. I would be pissed though.
Kcir Snewo
Kcir Snewo - 11 months ago
Is that jadakiss statue behind Jalen rose?
Dragan76 - 11 months ago
Ha! Luv it!!! #coward!!!
Nino BLAQ - 11 months ago
The truth hurts lol
Peter Ter
Peter Ter - 11 months ago
Hopefully KD realized the hint that he’s not wanted here. He needs to leave and beat the warriors now. That’s the only way he’ll gain respect from the league
dwray729 - 11 months ago
Hey its the dumb black and guilty white guy show
Kidd Bugz
Kidd Bugz - 11 months ago
Come to Boston KD
I am success
I am success - 11 months ago
KD needs to man up now and have real ring.
Matthew Lane
Matthew Lane - 11 months ago
That's not even a joke that's actually what happened. Of course he has more respect for Steph he played with n*ggas like Ronny Turiaf and Monte Ellis.
dperfect28 - 11 months ago
KD better realize that they didn't need him but they needed him out the way #Facts up 3-1
Messvayne - 11 months ago
Listen, as a basketball talent, KD is amazing...loved watching him play when he was in OKC, love watching him play now...he knew what people would say when he decided to go to GS..You want to join a team you couldn't beat, a team that didn't need you, that's your right...you have to deal with everything that comes with that, including the FACT that you took the easy road to get those rings, suck it up.
King James
King James - 11 months ago
Jonathan Chang
Jonathan Chang - 11 months ago
Cringe level over 9000
Kaarik Nagendrah
Kaarik Nagendrah - 11 months ago
bruh if he dont leave and go home after that comment then he's not a leader
Lake Cooper
Lake Cooper - 11 months ago
Darshay Frederick
Darshay Frederick - 11 months ago
I don't get it someone please explain 😐
jneroo226 - 11 months ago
How come I never hear about this when it comes to the Yankees putting together a Super Team? Because the team is mostly white, that's why. SMH
lethalfatality - 11 months ago
Had to be dumbass green instigating again 😑
KeetyandKiwiTV - 11 months ago
Did y’all see Javale... shots fired motion lol. Terrible thing to say
JornBjorn - 11 months ago
lol even their own gm knows kd bandwgon his ass to their championship team.
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